08.14.3013: Hunters and Gatherers
Summary: Alistair and Brianny discuss the details of a charity event. Kazimir's interest is piqued by talks of hunting.
Date: 14 August 2013
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Library in Castle Leonnida
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14 August 3013

Afternoon at the library in Castle Leonnida, light streams in through large medieval style windows in the stone walls. Large banners of knights and jousting tourneys decorate the walls. A portion of the large space is clearly dedicated to religious texts on the Six, with ornate engravings over the passageway. Relatively empty as the lunch break drags on, a room adjacent to this section features comfy chairs, tea, and a man, appearing unhealthily thin wearing a functional yet formal blue tunic and white vest.
Senator Alistair Hartcliffe, not quite yet 40, was waiting patiently in the room, having arrived well more than pleasantly early. Having just finished a conversation with the archivist about organization records for various pieces of legislation, he'll have a stack of papers on a sturdy circular table in the middle of the room. Sitting comfortably in the plush red-cushioned chairs.

The youngest daughter of Lord Sir Peter Leonnida has returned home, finally, after her marriage just a couple of months prior. Despite her stay at Drakholt, Lady Brianny looks just as vibrant as she did when she lived in these halls. Not even the dark reasons for her marriage has marred her optimistic outlook. Dressed in full Reversion attire, the young Leonnida now Saimhann wears a medieval style gown in a very dark turquoise blue. The sleeves at her shoulders are gently puffed out while the dark fabric continues on, covering her thin arms and cuffing tightly at her wrists, before the sleeves flair out over her dainty hands. Her full skirt glides across the floor when she walks, rustling with each graceful step. Upon her head, she wears a French hood in the same deep sea color as the rest of her gown; the length of her hair is covered beneath a black veil which drapes behind the headdress.
The familiarity of her home brings great comfort to the young lady, who has been feeling a touch homesick as of late. Walking a few steps, or even more, behind her, is her husband who looks far more rugged when in contrast to his delicate and petite young bride. "Senator Alistair!" She chimes out in a sing-song tone, "I hope that I have not kept you waiting."

Kazimir looks bored. There's no two ways around that. Charity is hardly his bag, nor the Leonnida his preferred hosts, but for the sake of his wife not nagging him, there are a few things he might put up with. And so he accompanies her to this meeting. However, his presence is not enough to change his general style or demeanor; the heavily tattooed Saimhann maintains his usual rough manner of dress and standoffish sort of attitude. His pace following after Brianny is unhurried, and he seems more curious of the building as they walk through it, glancing this way and that, although his attention does turn toward their intended meeting when his wife offers greetings. For his own part, Kazimir studies the other man for a few moments, greeting him with the barest of nods. Then he rubs across his nose with his thumb, and looks around, selecting one of those plush chairs and drops into it, savoring at least the comfortable seat, if little else about his surroundings.

Standing and giving an enthusiastic bow to the entering nobles, Senator Hartcliffe is a stickler for etiquette and protocols. Smiling as he bows low at the waist. "My lady, you look as lovely as ever." He'll turn to Lord Kazimir. "And my Lord Saimhann, I don't believe we've been formally introduced. Thank you both for coming." He'll sit back down and motion to the table. "I've had some tea and such brought in. Is there anything else I can send for?" He's demeanor is one of comfort and polite friendliness. The pale man's blue eyes looking between lord and lady with a genuine smile.

Brianny looks like a little doll when she sits upon the plush seats, her dark eyes are bright and her smile never leaves her lips. "Oh, you are too kind!" She responds in a chipper tone to the compliment, her gaze then turning to her husband to see how he is faring in this 'hostile' territory, but it looks as if he is finding ways to bide his time. "You've never met my husband?" She asks with curiosity as she tries to remember whether Alistair was at her wedding. "Lord Sir Kazimir Saimhann meet Senator Alistair Hartcliffe. The Senator and I have worked on a project or two in the past and I am just pleased that I'll still be able to offer a hand of assistance even though I'm no longer a Leonnida."

"And only my eldest brother is the 'Lord Saimhann,'" Kazimir tacks onto the introduction Brianny makes for him, looking back to Alistair in a way that makes it unclear if he is correcting the other man or just being sure not to intrude upon that which belongs to his brother. The suggestion of tea causes a bit of a funny look, and he does readily take up the offer for having something else brought. "Whiskey, if you have it. Or anything else but tea." Not a fan! Then he gives a bit of a nod as Brianny explains her prior relationship with the Senator. "Ah. What sort of projects? I suppose I don't know what Senators do. Well, what they really do." Surely, he's had the basic civics lessons.

"An honor to meet you Kazimir Saimhann." He'll shoot a quick message to an assistant, requesting a good aged whiskey. "And it's an honor to have you back in the Castle to visit, my Lady. Even if you must be certainly busy setting up your new household. An exciting time, I'm sure." At the comment about Senators, he'll smirk. "We talk a lot…it's basically a profession for narcissists…." He'll give a brief laugh. "But more to the point, we like to think we represent the people's voice in areas of policy and such. Mainly to make sure all ideas are heard. It's the balancing act of the reversion." He'll sip his tea, wondering why his assistant is remaining.

Very much a lady, Brianny seems quite pleased by the idea of tea, "And I would be delighted to have a cup of tea, Senator." Quickly, she then shakes her head, "I wouldn't say that I was kept busy enough, I think. I do spend much of my time exploring the vast halls of Drakholt though I have yet to venture very far away from the Saimhann fortification itself. The mountains are dangerous, I'm told, but I can't help but be curious as to what does live there." Both of her hands resting within her lap, she responds to Kazimir's mild interest in this Senatorial thing, "Senators hold a very important position and Senator Hartcliffe, here, has been doing a fine job as it is." Turning now back to Alistair, she asks, "And what may I assist you with for your most recent project?"

"She handles her wifely duties well enough," Kazimir remarks, perhaps a little defensively, as the topic comes to Brianny's adjustment to his family's mountain home. "But that sounds about right. People who like to talk." Which hardly seems to impress him much at all, but at least it confirms his view of the world and the order of it. "I would think a proper lord knows the will and feeling of his subjects, but perhaps there is some use to organizing it, so that the voices are fewer." When Brianny speaks of the mountains, he grins, showing some interest at last. "They are dangerous, considering that one of the few things that living in them are the drakes. You are better kept safe from such things."

Taking in the exchange between the two, the Senator will relax and perhaps seem slightly more informal, carefully trying to find a median between the couple's balance of the issue. "I know years ago you assisted with the soup kitchens of Meals of the Mother. I'm organizing a banquet of sorts to raise money for it. In times like these, I find it particularly important to not neglect the most vulnerable in our society." He nearly sighs with relief as an obviously beleaguered assistant walks in with a moderately priced whiskey, aged 30 years, a couple of drinking glasses and a cooler of ice. He'll set them down on the table and nod wordlessly to the couple before heading out. "I'm not sure if this particular whiskey will suit your tastes. It's a local brand I try to keep well stocked." He'll motion to the arriving glasses and ice. "As for multiple voices, I think we can all agree that engaging the citizenry in the political process, even for an advisory role, helps to inspire them with further pride in our great Haven. We get the immeasurable benefits of the Reversion and it's rightful system while ensuring stability within." He smiles, obviously very long-winded. "Keeping you safe is an important task, my lady." He'll nod in vague agreement with Kazimir, unsure of where, if any, common ground existed with the Lord.

Ever since her marriage, Brianny has been used to Kazimir speaking up for her, at times, or commenting on things directed at her, oh so abruptly. All she can really do is blink with those wide eyes of hers and nod slowly in her husband's direction. When Alistair pipes up and explains his new project, the young Lady beams brightly, her hands clasping together in what could be seen as delight. Breathing in sharply, she muses, "A banquet would be /wonderful/!" Her gaze follows the path of the assistant who now brings Kazimir's drink and she gives him an appreciative smile for his good work. She half-turns to regard her husband with a look, hoping that he is pleased by this whiskey, before she adds in, "Then what good is it for me if I cannot explore the entirety of my new home? Must I be trapped at Drakholt and only venturing out to take the Ways? Why, there are lakes to play in and wide expansive meadows to wander in the Vale. I would hate to think that my freedom was being taken away." No, she isn't quite nagging, though Kazimir might consider it just that. The tone she uses is one of forlorn and knowing that there will be no positive reply to this, she returns her attention back to Alistair, a small smile forming on her lips again.

Kazimir is already reaching for the bottle when Alistair starts explaining its vintage, so one would probably guess he approves. "I'm sure it will do," is noted somewhere along the way. With his soldierly look, it may be more an issue of having a stiff drink on hand than especially caring about it's pedigree. Still, he is kind enough to pour glasses for the both of them, possibly taking drinking etiquette more seriously than other kinds, although if the other man wants ice, he's left to add it himself. "You will be able to come along on some of the hunts, so long as they are not expected to be too dangerous, just as I took you on my last," the man informs his wife then, matter-of-factly. "It is not unusual for the ladies to accompany them." But general wanderings still seem off the menu. Perhaps surprisingly, he does have a comment on the charity talk, if only to confirm the expected Saimhann position: "Is is a religiously based organization, then? That is worthy enough then."

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"It is often the Six that remind us to look outside our baser passions and fears." Trying to alter tact, he'll show interest in the hunting, a topic he had at least some experience of in the Southern Wilds. "I've heard it takes skill, speed, and stealth to hunt Drake. I can only imagine the thrill." He'll offer a brief raise of his glass to the thought of bravery.

Once her tea is cooled, she takes a small sip from her cup and seems happy enough to hear that she will be able to accompany the hunters when they venture out into the mountains. "I've always wanted to meet a wild drake. They look so terribly sad when they are caged up at the zoo." And before anyone gets any ideas, she quickly tacks on, "I know that they are very dangerous creatures, so you need not remind me of this now. It's just that… well…." Her brow knits gently as she tries to find her words, "Have you ever happened upon one and there be some acknowledgement or mutual respect between yourself and the drake?" This question is posed to Kazimir, of course. "And not having one slaughtering the other?"

Kazimir sits enjoying his drink while the two talk of their charitable efforts, his own interest seemingly extending to - but going no further than - that confirmation of it's religious foundation. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the change of topic does seem to better capture his attention, and he nods enthusiastically over his glass. "Oh yes. There is no natural beast more fearsome, and the larger specimens rival the typical hostile for the sort of threat they pose." Reaching to his neck, he pulls at the little loop of chain worn around it, and draws up the drake claw fastened to the necklace. "I will always carry this, as a memory of my first such hunt." Turning toward Brianny, there is a little bit of a frown as she suggests these things that she knows to be dangerous, but her question does cause him some thought. "Acknowledgment? They are still beasts, and do not engage in human ideals of honor. But, they are cunning, and surely recognize a threat when they see one, and treat it as such."

Returning his focus to the lord, he'll admire the trinket appreciatively. "A beast that certainly should be respected for its tenacity. I've got a tooth from my first lion kill, though I haven't been hunting in a while." He'll sip more of his whiskey.

She is then distracted when Kazimir pulls out his claw, the way he usually does and tells his little tale of how he got it, no matter how vague. Just seeing that claw fascinated the young lady, but when Alistair chimes in with his own hunt, she half-turns to him and asks, "May we see it, Senator?"

"They are truly formidable beasts, and require one to take the strength of the knight fully into one's heart to defeat," Kazimir declares with a hint of pride, followed by a sip of his drink. "And if you have the opportunity, you ought keep up with your hunting. Even if a Senator's life does not require such prowess, it keeps the body, mind, and heart all strong. And perhaps you will learn a little of finding weakness in your political opponents!" This is really supposition more than anything, since Kazimir's political acumen is… fairly close to nonexistent. He does smile back when Brianny's eyes alight on his trophy, before he tucks it back away.

Selecting the art of compromise as his best path forward, the Senator will propose a balance, as he foresaw might be necessary. "We could certainly keep decorations and maybe even keep to a theme of some sort, perhaps honoring the mother or a seasonal plot. You know how beautiful autumn is. This way people will have a good time and be reminded of a moral lesson. We need both, an escape for war and a reminder of why we fight." He's nodding and waxing philosophical, used to navigating the festive ways of his home. At the mention of his trophy, "It's on my desk in my office. A good reminder that even the most formidable opponents can be taken down by superior will and intellect." Looking to Kazimir, "That's very true, I often find myself camping and living off the land for a time in the spring. Perhaps a hunting trip is long overdue." He appears to be seriously considering the idea, though most might seem skeptical of the thinly man's ability to effectively hunt wilds beasts.

Brianny smiles even brighter when Alistair agrees on the decor. "Wonderful, Senator! When do you hope to hold this banquet? Oh, there are so many themes that we could use." Then just out of simple curiosity, as she is here, she has to ask, "Have you spoken to any of my siblings as of yet to gain their support and assistance as well?" This is a question which gauges on the well-being and possibly whereabouts of her many brothers and sisters. "I just /know/ that Godric would love to hear all about your cause!" A clear look of disappointment is now evident on her features when, no, they won't be able to see the lion's tooth just now, but with all of this discussion on hunting going on around her, she decides to throw out her own invitation, "Why, that is a splendid idea, my husband." Quickly turning to Alistair, she offers with such enthusiasm, "You could go on a drake hunt with House Saimhann." Because, lion, drake. It's all the same…!

Skeptical of his abilities or otherwise, Kazimir still seems in favor of this hunt. He's just that sort, who thinks that most situations and people would be bettered by a bit of it. And while Brianny's sudden invitation may come as a bit of a surprise and without prior permission, the offering doesn't really seem to bother him, although it does cause him to give Alistair another sort of measuring look. "If he feels up to such a task, perhaps he might accompany us on a future outing. But it is no thing to be undertaken lightly. They are dangerous, and we do not believe in using an excess of technology to make up for that danger as some others might. Such hunts are very serious matters, within my House and our mountains."

Glad to have Brianny excited, the Senator can't help but smile at her enthusiasm. A little bit of color wouldn't hurt anyone. And besides, it would do well to have a Leonnidan face that was still well-liked by all present. "I was thinking the month before the major harvests, perhaps late August or early September? I'm certain you're more connected with the social calendar, my lady. I believe my staff suggested the 30th as a placeholder date." Since his mind had already been considering a hunt, he'll take the suggestion remarkably well in stride. "I certainly know how to pull my weight and keep pace, though I've never hunted the beasts before. It would be a great honor and pleasure to come along." He finds himself getting excited, already preparing himself for the onslaught of questions and objections his staff will give immediately to the idea.

Well, Brianny has always been the easily excitable sort when something pleasant, interesting or fun is ever mentioned. So this banquet is no different. "And the weather shall be cooling down around that time as well. I am glad to be able to actually do something productive once more. I've felt that I've been mostly idle for too long." Since her marriage, anyway! She then asks, "Isn't this exciting? First talks of a banquet and then an outting into Drake Mountain!" The way that she says this does hint that she is more excited to actually just be out there and explore and to, maybe, see a Drake. The hunting part isn't exactly necessary.

"If you are capable, then so be it." Whatever Kazimir thinks of Senators (it sure didn't seem like much), it seems that the hunt is the great equalizer and ability the only meaningful factor. Although he's lost interest in the banquet talk, he does seem pleased by Brianny's satisfaction with it. Or as pleased as he ever is. "It seems a good thing to keep you busy." Right. 'Happy' for her!

On the inside, Alistair is giving a huge sigh of relief. This was turning out rather well. Completely oblivious to the dangers he's going to face on a drake hunt, he'll nearly finish his whiskey. "I'll offer the support of my staff in any decorating or planning needs. I was also hoping for help with the guest list, if that's not too much to ask?" Looking not at all offended by Kazimir's suggestion that he might not be capable, the Senator will give a determined nod. "I'll prove myself on the hunt. You'll find I can hold my own."

Just as she had extended a drake hunting invitation to Alistair, she now looks upon Kazimir and his bald head and grouchy demeanor, "My Lord Husband and I should be able to put together a decent guest list!" A wide smile tugs at her lips and she seems rather excited at this prospect! Something that they could do together. "We're looking forward to both this event and the drake hunt as well. I'm glad to be able to bring together my new family and old acquaintances alike."

Kazimir glances sidelong at his spouse, his look rather flat at the suggestion of his own involvement in this process. But he doesn't actually speak up against it. Clearly, just by his presence here today, there are things he tolerates for the sake of… harmonious union? Not seeming like a crazy hillbilly recluse? However, he does have one objection, or perhaps correction to make: "If we're going to be hunting, it should be before whatever banquet. So that our successes can contribute to that event." The Saimhann are serious about using what they kill, after all.

Obviously stuck with the need to accept, Alistair will not miss a beat. Pondering the possible protocols and other pending activities before such an important event. He was thrilled at the idea of the hunt and willing to accept some give and take. However, contributing food to the banquet seemed to be a conflicting concept. Bridges shouldn't be crossed until they had to be. Maybe Drake meat wasn't good? "Certainly, Kazimir. If we are setting the Banquet for the 30th, I'll hunt whenever seems best to you." Smiling to Brianny, the Senator will nod. "You have my thanks, my Lady." He starts to scribble some notes on the papers that have been left unattended in front of him, trying to commit certain details to memory and giving himself reminders just in case.

"Drake meat…?" Brianny is just a tiny bit fascinated by this idea, never having eaten drake herself. "And oh goodness. What does one wear to a drake hunt, I wonder. I must have something appropriate for treks up a mountain." As she ponders on all of this, she takes small quick sips of tea, before she states, "I shall mark these events down as well. There's so much to do, people to invite and drake hunt to prepare for." So far, Kazimir has not said that she could not go along on one of these hunts.

Kazimir glances once more at his wife, and gives her a somewhat brusque up-and-down look, before declaring, "Something more sensible. The prey, after all, is dangerous and the terrain itself treacherous." There is then a pause. "However, whether you will be able to go depends on the size of the party. If it is small, there is no space for someone who cannot contribute and may need to be protected. But these hunts do often attract large bands." Looking back to Alistair, he gives a shrug, clearly not the sort with a head for schedules and planning. "We will go when the time seems auspicious. You will be informed."

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