07.11.3013: It's Hoth Out
Summary: Lord Sir Kaedin takes the Squire, Michael, and Lady Sir Odette to the middle of an ice planet. They learn valuable things about caves while hunting down a snow bear.
Date: 11 July 2013
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Frigid Wastes — Nowhere
Niveus is a small moon, the surface of which is covered entirely in ice and snow. Light is filtered through heavy gray clouds, snow falling much of the time. All visible land is of snow and ice. Though there are vast, deep oceans beneath the thick surface, from above it appears as though the entire moon is made of ice. A few formations of mountain and glacier, as well as the settlements of Niveus, break up the vast, largely empty surface. There are only a few settlements to be found here, many are buried into mountains and even glaciers. Shelter, the largest, is one of the only ones easily visible from a distance. It rises from the moon like a great mountain of stone topped by the icicle-like weather stations and homes of House Iah, the lights from within visible only in a few places, giving the appearance of bright glowing rivers that run down the sides of the great settlement.

Most of the creatures of Niveus are visible only beneath the surface in the oceans, though ice bears and a few other creatures can be seen roaming through the snow. The ice bears resemble the polar bears of ancient earth, though they are often much larger and some have pale gray fur as well as white. There are also a few packs of great wolves, though it is a rare thing indeed to see one, and a few smaller creatures which are completely unique to Niveus.

July 11 3013

The frozen wates of Niveus, a few days ago it was the scene of a battle, in which Kaedin helped rid the frozen moon of Hostiles. Now, He, Odette and Michael are out scouting the area for signs of a Snow bear, one he hopes to bag, and possibly make it's fur into a nice cloak. Moving across the wastes, wearing a snow suit with a mouth cover and goggles, he leads his team towards a cave off in the distance.

The woman is rather far away from the men. The tiny knight is far behind the pack but it's not that she's slow, everyone else has massively long legs. She also prefers to be in the back if they run into something. She has a knife on each hip and a cross bow over her back. She's covered from head to toe in a white suit. She could be a moving snowbank for anyone cared. The woman moves silently.

Michael has no idea why he's on fucking Niveus, save some bear thing Kaedin's wants to make a purse from or some shit like that. He is in his armor, now black with scarlet highlights. He ponders internal emotional stuff, cause being slowly preserved in ice.

Kaedin makes it to the cave and turns to make sure everyone else makes it as well. He looks out at the frozen waste. "Beautiful, yet deadly, just like all the women in my life." he says with a smirk, that last remark aimed at Odette. He walks deeper into the cave and sets his pack down, moving to take out a Pad and check the map and terrain. "Hmmm, south is shelter, while north is the water extraction plant… I believe west is almost untouched, so we may be able to find one there."

Odette hears the comments and brings her hand to her knife. She lifts it and points it at him in warning before sheathing it again. She stops when the men are in the cave. She's about a football field away. She crouches down and slowly looks around, looking for threats that could harm the men. Her hands are on her knives. She finally stands up and walks, kicking snow here and there covering their tracks.

Michael just looks around, "Volkan… that's what the planet needs, volcanoes." he will follow along anywhere though.

Kaedin looks to Michael and smirks. "Odette is from Ignis, so I bet Volkan is just an autumn paradise to her." He says with a smile as he hands Michael a flask, thermalized with some hot coco. "How's your mother doing anyway? Did my lady mother figure out a plan of attack?" he asks with a smile to the young squire.

Odette finally arrives in the cave and kicks some snow out of it. She makes a small snow bank and rubs it smooth so it looks like a natural drift. The tiny woman turns around and walks past the men to scout deeper, her hands back on her knives.

Michael grins at Kaedin, and takes the flask. He drinks and returns it, "Thanks. Well, she's a bit baffled at the situation. She says my mother currently has four months. She hopes to come up with something end of th week. "You two together?"

Kaedin puts the flask away and nods to Michael. "Well, the ring has the BEST medical facilities, so if there is a way to help her, she is in the best place for it." he says as he looks down at the map. "As for Me and Odette, that's not something you should be worrying about Young master Michael." he says, not really answering the question, and if Michael does try and hit on Odette, well, Kaedin wouldn't have to lift a finger. Though he might have to explain a stab wound or twenty to Johana.

Odette turns to listen to the men and when Michael mentions being with Kaedin and he doesn't really reply, the Lady shakes her head to answer the question. No. She turns back to the cave and disappears into one of the caverns. She really is a silent scout. The Knight returns and walks towards Kaedin. She looks at the map and points to where she feels they should go. She turns and starts to walk in that direction.

Michael nods to Kaedin, "Both our mothers have told me to wait till they comm. I have a feeling, you and I are slotted for embarrassments soon." his tone is teasingly dour, then Kaedin avoids the question and Odette answers, Michael smirks, "Ah, I see… well I will stay out of then."

Kaedin nods and moves to get up, motioning for Michael to follow. "I'm supposed to be done with the whole embarrassment thing." he says as he moves to follow Odette. "Anyway… I hope we spot this bear soo…aahhhhh!" he says as he steps on a wrong part of the cave floor, and falls through hit, sliding down into the depths of the cave, leaving the Bowmen Knight, and Pup Scout, alone.

Odette turns around at the scream. She rushes back to where he fell in. She goes to her knees and pulls out a light to shine it down to see if she can see where he went. She's not yet willing to dive into the darkness after him. She points beside her for Michael to move there.

Any attempt to contact Kaedin Via comm are useless, and with the light, all one sees is a dark tunnel that leads way down. if he is attempting to shout back up, the undercurrent in the lower part of the ice cave is not letting his voice carry to the hole in the upper cave floor, though, the sound of ice cracking down in the lower caves can be heard, an ominous sound.

Odette grabs a rather long rope. She finds a thick stable rock with ice on it. She wraps it around it and pulls on it a lot to see if it will slide. She wraps it around her waist and then dives into the hole. She doesn't make a sound to let him know she's on her way.

Kaedin looks up at Odette, who, even with the rope, is only halfway down, having been caught on the slide that brought him down. The lower cave, while beautiful, is slowly loosing it's integrity due to Kaedin landing on a vital part of it's structure. "Poe! I said DON'T come down here, get Michael and get out!" He says as he himself is trying to make it to somewhere safe.

Odette digs her feet into the side of the slide and reaches into her pack. Another thinner rope. She wraps it around her waist and then tosses it to him. She is stubborn. He'll have to climb up to her but she's solid on the side of the wall. Her arms wrap around both ropes and she waits, staring at him. She's not moving, he's just going to have to climb.

Kaedin blinks and takes hold of the thinner rope. "Are you sure you are strong enough to lift me? or at least support the rope." he says as he looks around, taking the rope he does a tarzan swing towards the wall, climbing hooks coming out of his armor as he digs them in and ties the rope around his waist. "Okay, coming up."

Luckily she is wearing padding cause now she's supporting them both. She makes sure, if slack happens that it's not for long, wrapping the rope around her arm slowly. She wont mention the bruising from his leap on her ribs. The rope is tied around her to she doesn't have to hold onto it. Her face stoic while she watches him climb, her boots still dug into the side of the cave.

Kaedin continues his climb up the side of the walk, moving pretty fast, stopping to scoop up Odette before he continues his climb to the top of the cave, and to the upper level, scooping up Michael as well and running out of the cave with both of them tucked under his arms before sliding out.

Odette grips his arm as she's pulled up the side of the cave. Her eyes narrow at being carried all the way out of the cave but once they are out and she has her ropes, she coils them while staring at Kaedin. Daggers of a glare to him. He was big enough to fall through but she's not.

Kaedin catches his breath before looking back at Poe, he doesn't have to say anything either, and their staring contest, while it looks like a stare-down, is to them, a heated argument. Mostly on why she had to be ah ero and save him, because she is worth more then he is, blah blah, and he wouldn't rest in peace if anything happened to her, blah blah, not your fault Poe, blah blah… eerie silent, blah.

Odette finishes up with the ropes and shoves them into her backpack. Her side is more 'Never leave a man behind.' 'I'm already dead, get over it.' 'Why did you have to carry me?' 'I will always save you stupid oaff.' And with that last darker glare, she turns and marches off towards where his damn bear is.

Kaedin frowns and moves over to her, turning her around to face him. 'You could have killed yourself as well.' and 'Michael isn't a knight yet, he should have been first priority.' He says, with body language as he picks up his pack and trudges off towards the west. No more caves, that's for damn sure.

Odette punches him in the mid chest and actually growls though it's muffled. Her eyes say it all, 'None of that mattered if you died.' She punches him again and shakes her head. 'Michael is a big boy and can take care of himself.' She pulls away from him and then starts to run. She's rather upset. She growled for pete's sake.

Kaedin frowns as he tilts his head as she dashes off, he sighs and decides to let her cool off, not a hard thing to do on this frozen moon, and he moves towards the west once more, his huge boot prints easy to find him, that and he flips on his tracker, so that she can easily find him once she calms down, maybe he shouldn't have gotten upset…

It takes a very long time but eventually Kaedin has a shadow. She's silent and keeping her eyes watching his back. She's far enough back for him to not notice if he wasn't looking. Her hands on her knives ready to defend if he needs it.

Kaedin apparently spots something as he rushes forward, sliding down an ice slope. Then she finally sees him, he has a snow bear cub cradled in his arms, apparently, it's mother either perished or died, and the usually tough gruff full of mean satuff knight looks like a child who found a lost puppy, he did have the same look a few years ago when he found his cat.

Odette glides down the ice slope as if she floated down. She slides beside him and looks down at the bear cub then it's mother. She turns and crouches down. She starts to feel over the cub to see if it's damaged. She's checking it's paws and it's ears. The woman stands up and looks around for a father. When she doesn't see one, she goes to the mother to see what happened.

The mother looks like it was attacked by wolves, who apparently, were bloodied as well and ran off. Kaedin sighs as he holds the cub. "We can't leave her out here." he says as he opens his flask to give the baby bear some of the water inside of it.

Odette frowns and looks around. She shakes her head and sighs quietly. Her eyes show, 'But where would we keep her?' She crouches down again and pets lightly over her belly while she drinks. Another frown for him, 'Your water? What will you drink?' Then she lightly punches his shoulder. She walks over to the mother and starts to rub herself all over it. She is sliding against the dead mother avoiding the blood. Finally, she stand and takes the cub, pointing to the momma. The cub seems happier smelling it's mother. 'Skin it'. She snaps her fingers and then moves up the slope so the baby wont see it's momma being gutted.

Kaedin sighs and nods, patting the cub on the head. "We can see about keeping it on the ring, Ignis' temperature would not do well for it, it barely handles humans." he says as he slides down the slope further and begins the macabre work of skinning an animal he didn't kill. once that was done, he moves to scrape the excess guts off the skin, until it's a nice fur. He then comes back up the slope, having managed to avoid getting bear blood on his armor. "Though, we will have to check with lady Iah, she might have a problem with a bear being taken off this moon."

Odette shrugs a little and keeps walking, cub in her puffy arms. She hands it over to him and then grabs her skinny rope. She starts to do intricate knots around the wee bear before taking it from Kaedin's arms and putting him down and handing Kaedin the leash. She made the bear a harness so it can get stronger by walking. She waits back to see how the cub likes it.

Kaedin frowns and looks at Odette. "It's tired Poe." he says as he picks up the bear into his arms, wrapping it in it's mother's fur as he moves to walk towards Settlement, he may be a hunter, but smaller cute animals tug at his heart strings, that's why he has a spoiled cat, and will probably get a bunny from Arboren tomorrow as well.

Odette stares at Kaedin in a 'he won't get strong if you baby him' face. Completely different parenting tactics. Kaedin is the pets and be nice. Odette is the here is shark infested water, learn to swim fast, type parent. She walks behind him and shakes her head in disappointment.

Kaedin turns and looks at Odette. "it's just a baby." he says, and even the bear cub makes a small noise, before it falls asleep. "See…" Though with his luck, the cub thinks Kaedin is her new momma.

Odette stares at him and cuffs him upside the head in annoyance. She loves animals too but he's babying it too much. Her arms cross as she continues to follow him to where to hide it. She fiddles with it's ear and grumbles.

Kaedin looks down at the bear. "We have to take her back to settlement, not hide it." he says as he smiles down at her. "We should give her a name…. Miricle?"

Odette shakes her head. She pets over the bear. "Freyja." Her voice speaks out quietly. She shakes her head at his idea of names. He probably named his cat Sparklehunter. She pats his shoulder and moves off after him.

Michael speaks up finally, "Roan. Name her Roan."

Kaedin smiles and looks at the Two. "Both good names… I can't decide." he says as he rubs his face into the bear's fur, such a softly around baby animals, the six help them if he finds a drake egg.

Odette turns to look at Michael and nods at his name. Her shoulders shrug and she points at Michael agreeing with his name. She lifts her hands up and becomes …small and possibly intimidating. "Roan." as if she said Rawr. It suits for a bear.

Michael was just dealing with his internal emotional storms, letting the knights lead and make decisions. Now he feels like providing to this expedition, "Roan loved animals, and had a soft spot for cubs, she would have liked this one. Roan fits." he nods to Odette.

Kaedin continues to walks a bit of ways until he notices that night is descending on them. "Hmmm… I have to be in Arboren soon. Lets get him to Lady Iah, and then I shall be off to kill hostiles."

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