07.21.3013: Industrial Shopping Trip
Summary: Reena asks Temple to join her as she price shops for her Notice Project.
Date: 21 July 2013
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Reena Temple 

Forum of Industry — Volkan, The Crescent
The base of this tower is filled with shops, but they are not delicate little shops selling soft and subtle things. Instead, there are dealerships for crawlers, agricultural drones, factory machinery, alloy plates, sheets of raw ceramics, and suits of heavy armor. The transparent, heat-proofed tubes full of magma run thick beneath the tower, feeding up into the walls and back down once more. Several stories up through the dry, ruddy air, an elevated walkway connects the tower directly to the Blackspyre. Above the entrance of the elevated walkway are half a dozen stories of more commercial shops, and then another half-hundred stories of residential.
21 July 3013

Reena left Temple a message to meet her in the Forum of Industry in Volkan. The Khourni has sent her father a missive about her project, so she feels it's safe to be seen publically with her mentioned security foreman, as long as they don't engage in displays of affection. The shops housing agricultural equipment and sanitation equipment are her first priority, and she stands outside of "Pete's Pure Water" supplies, waiting for her friend.

In lieu of new information, Temple replies that he can show up once he's finished with work. Which doesn't take all that long, so eventually he appears amist other workers and transients, doing pretty good in that whole 'blending in with the crowd' thing. But it's often that he changes clothes a lot, it's just a lot of doing the same load of laundry about every two days for the same two outfits that don't have large amounts of holes or tears. "And since it's public, he knows how to behave. "Lady Reena." he greets upon arriving. "Got your message. What's up."

Reena smiles brightly at Temple when he arrives, her eyes glittering. "I have sent my father an outline and detailed plan for the Notice Project. I was hoping you could accompany me to begin pricing out some equipment that would be required for it." She gestures at the shop, stepping inside. She has a datapad in hand to take notes with, and she's dressed in her more noble clothing, a lovely gold silk dress with hand stitched seed pearls covering it. Her dark hair has been pulled back in the front to tumble down her back in carefully managed curls.

"That was fast." Temple says between draws on a cigarette that he had been smoking while en route to the meet up. There's a look at the storefront then when it's indicated. "Really on the ball." before taking one last drag before dropping the burning butt to the ground, and rubbing it out with the toe of his boot. A look at the dress, and then her in general, followed by an even more vague nod, as if approving of the way she looks. "I can help, sure. Don't know how much help I'll be. Never really did research in water equipment pricing." he admits, following along.

"Well, it may be weeks before my Father responds to it, but I want to be armed with some figures if there is a battle of wits to get my way in this," Reena admits. She moves through the shop, looking at the equipment with a curious gaze. "I am hoping that I can get Lord Brigham Peake, and perhaps some of the Orelle scientists to help with either selecting or building what we need, but having an idea of an off the shelf selection is a good start." She jots down some prices and scans the data-cards of each item to store in her reports.

"Yeah, busy an all that." Temple seems quiet following along, as well as poking at random peices of equipment, even using his own old, beatup tablet from a couple generations ago to keep track of the information. If only to do some studying on them for later study. If you don't know about something, might as well learn. "Gona talk to them before or after your father replies to the letter?" he asks, picking up a copper-plated water valve, turning it around in his hand a few times before setting it back down. "InfoSphere is good too. Buying straight from the manufacturer an all. Maybe even get a deal if you explain what the use is for. Any business attatched might like the good press."

"Probably after," Reena says quietly. "Preparation for it is one thing, and something Lord Jevon will understand, but advertising it before he approves it may be seen as overstepping his authority. It's a dance on a wire, Temple, dealing with my father. Or any noble I suppose. There are invisible boundaries of propriety that can start a war, or get one trapped in marriage. Ask my little brother about the latter." She drifts into an empty aisle, and uses the obscurity to leans against his side for a just a moment of closeness.

"I'll pass." Temple notes sourly. No, no urge to get involved in any of that, nosiree. "Can understand, I guess. Respect sorta thing. Guess it's like being employed." Not possibly the best analouge for how a noble house works, but it works for him, even if there are some similiarities. "So best not to get fired, I guess." Hands in his pocket, he continues to scan, literally and figuratively, items. He doesn't seem to notice she's there until he feels her press against his side. He doesn't say anything outloud, but he does smile somewhat.

"Surely you understand a bit about propriety. You were in the military, were you not? It's much the same. One does not overstep the bounds of one's superior officers, much as a noble does not overstep the bounds of a higher tier noble. It's a pecking order, like any other. Though admittedly ours involve less pushups as punishment," Reena says with a small smile. She quickly steps away as a customer turns the corner, and makes to scan another piece of equipment.

"I didn't want to assume anything, my Lady." Temple comments, kneeling down after she steps aside, looking through a particular rack. "But put into that kind of connotation, makes sense. Military tended to be like that: a lot of yelling and you didn't disobey a direct order. Never thought I was a very good soldier. A good soldier follows orders. He might not agree, but he doesn't say anything about it. Good against a direct order is what got me…ah, 'relieved' of duty." Something's grabbed his interest. A length of thin chain. Then he moves towards the piping section, looking over rolls of coiled pipe.

"I think there is a difference between a proper soldier, who obeys his orders without question," Reena states, "And a good soldier, who obeys orders in the right, and questions those which are wrong." She stops looking to follow him, lowering her voice a little. "You haven't told me about your military discharge. I understand if it's too personal to speak about, but I have an ear if you wish to talk about it."

"Yeah, well," Temple is still eyeballing the coiled copper tubing, until he ends up getting a length of the very narrow kind, possibly used in something that would required a small amount of water, so likely it's diameter isn't anything more than quarter of an inch wide. Maybe an eigth, actually. "I suspect you're not really allowed to say no, even if it's right to question. And as for that," he shrugs. "Some things you don't stand for, no matter the reasons or reprecussions."

Reena looks at him sincerely with her lips set in a tight line. She dares to reach a hand to settle on his forearm for a moment, the one holding the tubing. "When you need to talk about it, I am here." She shifts to move into the next aisle, finishing up her selections. A salesperson approaches her and offers her a catalog datafile to make her life easier, and she thanks him graciously.

There's a moment where he pauses, the peices of what he's looking to buy rattling in his hand slightly. "It takes time to let someone in, my Lady." he manages quietly. "But I'm trying. When it comes to that point, you'll be the first to know." he says quietly, watching her go off to talk to the clerk. While she does that, he fiddles around with the steel tubing, around the same size, picking out a selection of that too, about the same length as the copper one.

With the data file transferred to her pad, Reena returns. "I have what I need from this place. Are you buying something?" she asks curiously, looking at the tubing selection.

"Yeah, sometime came to mind." Temple nods. "Nothing that really relates to what you're doing, more like I saw something that might be interesting to throw together." There's a slightly sheepish smile. "I like making things with my hands." he admits. Painting. Building locks. Unarmed combat. Pickpocketing, all things to do with his hands. Coming up to the counter, he lays out what he's selected, even if the two of them are probably well aware that he could've pocketed all of this and no one would be the wiser. The clerk eyeballs the beat-up old tablet that the man carries, as if a look of 'can't you afford anything better?', before wordlessly making the electrical exchange of credits. "Ready to go?"

Reena spies the screen of Temple's tablet, and his seriously abysmal finances it shows. She swallows. "Since you have been so kind to assist me today, Mister Temple, I would like to take you to dinner. My charity effort could not possibly go forward without your expertise." The words are said clearly, so the clerk has no means of mistaking the Lady's interactions with the citizen.

The clerk clearly doesn't like having Temple's 'kind' in the shop, since the entire he's been more eyeballing the man's hands than Reena's dress. He doesn't have to worry about her, she would never do anything uncalled for. The citizen however, just screams thief or thug and seems more than happy to take his money, just waiting for him to leave. And it's not a look that Temple hasn't been used to. He just smiles at the man, tipping an invisible hat. "Have a nice day, now." Tucking his tablet and little baggie with his metal items into his coat pocket. "Oh, well, okay, sure. Be happy to, my Lady."

Reena leads Temple out. "I'm sorry about that. It was one of the pricier forum shops. Most of the shops here are used to seeing those in the working class, foremen and the like, purchasing parts for factories, farms, and other such things." She heads towards a small restaurant nearby, which serves simple, hearty fare for that class of people. She is the one getting odd looks this time, as she is clearly overdressed for fried food and ale.

"Nothing I haven't delbt with before." Temple shrugs. "Don't worry about it. I should thank you, he probably didn't say anything because you were that. So, thanks." Following her along towards the resturant, he can't help but chuckle a little at the looks she's getting now. "And thanks for dinner, by the way. Can't remember the last time I was taken out for a change."

"Well, you've done me a great service in helping find my purpose, Temple," Reena murmurs, as she slides into a booth and takes a plastic coated menu from the server. Clearly, she is not used to eating in places of this sort, as she squints at the selections like she doesn't much understand them.

"Gonna give me a big head, my Lady. But I'll take any praise you feel like offering." Temple grins, taking a seat across from her. And unlike her, he's pretty comfortable in a place like this, not afriad to light up another smoke, but taking care to blow it away from Reena. "Haven't had citizen food all that often? Burgers? Cheese sticks? Buffalo wings?" he lists off some of the various menu items. "Yeah, you look like a buffalo wings kinda lady. Well, maybe not, since you seem to value that dress."

"A burger, I think, and cheese sticks," Reena decides. The pictures look tasty at least. Even though she's more used to whine and cheese, and fancy steaks. "And an ale." Since wine is clearly NOT on the menu. "Well the Academ had some small eateries with this sort of food." She just didn't go to them.

Were they in a more personal enviroment, Temple would have a few particular comments to her eating a burger and what that might do to her girlsh figure. At least the joke in his head brings a smile to his lips. "Well, since I'm not wearing a dress, I'll do the wings. You enjoy the burger." Using the console in their booth, he keys in their order and drinks. "So. How you feeling about all this so far?"

"Nervous. I've never undertaken something like this, where I am the person organizing it and running it. I've done a great deal of field medicine, taking care of the wounded, but it was always under the direction of higher ups. This is a great deal of responsibility, and many more lives are at stake than the ones I've stitched the wounds of." Reena wrings her hands a bit in her lap.

"Don't think about it like that." Temple shakes his head. "You're looking at the bigger picture, which is eventually the end goal, sure, but you're not seeing the little bits inbetween. It's like a painting. You need a decent foundation, then initial outlines, then color, shading, highlighting, and so on. For something as large as this, you need to compartmentalize it, otherwise you're going to get lost in the magnitude of it all. One step at a time."

"Right. Of course. Delegation of duties. I need to put people in charge of certain aspects in which they have the most expertise, while I coordinate." Reena fiddles with a curl over her shoulder, winding it around her fingers over and over. "Provided my father approves of it at all."

"Just don't drown yourself in it, is what I'm saying. See, simple." Temple replies, knowing it's going to be anything but. "Re…my Lady, don't stress over it too much. It's only just in it's infant phases. You'll do just fine, no matter what happens." He pulls an ashtray over to flick collected ash into it. "It's going to be alright. I have a feeling I'll be saying that till I'm blue in the face."

"Probably, but I appreciate hearing it, Mister Temple," Reena assures him. She lets out a breath and relaxes a touch, as her ale is placed in front of her. She sips it, and tries her best not to make a face at the quality, or lack thereof. She's used to Victor's awesome brews.

Temple, on the other hand, drinks it like a fish. Likely, it'd be a full money's work of money just to afford a bottle of the stuff she can drink whenever you likes. It's also just as likely that he's fond of this stuff. But he looks to be something in his element, even if this might be too expensive for him too. "Hell, I'm used to eating from food stalls in Down Below, this is like the Blue Rose on Landing to me." A smile for Reena. "Welp, not the first time I had to play moral support, just fine with that."

"And I'm used to having my meals served to me by Household chefs who cater to my likes and dislikes," Reena murmurs, feeling a bit ashamed of the extravagances she enjoys. They dine and converse companionably before parting ways.

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