05.04.3014: How Not to Bond
Summary: Andraste checks in on Ioan after putting it off far too long. They bond, but it's not healthy.
Date: January 1 2014
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Andraste Ioan 

Mordain House, Pale Horse Caravan, The Vale
This small home is quaint and comfortable. A small family room is set around a holodisplay on one wall, with well-worn chairs and a sofa facing it. A large, padded ottoman serves as a coffee table with no sharp edges. Built-in shelves on the walls are filled with children's toys, books, and tchotchkes. There is a small dining area between the family room and modest kitchen. Down a hall is a bathroom and two bedrooms, one serving as a nursery.

The entire home shows the age of the Pale Caravan in the aged walls and flooring, but it has solid bones and a homey feel. The colors are muted greens and tans, reminiscent of the Plains of Ares in Spring and Summer.

May 4 3014

The Mordain household has been rather bleak of late. After Rebecca suffered a crippling injury in battle leaving her paralyzed, she's been living with her parents for the most part, as being a scout for the Rovehn can cause Ioan to be out for days at a time. This is one such day where Ioan came back, but Rebecca is still gone.

He's sitting in the living room, glass of some alcohol in his hand. As the scout isn't expecting company, he's got on a white undershirt and some pants made for sleeping His other hand is fiddling with a small eye dropper, considering if it's worth the risk, or if he should wait and see if Rebecca is coming back today or tomorrow.

It's been a while since Andraste has been by to visit her brother. Or even the caravans in general. It's partially of her own tendency, since her betrothed's death, to sequester away and partially due to how busy she's been as a Knight within the Vale. The rise in active work to handle the Hostiles on the plains has meant many a mission.

Still, there are times when an older sister just knows perhaps. The woman doesn't knock, either. It's a family home and she's entitled. Or maybe she just doesn't care. She's attired in a more casual way; the blacks she's worn since she lost Jonothan. "Ioan?" She's calling out even as the door opens.

Ioan jumps in his seat as panic sets in his body. The small house is a bit of a mess, but it's mostly kids toys littered about the place rather then trash. Because of his time being drugged, he doesn't realize that's his sister calling his name, just that there's a door opening. If he doesn't act fast he'll be caught, 'Red handed', as it were.

the front door opens directly into the living room, so it's possible that the eldest Mordain might catch Ioan stuff something hastily in his pocket as he stands, turning to greet his sister. The scout /knows/ he's related to her, her face is familiar… but her name escapes him. "Hello? Can I help you?" He asks defensively.

Blue eyes drop to the hand shoving into pocket and Andraste's brow furrows. It's noted and stored away. The woman completes her progress into the home, letting the door close behind her. The expression her brother wears, combined with the way he speaks to her… She draws in a long breath and pushes her fingers through her hair. It's been left to fall in loose waves around her features. "Fuck's sake, Ioan…"

The woman is, unfortunately, familiar with this. It pains her to see and sometimes… well, sometimes it is frustrating. She moves further into the house to fall into a seat at one of the chairs. "Andraste. Your sister. Come on, you can do this."

It takes Ioan a few moments as he watches the familiar woman take a seat on one of the chairs. His hand stays close to his pocket, as if checking periodically to make sure something is still there. He seems somewhat distracted, a little bit flustered. It's obvious by the way he's dressed he wasn't expecting any company.

"Andraste?" He asks, squinting at her. It's been a while sense they've spoken, but finally something clicks. Perhaps it was the family albums given to him after he returned from his family, or perhaps familial connections caused the link. Whatever the reason, Ioan finally recognizes /exactly/ who she is. His tone changes to one much happier as he takes a step toward her. "Oh, Andraste…" He says, giving her a hug. "I missed you…" Or… at least he's missed her sense he realized he /had/ a sister.

When he approaches and that recognition appears in his features, Andraste looks relieved. She gets to her feet swiftly and pulls her brother into a hug. "Damnit, there you are. I swear, don't make me start messaging you a picture of myself every day just to make sure you don't forget me."

It's not like they've lost the rest of their family, but they've both suffered in their own ways. It tightens the bonds. "You wouldn't like some of them. I'd be a mess coming in out of combat." She manages a bit of a smile, before falling back into the chair. There's a glance at him, then around the place. "I guess Rebecca is still away?"

If there was one thing in his life that Ioan would change, it would be his memory. It's always frustrating to see the pain or anger in someone's face when they know he should know something. However, she's hugged him back, things are going to be ok.

"Becca is still at her parents with the kiddo, I just got back from a patrol last night." He smiles, taking a seat next to Andraste. "I'll try harder… things have just been really rough lately. My memory gets worse the more stressed I am." He sighs. It's in his eyes and face, the man is exhausted. Like maybe he's been taking too many sleeping pills, or staying up really late. "She'll be back soon, things have been really rough as of late."

Leaning forward, Andraste reaches a hand out to squeeze Ioan's knee. She doesn't care what attire he's in; like as not she saw him during their childhood in far worse. "What's got you so stressed?" She can make a few guesses, perhaps. Blue eyes study the man's face, brow furrowing slightly.

"I know things must be difficult with her and… the injury and all. We do what we can." She's not going to go her initial, instinctual route- of reminding him that at least he has his wife. Andi has slightly more tact than that. "Anything I can help with?"

Ioan jumps reactively when his sister places her hand on his leg. It's possible he's still a little jumpy from being on patrol, it's also possible that her hand close to whatever is in his pocket. He settles down after the initial jump, however.

"It's just difficult, Andi." He sighs, placing a hand on his head, leaning toward her a bit. "Becca getting the injury means that I'm the one who has to lead my family. I still can't remember important details, I'm afraid I'm going to screw up on patrol. I'm always tired… What if I get hurt too? What happens to Sophia?" He stays silent for a few seconds. "I… I still have dreams about being captive. I don't know if my dreams are real or not. It's terrifying."

There's a long sigh from the woman and she leans back, stretching her legs out. The buckles on her jacket are tugged and it falls open. The brown article of clothing is the only thing of her outfit that isn't black. A spot of color in an otherwise monochrome appearance. "I don't know, Ioan," she says honestly. "You've got family, though. I'm sure our parents or Becca's would take care of Sophia. She wouldn't be alone."

It's difficult to discuss the concept of death sometimes, but it's also a necessity. She and Ioan are out there, regularly, putting their lives on the line. Andi slouches back and presses her fingers into her hair. "You just… gotta focus on your job. You're keeping Haven safe for Sophia, Ioan."

The tired looking scout casts a weary smile at his knight sister. "I know, and I do. There's just a lot of self doubt now. Some days I'm really feeling the pressure, and I guess you just caught me at a bad time." He tries to laugh it off some, but it's not difficult to tell he's lost a lot of the confidence he once had before the incident.

"Have you seen Eadric yet? He's been at the Academ studying robot stuff I think." Or at least, he was when they last talked. "How are you? What brings you here? Can I get you anything, tea, water, milk?"

"I haven't seen Eadric yet," Andraste says, with a brief shrug of shoulders. "Never really known how to connect with him, anyway." Something Ioan might remember, but she never quite knows what he will or won't recall. The woman brushes her hair back and there's a slight twitch of her lip. "Got anything… harder to drink?" Alcohol.

"I'd rather catch you at a bad time, to be honest. I want to know how you're doing. How you're really doing."

"I had or… have, a hard time connecting with him too." Ioan stands up, heading towards the kitchen. "We got some, nothing great." He continues to speak as he opens a few cupboards, frowning a bit. "I thought it was…" He begins to mutter before rolling his eyes. "Right." He then opens up a cupboard hanging above the fridge, where there's a small veriety. "Vodka, or Whiskey?" He asks her, grabbing two glasses.

"Well, if you want to know how I'm really doing I'll tell you. I'm tired, stressed, worried… but also very thankful to be home and alive." He sounds sincere enough. It might be believable if he wasn't sorta caught trying to hide something/

"So long as it's alcoholic, it's good," Andraste murmurs. She waits for him to locate the liquor. "Whichever you'd prefer," she decides, finally. "If the vodka, mix mine with something, will ya?"

"Focus on the good things, yeah?" Andraste sits forward and tugs off her jacket. She drapes it over the back of the chair she's taken up in. "Like the time you get with your wife and daughter."

After some deliberation, and a quick glance in the fridge revealing orange juice close to the expiration date, Ioan decides on the Vodka. He pours mixes the two drinks, handing one to her, the other he keeps for himself.

"It's what I have to do. If I don't, then all the bad get's overwhelming and I can't do anything." He smiles slightly when his sister mentions his wife and child. "She's getting so big now, Sophia. She's started to talk." Talking about his daughter causes the man to smile more, glad to be sharing something happy with a family member for once. "What about you? How have you been?"

There's a murmur of thanks when she accepts the glass and Andraste takes a sip. A sip turns into a longer drink and with a sigh, the Knight leans back and closes her eyes. She slouches into the chair, letting the initial bright points in her brain soothe her.

An eye opens and she looks over towards Ioan. There's a bit of a smile in response to his own. It's a nice thing to see. "Me? Busy. Y'know. Missions. Fighting Hostiles. Ending up in the hospital now and then. The usual."

Ioan has no way to tell if his sister is telling the truth or not as he has no frame of reference to base past experiences with. The memories he has of her are few and brief. So, he assumes she's telling the truth.

"Sounds exhausting." He laughs a little, hand instinctively sliding down to his pocket. Good, it's still there. "So… did you just come to check up on me? Or… did something happen?"

"Came to check on you," Andraste says, taking another long drink. The glass is already nearly empty. "It's been a while and… I have a few days off." She lowers the glass to the arm of the chair she's in, eyes tracking his gesture. There's a slight frown.

"Ioan, whatever are you so worried about that you're hiding it from your own sister?"

"I uh… hiding from you?" Ioan asks, sounding confused. It's in his voice though, he knows he's been caught. Like a small child, instead of owning up to it, the Scout tries to lie his way through it.

"There's nothing. I'm just… ashamed that those men got the drop on me. I thought you would be disappointed." Because that's something every sister wants to hear… "I'm fine… honest."

There's a bit of a growl from Andraste, the Knight within rising to the surface. Perhaps spurned on a little by a concerned sister. She knocks back the rest of the drink and moves forward, reaching for Ioan's pocket.

"Oh, fuck off with that. Look, that shit happened a while ago now. You're not afraid I'd be disappointed and it'd be a damn insult to think if I was, I still was after all this time."

Ioan's heart sinks. He's been found out, there's no hiding anymore. Not from his sister. A hand grasps defiantly at his pocket briefly, a last defensive move to hide his sins.

When she speaks to him, however, he realizes the stupidity in his statement. Eyes begin to well up as he slowly puts a hand in his pocket, handing her a vial of red eye. "Andraste… I couldn't help it. The memories… They caused problems. I couldn't sleep, I was scared…"

Taking the vial from him, Andraste frowns as she sits back. She turns it over and over in her fingers. Hand finally closes around it in a fist and she lets out a long sigh. "Ioan…"

The woman swallows and slouches back in her chair, drawing her other hand up to rub at her eyes. "After Jon… after he died, I did the same. Fuck, I even ended up on destro for a short while." She's not letting go of the vial, mind. "But… this isn't smart, Ioan. You have a daughter."

The Rhoven Scout's eyes stare at the ground, he can't look at his sister right now, he's too ashamed. Guilt slithers though his body like some kind of snake as she lectures him.

"I know, I know…" He sighs hand wiping away some of the tears falling from his face. "I wanted to stop, I tried. The dreams were worse, then. Now Becca has been hurt, Our youngest brother comes to me with relationship advice and threatens to end his life almost. I can't remember things half the time." Ioan begins to stop uncontrollably. "I want to stop, Andi. I've tried… I wanted to stop."

Her empty glass is glanced at and Andraste slouches further back. She's not one to talk, she really isn't. Nor is she one to give advice. She's spent years now just drowning in work. The woman lifts the dropper on the vial briefly, studying it.

"Does it help, truly?" Blue gaze lifts and she studies Ioan. "It might be making it harder to remember. Or the stress worse. What need did you have of it today? You're home, alone. You're not on patrol. No one's here demanding advice."

"I… I don't know." The tears have stopped, at least. Ioan still is ashamed. "It's just comforting, I need it." Because somehow pleading with his sister to give him back the illegal drugs will work, obviously. "Just once more, I won't do it again, promise."

Eyes look longingly at the dropper, fear he'll never see it again. "Please" He asks once more, giving her a smile. "Would you like another drink?"

The dropper is lifted and with a held breath, Andraste tilts back her head and… doses herself. Eyes close reflexively once each droplet is put in and she leans forward, holding out the vial towards Ioan.

"New rule. You can dose, but only with me." Because, for whatever reason, she thinks either she'll keep him out of trouble… or he'll stop out of embarassment.

This… was different. Not at all what Ioan was expecting. He reaches for the dropper, dosing himself as well. He's going to attempt to be sly and pocket it again, maybe she'll forget about it.

"Uhm… sure. I didn't know that you did red eye." There's a lot that Ioan doesn't know about his sister now, it's possible it's something he knew before if it was common knowledge. "I just want everything to be ok, you know?"

"I don't," Andraste answers, leaning forward and resting her head in her hands; elbows propped upon knees. "Sometimes, sure, but not… regularly." Her voice takes on a bit of a warped state and she draws in a slow breath. "You want everything to be okay… yeah… I get that."

With another long, deep breath, she leans back into the chair and opens her eyes to stare towards the ceiling. "This won't help, Ioan, but maybe… if I'm here when ya do it… we can help ya work shit out."

The Red-Eye has taken the edge off of Ioan's worries, and in a way he's able to speak more freely. "Did I know this back when I wasn't some thug's bitch?" He asks her, regarding the drug usage. "You don't know how it feels, to see the hurt it someone's face when you don't recognize them. Grandma about cried when I saw her and I didn't recognize her… it was terrible."

Arms slouch as he sits more comfortably on the chair. "They used drugs on me, kept me constantly high on something. I forget most of my time there." He continues to ramble. "I'm so lost…" He says finally.

"You didn't," Andraste says, drawing breath in slow, steady paces. "No one did. I wasn't really around, anyway. Signed up for every dangerous or extended mission I could." And ended up with enough injuries that is it any surprise she would end up trying different drugs?

The woman lifts her hands to push fingers into her hair. "Mind if I get another drink?" She's calm and relaxed herself. "Doctors can't do anything? No sort of… therapy or some shit?"

"You're family, you don't need to ask." Ioan waves to the kitchen. "Get one of whatever you make." Is his only request. He doesn't know about his sister's drinking problem, so he wouldn't know that giving her unlimited access to the family's alcohol might possibly leave them with nothing.

"What was I like, before…" He trails off, not wanting to finish his thought. It's a bad thought, and he's happy right now. Or at least drugged happy.

It takes Andraste a moment, but she soon gets to her feet and makes her way into the kitchen with empty glass in hand. There's some rustling around before she returns, already taking a sip. "Before?"

She settles back into the chair, kicking off her boots. It's family. She can get comfortable. "Before you were… taken?" Andi tilts the glass from side to side, listening to the ice rattle. "I… I mostly remember you during our childhood, Ioan. Once I squired, I… I wasn't around much." She manages not to add '… remember?' to that. There is a near slip, but the Knight catches herself. "It's like… I squired, you went into the military and… next thing I knew, you were married and had a kid."

Ioan recalls about that much, he and Rebecca got hitched and had a kid pretty quick. "I forgot that you weren't around much after you got squired. My… memory of my childhood is spotty at best. Things come back to me slowly, but it's taking time."

The once jumpy and nervous scout has become calm, mostly from the Red-Eye. "This is good, we should do this more often." He specify if he meant spending time with the family, or more drugs. "Kill any Hostiles recently? They're crawling all over the vale now." He's not quite sure what to say next, as he's not sure what the two had in common, /if/ they had anything in common to start.

At one time, they had plenty in common. Now? Andraste barely knows what to do with herself outside of battle. The entire life she had planned was gone in the blink of an eye. Years past and the woman still hasn't recovered.

"I'll come by more often to check on you," she offers, tilting the glass slightly to hear the ice. She lifts it for a long drink. "But less drugs. You don't need them, Ioan. What I do remember of you was that you were strong. Stronger than you're letting yourself be." Maybe it's true, maybe it's not. Perhaps it'll be enough to start what he needs.

"I would like that. We've all gone our sperate ways, You, Eadric, and I. Would be nice to get the family back together." His lips twitch into a small grin, just about any new connection with his past is a happy thing for him. "Maybe we should see about doing something together sometime, the three of us."

"You… you won't mention this to Rebecca, will you?" Ioan seems suddenly worried, the thing he's been keeping from her for so long now potentially could come out. Eyes flash to his sister, briefly filled with fear when he realizes his secret rests on someone who /will/ do what needs to be done to really get him better.

"Maybe. Do you know how to get ahold of Eadric?" Andraste sounds slightly ashamed to admit it. "Does he still use his old contact or does he have a new one at the Academy?" It shows just how long it's been since she really put effort into keeping in touch. The woman drowned in her own misery for way too long. Years.

At the latter question, she lifts her drink to sip at it. Taking a moment to mull the question over. Finally, after downing the rest of it, she sets the glass aside. Ice clatters about in the empty vessel. "No… provided you promise to try to break the habit." Blue eyes drift to regard her brother; serious despite the red that has taken over the whites, "You have a daughter. If I even once feel like you're putting her in danger because of this stuff? I will tell whoever I need to."

"I can give you his contact information." Ioan isn't sure if it's changed or not sense he's returned from being missing, and it would solve the problem either way. There's another small smile as the now overly relaxed scout looks at his sister. "I'm glad you're back, don't disappear again like that." It's said in a brief moment of clarity.

As she speaks about his red-eye addiction he closes his eyes, taking in a deep breath. It's not what he wanted to hear, but it was what he /needed/ to hear. "I know…I'm being selfish. Believe me, I've tried. I was given something to fix it but…" He sighs, looking to his sister. "… but I didn't want it to end. Not yet. Then I didn't want to tell Lady Dr. Elodie that I had thrown away what she gave me to help with the withdraws and I was still addicted. She would have needed to get more help for me, which would cause Rebecca to find out…" He lets slip the name of the doctor by accident, but Ioan doesn't realize what he's done just yet. "I know you'll do what is required, you're a good aunt."

"I don't intend-" Andraste stops herself, frowning. This isn't a time to lie. She slouches in the chair, lithe form filling the space awkwardly. She's not a being made for such positions and yet… there she is. Two drinks in and enjoying the ride provided by the red-eye. There's a long exhale and she tilts her head in a nod, "I'll do my best."

It's all she can offer. Sitting forward, she slowly gets to her feet and grabs both of their glasses. It'll sit easier with her if she's getting him a drink as well. "Do you remember what it was called? Maybe I can get some…" Andi passes into the kitchen, preparing another drink for each of them. His second, her third.

This seems to be enough for Ioan, for now at least. "The best is all I can ask for, Andi." He says, watching her as she grabs both of their glasses for more drinks. "Don't drink me out of house and home now…" He teases, silently grateful for the other drink.

"I… don't. All I know is that she gave me some and told me it would help with the symptoms. It seemed pretty expensive…" He trails off, it's not a particularly good thing to admit that he's potentially thrown away rather expensive medicine.

There's a bit of a grunt from Andraste from the kitchen, barely audible. "If we finish it all tonight, I'll buy more." It's not like her income goes to much else. The orange juice is gone and she's… not quite ready for straight vodka. So the woman pours them each a couple fingers of whiskey.

Returning to the other room, Andraste frowns slightly as she hands the drink over and returns to her chair. "Expensive or not, we'll find a way. See if you can find out what it is… or I'll talk to your doctor for you."

Ioan imagines the conversation now; 'No honey, I swear I didn't drink all the booze while you were gone. It was my sister.' If he wasn't on red-eye at the moment, the Rhoven Scout would probably have something to say about how Rebecca would still notice full bottles, instead, he's not in the mood to fight, and more alcohol sounded good.

Taking the drink, Ioan takes another worried glance at his sister. "No, don't talk to her…" He protests. "She'll start to poke around and ask questions, I think I got her to forget about me."

To Andraste, full bottles are a blessing. The woman, however, doesn't have a spouse. She has no idea what it's like; her memories of relationships still live in the realm of fantasy and comfort. A peaceful thing to try to grasp at in the dark moments of thenight.

After a slug of whiskey, she leans forward in the chair and points at Ioan; rest of hand wrapped around the glass. "Either you remember the name of the shit she gave you, Ioan, or I'll talk to her. We need to get you off of this so you aren't a liability to your family… or your fellows in the military." She scowls, a bit. "I thought I was done taking care of you. That you had grown up…" The Red Eye sweeps away the brief flare of anger and instead, she sinks back into the chair with a sigh.

Alcohol is recreational for the most part, he's gotten pleasantly drunk in the past, but never abused it to take away troubles. No… that's what the Red Eye is fore, he doesn't need /another/ addiction.

Never the less, today is special, Andraste is here, so some alcohol is fine, right? He takes the offered glass and takes a large gulp. The burn with the calmness of the Red Eye is an interesting feeling, he almost doesn't care when his Knight sister threatens to speak to Elodie… almost. "I uh… the name was." C'mon Ioan, you've read the name before, what was it? "It's…" it's no use, is what it is. The Scout cannot for the life of him remember the stuff Elodie gave him. "I can't remember." He says finally. The next few months are going to be difficult for him. "We'll take care of each other."

"I'll talk to this doctor of yours, then," Andraste decides, sipping at her whiskey. The Red Eye, at least, is pacing her. Somewhat. Usually, she'd have downed a good third of a bottle of whiskey by now. If not more. The woman likes the place of blindness it takes her. She can't handle being still; still brings up memories.

"If I have to make up some story, I will." Or she can go in, on Red Eye herself. Andi lifts a hand, pressing a palm to her eye. She almost curls into the chair, listing sideways as the drug relaxes her further. There's a distant sigh. "Take care of me? I'm not… the one addicted to a drug with a family to support."

"Well, not right now, obviously. But… later, if and when you need it. We both go into battle, maybe your niece will need to come visit when you're wounded." Ioan laughs, his daughter can be quite adorable. "She's growing up so big, Andi. She's using words, even starting to have conversations. Though, she still calls a lot of things 'horsey' still."

He's not sure if Andraste ever met his daughter, or if she came and visited while he was away. At any rate, there's no arguing with her now. She's going to be talking with Elodie if he likes it or not, unless he can do something to persuade her otherwise. "Well, Elodie is married to Lord Sir Sammel Cindravale… So, she's gunna be busy." It's not a very strong argument, but it's something.

"I've… seen some pictures," Andraste mutters. She looks away, somewhat sheepish suddenly. She hasn't seen Sophie. Not since she was born. The woman has sent small gifts now and then, but she's avoided the family. They, like so many other things, often served as a bitter reminder. Even now. She could be the one with a family, but she isn't.

"I'll… send her a message," she finally says finishing the last drink of whiskey. Thankfully for Ioan's supply, the Red Eye has affected her enough to keep her from getting up right away. Instead, she slouches in the chair until she's folded herself up into it. "Let her take her time to reply… mebbe you'll remeber the name of it yourself."

Ioan can't really fault her too much, he wasn't around for the first year of her life almost. "Well, at least you showed some interest." His words weren't meant to hurt, but it could come off as snarky. He doesn't notice her sheepishness on the subject. "I bet she'd like you, Sophie I mean. She's a lot of fun." A hearty laugh escapes the man when thinking of his daughter. It was almost as if he'd been trying to hold it in.

He's still trying to come up with the name of the substance that was given to him, but it's been so long. "I'll… try." He doesn't sound confident. "Lady Elodie is really nice, maybe she'll understand."

There's a slight flinch; intended or not, they bite. Andraste closes her eyes. She's tired. She's not used to the Red Eye, so the calming effect… it gets to her more than it might him. "I…" Voice wavers and the woman bites down on the inside of her cheek. It stops the pain… in a sense.

"If she truly wanted to help you," the Knight offers, glad for a change of subject, "she will."

Eyes catch Andraste's flinch, it's then Ioan realized the stupidity in his words. "Oh no… I didn't mean… Ugh. You had a lot of stuff going on with the brewing war, I don't fault you for that." He's more used to the calming effect of red eye, having been on it for a great deal during his time in captivity, so he's not so tired.

"She seems concerned when we spoke at first, I think the war pushed her away towards other things, I got better for the most part." He sighs. "If she is the person I met when I returned… she'll find the time to help."

"I'll send her a message," Andraste mumbles, already starting to feel the effects that lull her to sleep. "…in the morning." She doesn't need drugs to evade dreams. She needs them to escape waking life. Perhaps she could become used to the Red Eye.

Her brother, however, has a new issue on his hands. His sister has passed out in his living room.

"In the morning sounds good…" Ioan begins to say. He starts talking about a new subject when he turns around to notice that Andraste is passed out on the couch. He'll laugh slightly, part of him happy to have his sister sleeping over. He's not sure if she is staying with anyone, or even if she does.

After putting away the cups and booze, as well as hiding the rest of the Red Eye Ioan grabs a blanket and a pillow. He places the blanket over her, while briefly lifting her head so he can get the pillow underneath. "I guess they're bringing home Rebecca tomorrow…" He mutters, looking at the time. He starts heading toward his own bed befor stopping briefly. "Nice to have you back, Andi."

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