Into Sunset
Summary: An epiphany changes Michael's life entirely.
Date: 26/12/2013
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April 19th 3014 — Battlefield somewhere on Imperius

The still night air is speckled with the distant sounds of battle, a faint glow on the horizon. Here and there is a flash of brilliant fire light or magical lightning arching through the cool of darkness. The pitched screech of HFPs blend with the Awakened powers, building a grim choir in honor of the intense fight going on. The static crackle of shields being crashed into, the chirped pinging of blades ringing off each other and armor plating. There are moments of quiet, cut apart by the battle cry, the sharp bellowed orders, or the blood curdling scream of one of the Havenites.

On a rise kilometers away comes the sound of rolling thunder, a low deep force on crescendo as it draws near enough to loom in the darkness. At the head of this riding force is one of the Knight Captains of house Sauveur, leading the charge of reinforcements against the enemy. Down the line from her is Michael, charging forward on Thunder and thus providing a namesake for the sound of their advance at full gallop. In his left hand is a spear and on his right is a shield in a dimmed purple and golden eagle crest of the house he serves.

The line moves one thousand strong at full speed, meeting the hostiles on the field in a sky shattering clatter of horse meat and monoedged metals. Composite metals scraped and paint ripped off as hoof, boot, cybernetic limb, and shield or weapon meet like a derailed train meets a building.

The charge, crashing onto the hostiles like storm-waves on lighthouse islands, smote many of the cybernetic foe to ruin on the field. Michael, dismounted by the third hostile he faced, rolls to stand and draws his great sword. The mighty fork tongued monoblade catching fire and lightning light from the distance while the golden eyes of his armor flair menacingly at his enemy.

It is that moment of calm, the split second before all storms that seems to one as to last a life time. A fragment of serenity, cluttered with clarity, and organized by grim reality. The knowledge, the understanding that this breathe is the last peacefilled one of its kind for a long time to come, digs into your mind and creeps down into your resolve where its roots soak up your courage and strengthen the bloom of dedication to your cause.

It is this moment in which Michael finally comes to terms with his own mortality and there is a reality to his thoughts when they slip home to his pregnant wife and unborn child. A resounding, "I don't want to die." echoes through the empty spaces of his thoughts as he clears them for battle strategy and planning.

Michael is a flurry of movements then as the battle finally breaks over him. Sword driving into his enemy just as another moves to attack him. Two on one should be no problem for the well trained but still newly minted knight, that is until a third and then a fourth arrive and join in. Michael becomes taxed for defense with his giant sword and when he makes a break through the small group assailing him, he switches weapons. Hardlight shield flaring again to life, a large round semi-opaque purple disc with a rampant golden eagle crest of House Sauveur emblazoned on the front.

Great sword replaced by medium length spear, Michael begins to attack in reverse. Using distance to his advantage over the shorter reach cybernetic foe, their long swords only occasionally making contact with his shield or part of his armor plating.

The tide of battle continues to churn and surge around the Havenite, his stabs landing a few critical strikes and downing one of his four attackers. Backing into a small pocket of Hostiles, Michael sees himself as done for, until another house knight joins him. The two face down six, and then eight when a third backs into them. The trio making a stand, becoming paragon in the sea of chaotic cacophony and military organization.

Michael's spear lanced out and struck into metal and flesh alike, tearing and piercing skin and muscle and nerve. His shield took knee jolting blow after blow from great hammer and axe while weapon arced and spun to deflect sword and polearm. He ducked, wove, and bobbed around attacks while dealing great damage of his own. Hits snuck in under his shield, between plates, and past spear. His blood mixed with the sweat beading rivulets down his composite clad form, dirt and grime smearing into a second skin worn proudly as though a tribal sign of honor and determination. Slowly he and his two comrades fight their way through the small army of fifth worlders until they link up with several more and craft a greater defensive unit.

For hours the fighting continued, not once did the hostiles seem to lose their numbers though many fell to the army of Haven. However, near to the end of their struggle, Michael took a mighty blow to his right shoulder blade and joint. The resounding crack and then scream of pain that dropped Michael to his knees became harbinger of the damage done. An elite, one of the biggest on the field reminding Michael of a knight who'd taught him to use the type of weapon he'd been hit with, stands over the Sauveur sworn and goes for the next strike.

A lancing of dragonsteel, the static crackle of hardlight shattering, and the scream of agony craft a sudden brief poignant second before the elite staggers backwards slightly, impaled by the weapon Michael's father in-law had personally forged. What love was fused into each hammer strike resounds now to protect the young man. His broken right lies mangled into the wrong direction for a long moment before Michael forces himself to standing and draws his longsword. All two handed weapons useless to him now, the freshly minted Sir stalks his prey and forgets all else about his own pains.

Slashing and hacking a path, being followed by fellow soldiers and warriors, Michael cuts his way to the elite stuck like a pig with that carbon black blade-headed shaft. Lunging after the brute, Michael pitches battle against it and in his own heroic efforts manages to make the killing blow. His assistant compatriots pull his spear free and hand it back before he collapses.

When the battle was finally over and the enemy destroyed or run off, Michael finds himself at the forefront of modern medical treatment in the form of a forward medical facility here the bones of his right upper arm are being reset. Sadly, however, the work is excruciatingly painful and it finally occurs to him that his comm is beeping like a firestorm. He must have been under for a long time and groggily reaches out to it.

A message from Avan about Avalyn being rushed to the hospital because her stress and worry caused her to get sick very suddenly. She's currently okay and resting, the baby is fine as well, but there's instruction to visit her at Willowtree Hospital when he's released from treatment. Not a hard task, the damage to his right arm is so extensive that he'll require surgical stainless steel bone replacements in his forearm, wrist, and hand.

April 22nd 3014 — Michael's hospital room

It had been a grueling surgery but Michael got through it painlessly thanks to anesthetics. Avalyn, however, had been a wreck the whole time and had to be put on very light relaxants to keep her from going into labor. With only a month or so to go, it was far too risky for her to get so worked up, especially with how dangerous it was for her to even have the child.

Michael is finally waking up, and she's right there to be the first person he sees. Warm affectionate smiles are shared, the wife on the edge of her seat while the husband just barely able to make anything solid of her in his well blurred vision. He cant move and at first that panics the man, but she calms him with soft sounds and gently whispers before explaining. "Your right arm isn't fully healed yet, my love. You need to just rest, the doctors said it will be several days before you're well enough to start physical therapy. There wasn't much nerve damage, and the majority of the arm and hand was still intact so they just replaced the worst of the bones with metal ones."

Tears well in her eyes and gently her arms wrap around her one and only, holding him to her softly to reassure herself more than him. When his voice crackles out of his throat he says, "Avalyn, light in my darkness and love of my life… I'm going to ask that I be posted off the battlefield for now. While the baby is young and you're healing. The both of you need me, alive and here. I can't keep risking our future and the child's future so recklessly. I can serve by training soldiers, assisting wounded knights by seeing to their squire's daily practices, and even work as aide in the house's military planning rooms now and then."

"Shhhh, shhh… you shouldn't worry about that so much Michael. The baby and I are fine and there's only a month left to go." she smiles at him and whispers softly, "I couldn't wait and I'm sorry… it's a boy, Michael, we're having a son. I want to name him after us both, I like what you'd picked for a boy, Xandre. Xavier and Mellisandre. And for a middle name I want to honor his fathers, Avan and Achaeus, Acaveus. Xandre Acaveus Athyros… how does that sound my love?"

"Oh Avalyn… when I said you'd never know how much I love you for my love will continue to grow day by day… what I did not say was that there would be times too when it takes leaps and bounds." She's close enough to him that he's able to press a light kiss to her cheek, "I love the name and I'm so happy to be having a son." a weak grin, "You'll have to get healed quickly after birth though… want to work on making the next one soon as we can." a raspy chuckle as she smacks his left shoulder very lightly. "I'm joking, sort of."

Thank you all for helping me make Michael one of the greatest characters I've ever played. He was my first introduction to MUSHing and all of you gave me such wonderful memories and scenes and I'm so happy to have played him. Sadly, his story has been told and I feel it is time to retire him into the background.

OOCly Avalyn's player and I had decided that we wanted to have a boy for them and we'd agreed on his name ICly in a private scene. If you had any scenes that you'd hoped to have with him, I am going to keep him until the 31st, just send me an in game page or +mail to Jarek to let me know and we'll set something up.

Once more, thank you all for the scenes and RP that I had as Michael and making him the best introduction character to a whole new style of game play.

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