Initial Report on Finances
Summary: Senator Hartcliffe submits his initial report to Lady Reena
Date: 02.09.2013
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Reena Glenna Alistair 

02.09.3013 — Sent from Alistair's Office in the Senate Tower

TO: Reena.Khournas@Blackspyre
FROM: Alistair.Hartcliffe@Senate_SouthernWilds
SUBJECT: Initial Report

Lady Reena Khournas,

Below are my initial findings for the implementation and funding of what you have deemed 'Phase I' of the Project. I will continue to reach out and give you further ideas for the later phases, though I will be clear and say that those projections will need to be constantly altered based on the realities on the ground. As the war progresses, and as crucial choices are made, we must be ever cognizant that even the most realistic algorithms can only account for the things we can imagine or have occurred before. War, especially the one as ours against an enemy such as the one we face, brings along an infinite list of factors for which absolutely no economic model could account. With that being said, I've tried to be as cautious with the numbers as possible, perhaps inflating costs and difficulty moreso in the later phases.

STAGE ONE: Air and Water Improvements

Lady Reena, the realities of the costs of this project are immense. With just a cursory overview of the matter, current funds may be lacking in terms of our capacity to gather appropriate materials in a timely fashion. My office is reaching out and seeing other fundraising possibilities, and I know that events are going to be planned. Know that the labor, supplies, and cost of these result in a significant dedication on all our parts. I'm still awaiting on alternative schematics and ways to save funds. Installation would take months, at best. Once we get started on this investment, we must be sure that all working parts come into fruition, a delay or dropping of any part of the process could prove detrimental to the longevity of the entire project. In short, the funds can be secured, but you must have utmost confidence of the team you have in place. The residential upgrades you've outlined can be done in a reasonable amount of time. I would suggest having Notice staff getting hands on at the first day of work. Perhaps a volunteerism requirement? Your Project seems to be making a clear stand against simply throwing money at a problem. The more you have leaders and faces with the citizens you're helping, the better.

Attached Files: FinancialProjections3013, ConstructionCosts

Six guide us all, in service to Haven,
Alistair Hartcliffe
Senator of Leonnida

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