Ivy's Response
Summary: Ivy responds to Nimara's email with perhaps too much honesty.
Date: 12 July 2013
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**13 July 3013 — Senator's Office

To: Demoore, Nimara (Nimara.Demoore@Cindravale)
From: Carrington, Ivy (Ivy.Carrington@Cindravale)
Date: July 13, 3013 7:18 A.M.
Subject: Re: Hey


You make my head hurt.

I've watched you do this time and time again. Remember Gregor? You were eighteen and after four months, you were convinced that he wouldn't approve that you left the pages so you could be a senator.

Halion? You told me that you didn't like the way he ate food.

You constantly do this and you know exactly why you do. You can navigate around a whole senate floor, against people twice, three times you age, but you can't manage a relationship. Why? Because you can't control it.

(Oh, and let go of the Taylon thing. Empirical evidence showed that he was a jackass. You're not a half-robot and I wish you'd forget about the fact that he judged you for having a cybernetic. It's not as if the technical is new and you dated him for a month. Let it go.)

Here's the thing. You have bailed out of every great relationship, with every great guy you met, because after all the magic begins to settle, all that's left is yourself and you can't stand that. You obsess about your arm still, even if you fake it in front of everyone else. You still let your father shame you. So when the courtship begins to settle, you run because all that's left is you. Stop it.

The fact that you had one evening with this guy — which, by the way, you only mentioned good things, if you noticed — and you're already wanting to bail tells me that you connected with him and it has you running scared. Stop it. You're 26, Nim. You're not getting any younger and I don't believe you for a minute when you say you don't want to get married or don't want children. You do. You just don't know how to do it and you're still convinced you're the fifteen year old with too much to do.

Now, don't get me wrong. This man might be bonkers. He might be moving too fast for you. But stop comming me these stupid questions when you know the answer. All I can say is stop running and talk to him. Don't talk to me, because I can't help you from here. Talk to him and for once, take a chance.

I love you, but when it comes to this stuff, you're dense. Be sure to tell me how the second date goes.

Your friend,

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