How To Use 256 Colors

This note is a quick rundown on how to use the 256 colors available on Fifth World to make things like chan titles, color your messages, descriptions, poses, etc.

Here is a link to the 256 colors with corresponding hex codes. This is the most accurate way to pick your colors.

In order to use these, start with the regular ansi code tags and include a # with a hex code in place of the traditional color symbols (c, r, rh, etc.) For example:

think [ansi(#005faf, C)][ansi(#00afaf, o)][ansi(#00d7af, o)][ansi(#00ffaf, l)]

You can also use color names instead, which can be found in this somewhat hard-to-read list. If you prefer to use a color name, then you include it with a + sign instead of #. For example:

think [ansi(+orchid, This color is pretty.)]

The names on the list also display the corresponding hex codes. However, it is recommended to use the color chart from the first link as you can see right away what the colors look like.

I hope this crash course in using fancy 256 colors helps!

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