Sergeant Isaac Keats
Charlie Hunnam
Charlie Hunnam as Isaac Ashton Keats
Full Name: Isaac Ashton Keats
Byname: Tis
Age: 33
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Cindravale
House: Rovehn
Title/Profession: Sergeant
Position: Mechanic/Soldier
Spouse: N/A Height: 6'2"
Father: Johnathon Keats Weight: 201 pds
Mother: Clara Samson (Keats) Hair Color: Blonde
Siblings: Sir Lionel Keats Eye Color: Blue
Children: N/A


Isaac Ashton Keats remembers the day his father died only vaguely, likely a result of his mind trying to block out such a tragic event for a young boy. He remembers his father, how he'd try his best to help put together some peice of equipment or electronics that'd he would bring home from work. It was their bonding time together, something that he recalls fondly, even to this day. But never his death. He remembers how and when it happened, but not that particular day. Doesn't remember their mother sobbing on that day, but he remembers other. This is because the day he died, he had been thrown off the horse he had been on with a friend's mom. They both ended up being alright, but ever since then, he's been especially leery about horses.

It was around that time, Isaac did the only thing he could do. Or rather, he did the only thing that thought his dad would want: and was to be strong for his mom and little brother. Which was a harder task than he thought for a five year old who had only been in school a couple of years. But he try he did, cooking, cleaning, making sure there was as little work for his mom to do while she greived. Granted, there's only so much he could do, but in his mind, it was a lot.

And then came in Leroy. Isaac hated him right from the start, espeically when he tried to get him to call him dad. No, that wasn't happening. Not then, and not ever. And he made sure that Lionel never did either. Isaac was always a quiet kid, who was more at home drawing or taking apart the family vidplayer to see how it worked(much to his mother and brother's chagrin)than he was talking to people. Even to his own family he was quiet, and whatever he would say would be an equally quiet voice. There was a time, once Leroy entered the picture that people started to think that he had gone mute, because he never seemed to speak at all.

This went on for years, and it only really broke when Lionel was brought home by Outriders. For the first time in a long time, he screamed at his brother, telling him that's not how their real dad would've wanted, that he would've been disappointed in him. And that he didn't want Leroy to tan his hide for it. So Isaac took the blame for it, lying to Leroy that he was the one who egged Lionel on to steal the horse because his little brother 'didn't know any better'. They may of both got beatings, but Isaac got the harder version.

And that's how things went on, Isaac took the blame for various things Lionel did during his hellraising years, going with him on such escapades to make sure nothing horrible happened to him. But it only lasted so long, as it soon occured that Isaac went off to Academy to earn his degree in engineering. It was there that he learned everything his father had. Engineering, electronics, mathematics, design and things inbetween. It was some of the best times of his life.

What wasn't so great was being a humble kid in a large city where he doesn't know any better. He'd always talk to Lionel about this 'great girl' that he met and were dating only for the next call a couple weeks later that they had broken up for a variety of reasons. This happened more often than Isaac would like to admit.

He came back to Rovehn lands after getting his degrees, and getting himself a job doing drone repair and working on the massive crawlers that supported their homes. As always he stayed quiet, letting his pent and his guitar do the talking. The creative side got the interested of a woman Sahna. Isaac thought she was the greatest thing in the world, but maybe he was still a bit naive when it came to women. It was never a good realtionship, but no matter how many times he'd find her sneaking out to party or just plain cheat, she'd always coming crying back to him. And for some reason, because he didn't know any better and maybe because he's too damn nice, he'd always take her back until finally after so many months, she left him completely.

Isaac buried himself in his work and hobbies far too depressed and heartbroken to really do much else but work, having personally giving up on having any kind of happy relationship. It was around that time that the Rovehn/Leonnida conflict started brewing up to a dull roar, and thought that perhaps he should do his part since Lionel had gone off to be a knight. He wasn't a fighter, but he had always been decent with a bow, enjoyed figured out the aerodynamics of the weapon from a mathematical point of view. The training was basic and while he might not surprise anyone in combat, he can at least shoot a bow pretty decently when compared to trying to swing a sword. But, Isaac does suppose that his little brother doesn't need so much protecting these days. So while he does serve in the militia as a simple Sergeant, the majority of his time is spent working on Rovehn's more mechanical-based needs. And in that field, he's decently respected in. And that's something he hopes his father would be proud of.




  • Love Cats and Rats
  • Writer's Heart
  • Soft Spoken
  • Fear of Riding(Not of Horses)
  • Puzzle Buff
  • Tinkerer

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Lionel Sir Lionel Keats : You certainly don't need me to keep you out of trouble anymore, do you? Nowadays, I think I look up to you than the other way around. Done a damn fine job of straightening yourself out. Dad would've been proud of you.
Rovehn Clara Samson : I did my best, Mom. I don't know if it was ever enough. I hope so.
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