02.14.3013: Is This a Date?
Summary: Morrigan asks Klaudea to meet him in Landing. They are together for a time without masks or other people.
Date: Many… it was started, lost, restarted, found, continued…
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Klaudea Morrigan 

Landing, outside
Varying, as they walk/ride around Landing
14 February, 3013

Having gotten a bit of time off, Morrigan left a message through whatever channels were available that he would be in the Capital today. Now he wanders near the main square of the city, dressed in his Black cloak, hood back, and features exposed. dressed in his usual brown travelling clothes underneath.

She doesn't have to wear her combat clothes, she can't wear her 'blue' clothes… and she doesn't want to wear the flashy clothes her Mom likes her to wear… the poor housekeeper at Blackfells residence will think a hurricane went through Klaudea's room before she settled on a hooded long tunic of plain but expensive material, leggings and boots. She's pulled her hair back into a loose ponytail, but, as usual is without makeup. She chews the inside of her lip as she looks around for the tall, dark and handsome young man.

Being a bit nervous, and having time to kill as he wasn't sure if Klaudea was coming, Morrigan sits on a small retaining wall. having slipped a small piece of metal from his pocket, he tok a second to telescope it out until he was holding a thing silver metal tube with holes in it. placing his lips to the side of it, he begins to play what is apparently a flute. the tune was light and happy, and not too loud as he watches the streets coming into the square.

The soft sound of music automatically draws Klaudea's eyes, and she almost looks past once she's identified the source, but then her gaze tracks back. She tilts her head, and a little smile flickers across her lips as she advances. "You play music, too?"

Looking up at Klaudea, Morrigan chuckles as he lowers the Flute. "Mother insisted, you spend most of your time around angry men and wielding weapons, and they tend to want you to do something gentle and refined for an hour a day. I learned flute. My brothers decided they wanted to learn to play Piano thinking it would get them out of having to learn an instrument if the thing was too big for them to lug from camp to camp. it became the bane of their existence when Dad bought a baby grand and forced them to load and unload it every time we moved to a new place."

Klaudea laughs, giving a little hop that lands her rear end on the wall in front of Morrigan. "So, you're telling me that you were the one who truly inherited the brains in the family," she grins up at him as she rests her palms on the edge of the wall, and her weight on those palms.

shaking his head, Morrigan grins "Nope. I just learned from my brother's mistakes. I'm the baby of the family…They'd already been lugging that thing around for 3 years by the time they told me I had to pick an instrument." Collapsing the flute, he slips it into his pocket, then leans forward to touch his lips to her cheek. "You look good."

Klaudea chuckles. "Ah, I see. I only have one older brother, and not much to learn from him. He's the business and beaurocratic type. I think Father wants him to become a Senator." She blushes a little as he lightly kisses her cheek, and gives him a smile. "Thank you," she says quietly. "As do you. It's nice to see you… not hiding."

Smiling a bit more brightly, Morrigan nods. "Same for you. It's a shame to hide such a pretty face behind a mask." Watching her for a moment, he seems to b considering before he nods. "What would you like to do today?"

The bridge of her nose scrunches a little as she watches him consider her. "What?" she asks, then she shrugs, blushing at the compliment. "It's not just my father. Being recognized as a rich kid in a poor neighborhood isn't a good idea. I don't know. What do you like to do?"

Standing, Morrigan offers a hand and smiles. "Let;s go grab something to eat. I miss walking with you."

Hopping down from the wall where she sits, Klaudea takes Morrigan's hand, looking up to him to see if he's going to keep it in his, or let it go once she's on her feet. "What kind of food do you like?" she asks curiously, waiting for a response to pick a direction.

Holding her hand lightly, Morrigan seems to consider for a moment as he looks around. "Valtan Soba is pretty good. I wonder if they have it here."

Klaudea considers for a moment, and then shakes her head. "I don't know that I've seen Valtan Soba around Landing. I'm sure it's here," she muses, letting her fingers give his a squeeze before she walks with them loosely wrapped in his. Her other hand reaches into a pocket and pulls out a small tablet that she operates with her thumb, ponytail falling over her shoulder as she lets Morrigan make sure she doesn't run into anyone.

Offering a small shrug, Morrigan winks. "Well I suppose we could wander until we find something." Guiding her gently around people, he smiles quietly. "Am I boring you already?"

Klaudea shakes her head. "I'm looking for Valtan Soba. Considering it would take weeks to wander the whole of Landing, I thought a little help might be useful." She grins up to him. "And it's a good ways away for walking. We should take a hi-speed shuttle… at least to the right quadrant."

Nodding slightly, Morrigan grins. "Just picking on you." Leading her towards a shuttle station, he looks at the buttons and waits for her to tell them where they're going.

"Next green one," Klaudea says confidently after looking over the choices. She blushes a little with the information that he was just picking on her, and sighs. It's not a dejected one, more one of amiable resignation that yet again she didn't pick up on being teased.

Watching her quietly, Morrigan continues with that quiet, half smile. Leaning in to brush his lips across her cheek again quickly, he steps back as a Green shuttle arrives.

Klaudea gives a little squeeze to his hand as his lips brush her cheek, and she waits for the shuttle to come to a stop and the doors to open, letting passengers out before she boards. tugging at him a little to follow and then holding onto a pole as the doors close again. She shifts slightly, bracing herself against the velocity before she looks to him again. "I've been wondering, how often do you go visiting your uncle?"

Considering that, Morrigan shrugs. "About…once a week now that I have the ability and don't have to sneak…why?" Leaning on the pole, he watches her curiously.

Klaudea sighs looks out at the windows at the blur going by. "Because I can't go at all, still. I've had Lady Storm going when she can to open the stores for Bertram, but that's not often enough. I was wondering, I trust you, and I think Bertram likes you. Phelan certainly does." She gives a smile at the last bit of information. "I think you're stealing my share of hero-worship from the lad."

Grinning at that, Morrigan shakes his head. "Nope every time I talk to the kid, It's first and foremost for news about you. It helps that the last time I talked to him, you had JUST gotten the final fitting done on your cape and your superhero status was in the final stages of approval." Swaying slightly with the movement of the shuttle, he adds. "You want me to go open Stores for Bertram?"

Klaudea nods. "If you wouldn't mind. Although, I really think he's going to have to assume control of the stores. Father was talking about how security should be intensified since that factory in Obsidia was hit. He's worried about his own factories, so I think that Bertram won't have to worry about petty thieves so much… there will be too many patrols around."

Nodding slightly, Morrigan chuckles. "Sure. I can do that. I'll keep an eye out for him to while the factiories figure out how to up the Rotas.

"Thank you," Klaudea replies. She glances around the shuttle but there are only a few people around. Nonetheless, she doesn't continue on the subject. "It must be nice to be able to see your family again."

Considering that for a moment, Morrigan shrugs. "I haven't seen them yet to be honest. They're contracting long distance defense patrols. So I'll go visit them in about 6 weeks.

"Well, then. You better keep yourself in one piece until then," Klaudea tells him tartly, waiting as the doors open and there's an exchange of passengers. Her fingers don't relax their grip on her pole, though, and she grins up at him.

Grinning wider, Morrigan lifts his shirt quietly just enough to show the scar across his abdomen. "One more Scar and I get a free Tea set." dropping the shirt once more he winks. "I don't actually TRY to get myself maimed. it just kind of happens.

"For one who doesn't try, you seem to have an extraordinary amount of success," Klaudea chuckles. "Unfortunately, I have no doubt you will soon earn an entire dinner set." She leans against him, giving him a nudge with her elbow.

This gets a laugh from Morrigan, Wrapping an arm around her shoulders, he touches his lips to her forehead lightly before he replies. "And soon you will be a knight, and we can spend our time worrying about each other."

Grinning up at him, Klaudea turns pink at the kiss on her forehead. But, she does drop her gaze. "I hope I become a knight," she murmurs, but she doesn't actually drop to a frown, not wanting to spoil the mood. "We will have to spend some time with other things… like you guarding Sir Sammel's lady. But… yes. Most of the time will probably be spent that way."

Nodding slightly, Morrigan smiles quietly. "Well yeah. Of course some time will have to be spent doing other things, but I do spend a lot of time thinking about you." Coloring slightly at that admission, he adds. "And I have no doubt you'll be a knight soon."

Klaudea smiles at the reassurance. "Thank you." She pauses, "I do think about you a lot." It's at that point she realizes that they are at their stop, and the doors are about to close, but she's been too distracted to notice. Giving a yank to his hand, she dives for the doors.

Diving after her, Morrigan laughs. "Glad you caught that. we might have been lost on this shuttle forever.

Klaudea raises her shoulders. "I could think of worse things than being lost forever with you," she replies lightly, the idea seeming to come out of its own accord.

Grinning, Morrigan lets out a quiet chuckle. squeezing her hand once gently as he lets her lead the way. "Sweet talker. Flattery will get you everywhere."

Glancing at her mini tablet again, Klaudea looks up, and then gives a sideways nod to her head. "Will it get me to Valtan Soba, though?" she wonders. giving him a wink. She moves off in that direction, shifting her hand to thread her fingers more securely through his.

Considering that for a moment, Morrigan smiles. "You never know. Possibly, if you spend enough time on the shuttle. You might make friends on there, and they, feeling for your plight, might one day bring you Valtan Soba…So…it could happen."

"So maybe I should practice my flattery on you, so that if I should ever find myself lost on a shuttle looking for Valtan Soba, I'll be able to find my way?" Klaudea proposes.

Considering that for a moment, Morrigan shrugs after a few seconds. "It couldn't hurt. Really it's good to be prepared for any situation, right?"

Klaudea nods emphatically. "Absolutely," she agrees, then turns the corner and gestures with her tablet wielding hand. "And here we are." The tablet is returned to her pocket, and she lets Morrigan take over the lead to the doorway of the restaurant they'd been seeking.

Moving to the Door, he holds it open quietly, one hand in the small of Klaudea's back as he ushers her inside gently "Well if the knight thing doesn't work out. have you considered the finer points of being a City Tour guide?"

"It's possible. I hear you can get some good tips. But the down side includes toddlers throwing up on you." WIth a grin, Klaudea steps in before Morrigan, glancing around.

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