Sergeant Ioan Mordain
Jeremy Renner
Jeremy Renner as Ioan Mordain
Full Name: Ioan Mordain
Byname: None
Age: 27
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Cindravale
House: Rovehn
Title/Profession: Sergeant
Position: Soldier
Spouse: Sgt. Rebecca Mordain Height: 6'2"
Father: {$father} Weight: {$weight}
Mother: {$mother} Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: {$sibling} Eye Color: Blue
Children: Sophia Mordain (b. 3012)


Ioan grew up on the wide planes of Ares with the Rhoven. He was always a happy boy, growing up. His father a scientist and his mother a horse breeder, Ioan was given many opportunities to learn and go to the Academ, but he instead decided to enlist in the Rhoven military where he quickly discovered that he excelled with the longbow.

Like most Rhoven, Ioan explored the planes of Ares with his friends, both human and animal. Many times he would ride by himself with his horse he had growing up, which he named Nemo. By doing this he learned at an early age useful skills like tracking, hunting, survival, and other things that would make his assignment as a Rhoven scout that much more inevitable.

When he was twenty-two he met another Rhoven scout whose name was Sergeant Rebecca Arvain. The two courted; during with both fell madly in love with each other and got married a year after. One year after being married they had a daughter who they named Sophia.

Unfortunately, one month after the birth of his daughter Ioan's luck took a turn for the worse. During another routine scouting mission Ioan's scouting troupe was ambushed by a small Syndicate cell and everyone from his troupe died except for him and his friend Robert. The two were stripped of their weapons and armor and taken to a farming village, where they were kept placated with the use of Red Eye and A.M.P. After they were sufficiently brainwashed, the two were sent out to push the sales of Red Eye And A.M.P.. This went on for ten to eleven months before he and Robert were rescued by Rebecca and some Rhoven knights.

When he came back to the caravan he was a changed man. The once happy and carefree scout quickly became a troubled and broken man. Significant parts of his life he outright forgot, while some others are hazy. Every night he dreams of the eleven months spent at the village. Another thing that troubles him is how his scouting pack got ambushed in the first place. He suspects there might have been a mole, but he isn't sure either way. Partially because it had been forced on him already, and because of the terrifying dreams Ioan has still secretly been using Red Eye, though it's something he wishes he could stop. After being fed essentially gruel for ten to eleven months, the first piece of Fruit that Ioan put in his mouth he hasn't been able to stop. Being his new favorite food, Ioan will pick up any piece of Fruit he sees that doesn't have a price tag. He also has some serious doubts about the Chantry sense being rescued. How could the Six allow something like this to happen to him? Despite all this, Ioan is attempting to resume his old life before the incident. He's attempting to return to active duty as a scout and is pleased to have Rebecca to help him though this difficult time, even if he doesn't always remember her! The one person he does remember distinctively is his daughter, and watching her grow up is an anchor for him; reminder that there is hope. Though, hiding his Red Eye Addiction from his wife and child is going to prove more and more difficult each passing day, and Ioan fears what will happen if Rebecca finds out before he can muster the will to quit.



A man standing at 6'2" with brown hair and blue eyes. brown and black sleeveless leather armored scouting jacket. Black long Bow slung across his shoulder.


  • Addicted to Red Eye
  • Bad Nightmares
  • Obsessed with Fruit
  • Partial Memory Loss
  • Questioning the Chantry

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Rebecca Sergeant Rebecca Mordain : Wife.
sophia.jpg Sophia Mordain : Daughter. Born on August 2, 3012. (NPC)

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