Young Lord Sir Jarek Saimhann
Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman as Jarek Davian Saimhann
Full Name: Jarek Davian Saimhann
Byname: none
Age: 28
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Khournas
House: Saimhann
Title/Profession: Young Lord
Position: Knight Lieutenant
Spouse: none Height: 6' 2"
Father: Lord Erek Saimhann Weight: 235
Mother: Lady Sir Mirabelle Celeste Saimhann Hair Color: Dark brown
Siblings: none listed, open for app. Eye Color: Brown
Children: none


Born in Spikka to Lord Erek and Lady Sir Mirabelle Saimhann, Jarek is a bold and fearless Knight with years of service to his house, his paramount, and of course the Chantry. His birth was taken as a sign from the Six as he was born during the Spring Festival that rang in clear and wondrus. His mother being a knight, felt they should encourage him to take up the training. His childhood was a normal one, he went through schooling at home and got most of his lessons from tutors and the Archpriest of Spikka. He was often getting into trouble though, as he'd always sneak off and play knights and hostiles in the Drakholt halls instead of tending to his studies. He had many friends, most of them cousins close or distant, and often he'd find a way to sneak off to play. When he was old enough to squire, however, he was sent off to Volkan to sign under a knight.
He trained hard, giving this new found duty serious effort and dedication. His days as a squire were marked with many tasks, and many trials. He developed a liking for the giant two handed swords his knight uses. As he grew, he made new friends in the Crescent and his knight gave him a bit of slack in his leash. Even with the freedoms his knight gave, Jarek was a dedicated young man who proved his devotion to the six and to his knighting. Many years went by, going on extended hunting trips in Arboren, the Vale, and even in his home country of the Drake Mountains. When he reached 16 he was taken out to the field with his knight, and fought in house skirmishes. At 18, his knight saw fit to travel with him home to the Drakes to meet with his parents to discuss the possibility of having his ceremony. During the trip there, a drake emerged from a nest and attacked them. Jarek made the killing blow to the drake and his knight made up his mind then and when they returned to Drakholt, Jarek made his way to the Chantry of Spikka and spent three days in silent vigil to the Six.
After he received his spurs, Jarek was made an offer by the Chantry for his devotion and prowess and he accepted. This lead him to Primus on loan to bolster the guard. After five years of service Jarek returned home to prepare for the eventual invasion from the Fifth. He lead small companies of soldiers in drills, house skirmishes, patrols, and training. He rose up through the ranks, achieving the vaulted position of Knight Lieutenant. He's taken an even more active role in preparing his house for the arrival of the Hostiles.




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Pyotr Lord Doctor Pyotr : My younger brother, he's a year my junior and I'm proud to have him as my closest age sibling. A bit stubborn when it comes to the health of the family members and of course myself, but otherwise he's a wonderful man. What his interest in the Iah lady knight is I'm not sure, but it's been a while since I've heard anything on that front so we'll see what happens.
Laryn Lady Doctor Laryn : One of my little sisters and a medical doctor no less. I'm just as proud of her as I am all my siblings. She's perhaps the only person who can make me smile despite anything that happens. I hope she's given her own practice in Spikka so she can stay close to home and to me.
Chiron Young Master Chiron Quellton : I've taken him on as my squire after Agnes died, this will last for a month and then I'll knight him. He's ready, but I need to show that we don't just knight anyone. I have a duty to Haven to give example that knighthood is more than a hand-me-down, Chiron's already made me proud so now it's a waiting game for him.

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