Lord Sir Jason Cindravale
Philip Winchester
Philip Winchester as Jason Scamander Cindravale
Full Name: Jason Scamander Cindravale
Byname: Marshalson
Age: 28
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Cindravale
House: Cindravale
Title/Profession: Lord Sir
Position: Knight
Spouse: None Height: 6'2"
Father: Calais Cindravale Weight: 180
Mother: A lady Hair Color: Dirty blonde
Siblings: None on camera Eye Color: Dark
Children: None


Jason Scamander Cindravale is the grandson of the rather famous Marshal Scamander Cindravale — now nearly 90, he was the younger brother of High Lord Tycho's father. In retirement, he is a fierce if distant figure, but in his youth he was a friend to the Saveuers, the military tutor of his nephew High Lord Tycho and a man of enormous reputation. Scamander was the 'man who buried seven sons'; he and his wife had only boys, and they all died — some in battle, others in accidents, others from illness. The youngest son, Calais, lived long enough to have a son in turn, Jason, who grew to adulthood. He was the son to break the curse on Scamander's line; a bright child, he was raised in the household of his grandfather, who from a young age tried to instill in him a love for duty to family and house and all the instruments of power. He is born to serve — as a knight, as a soldier — and he was not to forget it.

Jason did not forget it, but that love didn't take. Forced into knighthood, he prefers to spend his time alone, seeking out wild places and mysteries; when commanded to the field, he serves with the scouts, solitary men of his own temperment. He says he would rather leave the entire civilization his grandfather is so obsessed with to itself — but then duty is in his bones, if perhaps broader than the great Scamander intended. When he sees a wrong, he cannot walk away. When he hears of an injustice, he cannot turn his back — and when, inevitably, he hears of a threat — a Hostile threat to family and duty both — can the son of the son of Scamander really ignore it?



Tightly coiled muscles, bright eyes, shaggy hair in dirty blonde: Jason Cindravale seems even at rest a man on the edge of explosive action, always on the verge of graceful movement like flowing water. He has a bright smile — sunrise over a distant vista — piercing eyes, and lips that verge towards laughter even in dark times.
The knight is dressed casually, in a loose white shirt and tight leather pants. The shirt is open at the collar, revealing a glint of golden chain and a light dusting of hair on his chest, while it gathers at his wrists to keep them free for swordfighting. His pants are tight, black leather, with a lace-on codpiece; they disappear into calf-high boots with turned-down tops. He wears a sharp, slightly curved sword low on his hip, and has the hilt of a knife tucked into a boot-top.


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Teller of Tales                      

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