06.24.3013: Impulsivity
Summary: Sophie answers a request for conversation from Nitrim. They discuss recent Awakened dreams and address his concerns about what appears to be her impulsive nature.
Date: 24 June 2012
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Sophie Nitrim 

Drawing Room — Volkan, Imperius
Tucked high amidst the residential floors of the Blackspyre, this little room is set aside for meetings that do not require the use of the Great Hall. There are a half dozen tall, wing-backed leather chairs scattered around the room, clustered here and there around small side-tables. One wall bears a preserved drake's head, one of the largest ever killed, while the others are decorated with paintings, scenes from the First and Second System War. Several hand-held holoprojectors rest unobtrusively on tables around the room, allowing for the reading of books, watching of movies, or showing of presentations.
June 24, 3013

Sophie enters the drawing room looking back through the exit, "I must admit, my Lord. You will pardon me for saying so, but Volkan sends shivers down my spine." She turns to face the room, only for her amber eyes to catch sight of a massive drake head preserved and posted onto the wall. She lets out a gasping squeak, "w-what is that?" Somehow, she manages to calm down, only to settle in the closest chair with a heavy sigh, "I suspect you have called me this afternoon about the dream?" She frowns, "it is curious, I do not know what it means. To have golden eagles appearing and disappearing in the dream, acting like a normal eagle as they perch or soar or shed their feathers. Perhaps the eagles symbolize Sauveur, and give a warning for complacency?"

Nitrim sits at the head of a long table, slouching in the chair with one boot propped up on the corner of it. Cigarette in hand, he looks up to the massive drake's head. "That?" He motions to the thing. "That…is a drake's head. My sisters and I used to take turns daring each other to crawl into its mouth. I'm not—" He slips the cigarette between his teeth for a drag, motioning for her to take one of the chairs near him. "-entirely sure what it's name was, but he or she was a rather massive beast, right?" The cigarette is tapped into an ash tray. "Please, come in and sit. There's something I would like to speak with you about before we get into everything else."

Sophie indeed rests wearily into a seat beside the Khournas Lord, staring and frowning at the gigantic decapitated head, "how…ironic…not in its wildest nightmares would the drake have suspected it would be decorating a wall…" She licks her lips, turning more fully to face the noble man, "if you wish, I would be more than happy to replace the head with a drawing of a drake in its true glory. We can give the drake's soul a rest from its torments…" She blinks in wonder at the suggestion of another topic of conversation, canting her head to the side, "oh, my Lord?"

Once again, Nitrim turns to look at the drake's head, and then back to Sophie. Eyebrow crooked with a smirk on his face as if she's just said the most ridiculous thing, he lets out a little laugh. She's joking right? She's…not joking. The smile fades and he gives his head a shake. "No, my family's carried plenty of pride through generations. Not only is it heirloom status, but there's no way that thing will go into the ground." He clears his throat, coughing out a small bit of smoke, and holds his cigarette with a bent elbow, like a pistol pointed towards the ceiling. Quieting, he tsks softly, and lets that small, little pause sigue into his next point. "This…little side project of ours, that I've brought you into. I need to know that you're not going to be impulsive, tell everyone, go running off half-cocked on plans on your own." He pauses, chewing his lip. "You would be risking the rest of us by being impulsive."

Sophie furrows her brow as Nitrim laughs, amber eyes flickering sympathetically towards the sad decapitated head of a long-dead drake. Her focus swiftly returns to her host however, letting out a heavy sigh, "well, perhaps you might store it somewhere then…I have never understood why drake's heads, or other animals for that matter, are thought to appear pleasant sticked onto a wall. I hardly think many people would place the head of their human enemies on their walls…" She scowls at Nitrim, shaking her head and replying in a harsh tone, "I am never impulsive, my Lord. But you will be glad to hear I have been giving my decision to go to the Drake Mountains time to think over, and have decided I will do precisely as you suggested. Supply my sisters with the information, and allow them to decide how to act upon it. You will be certain I will never say a word about our…group to others, unless we agree to or there is a need to."

One of the Khournas lordling's many-ringed hands comes up in a halting manner. A reflection of it sways in the light against the polished tabletop, purely meant as an attempt to calm her. To her scowl, he tilts his head and lifts his eyebrows, a wry, flat smile on his face. His chair turns and his boot THWUMPS to the floor, echoing around the room. "And that's a fair enough response to me, Lady Sophie. You're not a little girl. In fact, many of us thought you'd already raced off. So, please understand, if I wasn't aware that you hadn't raced off, I had to make sure that all of the other logical concerns weren't necessary either." He motions to a pack of cigarettes, offering her one. "But on a personal note, I thank you. The secrecy is necessary, because it puts the rest of us at risk. I wouldn't tell others of your involvement in this either, unless we agree as well." A beat. "There are others. Soon I think I will call us all together for the first time. Do you wish to remain anonymous to them, or are you comfortable with a dramatic reveal?"

Sophie's scowl falters at first the upraised hand and then the strange smile. She glances down in wonder at the thwumping sound of a boot hitting the surface of the ground, before her amber eyes rush up to meet the Khournas lord's own. After a moment of hesitation, she relaxes back in her seat and crosses her arms about her chest, "so long as you understand I am not nearly as foolish as Ellie seems to believe." She waves a casual hand in the air, "I am still waiting on the completion of some research. While I feel miserable at the prospect of the dream going ignored, I have conversed with you as well as others and…well, I may simply strongly suggest an increase in sentries and patrols around the palace." She glances to the pack of cigarettes, uncurling her arms and bending forward to pick up the pack, "you know, I have heard these…things are terrible for the lungs, my Lord. I do not know why anyone would ever be drawn to them." She plays lightly with the pack, rolling the bottom corners idly along the table in thought. She releases the pack and rests back, "others, Lord Nitrim? I am curious how many you have managed to gather." She chuckles softly, "I would enjoy a dramatic reveal, I imagine, if only to observe how you might complete such an act. But everyone knows I am Awakened. There is little point in remaining anonymous. Besides, the presence of a Sauveur might provide our group with at least a little more stability."

"Why don't you try one and find out?" Nitrim asks, cigarette dangling from his lip. He lifts his shoulder in a shrug, muscles tightening beneath his jacket as he absentmindedly rubs at the bandages beneath his shirt. "Sophie? I don't think that you're foolish, no. In fact I sought you specifically for your perspective and your attention to what you're feeling. There's another I sought for her objectivity. The next on the list is someone I've yet to tell specifically about our coalition, but has a vast ability to gather information. No, you're not a fool at all. These dreams, they consume."

He smiles quietly, turning his attention to the window outside. Rising from his chair, he clasps his hands behind his back and crosses the distance to it. Outside, the rain hisses against the ground, steaming where it makes contact with the harsh, Volkan soil.

"So…you dreamt of Golden Eagles as well, did you? You're not the only one. I did. The others did. Soon I'll know just how many did, which leads me to believe this next one is connected to something important. I dreamt of falling feathers, like you, but I also saw scales. Two golden eagles on a massive scale. Prince Emund…Princess Janelle, if my intuition serves me right."

Sophie frowns at Nitrim, eyes gazing into his own as though searching for trust. Finally, she bends forward again and scoops up one of the cigarette's from the box, "I suppose I may as well try it at least once…" She glances up, smiling pleasantly, "I am glad you see me as such, my Lord. Now if only my sisters did the same." She leans back and idly twirls the cigarette around her fingers, watching the Khournas lord rise from his seat and looks to the window, "scales, my Lord? How interesting. It seems as though the dream would be quite obvious with that addition. The other eagles are flying around, looking for somewhere to perch, perhaps on one side of the scale or the other. Perhaps the eagles, at least the other ones, are not in face only Sauveur, but rather they symbolize the followers of the Sauvuer. It indeed appears quite straightforward…though I do wish there was a way to retain the status quo, without threatening inner turmoil between varied allies of my cousins. Too much is at stake with this Hostile war…" She blinks, "so how do I use this cigarette, precisely?"

"I'm hearing rumblings amongst the noble community, some in favor of Princess Janelle, others in favor of Prince Emund. This dream only makes me feel as if how that will shake out is going to be a really important milestone." Nitrim replies, eyes down to the city of Volkan below. Fingers drumming against his belt buckle, he turns and ashes his cigarette, looming closer to Sophie. Almost the Devil himself, he grins and pantomimes slipping his own cigarette into his lips. His eyes flash white, and his finger produces a flame near the end, offering to light her cigarette for her. "Treat it like a breathing filter. You take in the smoke, breathing like you normally would, only sucking it through the filter gently like a straw. Then you exhale the smoke, and stay careful of the lit end until you're done." His head quirks, watching her. "And…never ever tell anyone that you learned this by watching me."

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