Princess Janelle Sauveur
Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron as Crown Princess Janelle Yvonna Sauveur
Full Name: Crown Princess Janelle Yvonna Sauveur
Byname: The Nightshade (only behind her back)
Age: 35 Standard Years Old
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: The Royal House of Sauveur
House: House Sauveur
Title/Profession: Crown Princess
Position: Heir to the Throne
Spouse: Unwed Height: 1.7 m
Father: King Regnant Symion Sauveur (d. 3013) Weight: 62.6 kg
Mother: Queen Lyla Leonnida (d. 2998) Hair Color: Blonde
Siblings: Prince Jarkin Sauveur (d. 2970)
Princess Eugeina Sauveur (d. 2990)
King Regnant Emund Sauveur (38)
Princess Ophia Sauveur (26)
Prince Beau Sauveur (21)
Eye Color: Blue
Children: None

This character is a STAFF NPC.


Princess Janelle Sauveur was never meant to be Queen, but she wanted to be. Fourth child in the Royal line, her primary purpose was to just find a suitable husband to maintain the line. She lived a life of impressive comfort and wealth, giving her plenty of opportunities to determine her own fate. She dabbled into music, dance, and literature. She found an innate interest for poetry and history, though she did not favor martial arts. That was up to her brother Emund — the eldest surviving son. While he trained in Knight Commander and at the Royal Naval Academy, she mastered her abilities as a socialite. She was political savvy and easily liked.

It was the latter that made her a potential match for a wide range of suitors — none of which she truly invested in. After all, they would merely be married into House Sauveur and potentially limited her grasp. She turned into a bit of a contrary woman, though there was a sense of sensuality about her that continued to foster interest.

When her brother's wife died in 3012, she saw a rare opportunity to possibly cast her brother's inheritance of the crown into doubt. She supported a long grieving, and even suggested that perhaps he give up his seat on the Crown Council. Familiar with his sister's disposition for power, Emund only became more dedicated to his position. It would seem that Janelle's grasp for the throne would be for naught if not for the abrupt death of Professor Uthus Black — the seventh seat on the Crown Council. She convinced her father to give her the seat, and she has begun to maneuver amongst the rest of the council members for potential alliances.

When Symion Sauveur died, he retained Emund as his Heir, and Janelle's brother became the next King Regnant of Haven.



Janelle is quite a beauty — tall and graceful, described in some circles as a swan amongst eagles. Her flaxen locks are kept neat and long, usually gathered up in intricate styles. Her dark blue eyes are strong and steady. Her figure is graceful and moderately athletic.


  • Pathologically Ambitious: Janelle will do anything, anything, to achieve what she believes she deserves. Anything.
  • Rich Palette: This Princess loves fine, rich foods.
  • Entitled: Janelle believes wholeheartedly in her place in the hierarchy of Haven, and knows not only her place in it, but the place of everyone else.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Symion King Symion Sauveur : Janelle's father always doted on her, but always viewed her as the furthest possible choice from the throne. She was to marry, to have babies, and to further the Sauveur line. But, she has remained dedicated to her unmarried state.
Emund King Regnant Emund Sauveur : Janelle's grieving brother has always been her primary competition since he was named Crown Prince. She sees Emund as weak and unfit to rule — a potential hazard to the survival of Haven. It remains to be seen how she will react to his becoming King Regnant.
Orelle Young Lord Sir Benedict Orelle : The Young Lord of the Ring has fallen into favor of the Princess. They have wined and dined as of late, though most agree that there is little chance of a match between them. At the very least, they are allies.
Cindravale High Lady Kallista Cindravale : Old and dutiful friends, Janelle and Kallista have become even closer as of late when Kallista sided with Janelle as the best heir of the Sauveur Throne.

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