Ibrahm Letter of Request
Summary: Barton sends a letter of request to his mother, the head of house Ibrahm.
Date: 30/6/2013
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Barton Ibrahm 

June 30, 3013 — Location Unknown

Dear Mother,
Lady Sir Corialle Ibrahm,

I write to you with a hopeful request. One that isn't made without a sound mind. While it might be a surprising request to be making it is one that do serve us well. As well as being one that I would wish for.
It is quite a simple request. I am asking for discussions to be made between our house and house Orelle about a match between myself, lord sir Barton Ibrahm, and lady Talayla Orelle.

The ways of this being able to help the houses are of course there. Such as Orelle are a paramount house. Which in itself is significant. Keeping a good relation to them could help us in several ways I believe. Myself and the lady do get along well and can achieve a lot for the two houses. I will let you speak more on how the houses can help one another of course. I would just wish to inform you of this. As well as the niches the houses have it could stand to help both.

With kindest regards,
Your son,
Lord Sir Barton Lithe Ibrahm.

July 1, 3013 — Obsidia

TO: Barton.Ibrahm@Obsidia
FROM: Corielle.Ibrah@Obsidia
SUBJECT: My Memory


I do still retain my faculties well enough to remember your name, especially when you're so kind as to write it out in full at the end of your letter. A connection to the Orelles would be good, it might even draw them behind Emund a little tighter. I'll talk to the Orelle.


**July 1, 3013 — Obsidia **

TO: Esiah.Orelle@TheRing
FROM: Corielle.Ibrahm@Obsidia
SUBJECT: Betrothal Request

High Lord Orelle,

Your daughter, Lady Talayla, has caught the eye of my son, Sir Barton. He is intelligent, strong, well-trained, and well-educated. I'm sure that your daughter has many fine qualities as well. As I have not yet met her, the primary one that I see is that she might link our Houses together. The industries of Ibrahm are many, and closer ties to them could be useful for The Ring. Plus, you won't have to go looking for some vassal to marry your daughter off to when you know my son is a good match.


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