08.09.3013: How Do We Get Back
Summary: Irvette and Ephraim go to steal a ship, Lorelei is invited over and surprised of their intentions
Date: 9th August 2013
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TP Rooms - Coastal Town, Black Wastes

He'd spoken with father, there was some grounding, stay away from the ships, you'll be sorrry, no more sailing for you. That sort of thing. There was drinking, a few days past, the storm whithered. The plot to retreive the ship was weighed. In the scale of house to house skirmishes, conflicts, etc., quiet was the world - mostly because of the arrival of the Hostiles and the need to coordinate all efforts to defeating the enemy. A blind eye and ear so to speak, Lord Commodore Roger Hollolas was neither going to confirm or deny any plot, and assistance, to retreive the ship.

However, between Ephraim and his sister, and a handful of house guards/soldiers/etc., they idea was being considered. If they could slip in, get the ship, and return with it, all the better. If they were caught, he wouldn't help. Thus they set out for the Black Waste, a vassal region of House Khournas, and a town there where the merchant hailed from originally. It had been a couple of weeks, enough time to sail the ship across the ocean, through the Islands of Terran to the middle contenent of the world of Imperius and around the Horn of the Black Waste.

Thus, Irvette and Ephraim found themself in the small town in the Black Wastes, making for the port where they'd finally learned the merchant kept port for his ships while in town. "Okay," says Ephraim as they get their first view of those docks, "The plan is simple right, we wait for them to clear off, unload the ship, then we sneak on, take out the guards and make sail - nothing will go wrong."

Irvette nods, gently poking her brother with the elbow. "Aye aye. Or they unload the ship, we sneak in, there is too many guards, we take out some of them others take us out. Later maybe we will escape or deal with it somwhow, but father will kill us, when we get back, you know. I may say goodbye for my warship!" she chukles and lets her hand slip on a small sword-hilt near her waist. Actually, it is more dagger than a sword. "And I, of course, do not have my trident with me. I would get too much attention…" She turns her gaze to Ephraim, letting the heavy bluish grey cloak sweep some dusts "You grew up. Now not me, but you drag me to the problems…"

Raising a hand to discuss the plan, or her version of it, he pauses. Blinking at his sister, "Wait, you're saying I only cause you trouble. And I thought you liked me." Then he pauses, looking at his sisters sword, "Its all good, I have arranged for some back up. We will be in by nightfall and off for home before anyone knows what we've done even. You worry to much. That's why I, your younger brother, am the more grown up of the two of us. Such is the way of life." He had sent directions to the docks where they are to one Lorelei Quellton, if a bit cryptic in what is really happening here.

Very loud laugh of Irvette ripples through the docks "You are more grown up? Well… If loosing the ship is more grown up stuff… Yeah, my dear!" and she gently immerses her fingers to his hair, just to slightly tangle them. "I am not worried and you cause just some trouble, but… I have a dream to fulfill too, my dear! So, who is that personw e are going to meet? How do you know… Well… her?"

"She's a close friend, someone I trust. I don't know if she'll come actually, she asked where I was, I told her. In fact, well, if she shoes up, maybe she'll be our secret weapon, the distraction," says Ephraim, it sounds involved, but if anyone knows him, its Irvette, most likely he's making it all up as he goes along. Grinning at the tangle of his hair. "You're dream shall be fulfilled. Nothing to worry about. If things turn downhill, you simple leave me to the trouble, I'll make amends, or live in some cell for a few years, but you get your warship, then you come to rescue me. We win either way, right?"

Irvette chukles "I will rescue you? I don't know. It would be interesting to have someone in the cells, just to visit, you know," she chuckles once more. This young woman really loves teasing her little brother "Well, woman a secret weapon… Some kind of strange plan. Do we really have a plan? What she can do? Who she is, without being a close friend?.." at this moment Irvette frowns slightly and examines her brother for a few seconds "Wait… I hope she is not one of these close friends for which you would like to show up how awesome man you are? I don't want to run into trouble just to help you get attention of another woman!" and Ephraims sister laughs once more time loudly, tossing her arm on his shoulders, leaning at the little brother and gentky poking his belly "So, is she the one?"

Sighing, but laughing, Ephraim shakes his head, "She is a looker, not the one. Alas, she is saving herself for true love. You know the story, or well, maybe you heard it at least in a song. A noble, a citizen … destined to be doomed becuase you know, the whole thing about who we have to marry, it could never work out. That sort of thing." He looks for a place to sort of lay low and watch the docks. Maybe a bench, or a cafe, or something nearby to sit and observe. The ship is arriving in port, but there is a lot of work to be done before sneaking on and all that. He says to his sister, "She is a good friend though and I would like to keep that. And she needs to get out. Her name is Lorelei, she is sister to Chiron Quellton, that new citizen squire we hear about. I haven't told her that we're stealing the ship back yet, I don't even know if she'll show up. I thought it would be funny to tell her I was vacationing here, so she wouldn't worry."

Irvette sniffs "Oooh! These love stories and these tales about true love…" woman eyerolls "Children thing. Silly thing. Who needs that thing called husband or wife? It jsut disturbs all the fun, you can have in the Sea. I want to sail somewhere far far and never come back to the land. Well maybe for a few days, jsut to check how my boys are living. Boys and sister. I believe without me, you all will be bored, you know. But… If she is not noble, she could be your mistress, couldn't she? If she is so pretty and everything. She could keep you interested to her and maybe you would be interested less into gambling?" curiously eyebrow jumps up "And lieing, yes. If she is your true friend, she should be here and know why are you here, my brother," Irvette nips a cheek of her brother with fingers of her hand, which rests on Ephraims shoulders.

"She doesn't want to be a mistress," grins Ephraim, "And I might like her too much to string her along. This isn't a port visit, sail in and out and onto the next port. Yes, she has kept me from gambling and mostly out of the taverns even." He makes an 'ugh' sound then, "Too complicated. I'm off my game sister. Women do this to men on purpose. I should just sail off somewhere, but I like Beacon too much and this noble thing. It has its perks. You're right, I should tell her the truth about this."

"That, and you should gather yourself, man!" Irvette bumps with her palm to Ephraims back "You look slightly liquid, when you speak about that girl. You should know, the decision, who will you marry is in our fathers hands, my dear! I do hope he will be busy with Fiona's husband, Dylan's wife, your wife and he will forget me! I will be freeeeee!!!" Irvette sings at the end, extending her hands to sides, imagining that she is a bird. That makes her laugh again, before becoming serious once more "So, do you have a real plan, or it's just a mix of your thougths? When exactly they will unload that ship? How many guards are inside?"

Chuckling, roughly when his back is patted by her palm, Ephraim nods, "Yes, stop being a pansy and thinking about women. This is serious business. Okay, my real plan is, we sit back, take count of the guards from here. The crew I had was about 15, he probably has the same. Himself, his assistants, I give him 5 guards tops. But if we wait for the evening and if this is his home port, I suspect no more than 2-3 on the ship overnight. Unless a drunkard returns who has no place to bed in town for the night, but they won't be a worry, just the guards taking shifts. We wait for a shift change, take out the 2-3 on board. Toss over the sleepers, and make for better winds." Then a shrug, "Unless your seeing something here that I'm missing?"

Irvette shrugs "Maybe I see, maybe I do not see. It's your plan, we will keep following it. I am just a man near your side. You should learn o deal with your problems yourself, my dear, you know. And all the mistakes should be learned by your own hide," Irvette chuckles again "I will watch your back! So, and what part would be taken by your friend? We will be three or there will be some more people around?"

Nodding, Ephraim laughs about his friend, "That is only if she shows up. I told her I was vacationing, gave her directions to the dock. If she shows up here, I'll be shocked to silence. Then you may freely have one punch in which I will not defend myself." Then a pause, "Let us assume there are three guards. You are a man at my side. I sneak aboard, take out as many as I can. You come if I am in trouble, or if its too much trouble, you can high tail it to at least let the world know where I am, so I don't die alone, in some dark dungeon." Then a pause, "By the Nymph, what if she does show up …?" His friend.

Irvette just raises an eyebrow and stares at her brother, who is so worried or excited about seeing that woman.

Ephraim and Irvette are at the docks of some smaller town in the Black Wastes - the province of House Khournas (Volkan the capital). They are after a merchant ship that Ephraim had but lost in a gamble, intent to steal it back. While off in the far away city, Ephraim has messaged Lorelei as friends do, talking of the vacation he is on, saying it would be a good place to hydroboard, visit the beach, etc. Sent a picture of himself with the sea in the background. Even gave directions to the docks they are at. Meanwhile, they have sat and watches the ship, it is being unloaded, they imagine before long there will be but three guards on one of the first shifts towards night and they intend to sneak onto it. Some conversation was had about Ephraim and Lorelei and his head being clouded of judgement, but that's common enough for him it would seem.

After some debate, Loree sends back a text saying she'll come. After the weird night she had, she's not as inclined to fight this. She's not dressed to hydro-surf, or whatever it is, but she'll watch. Instead, she's in a casual pale pink dress. IT's not quite a sundress, but close. Her arms are bare, and she's got her hair in a loose braid hanging down her back. She'll walk around, eyes slightly wide as she takes in the sights. HER data tablet is safely tucked in a pocket, along with her cred stick. She'll smile brightly when she see's Ephriam and will wave as she starts to make her way towards them.

"Oooh… Sooo.. this pinkish girl is your back plan or something?" whispers Irvette to his brother, curiously staring at the comming woman. Irvette is dressed as always in bluish grey clothes, which helps her to disappear in the crowds. Heavy cloak sways near the ground, hidding trousers and shirts, knee height boots of Irvette. Her boish stance, of course, betrays her wild manners, especially, when lightly brown hair are tossed by the wind. Irvette cants her head and just waits for Ephraim to reveal his secret to the girl.

Nodding to his sister as they talk about it, he agrees with the back up plan. He receives a message then pauses, looks at his sister, "And that's a go, she's going to show up. I'll fill her in on the truth, like you suggested. If she wants to slap me, I think she deserves that opportunity." A grin and then there is someone waving. Ephraim waves but it is like a come here sort of gesture, his face bright and smiley. "What a lovely surprise this is, and the dress, it so flattering. Its not a bathing suit, but I'll take the arms, too delicious." Its probably apparent he's more flattering than usual. As she comes closer he'll say, "Okay, this is my sister Irvette, the strong arm, and this is Lorelei Quellton. So, my sister said I should be honest with you and," he takes in a breath, "Well, this isn't wholly a vacation. Over there, that's my ship, the one I lost in that gamble. We're actually going to steal it back. I know, not quite date material, but would you mind if I asked for a little assistance." He turns a little, as if offering the cheek and steadying himself.

Lorelei walks up, giving both a smile. She ignores Eph's comments about her bare arms, having already realized that was coming. "Hello Lord Elphraim, it shouldn't be a surprise, you invited me." Turning to his sister, "Hi! nice to meet you, Lady Irvette." Her smile fades as he starts talking, replaced by a confused look, "I thought you said you lost it in a fair bet? Were you cheated out of it?" she'll look to see which ship he's referring to. her eyebrows go up, what the heck kind of assistance does he think she can give him with this?

Irvette just offers a nod for Lorelei and remains in the background, waiting until her brother will deal with his woman.

Nodding, Ephraim says, "Lots in a bet, I'm sure he cheated. Besides the point, now it is time to take back what is mine. He has a ship of his own too." A grin, then a shrug, "Its full proof. Once they are done unloading, and the post guards to watch the ship, we'll be able to take them. There might be two or three. I just thought it would be Irvette and I, but you here, you such a peach. Literally, this is where you come in. You simply have to charm them. Walk near the boat, they catcall or whatever unsavory men do when they see a pretty lady. We sneak on while they're not looking, sap them, dispose of them. Get you on the ship, then set sail for home, its fool proof."

Lorelei blinks and just stares at him. And then blinks and looks over to his sister to see if he's serious, and if she's supporting this. Seems like she is? shaking her head, she'll frown as she looks back to Eph. "So…you're sure he cheated? Or you lost and you just want to steal the ship that used to be yours back?" Narrowing her eyes, "Fool proof would have been to not bet your ship, not attack people, who did nothing to you." Oh, Loree and her morals! She'll take a small step backwards, this was a mistake, coming here. HER eyes dart around, looking to see if anyone else is about, "I'll not say anything, but I'm leaving. I'll not be part of this."

"See…" mumbles Irvette and leans to whisper to her brother something. When she withdraws from him and addresses the woman "I do understand your concern. I was not too much supportive too. But… The man must do what he thinks is the best. That is how th elife teach people. I do undertsand that you don't want…" and at the end Irvette just mumbles something about pretty dress and get dirty.

Reaching up a hand for her hand, and stepping towards her, Ephraim won't grab her, just reach. "Lorelei, what do you think the nobles do when there are no hostiles around," he ponders, "Skirmishing and conflict like this, its practically as much everday as arranged marriages. Like the age old battles between Rovehn and Leonnida, its just what it is. The man who took it knew the risk that Hollolas might come looking for it as much as I knew the risk when I took the gamble. It is different on the sea perhaps, on the land, the Houses can make cause to fight, squabling over land, who has rights to what forest or mountain. At sea, it is ships and shipping rights. If I wasn't a man of my word, this ship wouldn't even be here and I would of stopped him when he won the ship. His true win is that he used it to haul more back to make a hefty profit from the ship before I came to look for it."

Lorelei watches the two siblings, feeling more uncomfortable as Irvette whispers and makes the comments. She'll listen, but doesn't take Eph's hand, "I've never heard of nobles doing such things." She'll frown, "Maybe this is the way on the sea, but not where I am from." She'll give him a slightly frustrated look, and starts to asks something, but shakes her head, stopping herself.

Irvette just raises an eyebrow again, seeing that some words stuck in girl's throat. "You wanted to add something?" her firm voice asks adding "Maybe you lived, my dear, on a too pinky cloud. Things happens. Often. Even worse…" but woman once more retreats in the background, leaving the brother to deal with this woman-thing. she was never too good with these creatures. Never understood them.

"Conflicts, rebellions, stealing prisoners, ransoms," says Ephraim, "That's not just story book, even if it doesn't make the news. It slowed some in the past few years, but …" He'll shrug. "On the sea, the only difference is that we don't rush at each other with with armor and horses the size of houses. Its a necessity this sort of conflict, it keeps knights in real world experience to better defend against the hostiles."

Lorelei's frown stays. Was she really just insulted by a noble for begin too girly? Her cheeks start to turn the same color as her dress and she'll take deep breath. this wasn't a bad idea, it was a horrible idea. Through gritted teeth, "Perhaps you are right, my lady." Her eyes flash as they turn to Eph, "I'm beginning to think there are many differences between the land and the sea. But what would I know, being a dumb common girl. I'll leave you two to practice whatever it is this is, so you can better protect against the Hostiles." She doesn't believe this for a moment, the twist that this is all for the betterment of Haven, but is just looking for an out. She'll take another step backwards,a way from them.

"No one is thinking your dumb, I'm only suggesting that is what we learn about the Reversion, not merely a means to learn weapons, but feudalism is a good practice to keep all of us prepared militarily without becoming a communist-milistic state and offering the ideas of freedom," says Ephraim, "At least that's the way I took it. Raids on ships, capturing of vessels, and that sort of business, it does happen quite often on the seas. Khournas is the only house to engage with Hollalas more openly in that sort of thing, but the others do as well. You're right, I'm sorry, its not for you. I was only texting to make light of the work I was doing, pretending it was a vacation. I shouldn't of lied to you then or now."

Lorelei gives Ephriam a disbelieving look, she's fairly certain that's exactly what his sister is thinking. Her eyes are dark, she's not happy with any of this. "No. You shouldn't have lied, to try to drag me into this. And more importantly, you weren't going to tell me?" At least Irvette made him tell her. she'll shake her head, "If that's how it is, I have no skills to help you. What makes you think that I wouldn't just be murdered or captured or whatever?" She'll stop moving away, but stays an arm reach away from him, clearly upset. she'll fold her arms, her new cuff bracket catching in ht sunlight a moment, a bird is imprinted on the front of it.

"Because you won't be involved," offers Ephraim, putting on a smile, sheepish at best. "You walk by where the ship is docked, they can't help but look at you, you continue along? I wasn't thinking this at first, it was wait until night, Irvette and I sneak aboard, but opportunity knocked. I was a fool to not say anything before you travelled here. I can make it up to you?" He tries to raise a brow, still probably thankful he hasn't been slapped yet. Consolation prize, his sister will probably bruise his arm later for him being a pig, but that is later?

Lorelei swallow, not happy with this plan, at all. It just doesn't feel…honorable …at all. "What did you mean, deal with the guards? I won't help if you're hurting people." She looks slightly mortified that she's even still standing here talking about this. She doesn't answer him about making it up to her, she's not sure he can.

"The intention would be to sap them," offers Ephraim, "Or take them unaware as prisoners, release them to the dock, bound, and sail for home, unfurling the banner of Hollolas. I don't intend to hurt anyone," but he pauses, giving an eye to his sister, she relishes this sort of thing. With his eyebrows raised, he is pondering if she might be intending some blood revenge on all this.

Finally Irvette steps closer again "Oh… You two look like children. Stop all this whine, please. We need to do the job and get back home as soon as possible. We have a meeting with our father to attent, Ephraim." Irvette turns to the girl "And… Woman, you just need to use your charm, wag your tail and smile for the guards. To get rid of people, we do not have to hurt them. They may… fall asleep accidently?" rethorical question is given and she glances at her brother, slightly bored, but her look is dedicated to make sure Ephraim, that irvette will not hurt anyone.

Lorelei looks more worried now, this sounds dangerous. she'll begin to respond but then Irvette speaks. Loree's eyes fly open, she cheeks going from pink to red. For once it's not embarrassed, but anger that's flushing them though, "Wag my-How dare you?" SHe's been insulted enough by this woman, noble or not. "Stop speaking to me like that! Your brother called me here, I didn't ask to be part of this!" Turning rather quickly to Eph, "And You! Thank you for reminding me that I was right in my stance on dating nobles. You've vindicated that you're all asses who only care about what they can get from me. Do me one favor and lose my number!" AND with that she'll turn angrily to start to leave.

Grinning, Ephraim's face goes to a jaw drop. To Irvette, "You and the tail waggling, doesn't matter how good she looks doing it, that was too far even for me." Well, no, probably not to far for him. He'll call to Lorelei, "I was more thinking, we'd have the ship, then you'd come and it would be a fun trip sailing. I'm sorry." If she's going away, he quickly takes out his smart device, texting more. Muttering to his sister, "Back to plan A, nightfall, sap guards, sail home. We win, still fool proof." While his fingers skim the surface of his device. 'My apologies, I shouldn't of offered to include you, I was a pompous ass, you were right. Shall I text when this is done so we can have the leaf race? …. Eph.'

Irvette cusses under her nose and mumbles something about women and how they usually are n need of pretty words, but not simple explanations. She sighs and adds "Oh, I am sorry. It was just the main idea. You are pretty. I mean i would do it for you, but I can't. Look at me! I could use more… Well… suitable words maybe, but… I just… Ships and my common crew, with who I grew up… My dictionary may be strange. Don't… Don't leave my brother because of me. I just… Damn… You are pretty. And they are men. I just wnated to say, that pretty women can do whatever they want with the men. It's not an offensive thing. It was compliment…or… Well… Compliment. I just… Well…" woman cusses again and turns her eyes to the ships. She looks calm. Still bored. Dreaming about the storm and ships, likely.

Lorelei takes a few steps away, distance wise enough to not be grabbed(she's learned her lesson from Darious!). when she turn back, there's a small snarl on her lips, which just looks out of place, "Six! I'm not getting on a ship with you!" Her eyes swivel to Irvette, anger making them bright, "No, you're not. You're sorry that I"m not going along with this insane idea. You're sorry that I'm not just doing what you said to do. Don't pretend you care anything for how you made me feel. At least give me that much respect."

Ready to text some more, Ephraim pauses to listen to his sister and Lorelei a moment. "No, not my sister, its all me Lorelei, honest, she didn't want to come either, I sort of convinced her to help me too. Look this is bad to worse. She knows I have feeling for your Lorelei, she's worried she upset any chance I had with you." He sort of face palms, pushes some curls away then smiles, "I was teasing, but she can read into how I feel about you. I don't want to lose any friendship we started. She is actually being respectful, I'm being the ass … No ship ride, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for this. Not the sunday picnic I pretended it was."

Irvette sighs "No? What? You say we came here this whole road just that you would… Oh…" noble woman eyerolls again "I could have train with some guys at home, not to look at all this," Irvette waves with her hand at brother and his woman. "So, I guess… If we let these men have our ship.. May I go somewhere farther from all this drama and just get some ale, while you two will speak about relationship?" Irvette turns to the woman, who is likely native in here "Where I could get the best ale?" her tone is without any emotions as nothing would have happened.

Lorelei wraps her arm around herself, watching the two talk. Glancing to the lady first and then badk to Eph. These nobles are weird, not at all what she's used to. Her eyebrow raises again at Ervette, "I'm not from here. I don't know where the taverns are." Looking back to Ephraim, "I don't know how to feel about all of this… It's hard to tell if you're begin honest with me or not, now."

Waving a hand back at the dock, Erphaim, "Lets forget the ship, its just a ship." Then a nod to Irvette, "I'm sure there is one close at hand, follow the sound of men and song, I'm sure this close to ships, there's plenty of fights as well." Then back to Lorelei, he moves in her direction, but doesn't cross into personal space, he saw the snarl and knows she has a backhand now. "Its like my sister says, a pretty woman has a magical control over men. I've teased you often enough, but I do have a strong attraction to you. I know how you feel about nobles and citizens, that someday I'll be married off and you'll be no consort. I'm wrestling with the idea of not getting to know you better while playing the charming male. It works in dives, I shouldn't of kept it up with you. I mean, well, I have been serious with my physcial feelings for you, but I masked the emotional ones. Sad that we'll never know how it could turn out and, wanting to be your friend, hoping you may find that love you seek while some shackle awaits me. I'm sorry I've hid that behind glossy words and compliments. I just don't want to lose the flirtations and the banter, even if we accepted that would amount to nothing."

"Ooooook…" drawls Irvette and turns to leave, but turns to the pair before that "He is a good guy. Crazy, sometimes, but good. Just be careful and do not make…" YES! It was the best time for Irvette to shut her mouth. though, she frowns slightly and examines her brother. She gets back and whispers to his ear a few sentences and when just leaves. Yes, just vanishes in the crowd, looking for some fun, while these two will deal with their "things".

Lorelei cocks her head, still angry, but confused. Just a ship? HE was willing to knock people out and steal it 10 minutes ago! HER EEYs don't soften as he admits some feelings, but there's definite shift in them, her stance too. Her shoulder relax, just a touch, although her arm stays around her midsection. there's tone to her voice that's hard to read, almost longing, but her words don't match, "It's hard to feel sorry for you when you were just talking of stealing a shop and using me as bait." Nodding slowly to Irvette, she'll not say anything else to the woman as she leaves. She will give a curious look at the unfinished sentence. Make what? she wonders. starting to feel uncomfortable again, whispers are not subtle. She'll raise an eyebrow at Eph, "What was that all about?"

This is rather serious, Ephraim will stifle a chuckle, catching it with a closed mouth. Shaking his head, "She knows I like you, she's saying to use caution if …" A pause, he hopes that's followed enough, "Yes, just a ship. I mean, if not today, I'll find another way to get it back. Maybe another game of chance, just I knew my sister might be inclined to tag along if there was a good fight. I should of known better to suggest this to you. She knows its a little shady, she even said I should of told you I was coming here in case you might worry about me." He rubs at some chin scruff a moment, "I don't want you to feel sorry for me, I want you to let me be sorry to you and offer a humble apology, you don't have to accept it."

Lorelei's mind is not following Eph's line of thought. she's still bit to distracted by the thoughts os ship stealing and begin sort called names. Startign to come to the end of what little patience she's had left, "Caution? What?" she'll give a sigh, half frustration, half worry. "Oh course I'd worry about you! That's just…insane!" Loree's still glaring at him, but her cheeks are starting to calm down to a pink. "why should i accept your apology? you say one thing, then do another. You do things, I think to just confuse me. Being around out is exhausting. I feel like I'm all lever the place. youc an't just let me be your friend, and…

Lorelei's mind is not following Eph's line of thought. she's still bit to distracted by the thoughts os ship stealing and begin sort called names. Starting to come to the end of what little patience she's had left, "Caution? What?" she'll give a sigh, half frustration, half worry. "Oh course I'd worry about you! That's just…insane!" Loree's still glaring at him, but her cheeks are starting to calm down to a pink. "why should i accept your apology? you say one thing, then do another. You do things, I think to just confuse me. Being around you is exhausting. I feel like I'm all over the place. you can't just let me be your friend, and…I don't know what I want anymore. you say things, and it hurts that you want more, and we can't and…" She'll trail off, closing her eyes a moment to try to get ahold of herself. She doesn't want to start crying…that's not gonan help.

Ephraim listens and nods quietly, his smile very soft, apologetic even. "I don't want to confuse you, I'm just confusing I suppose. Maybe I should focus on one thing at a time, my mind rambles, just like my hands do sometimes, twitchy fingers, twitchy thoughts." He breaths, his hand will lift higher, towards a shoulder but it won't touch her if she makes any indication she doesn't want it or it makes her uncomfortable. "I like you, I wish we could do more, but your ideal of love, one man one woman. I don't want to ever take that from you. I'm making it difficult by continuing to flirt around the topic. My sister knows I like you, she knows nobles' marriages are difficult at best, she would like to know love the same, she would take a consort if he loved her. She said use caution because she thinks we might hook up and, she doesn't want any bas….babies to come of this." He scrunches his own face there, "Not unwanted or unplanned. Just, its confusing it more." He hopes he's not rambling again.

Lorelei's eyes watch his fingers as he reaches towards her shoulder, she doesn't make a move to pull away. She'll gulp nervous, but not say anything till mentions hooking, "She does know we've not done anything yet, right?" As soon as she says it, her eyes go wide and her cheeks start to flush again, "I mean, We done nothing but talk. That's all." Grimacing at her own stupidity,Oh Six, why did she slip and say yet?

Shaking his head, Ephraim responds positively, "She knows we have done nothing. I suppose you could say she was cheering for the house knight there. Wishful thinking?" He grins, actually nervous himself. Despite how forward he has been, he is also aware of Lorelei's thoughts on these topics because of their recent talks. "We've only talked, more me alluding to such intentions perhaps, but talking and she knows that. I'm trying to stop muddling my intentions with the desire to uphold your ideas. When ever the time comes, and my father brings me the news, as much as I would like to have been with you in some part, I don't want to hurt you. That is why I'm saying I want to be an honest friend first, I just need to work more on the honest part. Would you like me to be more honest?"

Lorelei glances at the hand on her shoulder a moment before looking up into Eph's green eyes. Her voice is soft, and she sounds young when she answer a simple, quiet, "yes." Her eyes go downwards, maybe to his lips briefly before darting to the side, towards the ship that started this all. "She is pretty." Referring to the ship.

His lips purse slightly, as if Ephraim follows her gaze to them, and when she turns to look at his ship, they stay on trail to her own lips. "She is, isn't she, but you are more important right now. Time in the world for ships, but I don't want to lose you." As if he might add, as a friend, but there is no such indication. "You're beautiful Lorelei. That's not good looking, or pretty. Those are a hundred times evident in the world, but beautiful. From the lashes at your eyes to the curve of your hips, everything is in place beautiful. I am highly attracted to you, and there is some frustration we can't share company. But I can respect it even if I flirt too much. I admit that may have jeopardized any friendship I might like to have with you, but to spend more time with you, to see you blush. I was being selfish. I apologize, that is half the confusion I imagine. Let us start there, you have but to ask, I will answer. Much like the power of command I gave you. I was serious … you can see it works, we are not retaking the ship now."

Eyes going down to his hand again on her shoulder, before back to his ship. He can seem her throat move as she swallows again, "It is not all your fault…I have been flirting too…." she'll take deep breath, her brow furrowing lightly, "I…" Well, he's not taking his ship, that's true. "I don't know what to do…" Again, her voice is quiet.

Grinning slightly, Ephraim nods, "I enjoyed the play of words we have had." An agreement to the mutual feelings. "I know what I'd like you to do, but I'm saying what I want and what you want probably do not mix. I think I'd like you to decide, how we may remain friends throughout this. If that is all I can have of you, I shall make my best to see that I keep that at least. If you ever should ask for more, wishful thinking on my part, you know I will comply with your desires." He lowers his head, trying to slook her in the eyes if she is looking down or away from his face, "I want to get back to that place where you smiled, and were playful, and I secretly enjoyed all that was you."

Lorelei sighs, and nods. Balls in her court now she guesses. "I think I need to think on this.." She' bring her eyes up to his, and nod again. "I'd like that too." A very small, and nervous smile. "Can we just….not decide right now?" She'll bring a hand to her temple, rubbing slightly, "I think….I think I should go… I'm sorry…" She'll back away, it's not him, it's the situation.

Fade …

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