07.11.3013: Induction 2
Summary: Taryn finds Loree after the accident on Oculus, and she tells him about her awakening.
Date: July 11, 3013
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The Gardens of Nora
While these gardens act as the courtyard between the Heartwood and the Elder Seat, they have managed to obtain a peaceful ambiance despite all the foot traffic. There is a gently angled esplanade that leads up from the Heartwood, interrupted here and there by short segments of stairs. When it reaches the main promenade of the gardens, it flattens out and continues to provide a pathway directly toward the grand doors of the Elder Seat.

Flanking either side of the esplanade are parcels of well-kept garden that are divided by smaller pathways that lead off from the main esplanade. These parcels vary between thick carpets of moss and forest flowers to clusters of wild roses to a very small orchard of fruit trees that bear red apples and pale peaches in the summer. Natives and visitors alike are encouraged to wander throughout the Gardens of Nora — named for the first High Lady of Arborenin, the daughter to Hugh Arboren — but there are also Arborenin guards who equally frequent the area.

Jul 11 3013

Lorelei's tucked underneath her apple tree…well, it's not her's, but it's her favorite. And hiding underneath the apple tree seems a better option that going home. She's dressed in a rather pretty blue dress this evening. It's a lot like the her old one, but fancier. A few more frills and bits of design. Not too over the top, but more than she normally wears. Her hairs in a loose braid and she's got a top of the line tablet in her lap that she's quickly writing something down on. If one looked closely, they can still see the faint pink line on her left cheek from the glass. The ones on her hands are more pronounced. Those scars will be with her for an other week or so.

Taryn walks through the garden, peering here and there. His steps are relatively soft as he walks. As he becomes more and more comfortable with the weight of the sword on his hip, his hand stays relaxed on the pommel. He finally sees Lorelei beneath the apple tree. He walks over to that direction, pausing a bit away as to not just walk up on her and startle her. "Hey you…" He says softly, but loud enough to get her attention.

Lorelei looks up, not particularly surprised that her names being called in the garden, but at who's voice it is. She'll blink once and then tilt her head up with a small smile, "Taryn…what are you doing here?" She'll close the pad, "Do you wanna sit? I like the apples from this tree the best. " she'll nod up at the fruit above them, indicating he can grab one if he wants.

Taryn looks at her, blinking slightly, "I.. I'm here looking for you. I got a note from your brother saying that you were sick… " He glances down slightly, "I went to that ice block, but by the time I got there… you were gone…" He reaches up and picks two apples from the tree, offering one of them over to Lorelei.

Lorelei blinks, a slightly upset look crosses her face, "He said I was sick?" She'll frown, "There was a avalanche…I twisted my ankle. Had a piece of the windshield go through my hand," at that she'll raise her left and flip it over. There's a mark on each side where it clearly pierced her hand. She'll then take the apple with the same hand, she's clearly not saying something else.

Taryn frowns, "I think… he said that you were in a hospital on Occulus… and that it would mean a lot if I went to visit you… I initially thought he meant the Ring, but no one knew what I was talking about… then I found out that you were on Niveus…" His eyebrows scrunch together as he looks concerned. "Oh, Lorelei… Are you okay?"

Lorelei rolls her eyes, she's going to kill Chiron. "I….yeah. I think so…I mean, as much as I can be now…Lord Nitrim actually saved me. It was…bad." She'll glance around making sure they're alone, suddenly nervous.

Taryn squats down, balancing on the balls of his feet. He cocks his head, "Okay, what's wrong? I know it's more than just you being hurt… something's up?" He looks at Lorelei with that intense, piercing gaze of his - the one that cuts through a person into their very core kind of look.

Lorelei does a final glance and then looks back to Taryn. She'll matching his gaze, enough emotions twirling around in her eyes that it's hard to pick out what's dominant. "I told you…I've been having trouble sleeping…I thought…You and Nitrim and Eilara and …I have a lot of you who tell me the dreams…" She'll frown , looking down at the apple in her hand. "I just thought I was re-dreaming them, ya know? Birds and shadows and being cut open…"Her hand instinctively goes to her stomach.

Taryn is squatting beside Lorelei, who is sitting underneath an apple tree, on the balls of his feet. It is like you can practically see the lightbulb appear above his head then turn on. "Wait… you've been having Awakened dreams?" He chews on his lower lip, "When did this start?"

Lorelei doesn't look up, a faint blush starting to form on her cheeks, "I don't know exactly…I've always dreamed vivid…" Glancing up, she'll try to figure out what to say next, "I…when the cave in happened… There was so much snow.I was throw and somehow all the snow and ice encased me and …Nitrim said I was a storm…" Loree doesn't seem to really know what that means. Her hand is gripping the apple hard enough she's probably bruised it.

Taryn nods slightly, "Normally people are either born awakened or not… but I have heard of a few cases… where extreme stress can cause it to happen… if the person already had the potential for it… " He smiles slightly, "From what I have heard… the Arboren druids are a more peaceful path than Valen sorcerers… I can see you doing well with their way…"

Normal people? Great, now she's not even a normal awakened. Worry crosses her face, but she'll bite her lower lip, trying to not freak out. "I wanted to die…I don't remember much, but…I was so scared and I wanted to die… And then Nitrim's voice…" Loree swallow's nervously, "I have been trying to talk to Lord Aidan, but….everyone has been so busy.."

Taryn frowns slightly, "Please don't ever say that again… You're one of the closest friends I have ever had, Lorelei. I would rather not have something happen to you." He nods slowly though, "Yeah, things have been rather intense lately for just about everyone… "

Lorelei 's cheeks stay flushed, but this is a hard topic. Scary. "I'm sorry…I just meant then. It was…so cold, and I was alone and the walls were going to cave in, and .."She'll wrinkle her nose, giving a small sniffle. she is not going to start crying, again! "i don't deal well with enclosed spaces to begin with…" She'll give a small nervous smile , looking up at Taryn. "I really did think the Devil was next to me." Her voice is soft, she knows you shouldn't say things like that, "I thought he was taunting me before taking me."

Taryn moves so that he is sitting next to Lorelei. "I'll be honest with you… It can be very terrifying… even once you get a handle on it… But my problems aren't your problems… You aren't Valen.. you don't have to worry about challenges and that stuff…" He puts his hand on her shoulder, "It will be alright."

That's not super encouraging. "Your problems are my problems, you idiot. We're friends." Loree'll sigh and lean her head to touch his hand with her cheek, closing her eyes a moment. It's a cheek shoulder hug of sorts. "And on top of all of this, I think House Iah wants me to come live there….I haven't even told Eilara or anyone from Arboren…I don't want to cause problems." She'll give a small smile, she knows it's dumb, but it's easier to focus on that then the creepy ass dreams she only half remembers.

Taryn chuckles, "I didn't mean those problems, Lorelei. I meant the ones that I had with being awakened. You know me being afraid of letting anyone know.. that kind of things."

Lorelei turns her head, but keeps her chin on his hand, in a sense capturing it for the moment, "But they are. If you have a problem, it's a problem for me, you know. That is how friendship works." she'll smile, lifting her chin then, but still looking at him, "I haven't told anyone really. You know. My brother. Nitrim and house Iah. That's it. It's just…I'm 18…this shouldn't have happened, you know? It's weird, and I'd rather have an understanding of what it means, before I tell anyone." She'll smile, eyes going down to the now bruised apple in her hand, "Poor Lord Nitrim, I think I must have asked him a hundred times to verify I wasn't going to explode and hurt anyone."

Taryn smiles, "Well, it's not like we Valen sorcerers are really looking at each other right now… We have bigger problems." He pauses, "Okay… you can't go out into the woods alone. Aidan thinks that the Hostiles are targetting Awakened… " Yeah, he knew this and he was going to go out in the woods alone, trying to seek out a Hostile in a defenseless state.

Lorelei tilts her head frowning slightly, "Not that I was planning to, but how would they know I was awakened?" And then she'll blink, a rather annoyed look and her eyes flash, "Oh!" she'll smack him in the arm, "You were going to go in by yourself! Are you insane?!?" She'll smack him a second time, again…there's not real strength behind it, "You can't be all 'you're such a good friend, i don't want anything to happen to you." And then go and try things like that! It's a two way street, Taryn!" Her impersonation of Taryn is awful. it's just her trying to deepen her voice some.

Taryn shrugs, "Not really sure, but it's not like we really understand anything about—" Then he gets smacked, "Ow. Would you stop hitting me?" He frowns slightly, "I didn't want to endanger anyone…" He pauses, "I'm not really good at being a friend, Lore… I never have been."

Lorelei huffs, "Taryn. You're someone that could be endangered." She'll glance at his arm, almost looking like she's sad that she hit him, but then looks up, "No…that's not an acceptable answer. Not ever again. Alright? you and I are friends. Not I'm a good friend to you and you're just an ok one to me. We're either friends, or not. We either help each other or not. It has to go both ways. I would rather us be good friends. I like you, but I can't sit around worried that you're not telling me things, to protect me from things you can't. I'm in this, 6 help us. If I'm not informed, I'm gonna get hurt." She'll huff a second time and reach for his hand if he'll let her take it, "Now, say we're friends, and drop this nonsense so I can ask you a favor." she'll end with a small, but hopeful smile.

Taryn takes her hand into his. He looks at her with that half smile of his. "I can't promise that I won't do something like that, but I can promise that I'll try not to. And we are friends, Lore. I cherish your friendship more than you could possibly know."

Lorelei looks at Taryn a moment and then nods, her cheeks starting to turn pink, "I know. That's why I get mad at you… Because we're friends." She'll swallow , looking down at their hands, "I haven't tried to…do anything yet. I don't even know what my aura even looks like… Do you think you could come with me and make sure I don't blow anyone up?"

Taryn cocks his head, "The answer is yes, but where do you want to go?" There is no hesitation to the request.

Lorelei almost quips back to the forest, but she's not sure he'd realize the joke. She'll shrug, "I know the barn would be safe. Da's got all the horses but Hubert out. Ma's out visiting some cousin for the day."

Taryn slides the apple that he had picked for himself untouched into his messenger bag. "Okay… Though It's very unlikely that you will be able to do much at this point… so don't get frustrated and don't worry about it."

Lorelei nods, "I know. That's what Nitrim kept saying, but…it sounds like I was scary on Oculus. I don't want that to happen again." She'll slide her apple into a pocket as well, only letting go of his hand when he pulls away or she has to stand up. "I don't particularly want to do anything, I just want to know how to…start? Turn it on?" She doesn't even sound like she's sure. she'll straighten out her skirt some, picking up her writing pad. "My other one broke. I think I landed on it during the cave in."

Taryn nods, "Right now, all you probably are capable of beyond manifesting your aura are very minor telepathy and telekinesis spells." He smiles, "But we can go to your barn, and I'll be there to help you, if you so wish."

Lorelei nods, she's heard this, but images flash in front of her of electricity and she'll frown. It was scary. She shrug, "if you want, Ma left enough food to an army. The boys won't eat it all." She'll walk the path, watching Taryn out of the corner of her eye. "So…what have you been up to?"

Taryn pauses, "I've had another dream… Apparently it's another one that hasn't been dreamed by the collective Awakened community… just by two others that I know of.. but neither of them had exactly the same dream that I did… " He sighs and rolls his eyes slightly, "And got dragged by Lady Sophie to this detective's office where they talked around helping each other but never really did so."

Lorelei 'll look over, eyebrows up in the question about the dream, but she'll now outright ask. She knows she's pushed him a lot lately. He promised he's try to be safer, she's happy with that, for now. she will tilt her head, as the come up to the path to the farm, "A detective's office? What ever for?" She'll sigh, but her voice is kind as she says this, "Lady Sophie seems to just…jump in, to anything. She had me come for tea..she's very sweet, but tiring to be around."

Taryn chuckles, "Um you know… I stood there for a while and I still don't know what they were talking about… I know that Lord Aidan had something to do with it and that he mentioned this guy to Sophie." He grins widely, "Oh, you have no idea how very right you are…"

Lorelei giggles as she walks up to the barn, "She actually asked me about my servants. Because apparently in her mind, handmaids have servants." Just shaking her head, she'll let out a soft whistle, same as last time before opening the barn door. True to what she said, the only horse in the barn is Hubert, who's already got his head turned and is making soft happy to see them noises.

Taryn smirks, "Well at least she didn't think you were some kind of personal dress up doll." He enters into the barn with Lorelei. "Hey, Hubert, how you doing boy?"

Lorelei laughs but rolls her eyes, "No…I have House Iah for that." Hubert whinnies, looking from Loree to Taryn. Loree laughs and will pull out her apple from before, "Oh…you are so spoiled." Hubert's tail flicks and he'll quickly start in on the apple as Loree pets him, "Don't worry, I'm gonna be able to talk to you soon, too. We'll figure out what's going on…" she'll look over to Taryn, "Lord Aidan talked to him, but Hubert was going on about how he had to be able to run to protect me from the bad smelling man. "She'll shrug, "No one has any idea what he's talking about."

Taryn purses his lips slightly, "I wish that I could actually communicate with him like that… I can just feel his emotions…" He grins as the horse is given the apple. "And he just magically became spoiled, you had nothing to do with it?"

Without any hesitation, "I'm going to. If I'm going to have these powers, I'm going to be able to talk to Hubert." She'll give him a kiss on the nose and then she'll laugh at Taryn, "Oh I worked hard spoiling him! Too many apples and carrots and sugar cubes and belly scratches!" She'll turn to look at Taryn and points a finger, but she's smiling, "I spoil anyone who saves my life. It's a rule." Keeping a hand on Hubert, her smile drops some as she looks around the barn a moment, "I should probably be in the middle? Just in case?"

Taryn loosk to Lorelei, "Just remember that is a very powerful spell and one that will take many years to work up to." He grins at her response to her spoiling the horse. He shakes his head, "It is not necessary… Sometimes when someone manifests for the first time later in life, it is spectacular… but now that it is done, you are like an baby in your power… You can't even make a sparkle or a tiny flame at this point."

Lorelei glares a bit playfully, "I bet I could do…something." No, not really, but there was no need to call her a baby! She'll take a deep breath and look to Hubert, "Don't be scared, ok boy?" Hubert doesn't look scared. He looks like he's almost done with his apple, but not scared. She'll swallow nervously and then look to Taryn, "ok…what do I do?"

Taryn's brow furrows, "Okay… now don't listen to much to what I'm about to say, until you decide which path you want to follow… each has a different way of doing things.. There are the druid tradition like what most Arboren awaken follow. It's very nature oriented.. the hermetic tradition which is very structured and a lot more focused on things like crystal balls and such, then there is the sorcery path, like how I was trained, which is more seat of your pants but still ceremonial… You'll need to decide which tradition you want to study, then find someone in that tradition to help you… but you need to enter your Awakened state… you feel for the power deep inside of your self… and just push it outward… you don't have to try anything but to reach that point…"

Lorelei nods, she's heard all that before. she's still kind of hoping for a decoder ring and secret hand shake. That would make this so much easier. closing her eyes, she'll lift her head up some, trying to find the power that Nitrim told him to box away. That feeling of Chaos. Her breathing slows to a more steady rhythm. There's a few times she thinks she has it, but then nothing. She'll frown, but keeps trying. Hubert though seems unimpressed and will look between the two. He thinks the shiny one smells of more apples. Eventually after about 10 minutes,the horse gets frustrated with the lack of attention from Loree. he'll bump his head into her. And that triggers Loree. Her eyes fly open and are completely white. Her aura, while not strong, starts near her feet and rises. Dark thunderstorm clouds roll around her, violent clashes of lighting can be seen, bouncing purples and pinks off the clouds.

Taryn smiles, "That's good… Okay… hrmm… Okay, now try to push a thought towards me… feel a connection between you and me… at this point… you should only be able to push emotions or ideas… Don't try to communicate with words right now…"

Lorelei is looking down at her own aura, a small frown. Nitrim wasn't kidding about the storm. Why did everyone else get a pretty one? looking up, she'll nod to Taryn, "ok…I…" she has no idea what to try…maybe….she tries…she does. But it's her first time, and it's a lot. hubert still seems unimpressed. In fact he's not reacted at all to Loree's aura, just tries to nuzzle her again for attention. "Hubert, not now…" Maybe if she has another apple to give him…

Taryn raises an eyebrow then smiles. He takes a couple of steps back before pulling the apple from his back. "Okay, Lorelei… take the apple from my hand… just don't do it physically… reach your aura out to it and move it to your own hand."

Lorelei frowns, not even sure if she actually sent that to him, or it was just obvious. Taking a deep breath she'll hold out her own hand and look between the apple and her hand. after a minute or two she'll start frowning. IT's way harder than it looks. she'll rub her forehead, and keep trying .Eventually Hubert gets tired of the apple just //sitting // there in Taryn's hand, taunting him and will start making noises to get both their attentions. Loree drops her hand, "It's not working…" She sounds disappointed.

Taryn looks at her. "It is not something that is easy. It takes effort and practice. You have spent eighteen years thinking that you had to physically reach and grab it. Those who are born awakened never had that limitation. We never learned it. Take a few deep breaths and try again. Concentrate… "

Lorelei swallows, her cheeks turning pink again. She'll take a few breaths, trying to calm down. Part of her problem is she's feeling cold. She knows it's just her imagination but…she'll hold out her hand again and concentrate…and nothing happens…again.

"Again." Taryn commands. It is not a sharp order, but a stern direction - perhaps a little with that fatherly tone that a good teacher might have.

Lorelei 's hand trembles slightly, she's projecting the cold from the cave in. Not on purpose so much, just..it's really scared her. She'll blink, frowning at the apple. She doesn't want to be scared anymore!… and just grabs it. It's not the most strong telekinesis, a bit wobbly, but it starts to float over to Loree's hand. It would make it all the way there if she didn't let out a squeak and throw her own hands in the air, surprised. The apple tumbles to the ground. Loree stands there, white eyes wide, looking at the apple then Taryn before she lets out a anther squeal and throw herself at Taryn to hug, "I did it!Did you see? It moved. Oh 6!It moved!!" Hubert is still not impressed, his apple is on the ground.now…still out of reach.

Taryn smiles at Lorelei's success and reaction. "Okay, you need to do that every day for a couple of hours every day… but you really need to decide which path you want to follow and find a teacher first though… " The color fades from his eyes as his aura rolls from around him in a multihued mist around him. The apple floats up from the ground, as he gestures, leaving a trail of purple, green, and blue light in his hand's wake. The apple floats over to where the horse can finally get his anticipated treat. "There you go, boy."

Lorelei will let go of Taryn as quickly as she hugged him, her cheek snow just full blown flushed, "I've been trying to talk to Lord Aidan…" she'll clear her voice, finally letting it go, her eyes fading back to their normal hazel color and the storm around her dissipates. She'll take a quick breath, "Why is your aura so pretty?" Probably not what a guy wants to hear , but it is! Hubert shakes his head excitedly when the apple shows up. This he can deal with and will start happily chopping away. Loree smiles looking between the two boys.

Taryn grins at Lorelei, "I don't really know why people's auras are the way they are. Lord Aidan's aura is shaped like a mouse… and Lord Nitrim's is serpentine… I guess deep down you are a turbulent storm… lots of unbridaled power waiting to break free… "

Lorelei nods, she's seen both. Grinning back at Taryn, "And you're a rainbow?" She'll wrinkle her nose, "Oh. No. No unbridled power here." She'll shake her head, but it's hard to tell if she's serious or not. She'll hesitate a moment then lift her hand to touch his aura. It's slow, so he can stop her or step away if he doesn't want her to.

Taryn frowns slightly, "It's not a rainbow… Rainbows have a set pattern of color, which is more than just this… and it arches… " He doesn't move away from her trying to touch his aura.

Lorelei grins, she knows. Boys are so sensitive. "Sorry…Deep down you're an aurora borealis?" Her fingers go through his aura, and she'll smile. Looking up to Taryn, "Thank you…for helping me today. I know this stuff kinda makes you uncomfortable."

Taryn shrugs, "Deep down I don't know what I am… I'm still trying to figure that out… " He nods slightly. "Yeah, this isn't really easy, but I'm trying… And if it wasn't you, I don't know if I would be able to talk about it this much… " His aura fades away and his eyes return to their normal sage green. "Partially because of you… I'm starting to accept that this is part of who I am… and that for me to be truly happy, I have to accept it."

Lorelei smiles, honestly pleased with what he's said. "Good! I want you to be happy!" She'll reach and try to grab his hand again,tugging him towards the door, "Come on, Ma made tons of food, like I said. And I won't eat half of it. Someone should!"

Taryn gets dragged out of the barn and towards the main house to be stuffed with Arboren dinner.

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