09.05.3013: Hush puppies
Summary: Rivea and Sean finally go on that picnic they've talked about
Date: 4 Sept, 2013
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Menagerie and Terrace Park
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5 Sept, 3013

The clear day in Landing is beautiful! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, people are jogging or riding bicycles. Some are walking, or listening to music while reading a book. Some are painting, or sketching, or playing a sports game with friends. The park is full of people this glorious noontime, as Sean heads into the park with a cliche woven wicker basket, a red and white checkered table cloth, and is dressed in light old fashioned Sunday clothes that billow slightly in the breeze. He makes his way to a small shady hill where he lays out the cloth and spread and makes ready for his very first picnic.

A picnic. Sean invited her to a picnic. All well and good, she seems to have remembered mentioning them to him at one point in time. So, for now, wearing a pale cream colored tunic, black leggings and comfortable shoes, and *gasp* hair actually unbraided, she enters and looks about, on this bright and cheery day.

Seeing his 'date' enter the park, Sean uses his comm to get her attention. "Hey beautiful! I'm up on the hill on the third terrace. I can see you from here actually." He tells her before waiting for her reply. Then, once she's made it he'll give her a big goofy smile and motion to the picnic setting he'd brought.

Rivea chuckles and grins, turning to make her way to the aforementioned picnic spot, looking down at the moveable feast. "hmmm, looks good. Where did you get all this?" as she slides down to take a seat, flipping her hair over her shoulder. "Looks really good."

The look in Sean's eyes seems to linger for a moment before he takes a seat, he looks over the spread of fish and chips with hush puppies, coleslaw, and an ice cream cake for two to share for dessert. The cake being in a self cooling container to preserve the ice cream. The meal is on plates that keep it at a comfortable warm temperature. Sean just smiles, "Peny cooked this for us, she made everything… even the cake." he says with pride, "Of course, she also told me that I'd better come home with 'good' news or else." he chuckles and shrugs, shaking his head. "She just likes you a lot, and she's never been a fan of Roxy's."

Rivea laughs, "Or Else, huh? Well, it does look good, and I'll have to let her know how much I appreciated her making this for us. It looks delicious and I haven't eaten since this morning." Eying the ice cream cake for a moment, "Yeah, we'll be good and eat that last or we wont be able to enjoy everything else as much."

"Peny is constantly trying to get me set up with someone she approves of." Sean laughs softly, "And after meeting you, even as hungover as she was, she told me the next day that I'd better say something or she would." he shakes his head, "I'm sorry it keeps cropping up like it does. Honestly, I do try to quell the suggestions as best I can. I'd hate for you to get uncomfortable being my friend because everyone else bugs." When she mentions the cake he laughs and nods in agreement, "Yes… Peny's cakes are the best! She made the ice cream, the frosting, aaaand! She decorated it… what you see is a picture she made up to cover her little surprise for us.

Rivea says, "Oh," leaning over to take a closer look, "A surprise, hhm? Well, let's get to eating here, I'm starving. And, I can't say as I blame her about your other friend, and I've never met her." She stretches out her legs a bit, one hand on the ground while the other one steals a hush puppy and eats it."

Taking up a nice deep fried piece of fish, Sean starts to eat hungrily… though his manners are quite good. He takes a few fries and nibbles for a bit before smiling at Rivea for no apparent reason, then takes a hush puppy and dips it into another one of Peny's concoctions… homemade honey poppy seed dressing. He smiles brightly at the taste, "Peny is an amazing chef! She's going to school for it actually… she wants to cook at one of the top restaurants here in Landing. Or even work on prime time Vid cooking shows." he's rather proud of his little sister, and it's obvious by the way he talks about her. There's a buzzing sound and Sean rolls his eyes, he pulls out his comm and answers, "Yes Peny? We're in the middle of eating your fabulous picnic lunch… can I comm you later?" her beautiful luscious voice comes back from the other side, "Riv? If Sean doesn't make out with you on this date, you have my permission to kick him really hard! That is all." click. Sean rolls his eyes again, "Next time… I'll ignore it." he says before he puts the device away, "Again, I am sorry. Now… about your armor. I was thinking we'll need to borrow one of the guided laser cutters at the foundry to work on cutting it into plates so that I can graft the electronics onto them piece at a time. What do you think?" he pauses, "I've also been trying to convince some noble to trade more advanced combat armor for tons of work from me." he shrugs.

Rivea hides a laugh behind her hand, reaching to snag a piece of fish, dipping it into sauce. "Oh, that is good. As for the armor, That sounds good, I haven't worked on it lately. Been trying to catch up on other things. And what with the new Sauveur, things have been…crazy."

"I like the idea of you wearing something we've made together, that way we can be certain it'll protect you." Sean says, eying the necklace he'd made her that provides her personal energy field to keep her safe from fast moving projectiles and energy based weapons like blasters. "Oh right, after what happened with Peny, I thought it would be good if I made something similar to what she and I have implanted into us." he gets our a thin bracelet that glitters with a million tiny flickering blue lights that look almost like aquamarine colored diamonds. (Though they aren't, they're data signal lighting, they just look like sparkling gems.) "This bracelet will keep you linked to Trix, it'll read your pulse, blood pressure, respiratory rate, and blood alcohol level." the last getting a smirk, "So if you hit a limit line on any one of them, and especially if hit it on many of them… Trix will alert me so I can find you or send for help. It also keeps a track of where you are, and will only give your location when your vitals read as in danger." he assures.

Rivea oohs, looking down at that, touching the necklace lightly. "Sean, you really shouldn't do all these things for me. I feel like a fraud. I know you don't give things expecting to get things but…." sighs, reaching to take another bite of fish. "So, how is Peny feeling, has she recovered yet?"

Sean hms softly, setting the bracelet down before her. "I… I honestly don't know why… I just feel like I want you safe, and I can't physically protect you from harm like a soldier could. So, I do with what skills I do have… and I made these so that I'll know you're safe." he hms softly again looking off at nothing really, "Peny's fine now, you just heard her… she's feeling a lot better. I was right, some asswipe broke her heart again. It's alright though, I drained his accounts and wreaked havoc on his credit. Peny got some incredibly nice shoes out of it so she's a little happier at least." he smiles softly, still looking off.

It's a picnic so things are informal. Rolling over on her stomach, resting her chin on the palm of one hand, while taking another piece of fish. "Sean…you shouldn't do things like that. I'd hate to think what would happen if you got caught. I won't say it's not nice though. I'd be lying if I did." A few moments of nibbling and watching him once in a while, "So, other than spoiling your sister…and me…what have you been up to?"

"What would happen if I got caught? Why would I keep it a secret that I make things for you to keep you safe from danger? That necklace, if you squeeze down on it enough, will shine bright enough to light ten feet around you in total darkness. The bracelet comes with a panic button in case you suddenly feel uncomfortable and need to hear a reassuring voice." Sean smiles softly into the distance, before taking another strip of fish to eat with sauce. He wipes his hands on a napkin, then his mouth before saying, "Well, just work and school really. I've tried to find a scientist to work for… but I still don't know if that's the really the direction I want to go in. Yeah, if I work for one of the higher ups of the Orelle, it would be some great boon for me… but I don't really care about titles or even nobility." he shrugs slightly.

Rivea tosses a french fry (aka chip) at him, knowing he was being deliberately obtuse about what she meant he could get caught at doing."You really need to figure out what it is exactly you really, really want to do, Sean. And do it for yourself, no matter what anyone else thinks.”

Sean grins over at Rivea, "I don't get caught if I don't want to, Rivea." he assures her with that slight cocky Schizoid look before he's Sean again. "What I want isn't something I think I'll ever have." he says softly, taking up some chips to munch for a bit before stuffing a hush puppy into his mouth with sauce all over the little round fried dough bite. He chews on it thoughtfully, before getting out a water bottle and washing it down, he then hands a bottle to Rivea.

Rivea says, "YOU keep saying that. And as long as you look at it that way, it won't because you're already defeating yourself before you even try. Then again, people tell me I do the same thing…" reaching to take a couple hush puppies and nosh on them.

Sean tilts his head back slightly and and looks over at Riv with a look, "I'll never get married, have kids, make a supportive living on computers and music, and live a happy love filled life." he says, with a tone that hints at him actually believing it. "I've cried over it too many times, so I'm done trying. If I grow old alone and unloved by more than my sister, I'm fine with it now." that tone, however, hints at pain.

Rivea throws her hands up for a moment, rolling over on her back. "I've said the same thing to you before, I'm sure Peny has as well. I'm not gonna bother saying it again. It will happen though, when you least expect it, just like you keep telling me, you big doof!

Laying back onto the grass, Sean just shakes his head and sighs softly, " I keep telling both you and Peny it will happen for you… because you both still have hope in your hearts." a pause, "I don't… I haven't had hope for a long time now. I lost hope after the first break up, then the second, then third, fourth, fifth, sixth…" and so on, "Even her saying that she wants to get to know the real Sean now… I don't hold my breathe for anything to happen, in fact… I haven't, won't, reach out to her. If she's serious about wanting to get to know me, she'll make time. If not, it won't hurt me anymore… cause I can't feel that sort of pain now." he shrugs slightly, going quiet.

Rivea sighs, "Sean, I don't like hearing you talk like that. If I thought it would really help, I'd boff your brains out, but it wouldn't. Because you and I would both know it wasn't real and we'd both feel utterly empty inside..afterward. And I think I think you're lying when you say you can't feel that kind of pain any more because it obviously still bothers you or you wouldn't want to talk about it.”

There's a long moment of silence before Sean speaks again, "I can't hurt worse than I hurt right now, Riv." he says rather softly, then "Also… that whole line of thinking…" Sean speaks slowly, "I think I mentioned I've had the thought before, but it's alright Riv. I know I'm not what you're looking for in a guy, so I'm content with just being a friend. You need a strong handsome knightly guy, not a scrawny dead end bartender DJ." he shrugs, "Beautiful day isn't it? Also, there's cake for us to share… Peny's surprise is really starting to nag on me. Shall we open it?" offering her a change of subject if she wants the out.

Rivea falls silent for a few moments, then tries to grin. "Yes, yes. Ice cream always makes things better. And, I'm dying to see what she's done. You're not scrawny and dead end. I think….ehh, I'll tell you later. Let's just have some ice cream now.

Sean rolls over and sits up straight, pulling the cake to him. "Alright, she said we'd need to comm her to get it open…" Sean gets out his comm again and pings Peny and her voice comes on over the comm, "I was wondering when you two would call… now, if you want my treat for the happy couple, you'll need to sit on opposite sides of the cake. Once there, hold hands." if they could see the GRIN on her face, Sean rolls his eyes and looks over to Riv with a, 'told you so' look, before scooting so they comply with most of what she's telling them to do. "Sean, hold Riv's hand or no cake. You wouldn't do that to poor Rivea would you?" she chides him from probably miles on miles away, Sean offers out his hand. "Right, better. Enjoy the cake you two!" there's a glee filled cackle that resonates off the walls of the park, as Sean turns quickly to see just the faintest whisp of his sister's long hair as it flutters out the gates to the park. "Oh gods she's been watching us… that little sneak! I'll pour paint on her favorite shoes for this!" he jokingly threatens, since he's the one who'd bought her those shoes.

Rivea sighs, shaking her head but smiling at the Peny who is far away, holding out her hand. And then, LAUGHING at Sean. "Oh you will not. And we both know that."" Taking a deep breath, "So…." looking down at the cake. "This isn't gonna explode on us is it?”

The lid on the cake unlocks, and Sean's able to remove it easily enough. Inside a beautiful bouquet of icing flowers top a scrumptious chocolate and raspberry ice cream cake. The size is only large enough for the two of them to share, and there is, not surprisingly, only one fork provided for them. Sean sighs when he notices that, "Damn it! I'm never letting her prepare things like this for me again!" this time he's blushing, but he hands the fork to Rivea. "Let me know how it tastes." giving her an encouraging smile.

Rivea rolls her eyes, takes the fork and dissects the cake with the fork. Yes, we are resourceful. Taking up one piece and holding over to him," Here, now we can both eat at the same time, and you can say that I used the fork on the cake to help you eat it." There, problem solved,…..she hopes.

Sean is all over that! He takes up the cake from her and waits until her bite is poised, then he chomps down and mmmmmmmmms! "Oh man that's good! Peny is THE best cook ever!" mostly cause she made it for him, and he didn't have to lift a finger… in essence, he did use some of the money from her ex's trust fund to pay for the supplies and such and that required the use of his fingers. "What do you think?"

Rivea grins over a mouthful of cake, taking the time to swallow it. Searching for a napkin, she wipes off the fingers of one hand and her lips, before saying "If she never did anything but bake and make these, she'd make a fortune. I wish I could cook like this. Mom tried to teach me but, I wasn't every very good at it.”

"Peny is amazing, she's also a dancer… something she just loves to do. Cooking is her passion, what she was born for, dancing is her love. She works hard at it, possesses a natural ability for it but not like she does for cooking. Modeling is just something she does to pay her bills until she's a chef." Sean explains before using the fork to slice the cake again for them to enjoy a little more. "She's taught me what I know, and I can cook just fine… nothing like she can, but decently enough that I don't set water on fire."

Rivea grins, taking the piece of cake. "I can cook, just plain food, filling food. I admire people that can make it seem like so much more though. But. I will admit, your sister is a genius." She takes a few moments, to look around and watch all the people. "It is really nice out today."

Sean nods, "Yes it is… so what was it you were going to tell me later?" Sean asks after his second and final piece of cake, there's more left but he's offering the fork to Rivea to silently say it's all hers, with a smile even! He wipes his hands clean, then finishes off his water bottle before getting a second one to drink from.

Rivea says, "I don't wanna ruin the good mood we're ending on so we can talk about it later, ok? I promise." as she reaches to take another bite. "Maybe, I'll try to think of a surprise for you and Peny. I have some skills doing things"

Sean hms softly, and nods, "Alright… but are we ending the picnic?" he asks softly, "I always enjoy when we get to hang out… if it didn't mean we'd have nothing to talk about, I'd want to just hang out all the time with you. We should go just have a day at the foundry making something. Don't have to talk, just work side by side… we could work on the armor, or work on something else. I might see about showing you something about electronics even." he smiles, "If you promise to teach me something combat related, deal?"

Rivea says, "Deal. I'm not that good. I still have a lot to learn. I've been working a little with the guards at the Citadel since he's still in recovery from his surgery." She sighs a bit, "Sometimes, I don't think it's worth it though. I know I can make silver items and do well at it. "But we'll think of something I can teach you, without you or me," she chuckles, “…getting hurt."

Sean chuckles softly, "Alright then." he looks around them a bit before looking back at her, "As for if it's worth it or not… well, you said you wanted to become a knight in your grandmother's honor right? You don't have to squire to Lord Advent, you know, you can find other knights to squire you. I'm sure there are plenty of knights of the Orelle who could take you on."

Rivea says, "I know. It's just….well, hard to explain. It was her House, that's where I always wanted to be. Course, it doesn't really matter where, I suppose. I'll have to think about it."

Sean begins to pack up their picnic, stealing the last strip of fish to dip into the sauce before munching on it with a soft mmmm, part of it hanging out of his mouth as he smiles with the taste.

Rivea laughs, pointing at him. "If not thing else, Sean, you can always make me laugh at some point." She moves off the almost checkerboard pattered cloth to start folding it when Sean's done packing the rest of the items.

Sean finishes the strip of fish and his packing before smiling at Rivea as she helps him clean up. "That's a good thing I hope." before he takes the picnicking supplies under on arm and offers his other to Rivea. "Peny instructed me on the proper way to escort you around… apparently I've been a dolt all this time and just walked next to you." he shrugs, "Anyways, I figure you'd rather my arm than my hand… if you think it's necessary at all."

Rivea shakes her head and laughs, taking his arm. "I can take you're arm. It's not like you're a monster or anything…are you?"

"Raar!" Sean says playfully and pretends to bite her, "Arm it is then. You know? I don't think I've even walked and held someone's hand before, arm either. Strange behavior this whole arm thing is… do their mean different things socially?" he asks, and surprisingly everything he says seems genuine and sincere as if he's just asking the normal professions of the trade."

Rivea says, "Honestly, I don't really know. I think if you take the arm, it just signifies more closeness, or even just really good friends. or something like that. So I dunno, for sure."

As they walk around the park together, they chat about a variety of topics aside from the promised one saved for later. Sean is all smiles at her, eyes lingering now and then for slightly longer than normal. As they walk Sean's arm slowly slips down to his side, not accustomed to staying up like that. When she asks to go home, he's a gentleman and walks her there before wishing her a pleasant evening and night and heading off for his own home.

Rivea watches him walk off, shaking her head and smiling then turns to walk up to her quarters. "Peny and I, gotta find someone for him."

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