Father Jeremias Sextus
Colin Farrell
Colin Farrell as Jeremias Sextus
Full Name: Jeremias Sextus
Byname: Father, Brother
Age: 38
Planet: Primus
Paramount: The Chantry
House: Chantry
Title/Profession: Priest
Position: Priest, Chantry Guard
Spouse: N/A Height: 6'0
Father: Unknown Weight: healthy
Mother: Unknown Hair Color: peppered
Siblings: Several Unknown Eye Color: Green
Children: 1 girl name Unknown


Jeremias Sextus is a priest.

But, that is where his tale ends.



Six feet tall and wiry, is the best way to describe the man before you. A crop of dark peppered hair that matches the scruff of beard that covers his thin face. There's a slight scar that hooks next to his left eye. Hawkish nose and sharp cheek bones angle out his face offset by deep green eyes. His torso and arms are covered in various religious inconae tattoos.

He is currently wearing an all black cassock. The cassock itself is an ankle-length robe with a series of cloth-covered buttons that seal the upper two-thirds of the garment all the way to the mandarin collar. The lower third is left loose and open, revealing the similarly black pants. On his feat well worn black boots are shod, and kept somewhat covered by pant leg. On the left breast of the cassock is a electro-treated patch that allows the priest to display either the Chantry symbol or an individual God's symbol depending on the task at hand.

At his left wrist a thick leather strop is worn, and a ring sits on his right hand of dull metal.


  • Born Poor
  • Dirty Jokes
  • True Friend
  • Has a Child
  • Unorthodox Approach

Musical Inspiration

  • System of a Down - "Aerials"
  • Mazzy Star - "Into Dust"
  • Arcade Fire - "Wake Up"
  • Three Dog Night - "Joy to the World"

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