07.14.3013: Insults to Injuries
Summary: Nimara and Viannea meet by chance in The Public House and begin having a rather pleasant conversation… until some others join and all hell breaks loose.
Date: 14 July 2013
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The Public House
Tucked into a corner of the commercial district, this dive bar has low ceilings clouded with smoke, a collection of round tables, square booths, and a bar with stools along one wall. It can do greasy pub food, and has a fine selection of beers, whiskeys, and scotches, but not much more than that. The bar stools are the swiveling type that are bolted to the ground so they cannot be used as clubs in the event of a brawl, and the chairs are flimsy things that make poor clubs in their own right. At the back is a shuffleboard table and a couple of dartboards, often with a good deal of side betting going one.
14 July 3013

Viannea looks at the woman who so very obviously does not belong, the arrival of the over-dressed Nimara bringing a sense of relief in her. "The ale's good. Makes it almost possible to ignore all the yelling." As she says that a thumb's hiked over her shoulder to indicate a table in particular. One large man is telling a story about one of the recent battles he took part in. The soldiers who are sitting with him are whooping and hollaring, trying to encourage him to go on. Which he does. At a volume that grows louder the longer he goes on. "What brings a woman as smartly dressed as you here?"

The ale is brought to her and Nimara smiles to the man. He offers her a credit pad, which she presses her thumb on and then hits a button for an extra tip. Sipping the ale, she moves to Viannea's table and sits across from her without asking. Perhaps she thought the invitation was implied. Smiling to her a bit brightly, she says over the din, "I was visiting on business and I could hear this place from blocks away. I forgot to bring a change of clothes, but I actually like this kind of place from time to time." She smiles to her, then, inclining her head, "Senator Nimara Demoore, my Lady."

If Vi has any complaints about being joined without being asked if she minds she doesn't let on although it's probably safe to assume she doesn't if her smile's any hint. "That is when a shopping trip is mandatory." Shopping. Something that used to be a bane to her but, recently, has become something Viannea actually enjoys. "Not that I can recommend any shops to you. I'm only here visiting so I have no idea what shops are good and which ones should be avoided." She lifts her glass to the server before they can get too far, indicating she'd like another.

Nimara takes a few gulps of the ale, cleanly at least, and places the glass on the table when she orders another ale. "Landing has the best shops, truthfully. It's been quite a while since I've been out this way." She looks passed the woman to see the ruckus behind her; the senator chuckles lightly and then shakes her head. "But places like this tend to have the best alcohol for half the price." Not that credits seem to be much of an issue for her.

"Landing is nice," the brunette agrees. "The Ring also has good shopping." Vi's new drink is set down before her, it taking no time to pour it, but unlike Nimara she has a tab and payment is not asked for yet. "So. If I may ask… for the sake of conversation as well as to sate my curiosity… just what is it you do." There's another pause before she leans in and whispers, "As for the alcohol, I wouldn't necessarily say it's better, but it is cheaper. And more potent."

"You mean the outfit didn't give it away?" Nimara asks her after another gulp of her ale. A playful grin rests upon her lips, until it vanishes to answer the lady's question. "I am a Senator of the Vale, my Lady." And she leaves it at that, with clear expectation that should explain everything. To her whisper, she grins again and then lifts her glass to her. "Perhaps potency and better are synonyms sometimes."

'Oh. Senatorial robes. Duh, Vi. Real smart, there, dummy.' Viannea rolls her eyes at herself before laughing and putting a palm to her forehead in a classic, self-given head smack. "I'm sorry. It has been a while since I've seen any politicians," she confesses, "and I had forgotten what you all wear while officially on the job." At least the reason isn't embarrassing otherwise she'd have to try and come up with an excuse on the fly and Viannea's really not good at coming up with that kind of thing in a hurry. Takes her a second but she soon realizes that Nimara called her 'Lady', not something she's used to be addressed as until after she introduces herself. "I suppose I should provide my name," she eventually utters as she takes another gulp, the rim of the glass held just before her mouth when she says that. "I am Lady Viannea Peake. It is a pleasure." And now she drinks and does so with gusto as a wink is given to the furthering conversation about cheap booze.

Nimara takes her ale and finishes off the glass. She waves down a bartender for another, and this time offers no payment. To him, she says, "Start a tab under Demoore." She looks back to Viannea and begins to laugh softly, shaking her head. "Senators aren't known for being socialites. Most of them prefer if I stayed to my office than socializing." Another ale is returned and she takes it up. She smiles to her when she introduces herself. "Pleasure to meet you, Lady Peake, and don't worry. I'm lucky to be the least stuffiest senator out of the seventy-five of us."

Michael got another comm, and immediately shaved, showered, and changed. He makes his way to the Publichouse… Crescent? Something different he supposes, than the Vale and he is slightly partial to Volkan. He walks in, a small single deep scarlet flower from Obsidia, mixed with black buds, to symbolize the house who's seat is there. He, for now, just walks to the bar and looks around the place to see if he sees her yet.

At least the Senator can keep pace when it comes to drinking. Makes Vi feel less awkward for how fast her own drink disappears. The empty is allowed to go unreplaced as two ales are more than enough for her at the moment. It'd be very bad for her to return to the home of her hosts totally shitfaced, after all. "I haven't been much for the social life myself until recently. I was away for training and only just returned home." A shoulder lifts as she looks around, not yet seeing the newly arrived one yet. "I am trying to change that about myself, however. I don't want to sit in my rooms and die a lonely, miserable person."

Nimara's black brows stitch together at Viannea's words, particularly the end portion, and she nods her head. "Training?" she asks in a curious tone. When Michael walks in, her eyes leave the lady to move to him and she smiles, expecting him to notice without so much as greeting him. Looking back to Viannea, she says, "Responsibilities make it difficult for us to take care of ourselves. Though I'm not sure this is the best place for you to fill that void. You should come out to the Vale sometime and I'd be happy to introduce you to people."

Michael sees Nimara and her smile, bringing on of his own. He makes his way to her side. "Nimara, interesting place you picked… but close to home so I like it." he smiles again at her. Then he nods to Viannea, "Lady Viannea, nice to see you again. How have you been?" he will take the seat next to Nimara if she's okay with it, and offer to her the flower.

"I was completing my training as a squire in preperation to be knighted," Vi explains easily but anything she might say afterward is forgotten when Michael joins them. Definitely not a face she was expecting to see here. "Hello, Michael. I didn't know you were here too." Color her surprised and then even more when she watches the way he gives Nimara a flower. "I would ask if you two have met but I think I know the answer." As soon as she's done speaking she's ordering another ale.

"Oh," Nimara says when the small flower is given to her. She smiles to him. "How kind," she says. There, she begins to twist the stem and while they continue their coversation, she works the flower into her hair. To Viannea she smiles a little at first, though it fades to the coloring. "Congratulations on your coming Knighthood," she says. She looks back to Michael a moment and her head nods in some sort of acknowledgment. "Yes," she says then to Viannea, "we do and I believe that you do as well."

Michael chuckles softly, and nods to Viannea. "Yes, we know each other… she's my girlfriend." he's said that only once before, but he likes saying it because it brings a growing sence that it's all not some odd dream he's about to wake from. He takes a breath and looks at Nimara, "Lady Viannea, is already a Knight. A good one in fact. We've fought together before, during the Rescue mission for the Caravans actually." now he looks to Viannea, "That is my line, what brings you to the Crescent?"

Viannea gets beaten to the punch in the gentle correction she was about to give Nimara but she does offer the Senator a smile. "Thank you for your kind words. But like Michael said, I've already been knighted. Happened several months ago." The squire's complment gets a blush out of her but also a growing grin. "Thank you. You're quite the warrior as well." The use of the word 'girlfriend' gets a brow to arch but Vi nods. "Looks like you two are the ones due congratulations, it seems. As for why I am here, I came to visit Nitrim since I promised I would. Am spending a few days here while there's a lull in the fighting."

At the use of the word, Nimara shakes her head a moment. She looks over to Michael a moment and inclines her head, her tone kind. "It's such an odd placed word. Why not just say we are together, you and I? Besides, I think Lady Peake figured it out." The smile she holds for him is playful, not corrective or chiding as her words could have been. Looking to Viannea, she shakes her head. "I believe Knighthood takes much more work than romance. It seems I am surrounded by knights and knights-to-be these days that I ought to have stayed in the program." The Senator continues to drink only with her right hand, the left held in her lap, though there was a flash of metal when she fit the flower in her hair.

Michael grins sideways at Nimara, "I suppose it is, but I've never had a girlfriend… so I just like to say it." he smiles back to her, "I don't know, dating can be rather difficult at times. It was a tough choice what outfit I was going to wear, what flower to bring, and then all sorts of other worries." his tone is teasing, playfull even. He nods slightly to Viannea, "Lord Nitrim huh? Interesting." then his hand seeks for Nimara's remaining one. "I don't know, Nimara, after hearing you talk about being a senator… I think you are where you're meant to be." his eyes smile with flickering light.

It is obvious to Vi that she has kind of become the third wheel here but it's taken in stride as is Michael's very short response to her. "Yes. Lord Nitrim and I have become friends and promised each other to come visit the other's home. And since we have been graciously allowed some form of peace by the Hostiles, I thought I'd make good on my end of the vow." Michael's allowed to speak to Nimara without any further interruption from her as she is now drinking, her glass drained by a third before she too addresses the Senator. "Being a knight is not easy but I find it quite a bit easier to deal with than social nicities. Protocol of a social nature is still new to me."

If Viannea had become the third wheel, Nimara didn't notice. In fact, she hadn't given Michael all of her full attention yet. To him, she says, "Ah, I see, so it is about you and your pride." A grin slowly forms. "Still, knighthood requires more training, more sacrifice. Perhaps more than I was willing to give." She pauses a moment to gulp her ale. At mention of her choice, she smiles and her other cybernetic hand finally lifts to wrap around the glass, which makes a light clinking sound. "Social protocol is as complicated as the nobility or combat protocol and I don't wish it on anyone."

Michael withdraws his hand, and looks at the two of them. He nods to Viannea, "I see, well that's good to hear." then he grins at Nimara, "I highly object to that… I could very well have come here in my skinsuit, dripping with sweat, flowerless. Do you really want to see me like that, now?" his grin is playfull, and his tone light. He takes a glass of water from a tray that passes by, and sips at it for a moment.

Nimara's grin cracks, but she won't dare fall into laughter, not after a quip like that. "Oh," she says, raising her glass with her right hand. "Is that how you train? In front of your lady knight no less? Perhaps I should be concerned." The laughter is barely hidden in the back of her throat. She looks at her ale and then his water, her lips smirking. "You make me look like I have a drinking problem."

Michael chuckles softly, "Lady Sir Johana usually doesn't watch me train… actually I haven't seen her in days. Nor have I really been in Obsidia long enough. I am usually gone minutes after my daily tasks are done." he shrugs, "I am not required to remain there, so I don't. I usually come here, or go to the Ring. Both places have somewhere to work out." he smiles at her now, "You really don't, I might have the drinking problem, because I have a problem drinking."

Viannea listens and watches curiously, brow slowly raising. It's Michael who especially gets that response from her until she remembers to speak. Or at least remember to speak after another drink. "Knighthood is not for one whose dedication is likely to falter," she says while looking at Michael, her statement spoken in general despite how she visually keys in on him. "But it's worth all the hard work in the long run. I am very proud of my station in life."

Nitrim arrives from the Commercial District.
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Despite that the words were ultimately directed to Michael, Nimara's brows stitch together and the smile on her face altogether vanishes. She places her cybernetic hand on the table, metal tapping, as a brow lifts for Viannea. "I must misunderstand you," she says to her, "because you can't possibly be implying that one leaving Knighthood means a lack of dedication. I was once training for be a Knight, my lady, and left, but lack of dedication is now how you become a Senator. So truthfully, I've misunderstood and would love to better understand your meaning."

Michael arches a brow at Viannea, "I don't like how you're addressing me, Lady Viannea. My knight and I have an agreement, and I like to be in the Ring, close to my dying mother." he shakes his head, and puts a hand to Nimara's shoulder, "Don't read it like that, leaving Knighthood was the right choice for you. From the way you speak of your work now, you are far more in love with it than swinging a sword. It isn't yet my place to say, but I am proud that you chose the path your heart truly is in."

The door shoves open and Nitrim Khournas steps through. Wearing dark sunglasses to keep the smokey, overbright day out of his senstive, little eyes, Nitrim trails cigarette smoke as his boots clobber the floor. Walking with purpose, he is about to wave to the bartender, but then spies Michael, Viannea, and a face he doesn't recognize having drinks with each other. As he approaches, he cracks a grin and dumps himself into the chair beside Viannea. "Michael Michael Michael…Viannea Viannea Viannea and…" He looks to Nimara with one of those oh please tell me your name leans. Regardless of any tension at the table, he seems to be inviting himself.

"First off, I didn't mean you directly, Michael. Please do not be like that. And Senator, I was not trying to imply anything in regards to you. Your path took you somewhere else. That's not a lack of dedication. That's just your life directing you elsewhere. Different. I was speaking in general." Michael's afforded a slight glare before she leans back in her chair, her temper simmering just under the surface. "I do hope your mother is doing well." That's all she says before she looks down, her mood for conversation shot to hell. To say Nitrim's arrival is timely probably goes without saying although his reaction to seeing Nimara is unfortunate and, in her annoyance, Vi flings a bar nut towards Nitrim's head. "Hello."

Ellion arrives from the Commercial District.
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Not long after Nitrim enters in extravagance, Lady Reena Khournas enters in simple quiet. She too is wearing shades, and moving stiffly, as if worried her head might explode if she turns too fast. Hangover, they name is foul. She shuffles to the bar, wearing leather pants and a loose white blouse, and requests something strong enough to kill her headache. She slides onto a stool and folds her arms on top of the bar using them as a pillow for her pounding head.

Nimara reaches over to gently pat Michael's shoulder. Though her annoyance seems to be present, there is a practiced, plaster smile there as she looks to him and says, "I don't think she was directing anything at you. Think nothing of it and thank you for your kind words." She looks back to Viannea, that smile remaining. "Ah, that's what I was hoping you'd say, my lady, and appreciate it. Forgive me, my job sometimes forces me to read between lines that aren't there." And then there's Nitrim. It probably wasn't the best timing; if she wasn't feeling insulted presently, she may have been more gracious. "Senator Nimara Demoore, good Sir."

Michael returns Viannea's glare with a steely look of his own, for a second only. Then he turns to Nimara, and kisses her cheek, before nodding slightly to Nitrim. "Lord Nitrim." is the greeting, it isn't unfriendly but his mood is slightly on the not so happy side. His jaw works back and forth, and he regards Viannea. "Lady Orelle, Lord Kaedin's mother is working hard to save her life, but only time will tell." he pauses, "Sorry if I take yet another of your quips about dedication to knighthood sourly, it seems that's all you seem to have to say to me these days. Perhaps I am not the squire you would want, but Lady Sir Johana seems to like having me as her squire, and I am dedicated to becoming a knight." with that, he orders this very dark colored drink, that smells and tastes of mouthwash, but laced with fire.

"Pleasure to meet you, Senator Demoore. I am Lo—" Nitrim gets out before a peanut bats the side of his head. It thumps off of his temple, rattles down through the inside of his sunglasses, and clatters to the floor, leaving the Khourni lordling's introduction incapable of seeming anything but lordly. "Lord Nitrim Khournas, it's a pleasure. If you'll excuse me." Nitrim adds, leaning down until his cheek touches the table. He picks the bar nut off of the floor and flicks it with his thumb at Viannea, aiming for the neck of her blouse. Laughing softly, he winks to Lady Viannea and reaches out for her ale to steal a sip. Saluting Reena with his glass as she passes, he whistles out to her to get her attention, frowning just a little at the sight of her. His eyes peel to Michael. Behind his dark sunglasses, he blinks quietly and slips the cigarette into his lip. The drake hardens just a little. "You should do well to tell Lady Viannea what you will and will not do in her presence when speaking at a table with a man who is very close friends with your Knight, Michael Athyros." Nitrim casts an apologetic look to Nimara as he slides the ale back to rest in front of Viannea. "I don't know which person at this table you're in love with this week, Michael, but I expect a heartfelt apology to the lady and senator at this table for your lack of composure."

"And you take my trying to give advice as offense. Fine. I'm over it. Consider me done with trying to help." Viannea's hand lifts, partially as a gesture meant to convey her apology to the Senator and partially as a wave to Reena but the greeting and apology never get spoken as she's finding herself with Nitrim's nut down her shirt. Flailing wildly as if he just put burning embers down there instead, the Lady Peak finds herself tipping over backwards in her hast to get the errant snack food out of her clothing. The chair's legs creak loudly just before they give out entirely, sending bits of broken furniture and tipsy noble onto the floor with nothing like grace or poise to be found.

A man dressed in a Naval uniform enters, he walks in proudly and with a smile. Lord Ellion is back on his home planet. He looks around, and spots his sister, and his brother as well. But first he spots the Lady lying on the floor, and quickly moves towards her. Always the chivalrous man, he offers his hand in help, as he nods at the other guests.

Something strong-looking is placed in front of Reena and she murmurs something about a straw. The bartender gives her a look and she grunts, lifting her head enough to tip the glass to her lips and take a swallow. At the whistle, she pushes off of the stool and curls the mug of liquor against her chest with one hand as she slides her glasses down her nose to look around the room. Ah. Her brother. The Peake knight. Ana's squire. Someone she doesn't know. She heads towards their table at a slow amble. Oh look, another sibling. "Elli?" she asks, blinking, as if her hangover may have created the phantom of her middle brother.

Michael sets his jaw for a long moment, then he takes a breath… then jumps to his feet as Viannea falls backwards. He is around the table to her side, just as the other man arrives to help as well. He will also sees to offering help to Viannea, they maybe having an issue at the moment, but that doesn't mean they aren't still friends. If and when she's come to her feet, he will return to his seat next to Nimara, and look at Nitrim. "Honestly, Lord Nitrim, I am in love with no one right now." he pauses, to work his jaw, "And I do not appreciate your tone or words either. I am fully composed here." he then addresses Viannea, "I am sorry, however, as I am just having to deal with a lot of people whispering that I do not have what it takes, behind my back to my knight. I know you are trying to help, and I appreciate advice you've given." with that, he downs the short glass of his drink.

Hell, enjoy your brand new handbasket. As Michael speaks, clearly ignoring her implied advice, Nimara leans forward to rest her forehead into her palm. There, buried beneath propriety, is a cold anger and yet it not clear who it is directed to. Her eyes lift to Lord Nitrim, and though there is no smile, she speaks to him plainly. "You do not need to instruct who to apologize to me, Lord Nitrim, though I appreciate your practiced propriety." Her eyes shift to Michael then. "Step outside with me, Young Master. Now." It is not a request. The tone is flat and authoritative, and she begins to lift from her seat.

Nitrim, of all people, is not the one rushing to Viannea's aid. A little smirk forms at the corner of his lip as he leans to the side, looking down to the floor to see that she's okay. As he leans, he plucks up a T of wood, which he places onto the table's top. Looking to to Nimara, his eyes dart to Michael, then Viannea, then back to Nimara in a suggestive bit of body language. "And I do so apologize, Senator. Volkan can be quite a hazardous place." With a nod, he reaches for Viannea's ale for another sip. Rising, he looks to Michael. "Learn composure. Period." He offers to the man and then steps into place next to his…brother? "Ellion? Good GODS it's good to see you. Reena?" He smiles over to his sister and offers a hand to help Vi up, grinning broadly to his favorite sister. "Let's get some shots going, aye?"

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Viannea takes the offer of aid from both men although she does pause once on her feet to look at Ellion, trying to figure out if she knows him. Takes a second to realize she doesn't. "Thank you, sir." She gives the same form of appriciation to Michael although hastily as it seems like Nimara is wanting them to talk. Her shoulders soon take on a very loose slouch and she looks down and way, the posture and expression of someone who feels thoroughly defeated. It isn't because of the mishap with her chair but rather because of she just feels like she got kicked right in the feelings. Nitrim's offer to help is a bit late but is given a quick, wan smile of appreciation.

"It is indeed me, the handsome brother." Ellion says with a smirk to his sister, as she looks at him in her drunken state. He then turns to his brother, " It seems you have been up to no good Nitrim. Wouldn't except anything else." He says, as he reaches his hand out in greeting, smiling at his awakened brother." Grab me a drink, Nitrim." Knowing of his brother's experience in this field, perhaps it is a good idea to ask him to order. " No Sir, Lady Viannea, just a poor little lordling."

Reena slides her glasses back up her nose to shield her eyes and stop the spikes of light pounding into her brain like nails. Not as if it's very bright in here, but for her, everything is pain at the moment. When the senator and squire vacate their seats, she slumps into one, propriety be damned, and rests her forehead on the cool surface of the table. "So he's really here? Not a hallucination?" she mumbles to Nitrim, through the shelter of her arms. She adds, "He's a naval officer," for Vi's benefit.

Michael sets his jaw, but he doesn't reply. If there is one thing he's begun to pick up from his knight, is how her temper tamps down in that ice stare. He doesn't direct it at anyone, he also doesn't respond to Nimara, but indeed stands and makes to follow after her.

[Michael and Nimara step out of the tavern to have a discussion. They return a few minutes later.]

"Nope, apparently there isn't, Aidan. Be my guest, which you are." Nitrim replies flatly to the Peakes at his side, eyes switching back to Reena as she slams the hell out of him in front of everyone. He blinks, reaching up to his jaw to scratch lightly. "Yes, I mean sticking my sword in everything with a pulse and a vagina, Reena." A guy by the bar laughs, saluting Nitrim I hear ya there, buddy. "I would have written but at the time I was with a broken collarbone, primarily because the hostile thought I had a pulse and a vagina, too, who knew?" He tries to sarcasm his way out of the tension. "Half of the people in this bar are screwed."

"Not everyone…" comes a sour retort from Lady Peake who stands and goes to the bar only to then return with a rather large glass of ice water. A wave is given to the back of the reparting Reena but she doesn't say anything. What does Viannea do instead? She just nurses her water in tandem with reclaiming her seat. Aidan is given a shake of her head… she'll explain that later.

Ellion looks at Nitrim and grins, " Its good to be back brother." He takes another shot, and then checks his watch. He mutters something under his breath, as he sees it, but does nothing.

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It wasn't long that the senator and squire were outside. However, when she returns, Nimara seems certainly more calm than before. Michael follows in behind her, to whom she offers a plain smile. She approaches the table, where her ale was left and soon sits down. As she takes it up, her brow raises to Nitrim. "I'm gone for ten minutes and missed half the show, it seems."

"Good. All the Lording and Ladying is very tiring." Aidan pauses then adds, looking to Nitrim and grins "As you can attest to. Though maybe less with the Lording." As others arrive and sit, he nods a greeting.

Michael follows Nimara back in, and her smile is given one of his own. He reclaims his seat next to Nimara. He offers an apologetic look to Viannea, the silent message of we should talk some time also sent. Then he bows his head to Aidan, "Lord Aidan, it is good to see you again. How are you?" for now, he doesn't address Nitrim.

Nitrim watches Reena leave, eyes fogging over with concern as she passes through the door, only to be replaced by Nimara and Michael. Nodding upwards to them as they approach, he looks over to Ellion and smiles bright as if nothing has happened, yet it has. "Yes, brother, we'll have to go to the ring and go to the bazaar together, maybe get some food. If my Knight gives me free time, that is. It's been far too long." He glances to Ellion's watch before nudging Viannea's boot under the table with his and settling in with his arms across his chest. "Welcome back Michael, Senator."

Ellion looks at his watch once more, and abruptly stands up. " Fuck, I'm going to be late." He says, as he tries to run out the door, but he trips over a chair on the way, and his crisp uniform lands in some beautiful stale beer. He stands up, turns and waves to the people, and continues his mad dash to wherever he's going.

There is a slight smile given to the Senator and then a nod's given to her other half, Michael given an affirmative gesture. Yup. They definitely do need to talk. Not that she seems in any mood to do so right now. When her foot is nudged she looks at Nitrim and wrinkles her nose playfully. "Careful. Our brothers might accuse you of flirting with me if you keep that up." And at that she darts a quick look to the elder siblings.

Upon hearing Ellion saying he has to go she waves. "Feel free to message my brother… or I'll have him message you."

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"Hello Michael." Aidan answers. "Quite well, thanks. And you?" At Vi's comment, he glances at her curiously before nodding to Ellion as he leaves. And falls. Such a dignified, graceful family it seems. Anabethe being the odd one out.

Nimara's smile remains for Viannea and she nods once. Taking a sip of ale, her nose wrinkles. She raises the glass, apparently disapproving of warm ale. "Another, if you would?" she calls out to eh bartender. When Michael joins her, she doesn't speak to him, but her eyes watch him briefly before fixing the flower in her hair. To Nitrim, she smiles, "Thank you, my Lord, and I apologize for my temperament earlier. I hate to meet others under circumstances such as that."

Nitrim's eyes narrow as he swivels them over to Viannea, eyebrows waggling over the top of his shotglass. Downing the liquor, he slies the glass back onto the table. "No one would believe that there's flirting going on here, Viannea. I'm sorry, credibility has been stabbed in the neck." He laughs, pressing his hand to his collarbone to rub softly. The air becoming far more cool, he breathes a sigh of relief towards Aidan. "It's just one of those days, I think. More survival than joy. Well, at least yesterday was relaxed." He muses, holding out a hand to halt Nimara. "It's alright. I'm sure you read the tabloids, circumstances are always damning and rarely proof of who a person really is. Please, relax and enjoy yourself."

Michael understands the gesture from Viannea, and then regards Nitrim for a moment. "My apologies, Lord Nitrim… you are indeed right. Composure is one of the things Lady Sir Johana has been trying to work with me on, and it seems I am not doing enough to practice it." he pauses, and looks up to Viannea. "My apologies to you as well, I mistook your words and spoke out of turn." then to them both, "Please over look it, if you'd be so kind." he does look to Nimara for a moment, but also refrains from speaking to her. He then asks the same barkeep for more water for himself.

Viannea sighs, putting a hand to her forehead as if now inflicted by a headache. "I can't even get a guy to flirt with me," she laments and damn convincingly does she do so. Perhaps too convincingly, making it hard to tell if she's serious or not. A finger is then leveled at the others, this time obviously speaking playfully. "I blame it all on you guys that Nitrim isn't. Especially…" Her gaze and finger get leveled at Aidan. Yup. She's blaming the fact that her older brother is here in particular for her lack of getting flirted with. The comedy act gets put away when she's apologized to and her shoulders rise and then fall as a sigh is silently given out her nose. "It's alright. Think nothing of it, Michael." The Six knows she'll be trying to forget about what happened earlier so why shouldn't everyone else?

Michael senses: Nimara's metal hand reaches for his knee, gently squeezing and she shoots a quick glance that says, 'Perfect.'

Aidan takes a shot and sets it in front of Viannea before reaching for another for himself. "Oh, I've had days like that, Nitrim. The trick is to not invite them and you'll be amazed at how infrequent they become. When you study druidism, you learn that all of nature is in balance so you should be too." He knocks back his shot and sets the glass on the table. "And right now, balance is leaning toward alcohol. Also flirting. So flirt with my sister so she'll stop giving me that Look."

"Oh, believe me," Nimara says to Nitrim. "I intend to." When the waiter brings the ale, she says, "Bring another." She takes her glass, gulps down a large swallow and shoots a quick glance to Michael, but there is no smile or frown there. "That's rather humble of you," she says to him, before looking back to Viannea. She begins to smile. "I had the joy of being an only child. No sharing, no older brothers to breath down my neck." When Aidan speaks, Nimara laughs openly. "I don't think we've been introduced," she says to him.

Michael nods to Viannea, and then chuckles softly. He doesn't make any comment however. For the moment, he just sips at his water and listens to the conversation.

Nitrim laughs at Aidan, slipping a cigarette into his lip as he is mostly ordered to flirt with his sister. It's something siblings don't normally do, which catches the man off-guard. "Well, Senator, I have plenty of brothers and sisters. You're welcome to an evening getting your hair pulled. As a lord of this region I'm inclined to offer for the citizens of the region." Nitrim casts to her and then with a scoot, he turns his chair to face Viannea's a bit more inwardly. Grabbing another of the shots, he reaches for the basket of peanuts and his eyes turn white. Grinning, the peanut lofts in the air and then flings itself back at Viannea's blouse again. "HOW was I not flirting with you, Lady? I heard somewhere if I do this right you'll break a chair…"

People's eyes turning white just before they use one of their gifts is something Viannea's grown up seeing, that being thanks to how she grew up with a brother who is Awakened. That flash of non-color gives her half a second's worth of heads up does his reaching for the nuts and she kind of manages to keep the peanut out of her shirt. She doesn't get it batted away entirely however and it does wind up hitting her in the neck. "Ow!" Wow. Is this how the flirting is going to go? All she needs now is a set of pigtails for him to dip into inkwells and pull while playing on the playground to round off the oh-so-mature display of interest. Pouting, she eyes Aidan. "This is where you are supposed to protect your sweet little sister." Of course the 'sweet little sister' is throwing nuts back but her aim is off and she probably winds up showing Nimara and Michael with the snack food more than she is her host.

"Lord Aidan Peake." he says, introducing himself. "A pleasure to meet you, Senator." He didn't get her name but he got that much. He watches Nitrim's antics and shakes his head though he looks amused. "Oh so subtle. Much like a drake hiding in a flower garden. You break her, you bought her." He's a big help.

Senators are supposed to be mature. Paragons of propriety who would never once show signs of immaturity. Yes, Nimara is a fine senator… until two things happen. First, Lord Nitrim is throwing nuts at the other lady and then Aidan's comment does her in; she breaks out in a loud, peeling laughter, once that forces her hand over her mouth. The laughter becomes almost like a mean snicker, like the popular girls who watch someone being picked on. She gives Michael an 'oh please stop me' sort of look.

Michael glances at Nimara, as she breaks into that laughter. He pats her knee, with a look of 'remember the talk', and then frowns slightly at Nitrim. He won't say anything though, and instead deflect what ever stray snack items that Viannea so aimfully tosses in his and Nimara's direction.

Nitrim laughs as Viannea turns to her brother for aid. In response, he quirks a brow and the entire basket of peanuts rise up off of the table in a menacing manner. "You'd better not try and sick him on me, Viannea." He smiles, looking to the other half of the laughing faces at the table for a wink. Though to be fair, he lets the basket set back down to the table. A peanut baps Nitrim in the forehead and he rolls his eyes, sending the entire BASKET of peanuts showering towards Viannea.

There's barely time to gasp and duck before the remaining nuts are sent midair, the projectiles pinging harmlessly off of Vi's back as she curls up into herself to protect her face and head. "That's it, you jerk," she laughs from under her arms. "See if I'll let you come over for tea now!" With her face just about in her lap there's no way she can see any of the others' reactions but she can pretty much imagine just how hard Aidan's eyes are rolling. At least she is in a better mood than she was a bit ago.

"You're going to owe the bar more for your nuts than you will for your drinks." Aidan points out dryly. "And be sure to leave a big tip for the poor guy who's going to have to sweep up after you." Since Vi didn't drink the shot, he takes it and does. "Just don't serve him nuts, Vi. Serve those little wrapped weiners instead."

Nimara's laughter finally calms and she takes another gulp of her drink. When Michael pats her knee, she smiles, her incessant giggling settling. She looks to him, nodding, her smile softened for him. "It's okay," she says. For the moment, she manages to ignore the ruckus around her. "I actually had something I wanted to ask you," she says to Michael. When Aidan speaks, the play on words is so much it makes her head swim and she lets out half a laugh before holding her forehead again.

Michael retains his slight frown, but still keeps quiet. He sips at his drink, until spoken to by Nimara. He looks to her, "Oh? Would you like to ask me, as I walk you home?" he doesn't pay any attention to the others now, completely blocking them out.

"Are you sure you want me around hot tea, Viannea?" Nitrim replies smugly, instinctively scooting his chair just a little further away from Viannea. And then Aidan has to go and drop a nuclear bomb of innuendo. Eyes flashing back to normal as he loses his concentration, Nitrim puts his hand over his face and laughs into it, the whole area booming with their concerted laughing. "That's alright, Aidan, I've heard that just a tip counts." He manages between large, labored breaths.

"But Nitrim is the host. Isn't he supposed to be offering the weiners to m…" Oh. Hell. Bolting upright, Vi's aghast expression is put on full display, the look then furthered when she sees Michael frown and hears Nimara and Nitrim laugh. "Just great. Wonderful. Lovely!"

And let's not go there where Nit's comment about the 'tip' is concerned, thanks.

"Lovely? How do you know that?" Aidan asks, eyeing Viannea with a little smirk. "Oh right. The bath house." His job of tormenting his sister now done, he gathers up some of the peanuts on the table and tosses one into his mouth.

"It is about time, isn't it?" Nimara agrees and she takes a last swallow of her ale. The bartender is eventually paid (and quietly apologized to for such a circus for the evening). Fixing her garment over her shoulder, she smiles to Michael. Before they depart, she looks to the others and waves a hand. "It was a pleasure meeting you all." She looks back to him and begins to ask even before they leave. "You said you know how to dance, yes?"

Michael nods to Nimara, and stands up. He offers a slight polite nod to each of them. And then moves to Nimara's side, falling into step with her as they make their way out. "Yes, it is something I enjoy… why do you ask?"

[Michael and Nimara leave together, presumably to walk her back to the Ways.]

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