Young Lady Sir Ines
Sherri Saum
Sherri Saum as Ines Preble Ligonier
Full Name: Ines Preble Ligonier
Byname: {$byname}
Age: 33
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Cindravale
House: Ligonier
Title/Profession: Young Lady Sir
Position: Heir and Knight of House Ligonier
Spouse: Lord Sir Nigel Ligonier of Bevran Height: 5'11"
Father: Lord Sir Stephane Guillaume Ligonier Weight: 180
Mother: Rosalie Annisa Ligonier nee Volen Hair Color: Black
Siblings: Priest Charmaine Honor Ligonier, Lord Sir Guillaume Ligonier, Lord Sir Canis Ligonier, Lady Alyssa Ligonier Eye Color: Black
Children: Marie, Phillipe, Medor, Acadia, Nigel


The Child

One of the first things Ines Preble Ligonier was heard to utter after ‘mama’ and ‘papa’ was the phrase “My do it.”
Coming from a child who went from her first steps to ‘running’ in little over a month, this was no surprise to her family, and she lived up to her favorite saying every chance she had. From an early age her head was filled with the legacy of the family, the tales of knighthood and Lady Sir Honoria Ligonier gave her dreams of being the next great Knight of Ligonier who would save Haven from countless Hostiles.

Since the family has prided itself on it’s swordsmanship through the centuries, they are well aware that even in such a family there are two kinds of swordsmen. Those who are born to the blade, and those whose motor skills can be trained to master the blade. Ines was one of the former. Her natural precociousness and being a little tall for age teamed with her independent insistence on being able to do things saw her joining games and sparring with older children without realizing that she was ‘too young’ to do these things. When she was finally allowed into the House of the Albatross, she quickly mastered the beginner’s classes, and advanced to classes with children years older than her. Many of the older students hoped that she would choose somewhere else besides Ligonier to they were tired of being shown up by a girl who didn’t seem to know her place.

The Squire

Generations ago, when House Ligonier was having to move into the tourism trade as a way to supplement their income, an argument arose with House Amran over a pleasure cruise line. Amran was not best pleased to have new competition in their trade, and this was the first of many bitterly contested contracts. This eventually lead to the two houses contesting just about everything the other house did, for no other reason than the fact the other house proposed it. Whatever one had, the other wanted or would try to better. It wasn’t unusual for them to come to blows over one thing or another.

As the next Hostile Incursion was approaching, House Hollolas and House Leonnidas grew weary of the bickering between their vassals, and so they proposed/chivvied Amran and Ligonier into a two step plan to try and bring about a cessation of feuding between the two houses. Step one was to exchange their children as squires in each house, with Ines going to Amran to squire with Sir Audra, a noted sworsdwoman in her right, and Damais of Amran came to squire with the House of Ligonier.
The second step was put into motion years later, with Young Lady Charmaine Ligonier being matched with Lord Corin Amran, the first born son, but not Heir to House Amran.
After earning her Knighthood, Ines returned home, eager for her elder sister’s nuptials that were soon to take place. This was not to be, however, as the match was canceled, and Charmaine left Honor’s Keep to dedicate her life to the Chantry. Some say that the marriage was broken off because of the Ligonier Lady’s religious fervor, others say that being jilted broke Charmaine’s heart so that she ran away to take religious orders. Ines was inclined to believe the latter, but either way, a broken betrothal is a breach of honor, and the efforts of House Hollolas and House Leonnidas dissolved as the two went to the field to demand satisfaction.

The Knight

With Charmaine leaving for the Chantry, Ines was next in line, and most logical as the new heir. Especially as the next in line, her brother Guillaume, showed more of an interest in carousing than leadership, and Canis was just entering his squiring.

After the skirmish with Amran over the broken betrothal, which decided little, Ines’s marriage with Lord Sir Nigel Bevran, a younger son of a vassal of Arboren was arranged. As a dutiful daughter and heir, she herself started about the business of creating heirs, with Marie being born within a year after the wedding.

Over the years, Ines dedicated herself to teaching at the House of the Albatross, and studying with her parents the niceties of running a noble house and delicacies of politics among houses. These would be periodically interrupted with one battle or another over another insult from House Amran. Life seemed to settle into a pattern, when she wasn’t skirmishing with Amran for one reason or another, she was home having babies and teaching. Marie was followed by the twins, Phillipe and Medor, then a girl named Acadia. Little Nigel came shortly before the Hostiles made their presence known in the Haven System once more.

The Widowed Heir

Sir Valoir, who had been Sir Damais’s knight when he was a squire, fell in the first wave of Hostiles to invade the Vale. In his will, he had expressed a wish for his sword to go to Damais upon his death. As Sir Damais was one of the few Amran’s with whom Ines had no quarrel, she decided to deliver the sword herself, and to also extend an invitation for the Knight to attend the funeral festivities of his mentor.

Sir Nigel and little Nigel accompanied her on the trip, as well as one serving girl to look after the infant while Ines and her husband took care of the formalities. Their choice of date was unfortunate, as it was to be Cape Amran’s last day.

When the Hostiles attacked, the Ligoniers gathered together to make for the Waygate home. Damais, now having the sword of Valoir, gave Ines his own sword as she had come unarmed to prove the peacefulness of her visit. Sir Nigel was given a guardsmen’s sword, just in case they should be attacked.
No one had anticipated how quickly the Cape would be overrun.

Sir Ines and Sir Nigel were forced to defend the serving woman carrying their child, and were both shocked to see citizens being not only slain, but slaughtered and even dismembered. The blood of shopkeepers that Ines had known during her squiring splattered their businesses, and eyes stared blankly from faces she had known in happier times. She didn’t know when Sir Nigel was struck, but they made it to a Waygate and through.

The wounds sustained by Sir Nigel in flight were critical, and the doctors were unable to treat them in time to save his life.

Ines had thought she knew war, but this was beyond anything she’d experienced. When Ligoniers attacked Amran, or vice versa, they fought only those trained for battle, and would never have dreamed of attacking the unarmed citizens. The wanton and seemingly gleeful carnage wreaked on the fleeing civilians shocked Ines to her core. When she arrived back at Honor’s Keep, she walked through the halls of her home in shell shock. Her husband was gone and suddenly all those years spent fighting over ‘honor’ seemed a petty waste of life.

She was, however, the Heir to the House of Ligonier, and this weakness could not last. She was also a mother to an infant not yet weaned, who bore her late husband’s name and needed her. She clung to him, and her children to fight her way back, to live. Then returned to the school, even moving her family down to one of the larger cabins to immerse herself in human contact as she taught others once more. Although she still offers private classes for those more skilled, she now also teaches larger classes of younger people just beginning with the sword.




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