How To Post Logs: A Step-by-Step Guide

For some players new to the MUSH, the format of our log-posting is definitely strange and never fully explained in any one place. While our log box template includes helpful tips, it appears that most players do not stop to read it. So in an effort to streamline the log posting process, here is a handy step-by-step guide including the DOs and DON'Ts of titling, tagging and posting.

Creating the Log's Page

1. From the wiki homepage, click on scene list in the left-hand navigation bar below the "ON THE GRID" button.

2. Near the top of this page there is a box for creating new logs. Type in your title and hit "create log". Remember the following rules for log titles:

  • Do not put the date in this box. (It will be added later.)
  • Do not include anything except numbers and letters. No apostrophes, hyphens, quotes, periods, question marks, backslashes, exclamation points, etc.

Filling Out the Log Page

3. In the "Title of the page" box, type in the date (in MM.DD.YYYY format). Now you can include all of the characters you need to make your title spiffy (!,.?'"/ etc.)

4. Fill out the log info box as prompted. Keep note of the following:

  • Summary: this needs to be brief - one long sentence or two short sentences at most.
  • Related logs: please include all related logs; do not forget to go back to those logs and include your new log in their "related logs" section.
  • Room name/description: if you are in an RP room instead of on the grid, please come up with an appropriate name and a generic description ("a lavish noble guest room", "a clearing in the woods", "a cliff overlooking the ocean", etc.)
  • IC date: to find this, merely type +time in your game window.

5. When you have finished all of that and put in the log, press "Save."

After Log Creation

6. Once you have saved the log, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the "tags" link.

7. Put in all of the appropriate tags for the log following these guidelines:

  • Include the tag LOGS. This should be there automatically.
  • Tag the log SOCIAL (automatic) or EVENT (not both). A log only qualifies for the EVENT tag if it was posted on +events.
  • Tag all of the characters who participated in the scene.
  • Do not tag anything else - no subject tags, location tags, etc.

8. Remember the name of your log. Click on the "scene list" link you used to first generate the log.

9. Scroll down to the bottom of the scene list page and hit "edit".

10. Scroll through the scene list and find the appropriate IC date for your log. When adding your log, follow the same format as prior logs. Put your log at the bottom of that day's list.

11. Link to your log by including [[[Log Name|Optional Edited Log Name]]] followed by -- and the same summary you used while making the log.

12. Click "Save."

Congratulations, you have posted a log!

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