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Summary: Jarek writes a letter, well, two letters. Late after the semifailed party.
Date: 29 July 2013
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Jarek Saimhann Peake 

29 July — Jarek's bedchamber, The Drakholt

Despite Agnes being just down two halls and a flight of stairs, Jarek is miraculously capable of keeping himself restrained from padding barefooted to her door. Instead, he busies himself with a very important and timed task… the penning of two letters. First, the one to his father… then to Agnes' brother. Both, letters of explanation and request. Sure, he proposed to her and she'd said yes… but like she'd also conditioned her yes on was if both their families agreed, and she was right to say that.
Having not had anymore to drink, Jarek was sobering rapidly now. He takes a drink of water then settles into typing up his letters.

To: Erek.Saimhann@Drakholt
From: Jarek.Saimhann@Drakholt


In my last letter I sent you I was asking your thoughts in general on the topic of a match for me. However, I feel I was too vague in my asking. I would like your thoughts on the possibility of a match between myself and Lady Sir Agnes Peake… actually, I would like more than your thoughts. I care about this woman, and I will be sending a letter to her brother, Lord Sir Trentin, to ask to court her.
I then ask you, father, to speak with Lord Peake and discuss a betrothal.

Please, I would not ask you if I was not as serious as I am sure of the Six,


To: Trentin.Peake@Netherkeep
From: Jarek.Saimhann@Drakholt

Lord Sir Peake,

I write to you in regards to your sister, Lady Sir Agnes, and a personal request. I find that after eight years of having kept personal feelings hidden and pushed down, I am no longer able to deny that I care for her. We have spent time together a bit more, recently, and in these moments we've shared I have come to realize that I do not wish to live my life without her by my side… permanently.
So I ask you formally for your permission to court your sister, and I will be sending a letter to my father to discuss with you, the possibility of a match to be made for her and I.

Thank you,

Young Lord Sir Jarek Saimhann
Knight Lieutenant of Haven

1 August — Saimhann encampment, the Drake Mountains

TO: Jarek.Saimhann@Drakholt
FROM: Erek.Saimhann@Drakholt
SUBJECT: The Knight and the Sage?

My Son,

You have always been as bold as the Knight himself, but are you considering the wisdom of the Sage in this as well? While I am away with the soldiery, perhaps you can regale me with stories of her. I have not heard much about this Knight Lieutenant beyond her prowess on the battlefield. While a connection with House Peake could be valuable, what would Sir Agnes herself bring to a match with my son and Heir? Besides your happiness, of course. That is important to me, but I also have to look out for the welfare of the House beyond my own lifetime.

On another note, do find someone to fix the electronics in the Hall of the Six. It is embarrassing enough to have them fail at all without the people of Haven thinking us backwards savages who cannot even see to the upkeep of our Hall.

May They Guide Us,

Your Father

2 August — Khar-Mordune

TO: Jarek.Saimhann@Drakholt
FROM: Trentin.Peake@Khar-Mordune
SUBJECT: Your Request

Young Lord Saimhann,

I am truly glad that you have found happiness, and all the more glad that my sister has found it as well. She has long deserved such happiness, and I hope one day that it may be truly hers. I feel that such a match would be most becoming of two northern Houses such as our own, and feel that my sister would make a strong presence alongside the warriors of Saimhann, no matter how much her kith and kin would miss her presence. I am, however, loathe to provide any such permission — and so get up the hopes of you and my dear sister — without any indication of approval from your father. Provided you gain that, and he requests such a match of me, I'm sure that we can make the necessary arrangements.



2 August — Drakholt

TO: Erek.Saimhann@Drakholt
FROM: Jarek.Saimhann@Drakholt
SUBJECT: RE: The Knight and the Sage?


Yes father, I have given this great consideration… and given the fact that I've never once come to you about marriage and have avoided the topic altogether, the mere fact that I have come to you on this should tell you how strongly I feel my sign from the Six was.
Matters of a more political nature, an alliance with house Peake would be good for this war. For one thing, the Peake house military
is a fine lot. I've seen them in battle and fought along side them. Agnes might not be one to rule in my stead, but she can fight instead.
When children are born, and the line secured, she can take to the field in my place while I tend to matters here at home. I can run the
house while she runs the military.
She and I work well as a team, and we communicate effectively, as husband and wife we'd lead the Saimhanns through this war much safer than if I were wed to someone who didn't understand the battlefield.
Agnes is to my Knight the maiden, to my Father the mother, and to my Sage the Crone. I don't know any better way to describe it than that, father, because of all the stories I might tell you of her… only one seems the most fitting to me is the battle of Primus when the
Hostiles were pushed off the Sacred grounds. Agnes fought like no other I'd seen, and in the years of us knowing each other I've not seen
her fight so. She took wound after wound and still she fought on, she was instrumental in pushing back the faction of hostiles that attempted to break free.
Father, I know you're only asking because you want to make sure the house is protected for the future, but I want to marry this woman.


2 August — Saimhann Encampment

TO: Jarek.Saimhann@Drakholt
FROM: Erek.Saimhann@Drakholt
SUBJECT: Two Knights


You see my concern with your words, don't you? You have ever excelled on the field of battle, my son, and you wish to chase love across one as well. But is that enough for House Saimhann? The success of our House will not depend on passion, or the wants of you, me, or anyone else in Haven. It will depend on the measured use of resources, the intelligent administration of those we are sworn to protect, and an unwavering faith in the Six. In the same way, the best relationships are not built upon a bed of passion. As you know, your mother and I were a political match, and you have seen how efficiently we work together to see to the needs of the House.

I will speak to Lord Peake, but I will not speak to him of marriage just yet. First I will speak to him of Sir Agnes spending time with the soldiery of Saimhann, and with the rest of the Crescent. See if this sudden bold passion of yours remains in the light of day and of a war which is likely to last generations. See if you can find a way to enjoy running the Drakholt, if you intend to do so while Sir Agnes fights on the battlefield in your stead.

But first, see if you can fix the wiring in the Hall of Heroes, or find someone else who can do it.

May They Guide Us,

Your Father.

3 August — Jarek's Quarters, Drakholt

TO: Erek.Saimhann@Drakholt
FROM: Jarek.Saimhann@Drakholt
SUBJECT: Crone's Tea Leaves


To start, after seeing to the recovery of the 2nd Relief station in one of the valleys (a drake attack left many dead and much destroyed), I have spoken with engineers from Volkan. Upgrades to the newest power systems will be installed in the Drakholt top to bottom, and surprisingly at not such as a cost as I had expected. According to them, with the geothermal plants we use, we've actually been wasting for years. They say our newer system will be incredibly efficient, and provide energy for the expansion of the outer shields and defenses.

On the subject of Agnes, I do understand. The patrol I took yesterday placed me once more in command, which gave me time to think. I would like the chance to spend time with Agnes, on and off the field, and welcome the idea of her getting to know the soldiery. I do know that you and mother were a political match, and you two have run the house amazingly my entire life and before it.
Agnes is indeed one of the best knights in Haven, one of the best commanders I've seen, and my dearest friend even before this came about. As I look back on what I am asking, there are boundaries a friendship creates, ones that would have to be crossed if she and I are to be more than we've been up to now. We need a chance to work together, and examine these lines, see if crossing them is something we're both prepared for.

When you speak to Lord Peake, will you ask him permission for courtship of his sister for me? Such that I intend to marry her, but we both need time to test a new aspect to our relationship. I sit here now, looking into my cup and I see the tea leaves wilted and dry. They are spent, but they rest peacefully together after having been steeped in the hot waters for a long time. I am not sure if this is a warning, or just a nudge in the right direction as I hope it is. However, it does make me think that she and I need more time to build something and become together a unified front that brooks no question to our abilities to run the house. I will be spending time in the Drakholt, taking on as much of your normal duties and I can while still keeping an eye on the war. I will work hard and learn to run a household without waste.

Mind your step, May They Guide us always,

26 August — Saimhann encampment, the Drake Mountains

TO: Jarek.Saimhann@Drakholt
FROM: Erek.Saimhann@Drakholt


War gets in the way of everything. I've been laid up with a wound I took two weeks ago, but the doctors assure me that it is healing well. Feeling the Crone's touch, however, has caused me to realize more than ever that the House needs a strong foundation for when I am gone. I have obtained Lord Peake's approval for you and Sir Agnes to be betrothed. It will, however, be a long betrothal, for her to accustom herself to the Drakholt, and for you both to determine if this is what you really want. I have not heard how deep her faith runs… perhaps that is something you could investigate for me, if you do not already know.

On another note, it might be time to lead another hunt to push the drakes away from Drakholt. I wonder if they're getting pressure from the Hostiles driving them toward us. That might be something else to look into.

May They Guide Us,

Your Father.

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