09.08.3013: It Will Take Time
Summary: Reena visits Kadmus on Mare Maris again, and tries to work things out.
Date: 05 September 2013
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Guest Quarters In New Atlantis
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08 September 3013

Reena has taken quite some time to get through the Waygate to New Atlantis, with the heightened security going on and the backlog of angry vacationers. When she finally arrives word is sent to Kadmus that she's in the guest room set aside for her. She stands looking out the massive wall of windows at the sealife drifting by, in a flowing, strapless confection in House Volen's colors.

Kadmus arrives at the room, offering a knock to announce himself before stepping inside, "Lady Reena. Welcome to New Atlantis." He says in greeting, "It is good to see you again." He gives a slight nod of his head, "Are the quarters to your liking?"

"Kadmus," Reena says, trying to dispense with formality as they're alone. "The view is breathtaking. Thank you," she murmurs, gesturing him over and offering a hand to him. "It took me quite a while to get through the Waygate. I heard word that security had been increased, but I had no idea how much."

"Indeed. It is necessary, however." Kadmus says with a shrug of his shoulders. "But, it is good to see you none the less." and me moves to stand beside you, looking out the window and he accepts the offered hand.

Her hand is dainty and delicate-looking, but slightly rough, from all her recent work for the project, and her long years of tending gardens. "I'm sorry," she says quietly. "I don't think I've been very fair to you since our betrothal. I spoke some with your sisters, and I think we were both raised with different views on love and marriage and intimacy." She turns her eyes from the windows to look at him. "Talk to me, please. Tell me what your idea of a relationship is, so I can understand. It's the not understanding that leaves me frustrated."

"You haven't, no." Kadmus says in response to that, offering a shrug of his shoulders, "I think however perhaps we have similar ideas on love, marriage, or Intimacy. Though, a political marriage, one that I had no input on, with political goals of reconciliation that I do not support is not a fertile bed for Intimacy, or Love to grow in." He states rather plainly. "I think I have been very straightforward with this though, in the past. If you want physical intimacy, I have already offered, but if you want more, it will take time."

"So, you are casting blame on me for what went on nearly a generation ago. Even though my words managed to free your sister from the House you loathe?" Reena asks him, calmly, but with a tint of hurt in her pale eyes. "Reconciliation is not something that you can be forced to do, Kadmus. I didn't write my father to force you to do that. I wrote my father because I felt that Lady Devon being held there was wrong and that you should not be kept from your sister." She grimaces and shakes her head, looking back out the window.

"So you wish to go down this path again then?" Kadmus asks, brow lifting a bit as he considers you. "And there was very little keeping her from visiting her family. The Waygates between here, and Ignis work perfectly fine, there was nothing preventing travel before."

"That you know of," Reena says quietly. She shakes her head. "I suppose none of that matters, as your view of me doesn't seem like it's going to change. I'll do my duty as your wife. I hoped for more than that, very much so. I hoped at least for a friend and confidant, a partner. I dreamed my husband would also be love and lover. But that may have been a childish dream. Will I be allowed a Companion then, if you do not desire an actual relationship with me?"

Kadmus raises his brow a bit further as he looks back twards you once again, "You have very selective hearing, don't you, Lady Reena?" he says, turning a bit towards you, "But, you can have whatever you wish."

"You won't give me any real answers Kadmus. What I wish is for my husband-to-be to make at least an effort to romance me." Reena's eyes well with tears. "I am Khourni. I was born into a world where affection and intimacy are the hallmarks of life, of love, of family. To be treated like a tool or a decoration, or background noise in the life of my husband, it hurts in a way I have never hurt in my life." The hand in his trembles as does her chin as she fights not to cry.

"I am the one being used as a tool, Lady Reena, and the one being expected to fall maddly and passionately in love with you." Kadmus continues, "And you too have put no effort into this either, every encounter of ours in private begins with you yelling at me, or descending into hysterics and crying. If you do not want to take this seriously, then you cannot expect me to, can you?"

"I don't understand what you want," Reena says, very quietly, her voice gone small. "If you tell me, I'll do my best." She wipes at her eyes with her free hand, trying to man up. She hasn't yelled at him, she isn't hysterical, and she's trying not to cry. But she seems lost and her usual self-confidence is absent from her.

"If you wish any sort of relationship with me then you will have to let time take it's course, and work at it." Kadmus says, "It is unrealistic, and unfair to expect me to desire you like you want immediately, when we had only spoken once, and briefly at that, prior to /you/ seeking me out for betrothal." He continues. "If you just want to abandon any chance at it, and get a companion, then that is your choice."

"How do I work at it?" Reena asks quietly, her head dipped down as she looks at the floor. "You don't seem to want to spend any time with me. I feel like when I ask to see you, I'm bothering you. I just don't know how to proceed, Kadmus. Should I just let you take the lead and approach me when you wish to?" Her shoulders slump slightly.

"You do realize, that my Moon has been invaded, and I have duties to the Royal Navy to fight the Hostile invaders, right?" Kadmus asks, his brow lifting, "I've gone out of my way to come to your events, and join you at the Senator's terrible dinner, amongst other things. I accepted your invitation to Volkan, and I am here speaking to you now. How exactly am I ignoring you? By not taking you to bed?"

Reena flinches slightly at his words. "This is the first time you've held my hand," she says quietly. "I don't even know what your favorite food is, what colors you like, what your nickname was as a child. You only ever seem to discuss business. You used to flirt with my sister, you've both said as much, but you don't even try with me. Why?" the question is asked softly, as if afraid of the answer. "I don't know what I'm doing wrong."

"I flirted with her once." Kadmus counters, "And you have not been terribly pleasant when I have ben around you either." He says, "Even when I was making an effort to get to know you, and what you are interested in. You have not made any effort to get to know me, however. My favorite color is blue, my favorite food is a local fish caught in the deep waters of Mare Maris, and my Nickname as a child was Young Lord." He smirks.

It's the smirk that seems to cut her, as if he's mocking her efforts to get to know him. Reena stands there, looking at him for a moment, then her eyes go back to the window. "I was trained in many things, growing up. Fourth child, the one born to secure alliances away from home, not at home. I grew up knowing someday I'd be sent away to live somewhere I might not understand or even like. So I tried my best to learn as much as I could about everything. So the man I married would have a competent partner, who could handle anything he required her to, regardless if he was a sub-vassal, or an heir. The only thing that was really mine, for me, was the gardening."

"I have little doubt you will be a competent partner, Reena." Kadmus says, "And you are rather well educated, from my understanding of our conversations, and I fully expect your presence will be a boon to all in New Atlantis. And we will make certain you have a place for your gardening."

Reena nods. "Thank you," she says quietly her eyes locked on a passing school of fish. She swallows then offers, somewhat timidly, "If you'd like, maybe I can cook dinner for you sometime." She can cook too, apparently. "I can try to learn to cook the fish you like."

"Certainly, Lady Reena." Kadmus says with a bob of his head towards you, "If you wish you can speak with some of the chefs in the palace about local cuisine and styles?"

"I will," Reena says quietly. The return to formality seems to signal an end to the conversation for her. "I know you have things to attend to. Don't let me keep you. I'll be here until I have to work the Rave on the Ring for the project in a few days."

"I shall look forward to our dinner then, Reena." Kadmus says with a nod of his head, "If you need anything do send for me, otherwise enjoy New Atlantis, I shall try to make time for you a little later."

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