02.23.3014: It's An Occasion
Summary: Garus celebrates wonderful news with Jane and Solon.
Date: 27 Nov 2013
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The Violet Siren - The Westend, Landing
The entrance into the Violet Siren gives the illusion of a squat, round building with very little character or flair. It is only when one walks through the ellipse-shaped tunnel, under the glowing black lights, do they realize that the Violet Siren is far more than it seems. The foyer is at the top level of a vast silo that tunnels underground for several stories. Its transparent-composite floors look down through the various mezzanines ringing the interior of silo all the way to the expansive dance floor at the bottom. A series of staircases hug the walls of the cylinder, leading patrons past balconies that supply seating away from the loud thumping and madness of the dance floor and a series of bars to wet ones whistle.

The entire lower level is nothing but dance floor with platforms to provide varied elevation to the bumping, grinding, and thrashing of the vigorous dancers. Scantily-clad waitresses maneuver carefully through the dancers with shotglass vials of neon-colored liquor.

23 Feb 3014

It's unexpected, but Garus sends a small invitation to close friends to meet with him and Jane at the Violet Siren at Landing. Calling ahead, he has a section near the bar roped off for the VIP guests, giving the noble and his friends a private space to rest and enjoy themselves in the disco-lit glory of the nightclub atmosphere. The drinks are poured and the bass thrumbs up through the floorboards, making the touch of the DJ something that can be felt across the entire floor.

And alone Garus Leonnida waits, leaning with a hip against a posh black sofa, arms crossed with his eyes gazing across the sea of human bodies that sway before him. Fresh from the field, he's cleanly shaven, his hair trimmed neatly and a slight edge shorter than normal. Black, snug-fitting pants and belted to his hips beneath a black shirt with sleeves rolled to the elbows and a few buttons left unmanned to expose the white tee shirt he wears beneath. He's dressed nice, which isn't a new thing, but the fact that he's in fashion is something recent altogether.

One of Jane's trademarks is showing up in a new gown every time she goes out in public - or almost every time. Today is no exception as she waltzes into the familiar, brilliant and bass-y embrace of the Siren. She sports yet another H.W. gown, deceptively simple and absolutely exquisite; it draws the admiring stares and heavy sighs of longing from many a club-going female.

The redhead's usual habit in the Siren is to sweep onto the floor, bump hips and grind on strangers for a few hours, set the paparazzi to snapping, and then excuse herself for a drink and a mingle. Tonight, however, she circumvents the floor entirely and hurries toward the reserved section that is held, blissfully, behind the soundproofing so that the thumping music is reduced to a low rumble. "Garus!" she calls out as she sweeps into the section, switching her clutch to her left hand while holding out her right to him as she draws near.

Solon arrives at the Violent Siren dressed in his usual finery, though some alterations have been made to include some padding around his chest, with his right arm in a sling. Making his way through the crowd, he winces slightly as his chest and arm are bumped into. Finally, he reaches the the VIP area, and takes several moments to compose himself before entering the room. A sigh escapes his lips as he embraces the relative silence of the room compared to the rest of the establishment. After a moment has passed, he glances around and offers both Garus and Jane a nod. "Good to see you both doing well tonight."

First catching the shock of red hair as it reflects off of the light, Garus lifts his eyes to Jane and presses away from the sofa. Hands rubbing together quietly as he steps over to her, he slides an arm under hers and leans in to steal a quick kiss in greeting. He's smiling, which is a good sign. "I'm glad you could make it!" He replies to her, loud enough to be heard, pressing a hand to the small of her back to direct her to the seating area.

As Solon approaches, Garus flashes a friendly smile to him as well, eyes dipping to the padding around the man's chest with a brief moment of concern. "Six, Lord Solon, I'd forgotten you were injured, this is a bit of a short-notice thing. Please, come sit and grab a drink and get you away from the rush." Garus starts towards the sofa.

Jane presses her palm flat against Garus's chest, leaning in as he kisses her cheek. She brushes her lips over his cheek in return before allowing him to direct her toward a seat. His expression does, of course, pique her interest; her eyebrows arch upward and an amused and curious smile plays about her mouth. "If I didn't know better, I would say you are a cat that got the canary today. Having a good day, my love?"

Just as she is about to take her seat, more guests arrive - well, at least one other guest. Jane rises quickly to greet Solon, tossing her clutch behind her onto the sofa cushion and offering the Valen a warm smile. "At least he didn't ask us to meet in the middle of the dance floor, although I am starting to get a little suspicious. Are you planning another secret beach vacation, Sir Garus?" She beckons Solon silently with a wiggle of her fingers before turning back to seat herself comfortably on the couch.

Glancing down at himself for a moment, Solon looks back up at Garus and grins, "It could be worse, I suspect, you should see the Hostile that my cousin and I were fighting against." Of course, the fact that single Hostile was able to beat the two of them into a pulp before finally going down doesn't actually need to be mentioned. His gaze moves over to Jane, and he offers the glamorous actress a smile and a nod, "Indeed, Miss Wyre. I am not sure that I would be too suited for dance this evening, or rather I should say that if I attempted such a thing, I think a certain doctor would see to it that I spent the next week in a comatose state so I could not move." Finally taking his own seat, he looks over to Garus. "So, what is the occassion?" He hopes he hasn't missed a birthday or something rather important.

"No official occasion, really," Garus replies to the two of them, turning to the side to give them room to pass around the coffee table to the two sofas that loom around it. Watching them move, he takes in a deep breath and lets it out quickly, a brief moment of concern crossing over his brow. "And I'll be sure to clear a path for you, Lord Solon, on your way back to the door before I return to offer Jane a night of dancing." Garus smirks, brushing a hand through his hair before drive-by-grabbing one of the bottles of beer from the coffee table and planting his firm backside next to Jane's. "Well, there is something. I've been speaking with my family lately and have been passing a few ideas around with them and one of them's taken for the positive."

"No occasion?" Jane crosses her legs at the knee, which is a feat considering how tight her dress is, and shimmies back on the cushion until she's comfortable. She half-turns toward Garus as he sits, reaching out to place a hand on his knee while her gaze drifts outward to watch the gyrating masses beyond the clear soundproof barrier. Her mind, too, is wandering, thinking for a moment that the get-together was just a spur-of-the-moment effort on Garus's part to blow of some miscellaneous steam; she is, of course, forgetting that everyone present has extremely tight schedules.

So when the talk turns to House Leonnida, the actress twitches in surprise and turns to stare at Garus. "Oh, have they finally taken to the notion of the private concert? I think Letha would be keen, and if she's interested then basically we'll have Drake without even having to ask him. I — well, you weren't there, but I did some singing for Lord Commodore Roger's cruise the other week. I might have to help the two with the concert."

"I would not wish to burden anyone, Lord Garus, so you need not worry about my well being. I am fine, and on the mend." Solon leans back to settle in, as sitting up is proving to be a rather annoying affair at the moment. He listens attentively to Garus and quirks an eyebrow in response. "Oh? May I ask what ideas you have been passing around?" Genuinely curious about what these ideas may be, Solon appears to ponder over this fact for a moment or two before Jane asks about a concert. Peaking his interest once again, Solon asks, "Oh, a private concert? Is there a particular reason for such a thing, or is it for simple entertainment?"

Baring his teeth to turn his head and cough gently to his side, Garus brushes his fingertips over his throat and turns to his two guests. His strong jaw forms a curious line with the quirk of his brow; an expression forming not often seen on the man's face. "Well, yes, there was the concert," Garus smiles to Jane, reaching to take her hand. "Senator Hartcliffe has requested an endorsement from myself, which Lord Solon," He nods to the man in question. "Seems to have beaten me to the punch on, but that was one my father would rather not approve of. More land for refugees, the letter program for the troops…" Garus trails off.

Coming back from his faraway place, Garus Leonnida turns his hand over on his knee to offer his palm for Jane, giving Solon a brief, intense look. It's the sort of look soldiers give each other on the battlefield before something important is about to come into play. "But no, the hit that I scored with my Lord Father was something else. So I invited you two because you're my two closest friends." Garus pauses, eyes shifting from Solon's to Jane's, complete with a slight cant of his head. "I spoke with my father and he approves the idea of his son taking with a Companion, if she were so inclined."

Really, the amount of build-up to whatever release is beginning to put Jane on edge. Garus's expression, the fact that he allows the conversation to wander away onto a tangent - all of this makes Jane bob her foot up and down briskly before finally uncrossing her legs. She sits up straighter and leans closer toward Garus, perhaps believing that her proximity might put him back on the subject of, well, whatever it is he is intending to say. When it looks as if he finally might be headed in that direction, she lets out a heavy sigh of relief.

Ever so slowly, the actress's expression transforms from anxious and pensive to cautiously curious, to optimistically curious, to baffled and then, finally, to half-confused happiness. "Wait, what? You asked him? When did you ask him? You didn't tell me you were going to ask him!" Her voice is somewhat shrill owing to the fact that her throat is constricting with emotion. "Yes! Yes, of course I am fucking inclined!" She barks out a hysterical half-sob, half-laugh and springs forward to wrap her arms around Garus's neck in chokehold.

"Ah." Solon nods in response to Garus regarding the endorsement of a certain Senator. "Yes, well, Senator Hartcliffe asked me, and while I cannot agree to his particular views on the actual war itself, well…" He raises his good hand in the air and waves. "No matter, the Senator does good work, and I believe he brings in good publicity to your House, Lord Garus. If by endorsing him, it has made your position easier, than I am glad I was able to do it."

The news about taking a companion isn't all that surprising to Solon, after all Garus and Jane seemed to be getting somewhat close during that beach trip. "My congratulations to you both." Smiling, he watches Jane try and squeeze the life out of Garus, a rather amusing thought truth be told. "I am glad the two of you can find a measure of happiness during these times. I encourage you both to embrace it fully while you can."

With a victorious snarl of his teeth, Garus wraps his arms tight around Jane's slender ribcage and constricts. Reacting quickly to the flurry of elated emotions and clutching, the Leonnidan's goatee pries itself up onto Jane's shoulder, eyes wide to Solon and a thumbs up to him from behind her back. "I asked it to get his thoughts and he approved. I asked him a week ago and only just received my reply. I didn't think you'd want to wait to hear, and I didn't want to wait to tell you that he said yes. I want you to be my Companion. As he says, my measure of happiness."

Shoulders rolling beneath Jane's grasp to find a more comfortable lay, Garus looks over Jane's arm to Solon and casts the man a quiet smile. "I'll handle Hartcliffe, things things are complicated, but thank you, Lord Solon. I was hoping you'd approve, as I couldn't think of another couple than you and Lady Eirene to sit with us at the gathering after it's made official." A pause filters over Garus as his cheek truns against Jane's, leaning back to get a look into her eyes. "Are Lady Eirene and Lord Solon the people you'd have in mind as well, Jane?"

It takes Jane several moments of desperate clutching before she gathers her self-control and reins in the response. Slowly her arms loosen, allowing Garus to pull back and take a proper breath. Blushing at her silliness, the actress relinquishes him mostly, resting one hand on the Leonnidan's shoulder while reaching up to pat her face and check her make-up with the other hand. "Yes, of course they are," she answers, shooting a quick glance to Solon and smiling warmly. She turns on the couch once more to include the Valen in the conversation without making him feel like a third wheel. "And Letha, too, of course. She might bring Drake. She's my best friend, though, Garus. She's going to explode when I tell her."

"You do both the Lady Eirene and I both an honor, Lord Garus. I shall talk with her, but I forsee no barriers in the two of us being there for the both of you." Smiling at this, Solon mentally marks down how he should break this news to Eirene. Returning to the conversation at hand, he looks between the two of them, and comes to a conclusion. Standing up, he steps over to place his good hand on Garus' shoulder, saying. "Again, my congratulations to you both. You have honored me by asking me to come and witness this, Lord Garus, and so I shall have to return an honor to you, and soon I think. For now, I think I will go pay a visit to my cousin and his wife here in Landing to see how they are both doing. I will leave the two of you to discuss your future plans." Though the look he gives Garus seems to indicate that he is more than aware that the two of them may need some privacy and he is more than happy to provide them with that discretion.

As Garus and Jane finish untangling each other, well within the eyes of the dancing public at the club, the Leonnidan gives his Paramount a deep nod of his head. "I am grateful to you, Lord Solon, and thank you, we're going to have a lot to talk about for the next day. I'm on leave for the field for a few days to spend time with her. If you need of me, I'll be nearby." Garus says, but when someone says something like that, do they ever truly mean it? He couldn't, yet it is proper.

"Yes! Yes, by all means, Jane, tell Letha and we'll have to work on making sure all of the proper notifications are sent," Garus returns to Jane, teeth flashing rather confidently as he moves to take her hand. "We could worry about all of that tomorrow, though, for now I want to get you out to the dance floor and celebrate a bit…" Garus continues, his voice fading off into the swell of the loud music.

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