Lady Irvette Hollolas
Gemma Whelan
Gemma Whelan as Irvette Hollolas
Full Name: Irvette Hollolas
Byname: The Storm
Age: 25
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Arboren
House: Hollolas
Title/Profession: Lady
Position: Mate
Spouse: None Height: 170 cm
Father: Lord Commodore Roger Hiram Hollolas Weight: 66 kg
Mother: Lady Agatha Hollolas nee Peake Hair Color: Brown/Grey
Siblings: Lady Captain Fiona Hollolas, Lord Dylan Hollolas Eye Color: Dark
Children: None


Have you ever felt how shudder runs through your whole body, when you stand in the middle of the forest or in the middle of the field? It doesn‘t matter where you stand. The weather is what matters. You stand in the field where the greatest winds of the South, the East, the North or the West could throw a tournament to see who is the fastest runner, but there is no wind… There is no sound… The same with forest, where trees should whisper secrets of the world for the same wild winds, but their branches are standing as dead. This is the moment, when silence sneaks into the world as thief and takes all fresh air from you. This is the right moment for the shudders tickle whole your body, because you understand – it comes the storm.

The same weather covered the outside world, when woman named Lady Agatha Hollolas screamed in her bed, trying to bring a new life to the world. Maybe, because he was afraid, or maybe because he was delighted with such a peace outside before the storm, the baby boy didn‘t rush to come outside. He did it slowly and very carefully, but most important – silent. Likely, he was afraid to disturb that mentioned peace. The baby boy didn‘t care about the pain, he caused for mother. He cared about the world and silence. When he finally entered the world and he was taken by hands of stranger, he didn‘t cry, he just gracefully observed, before the first tunder of the comming storm rippled behind the window. But he was not afraid.

The rain started to wash the streets and lightnings tried to light up the way for dark clouds. The time for the second thunder came and it was met with the scream of the baby girl, who followed her brother. She cried and struggled as she would never wanted to come to the world. Or overwise, she wanted to come outside as a storm, announce the world about the arrival of a newcommer. She wanted to be heared, be seen, be free and wild as the thunder, who braught her to the world.

The baby boy was called Dylan Hollolas and the baby girl was called Irvette Hollolas. They were brother and sister. They were twins, they were two bodies and two souls. One was the weather before the storm, while another was the storm. And nor the boy, nor the girl couldn‘t live without each other, as the storm can not exist without the mysterious peace before her.


With each day children became stronger and stronger as their relations. They were two details of the puzzle, but together they were one puzzle, who could everything. However, being children of the noble family, meant that they had to find themself, and maybe even in a different possitions, just to produce as much variety as possible. Maybe for this reason, Irvette was chosen to become an archer or a knight. She showed a lot of potency, however, she was a storm, who couldn‘t stay for too long on the land. For this reason after long trainings on the ground she was let out to the Sea and she fall in love with it. If at first people was afraid of too strong relations between twins, afraid that it may become a sin, now they could calm themself down, because Irvette found her husband, called the Sea, and now what she is dreaming about is her own ship. However, she still strongly loves her twin brother and can‘t imagine her life without him.

Talking about father Roger Hollolas, there must be said, that Irvette looked at her father as he would be some kind of hero. She loved the way he laughs, she loved the way he commands and all she wanted was to become such a perfect comander as he is. She wanted to be perfect for her father, to make him proud. However, these wishes did not suite with her wild manners. She wa sthe one, who loved sneaking where she wanted and doing whatever she wanted. Father loved his children with all his heart, he was very caring and as Irvette likes to say „He was and is overprotecting.“ For this reason, Irvette and her father had a lot of fights, though always everything ended with warm hugs.

Talking about the place where she sneaked and why, we can mention her silent trips to the ships, when she was not allowed. One time the ship went to the Sea for a week, before the young girl was caught. Her parents already were looking for the child, afraid that she might be dead. However, she just became friends with the crew and when came back home had to face the anger of her father, who was madly afraid and ready to do anything to find his little beam.


Usually the one, who saved Irvette from more troubles was her twin brother. For this reason she is very thankful to him. Who knows, maybe if not he, she already would be dead? However, having her twin brother around, she did not felt for reason to get in touch with her older sister. So, they kept just formal relations, though Irvette always tried to look better than her sister and always fought for the attention of her father against her sister. She was pretty cool sharing things with her brother, if for some reason they couldn‘t share things, fists always said who should have what. But with the one, who had to become the heir, it was much more harder. Also, it was hard to fight with the younger siblings too, because the only one, who was guilty had the name Irvette even if it was not true. Usually mother was the one, who shouted at the girl and blamed her for everything. Father was much more easy with it. Likely, he understood her wilderness, which reminded him himself.

However, now, when Irvette grew up, she understands things more. Yes, she still is that stormy woman, who can easily get into the fights and is followed by troubles, however, at the same time she is the Mate with quite a potency to become a good Captain. That should make her father be proud. Though, still the hardest thing for this woman is to keep ladylike manners, when she is more a wild boy, than a mannerly lady. So, it‘s just the title, but not the way she acts. Moreover, she believes that ship is not the place for the lady. Ship is the place for the strong person, who has no time for manners and being pretty. Likely for the same reason it is very hard for Irvette to get in touch with women and she easily find friends between the men.

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