07.30.3013: In Recovery
Summary: Advent visits his recovering horse Artex who is in the care of Talynne Rovehn.
Date: 07.30.2013
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Advent Talynne 

The Bottoms
Wherever the Caravan of House Rovehn may be, the stretch of plains where they set up their temporary settlement is known as The Bottoms. They favors flatlands where there is plenty of room for each of the large, wheeled caravans to set up comfortably — usually ranging from a one and a half to two square miles of open space. There is an organic way in which the caravans arrange themselves, almost naturally establishing districts and neighborhood blocks with roads of trodden grass winding their way between them. It is exceptionally rare to come across a parked caravan that doesn't have its rampways extended and exterior doors open. When weather allows, most of those caravans with housing units have their windows open, noises of everyday life mingling with the sounds of the plains.

Surrounding The Bottoms are the various horse herds, each of which are looked after by dozens of riders. Destriers, thoroughbreds, and walkers all mix and mingle together into cohesive groups. Hard light fences and paddocks are erected to provide safey and necessary shelters for the herds.


It's mid afternoon when the royal arrives. He's not flanked by any guards or protection. With the Hostiles out in full force, it's either really reckless or really ballsy. He's wearing his leather pants and a cotton shirt under a knee length leather coat with two sets of buttons. He looks rather dashing with his black cane but the limp is killing it. He's been in the media enough everyone knows who he is. He limps towards a horse and waits while it approaches him. He rubs the horse's cheek with his hand. "How are you feeling?" He speaks quietly. This must have been the horse he was riding when he was hurt.

Coming from across the rolling planes, about 200 yards from where he was standing, Talynne rode a deep, chestnut colored horse that seemed to be working on its gait. Every so often she'd stop it, lean in, and whisper something to its ear as she stroked its neck. When she spotted the leather clad man walking towards Artex, she frowned slightly, then cued her current mount to head that direction. Her approach wasn't hurried, more watchful than anything. Almost in a copy of what he had on, Talynne was wearing a pair of dark brown leather pants so worn in they look almost black in most places. Her shirt is a simple, cotton blend that is a soft, tawny brown and woven to be able to breath well. Long sleeved, lacing up the front, it fits her very close to the body so as to not allow any loose edges. Even the ties that run down the front of her shirt are tucked into her pants to avoid them getting in the way of anything else. Her leather boots lace up to her knees and are a deep, dark brown that nearly matched her pants and were only noticeable against them because of the lacing.

When she hopped off the horse a good 50 feet away, she grinned at the interaction between the two and in recognition of Advent. "She's been doing beautifully, responding very well to all of the treatment I've been giving." She walked closer, her hand coming up to shade her eyes from the sun until she was close enough that a nearby tree gave some shadow. "Artex was brought in while I was still away, but they've made sure I'm the one working with her, since it seems she'll be rehabilitated back to her warring conditions." Then her eyes were shifted to focus on him and her smile remained warm. "Lord Sir Advent Sauveur, it's a pleasure to see you living." She nodded to him and stopped her forward momentum only once she reached a standing position near the ribs of his mare, her hand immediately reaching to touch the back of the fine animal in a long, slow stroke that was familiar and gentle.

Advent finally sees the scar, something he caused on the poor horse and pain enters his eyes. "I'm so sorry." He puts his head against her own and rubs her lightly having put his cane against his hip. Those words break him from his moment and he sighs quietly. "No. Artex is going to retire and be only used when we absolutely need her. I refuse to have her hurt like that again." His hand moves for the scar brushing lightly. "I don't know what I would have done if I lost her." There is such a passion for this horse in his eyes. She responds by brushing her cheek against his own. They do love each other. "Thank you for caring for her. She's a very special lady to me." He lifts his eyes to the horses.

"It's the least I can do." Talynne smiled to him and patted the horse's back softly before she stepped back, and turned to walk back towards the horse that was patiently awaiting her. "I'll adjust her regimen to include more restful activities so she's not prepped for the strain of battle, that way she won't get so restless." She turned her head to the lovely, dark brown horse she'd been riding and spoke to it softly, followed by a 'nicknick' then they started moving as one towards the stables. "Do you want to brush her, clean her? I have her kit all set up, she was due for a bath today." She glanced back over her shoulder as she walked, taking a moment to watch him with his horse. "Take your time, I'll finish Morgan here first." Then she turned her attention back to the horse she walked shoulder to shoulder with, moving towards the stables at a slow lope.

Advent watches her move away and then stares at his horse. He grabs his cane and tries to get up on Artex. Well, it doesn't go well even with Artex helping out as best she can. He ends up draped over her back, legs dangling off one side and body on the other. The horse moves after her and up beside her with him leading… then there he is at her eye level, dangling off the horse. "Yeah… I can help. I'm sorry. I didn't get your name."

"That's alright, you have other things on your mind." Talynne couldn't help the utterly amused smile that grew over her lips, though she had the wherewith all to look away from him before she laughed. "At the very least she still wants to make sure you get to where you're going safely." Clearing her throat, she turned her brightly smiling face to him, and pushed the hair back from where it covered some of her view. "Lady Sir Talynne Rovehn. Though I pretty much prefer to go by Talynne around the horses, it's how they know me. I never feel like telling them to be formal is worth it." She reached over to gently touch the side of Artex's neck, then the neck of Morgan, to coax them to walk in line with each other, training, even now. "A pleasure to meet you."

Advent smiles brightly at her. "Nice to meet you, Lady Sir Talynne Rovehn. Or Talynne. Just call me Advent. We are both Knights even if I am currently in for repairs." He jokes about it, heck if you joke about it they cannot use it to hurt you. Artex is very gentle while she walks knowing that he's hurt just as much as she is. "She's my girl. I take care of her and she takes care of me. Though I have a feeling I'm going to hear about not visiting sooner shortly." He rubs the side of the horse he's on. "You know, I got up here and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get down without hurting myself."

"We are, indeed, both knights. How fare your repairs?" She looked at him curiously and glanced at how his positioning was on the horse. "You know, if you were a horse I'd encourage you to find a way down yourself. But being a human, I might just be inclined to help you." Talynne's smile continued as she brought Morgan into the stable ahead of he and his mare. "Hold on just a moment and I'll get a good position on you to help." Then she had the large, lovely animal she'd been riding placed near a stable, barely hooked, as it behaved itself. "Would you be upset if I had to touch you to help, or would you rather I just call out backing instructions?" She asked this as she walked up to him, face to face, smiling as she asked the final bit of her question.

Advent shrugs. "Lots of broken bones needing repairs. They cleared out a lot of the chips but that doesn't fix the femur. Still not really all there. It's a miracle I can walk…or really just me being stubborn." He lifts his head and starts to slide backwards. "Well, we will see how this goes." The thump happens right after and he's partially under his horse on his butt. He feels over his leg and his arms lift in success. "No damages!" He chuckles. His hand lightly on his horses leg, letting her know he's there. She puts her shoe in his lap as if he is going to change it while he's down there. He stares at it and starts picking at a stone stuck in there.

"That's call for celebration." Talynne peered at him, then crouched so that she could look at him across the underbelly of his horse. "Not much one for help in the long run?" She grinned and stood back up, walking over to her horse to step her into the shower stall. She didn't seem upset in the slightest, merely that she was going about her business and letting him do his thing.. on his ass, if that was where he chose to be. "So is the prognosis good? And are you going to be allowing your new horse to meet Artex?" Water started running, and Talynne reached her hand out to test the temperature, waiting for it to warm to the appropriate level. In a bucket next to her was a container of equine shampoo and soap, then hanging at the end of the shower stall was a large bucket with hairbrushes, combs, and other necessary items.

Advent shakes his head. "They are debating on amputation if the bone doesn't heal back." He gets out the stone and Artex walks over him and into her staff. "I don't know if I should have another horse. She's important to me and it would be unfair to another horse cause I would not love them as much." He grabs his cane and slowly gets to his feet. He limps towards her and grins slowly at Artex talking to him in her nehs. He nods slowly. "Yeah she's gonna bathe you. Going to get your coat all white and shiny. You are already gorgeous but she will make you resplendent."

"Horses are like women, each one lovable for their own reasons. While she'll let you go to the care of another one she trusts, she'll never be alright with you being on one in war that she doesn't." Talynne looked over at him and offered a smile. "You can start washing her if you like, I've got to work on Morgan first." She winked and started to lather up a scrubber. "There's a second bucket there." She motioned with her hand to the bucket filled with supplies. "And I'll even share the shower head." The boom arm with the shower attached was over her head, and she managed to stay out of its range. "You might want to take off your coat if you want to help, though." The cotton of her shirt was already wet, as if to prove her point.

Advent nods to her and removes his jacket and puts his cane down. It's more expensive than most everything he is wearing. He slowly makes his way to Artex who meets him halfway. He moves her closer to the bucket. By the way he's walking, it's very painful to walk even a small step. He brushes his hands over her back. "Ready for a bath?" He grabs the bucket and starts getting it ready before heading over to her and starting to clean her. "I don't even know if I'll be in battle again anytime soon. It will be a while but if I do ride a different horse, she will now first."

"It's definitely for the best. Or she'll worry about you." Talynne flashed him a smile before she started around the horse she was working on. All of her movements were quick.. even the movement she used when she kicked a tall stool closer to him, saying not a single word. Then she was right back to working at the flanks of her horse, the whole thing looking lathered in but a few moments. In testament to her light, kind touch Morgan looked like she was about to fall asleep. When the water boom was brought over to rinse her, Talynne set it on low so that it could be a gentle, massaging wash like warm rain over her hide. Helping the water wash away the soap was a matter of long, solid strokes along the horse, and then she was ready to move on. Looking over at where he was with his own horse, Talynne grinned. "You alright with me stepping in?"

Advent lifts his hands and is lightly brushing Artex's face, doing exactly what the horse likes. Her head pushes against his own and they stand there two souls bound. Then she asks to step in and he nods. "Yeah…" His hands move over the horses cheek. "I'm so sorry Artex. I know I scared you and you brought me home anyways. You're my most loyal friend." He hugs Artex's face and her tail flicks around happily. She nibbles on his shirt while he hugs her cause it's fluffy and white.

"You should stop beating yourself up, she's going to start wondering if she caused you the pain you're in if you keep telling her you're sorry." Talynne offered the suggestion with a smile, then began to get his horse more soapy than he'd been able to with his not-so-functional leg. Her movements were thorough, as they had been with the other horse, and she kept them in the same, steady pacing. When she looked at him it was with understanding in her hazel eyes. "They want us to come home as much as we want them to come home, and she'll feel you don't understand she wishes she could have protected her, too. It's one of the reasons I have always chosen to work with the destriers. They have remarkable insight and are loyal to a fault."

Advent sighs and nuzzles the animal. He pulls back a little but his shirt is being held with horse teeth so he doesn't move too far. "I feel guilty. I rode her into battle when she knew we shouldn't. I got her gravely injured then I did something and she carried me home. Don't ask what the something was because I don't remember. I remember being under her and seeing a Hostile heading towards me then the hospital ceiling." He frowns and kisses the horse's forehead. He goes to move and he's held in place …cause his shirt is being nibbled. He leans against Artex's face. "You prefer loyalty and insight to everything else. That's very telling."

"Well, it doesn't help that they are powerful, mysterious, and beautiful as well." Talynne smirked slightly and glanced over at him, before she looked at his horse. "The qualities are fine ones, for a horse. The make the most trustworthy mounts in battle, which is where I ride them, so Insight and Loyalty mean more to me than anything else." She shrugged softly and continued to wash along Artex's back, then down her sides and flanks. Each movement was still precise, though now her shirt was becoming decidedly more like a second skin than anything due to how wet it had become. "I'm glad you both came home safely, and I'm sure that if you are intent on getting back to the forefront of battle you will heal and be ready before you know it." Talynne smiled to him and nodded. "Of course, like I said before, make sure this lovely lady gets to meet your new mount."

Advent is trying to be a gentleman and not look at her second skin. He's keeping his eyes on her face or Artex. He shakes his head slowly. "I won't ride into battle anymore. I think my mother wants me locked up, married, making babies, and governing." He frowns at that idea. "This whole thing boiled down to her reminding me Sauveur's should not be on the battle field." He looks at the ground and brushes his cheek against Artex's. "I want to help. I want to fight. What if my spear is the spear that makes an even fight tilt into our advantage. Or even bring a losing battle into balance…"

"Perhaps you should find a way to make better the lives of those that are holding the spears? There are training camps that could be improved, better options for war horses perhaps for those that cannot afford them? It was a project I had brought up to my mother recently." Talynne made the suggestion with a slight smile, understanding shining clearly in her eyes. "I went into the Knighthood because of my horse, because of my affinity with them and my wanting to be mounted cavalry, even more to understand how to train them. But if more of our people could afford very well trained horses, perhaps they could survive better in battle."

Advent nods slowly listening to her. "I've already taken up a squire. Perhaps, making a well trained horse available for any in battle would help." He sighs quietly. "At least on the Vale. On the moons and in space that doesn't help. They have ram ships and lava and ice. Heck, I was looking at one moon, they are training ice bears to be like war horses. I just… I want to help and I think while I'm down, training others is my best bet." He looks at her a moment. A smile flits over his face and he puts far too much pressure on his leg. He hisses and stumbles to the side.

A nod from Talynne as he mentions training. "Taking on a squire is good, especially if you can train them to avoid whatever mistakes you might have committed or seen committed in your presence. I've found the squires so often seem to be in awe of their knights, when in fact.. we are all just as mortal as one another." She chuckled and then her mouth took a sharp turn, frowning as he fell to the side. "Please, sit on the stool? If you fall over again I may not be able to resist lifting you up over my shoulder and setting you onto a chair for the remainder of your stay. I realize that may sound harsh, but you're not doing anyone any good at all by pretending you aren't hurt. I can see the pain in you, just relax, let it be. I won't hold it against you in the slightest." Her words were kindly spoken, no venom in them, just a suggestion, after all.

Advent lies in the hay pile he landed in. "I like sharp pain and I like the kitten soft feel of hay on my face." He dead pans. Hey the royal is sarcastic. Artex lifts him by his belt and sits him down. He pets her and grins. "Thank you." He looks at Talynne. "You too. However, I am not pretending I'm not hurt. I hurt. Badly. I was stubborn and wasn't taking my medication and my leg got worse and big drama… I got threatened by a young man and now I take meds." He chuckles. "I appreciate that while my name brings a certain air to things, that people are not afraid to boss me around. I actually love that."

"As well they should chastise you for not taking your medication. Medication exists to help the healing process, it helps ease the burden of pain and infection that our bodies have to deal with. If our minds are driven to insanity by pain we're really no good to anyone, least of all ourselves." Talynne continued to wash the horse, then chuckled softly as he mentioned being alright with people bossing him around. "So you're a fan of someone else being there to boss you to do this and that, or are you more just a fan of the fact that people treat you as though you're a normal being despite having the last name of the Royal House?" Talynne asked him with a raised set of brows, glancing at him over the back of his horse.

Advent thinks over her question before answering. "I believe it's a little of both. I don't like to be in charge and I generally make jokes when I'm stressed. That being said, even citizens aren't worried I'm going to hurt them if they tell me off. I'm not sure if it speaks to me being wounded, cowardly, or sensible." He shrugs his shoulders before looking at her. "It was only pain medication. I was taking the antibiotics. I just… never mind."

There were several long strokes along the back of his horse before the overhead water came on again, starting to rinse away the dirt that clung to his horse. Finally, Talynne walked around the horse and looked at him with a smile. "Perhaps you should be more forceful? Then citizens will notice your royalty. But as for your taking your antibiotics, I'm glad. It wouldn't bode well for our people as a whole if the less intelligent weren't screened and then became knights, hmm?" She walked in front of him, smelling decidedly of soap and dampness, and horse, of course, hair wet to the point it had begun to cling together in clumps. Then she started helping the rinsing process on the underside of the horse. "If you'd be interested in helping with my horse project, we should talk about it at some point."

Advent chuckles. "More forceful?" He sits there and things. "Like saying Excuse me' more instead of waiting for people to move?" A gentle heart. "I didn't become a knight because I was smart. I became a knight because I wanted to show my father that I could. I wanted to pave the way for my sister to be a knight because it was her dream. I wanted to show my mother that Sauveur's should fight just like everyone else. They should sacrifice. They should know what it was like so they never asked something from someone that they wouldn't do themselves." He fixes his shirt and keeps his eyes on the horse. "I will help, of course."

A soft chuckle from Talynne as he mentioned asking for people to move out of the way instead of waiting. "I suppose it all depends on how fast of a manner you need to get somewhere, when it comes to asking people to move." She peeked out from where she was working, somewhat under the horse. "And you're Chivalrous, that makes sense, for a knight, as well as being honourable. I wasn't intending to imply that only the brilliant make knighthood, Lord Sir Sauveur, but that the ones that do make it have an inherent intelligence." She smiled to him, then pushed a rather soaked lock of hair back from her face, leaving soapy suds behind it. "You seem very much to be a good man, and will make a fine Governing body on the day you decide it's what you need to do to best perform your service to your people. I also have no doubt that on the day you elect to do so, you will be able to be as proud of that service as you should be proud of your time spent among the knights of Haven."

Advent blushes at her words and looks at her face very intently. "I don't want to be in the senate since I'd go against my cousin Janelle. Then people would make up lies about me." Janelle being the unhanded young sister of the King Regnant whose been trying to take his throne. "It's not that she's a woman, which is what they will say. It's that she's never been in battle. She's never fought for anything. She thinks she knows tactics and warfare but she has no idea. She would get legions of men and women killed with stupid ideas of valor. At least Regnant King Edmund is more reserved and allows his Knight Commanders to lead."

Nodding at him seriously, Talynne offered a very slight smile. "People will make up lies about you no matter what you choose to do, Advent." Standing, she moved away from the horse and looked Artex over, checking for any leftover suds. Finding none, she gave a pleased breath and turned off the overhead shower. Then she started in with the chamois so that she could dry her off from head to toe, the fantastic cloth absorbing and re-absorbing every time she wrung it out. "Perhaps some other form of governance would suit you better? Though I have no doubt that you could be well met in the Senate." She looked back over at him and raised her brows softly. "What is it you would chose to do if you knew for a fact that knighthood would never be an option?"

Advent frowns and shakes his head. "I want the people to know the truth. I want to be approachable and warm. I don't want to be what the media makes me out to be." He rubs his leg and grumbles quietly. "Each of my dreams of a child have been crushed by my father and life. First, I thought it would be amazing to be a cow. Then my father told me steaks are dead cows. Didn't want to be a cow anymore. Then I wanted to be a ram ship. Not a captain. The ship itself. Then I saw one crash. Now, I just want to be the wind." His voice is soft. "Logically, and possibly though, I just want to live and fight, knight or not. I will fight."

Watching him speak, Talynne began to brush through Artex's mane. "Hmmm.. you want impossible things, because you want to change what is to something that can never be. Maybe your efforts to fight will be met with better results because at the very least, fighting is possible." She chuckled and shook her head. "I have never wanted to be anything outside of what I was doing, I have dreams, but they revolve around the life I lead because it is the life I have chosen for myself. Perhaps I don't know the pain of being of the royal line and having such constant requests of me. I am not the Heir to Rovehn, that falls on my older sister, so everything I have done in my life has been a choice. My will would have made all of this possible, I believe, but I ended up being able to follow the paths I wanted to, when I wanted to. I'm sorry to tell you there is no path to becoming a cow."

Advent nods slowly. "Being royal means everyone expects things of you. Things you don't want. Things they want for you and being a good royal means doing those things to please others because you were not born free. You were born into a name that brings expectations. People watch your every move. Some people want you to succeed while others are finding anything to break you down. It's not freedom. Sure, we have more say but it's not our voice that we speak with. It's those pulling out strings." He stares at Artex. "Being a knight was my way of trying to break those strings. However, I've been offered promotions just because of my name. I don't want that. I want to earn Knight Commander. I don't want it handed to me because I'm Sauveur. I'm more in chains than ever."

Finished with Artex's mane, Talynne moved around her to get to her tail. "Seems as though you might have never actually been free of everything you're currently seeing. You're no more in chains now than you were then. You're still you, you're still living the life you lead. You're still yourself. You just notice more because you're older and you've been made capable of seeing the truth of your life." She didn't really look at him when she said this, paying attention to her task at hand, instead. So far, Artex looked like a gleaming version of herself. "I don't mean to sound cruel, but it's very much a similar situation I've seen, when people come to realize where the truth of their position in the world sets them. Perhaps now that you can see your world for what it is, you can actually make moves to extricate yourself from the chains as you see them?"

Advent thinks about that and shakes his head. "I guess the chains got thicker cause when I was a kid, I felt guided but less controlled. If that makes any sense." He pushes himself up, leaning on his cane and limps around the horse slowly before standing beside Talynne. "You are wise. I appreciate wisdom in life." He grins warmly. "She looks beautiful. You've done an amazing job." His leg is twitching from pain but it doesn't translate into his voice. His eyes show so much more than that.

Looking at him, Talynne offered a warm smile. "I don't know if I'm wise so much as a blunt woman without much in the way of a filter, it would seem." She winked and motioned for him to sit back down. "Have a seat, I'll get them put away now that they're all done being cleaned for the night." Moving around him, she nicknicked softly at the other horse who started coming closer. "And thank you for appreciating how they look after so much work. I try to make sure they feel as lovely as I envision them when I'm all done." She led the darker horse she'd been working with out to one of the hard light stalls, moving him in easily and giving him a soft whisper, then a kiss on the snout before she started walking back towards Artex and Advent, all smiles.

Advent limps back to his seat and sits down, unaware of the small trail of blood in the hay he walked over. He watches her and grins happily. "Lovely. You are so skilled, I'm honored to be able to watch you." He sits there and then his words hit him and his face lights up bright red but he clears his throat and tries to ignore it. Never happened. "This land is so very beautiful. I like it much better than many of the places I've visited."

"It's an honor to be watched, most often I'm alone doing all of this unless someone's come to train in how to do it with me." Talynne smiled to him, noting the blush but having the good graces not to rib him for it. "And I'll admit I have a soft spot for it as well, there's nothing quite so freeing as me being able to get out there and ride when there's no fences, no borders, nothing in the way of me being on a horse and just letting go of my worries." Since Talynne also didn't notice the blood at this time, she walked up to Artex and gave her a soft pat. "Alright beautiful, time to say goodnight to your man." She murmured to the horse, then smiled over at Advent. "It's time for me to put her up for the night."

Advent nods slowly to Talynne and lifts his arms, hands palms up. Artex walks forward and pushes her forehead against his own. Their eyes close as they nuzzle each other. His hands brush over her cheeks and he whispers something into her ear. She neighs quietly and brushes against him. Then she takes a few steps back while his hand is still on her jaw and then the touch is gone and both look like they are saying goodbye forever. There are two beings that have separation anxiety.

Talynne nicknicked at the horse and nudged her softly, a gentle touch to let her know that it was time to go to bed. Then she walked with her, even if Artex moved reluctantly, until she had her all settled into the pen she'd sleep in for the night. Once the hard light divide was up, Talynne started back towards Advent and offered him a smile. "It'll be good for the two of you for her to be home with you once she's been rehabilitated, though I'd also wait for you to be rehabilitated enough to be able to stand often and wash her yourself. You two are a little bit co-dependant on one another, and I wouldn't want you to hurt yourself further because your honorable nature wouldn't allow someone at least as skilled as yourself taking care of Artex."

Advent watches his horse go and he frowns. Then Talynne is back and he shakes his head. "She saved my life. I was nine. Right after I killed a wolf trying to eat her. She wont let anyone else ride her and I'm surprised she let you touch her at all. She's never been broken. She's wild." He shakes his head and sighs. "She belongs here. You are the only other she seems to trust. I won't have her in the care of someone else. Both of them could get hurt."

Raising her brows at that, Talynne finally smiled. "It makes sense, Sinner is more of a wild one than the others as well. He regularly terrifies my sisters… and not even Mother will attempt to ride him." She winked and offered him an arm. "Come on, Lord Sir Sauveur. I believe I need to get you somewhere before the night is over, or you might end up sleeping in my stables." She waited for him, not making any sort of comment about him needing help, just offering it. "And you have to remember that I've been working with Artex since she came here, not working against her. I've been helping her heal after her wounds. That sort of thing makes friends, as it should. It's the only reason she's alright with me, I assure you." She winked to Advent with that.

Advent pushes himself up using his cane and he takes her arm. He limps slowly beside her seemly more and more tired with each step. Even the pallor of his skin is starting to get more white. "She really needed someone to help her. Not many understand horses like you do. It's lovely. She likes you even if you did just force her bedtime. I bet she's glaring at a wall right now." He chuckles tiredly. "Tell me about your plans with giving people access to horses."

Looking at him with some worry, Talynne frowned a bit. "Advent, you seem very pale. Are you going to be alright headed back home tonight?" She took his weight, as much as he would give her. She was strong enough to handle it, though, and didn't stumble. "Perhaps you'd be kind enough to let my physician have a look to make sure you're alright? I can even get you fed properly and have you set up in our guest quarters." The offer of hospitality was, as such, given, even as she walked with him out of the stables.

Advent grins warmly. "I'm alright." Says the man trailing blood behind them. He uses his cane more than her since he doesn't want to just jump on her back and be carried. "Guest quarters? Will I have a late night visitor?" He chuckles then realizes he might have said that out loud and he clears his throat. "Oh look, black and red fireflies…" He gets heavier and heavier beside her before he's more falling than walking.

"Allllright. You are not ok.. and while I may come to visit you late at night I have the strangest feeling it will be to assure myself you haven't died in my guest bed, not for something more fun like a stolen kiss." Talynne stated as she caught more and more of his weight, then finally stopped walking. "Ok, up you go." Then he was hefted, quite bodily, considering he was falling over and passing out. The view at that point was of her behind and legs, and the ground beneath them passing by as she fireman's carried him to the largest Pod in the caravan.

You can't blame a man whose half between unconscious and conscious to really know what he's doing. His arms hang down her back but it's the tush that gets his attention. He lightly pokes one cheek and makes a happy sound in his throat before being unconscious. She will feel the blood leaking through the leather from how she's holding him.

"I'll forgive that.. because you've obviously lost your mind." Talynne muttered and shook her head slightly, as well as she could with her hair trapped under him. "You're a mess, Advent, and in obvious need of some medical attention, if not a good psychological evaluation." She was still grumbling something about stubborn men.. then stubborn people in general when she walked into the pod and took the man hanging over her shoulder directly to the sick room so that her family's physician could see to him immediately.

It was some hours later.. and there was a nearly silent 'snick' sound as the door to the room Advent had been placed in was opened. The room itself was exceedingly well appointed, obviously in the Noble House's main Pod, fairly famous for it's surprising endowments considering their constant mobility. The colors were soft and warm, but the windows were open to provide the gentle air of the plains to fill the room with fresh air and the subtle sounds of the night. Talynne walked up to the bed to check on the patient, peering at him curiously before moving the blanket over him back to fully cover him up to his shoulders.

So the physician removed the leather pants to show the severe damage to the man's leg. He probably should not have been up out of bed at all. The leg is barely attached and it's a miracle he can even move it. The physician recommends amputation and cybernetics, like most do. The likelihood he'll heal with functionality isn't even in the double digits. He's brought back to a guest room and dressed and tucked in with very strong pain medication. He wakes up though a few hours later and stares at the ceiling.

"I hope you're resting comfortably?" Talynne asked him once she noted his eyes were open and he was just staring into the ceiling. Moving over to a seat nearby the bed, she offered a smile to Advent and nodded to the well blanketed length of his leg. "You're lucky we were headed back, I might not have gotten you here in time if I'd had to carry you all the way from the stables. There will be transport to take you home tomorrow, and to your family's doctor's for treatment. In the meantime, though, our Physician assured me you should be alright through the night. I just wanted to check in on you to make sure you were truly in that state and they weren't just trying to placate me."

Advent turns to look at her, his eyes tired and pained. He nods and enjoys the comfy pillows outside his own room. "I'm sorry I've inconvenienced you. It was not my intention. Did I poke your backside? If that was not a dream, I apologize for that too. I'm really alright. Everyone is making a fuss but it's just a small scratch." He moves to sit up slowly. "I'll be alright."

"None of that now, you lay there or I'll be forced to tie you down. Doctor's orders." Talynne grinned at him and motioned for him to lay back. "You'll be right as rain once you have your little scratch seen to and dealt with. Then you'll be back up on your feet in no time, and back up on the saddle even faster." She nodded with her assurances, then shrugged gently. "As for poking me on the rump, I can assure you that as a Knight I've seen and been folly to worse, so it is forgivable. But I expect that you'll not be making the same forward sort of advances once you're filled back up to your proper level of blood."

Advent lies back down quickly and nods to her. Then she confirms that the tush poke actually happened. "But … it was there and…" He makes grabby motions with his hands before sighing quietly. "I'm sorry…" He points behind her quickly. "Look, elaborate distraction." He quickly brings a pillow over his head to hide his very flushed face, then buries himself in blankets. He grumbles from under the sheet and really tries his best to be camouflaged into the bed.

"Lucky me, I've wandered into a completely unoccupied room in the middle of the night." Talynne spoke loudly, as if she were 'alone' and looking for a place to crash. "Perhaps I'll just rest on this nice, obviously completely empty bed and take the toll of walking across this enormous pod from my poor feet.." Teasingly, she pushed on the mattress near his shoulder, making sure she was nowhere near his hip or leg.

The 'bed' moves a little, wiggling closer before he reaches his arms up and wraps them around her. A big grin on his face. He knows she was playing and he enjoyed not being the only fool in the room. His hold isn't very hard and it's rather playful. He's also being careful of his leg. "Perhaps, we could spend more time together. I… like you." He hah's rather loudly and mumbles something about purple elephants.

"I like you as well, Advent, and we shall decidedly be friends only if you stop calling me an elephant, a lady would develop a conscience about herself with all that sort of talk." Talynne chuckled and delicately hugged him, all while directing him back to laying down prone. Once she had him there, she carefully extricated herself from his arms and, quite literally, went about tucking him in. "Come now, you should sleep. The medications they have coursing through you would do well to serve some delicious dreams for you tonight. Then, you can have breakfast in the morning and will be safely on your way home." She reached up and smoothed his hair back gently, her touch deft and lighter than a feather. "You need to rest."

Advent makes a face and grumbles. "I didn't mean to call you that. I meant… oh never mind." He lies back and looks up at her while she tucks him in and then brushes her hands through his hair. He lifts his hand to take hers and kisses her knuckles delicately. His eyes stay closed. He holds her hand in his own for a moment as he lied there. "What exactly did they give me? Cause…it's work…working good." He goes limp into the bed and sleeps like the dead. He listens to her!

"Hmm, indeed, working quite well." Talynne chuckled, her hand on the drip, giving him a little extra medicine to help him rest. "You sleep well, Addie, and we'll have to talk again after you've gone through and fixed your leg enough to be able to walk the Vale." She grinned and tucked him in, being sure to cover him completely, then walked out of the room and shut the door to let him sleep soundly.

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