The Noble Houses of Haven

Save for the Paramount of Orelle and its vassals, all Noble Houses of Haven reside on Imperius. In the wake of the first System War, King Regnant Matthias Sauveur granted nobility to several powerful families; these new noble houses became the Paramounts, and they were each granted a continent on Imperius to protect and rule over (except for house Orelle, which was given the moons of Oculus). Beneath these Paramounts, other families were granted nobility, and beneath those, more still.

Today, there are hundreds of Noble Houses spanning the planet and the moons of Oculus, all of various levels of influence and power. The Paramounts remain the most prominent, though each of the Paramounts have wielded greater influence than the others at certain periods of time.

The Crown Council

Advising the Regnant is a council of seven powerful figures, each representing an important facet of the Havenite society (these seats can be held by noble or Citizen):

  • The Hand of the Regnant is the direct adviser of the King or Queen. The Hand is empowered to act in the Regnant's stead for day-to-day duties, or whenever the Regnant is unable to be reached. The Hand is sometimes the Regnant's spouse or Heir, but can be any noble in the Haven System.
    • Current Hand of the Regnant: Lord Sir Godfrey Khournas - NPC
  • The Master of Coin is charged with seeing to the budget and finances of Haven — even though currency is entirely virtual. This individual helps maintain the balance of trade between Lords Paramount and the various other factions of Haven.
    • Current Master of Coin: Lord Magnus Khournas - NPC
  • The Master of Ships is the admiral of the defense fleet stationed between Oculus and the Desolation. This individual often travels between Imperius and Oculus for meetings with their own staff, and keeps the council and Regnant appraised of the status of the Desolation, any movements from the Hostiles, and any other naval actions.
    • Current Master of Ships: Lord Admiral Ilo Orelle - NPC
  • The Knight Commander is the most respected knight in Haven, and the nearest thing Haven has to an overall ground commander besides the Regnant. They also serve as a tactical adviser on ground combat matters to the Regnant.
    • Current Knight Commander: Sir Verna Simms - NPC
  • An Elder of the Conclave is required to sit on the council to represent the spiritual health of Haven. This seat often rotates as there is no Elder higher ranked than another within the Conclave.
    • Current Elder of the Conclave: Elder Remis Sextus - NPC
  • The Chancellor of the Senate is the sole mandated Citizen representation on the Council. They bring forth advisory measures that have been voted through the Senate. They are on the Council to ensure that the voice of the People is heard.
    • Current Chancellor of the Senate: Chancellor Yannicka Ironheart of Arboren - NPC
  • The final spot is an Open Seat which is filled by anyone the Regnant desires. This seat was first held by the Awakened Edward Taelith, though it has since been filled by responsible candidates such as rich merchants, additional Senators or Elders, Crown Princes, and Lords Paramount in addition to a variety of colorful individuals ranging from the King Regnant's old nanny to the Queen Regnant's mistress.
    • Current Open Seat: Crown Princess Janelle Sauveur - NPC

The Noble Houses of Haven


The Royal House of Sauveur

The House of Sauveur has held the royal seat since the Reversion. They are known as the Eagles and the Saviors, honored by the colors gold and purple. Their head of house is the Regnant Queen or King. Every child within the ruling line has a chance to be named the next Regnant, leading to some very interesting dynamics between Princes and Princesses.
Collectively, they are called Sauveurs.
Vassals: Arboren, Cindravale, Khournas, Orelle

Only nieces and nephews of the ruling line are open for application within the Royal House of Sauveur.


The Paramount House of Cindravale

The Paramount House of Cindravale is renowned for their knights, tournaments, and adherence to the Reversion. They govern the continent of the Vale — a region known for its fertile lands and diverse ecology. They are known for their impressive cavalry and flashy knights. They are considered to be egotistical and overly obsessed with the arts by the other Houses, though their power and wealth has cemented their value amongst the Paramounts of Haven.
Collectively, they are called Valen.
Vassals: Leonnida, Rovehn, Ligonier, and others are <OPEN FOR APPLICATION>

Children of the main line, cousins, aunts and uncles are all open for application.


The Paramount House of Arboren

Somewhat isolated in the sprawling forests and mountains of the Arborenin continent, the House of Arboren is sometimes criticized as being the less noble of the Noble Houses. They are knightly archers, wardens of the woods, and are known for living amongst their people than above them. They are revered for their grounded and rational nature, often being a voice of wisdom amongst the other Paramounts.
Collectively, they are called Arborenin.
Vassal Houses: Peake, Hollolas, and others are <OPEN FOR APPLICATION>

Children of the main line, cousins, aunts and uncles are all open for application.


The Paramount House of Khournas

The Paramount House of Khournas is staunch and determined. They govern the curved continent known as the Crescent of Khournas, just south of the Vale. Their mountains are mostly volcanic, tapping into the very energy of Imperius. This has fundamentally shaped their culture, imbedding a firm and reliant House focused on Heavy Infantry. If Cindravale is known for its knights, then Khournas is known for its footmen.
Collectively, they are called Khourni.
Vassals: Ibrahm, Saimhann, Valta, and others are <OPEN FOR APPLICATION>

Children of the main line, cousins, aunts and uncles are all open for application.


The Paramount House of Orelle

The House of Orelle governs the Moons of Oculus, the space station known as the Ring, and hosts the Haven Naval Academy. Their seat is the space station that rotates around the blue, stormy gas giant, and each of their vassals tends to one of the habitable moons. They maintain their nobility and class structure, though they tend to be less enthralled with the culture changes of the Reversion.
Collectively, they are called Orelles.
Vassals: Dalton, Grantham, Larent, Lucian, Volen, Iah, and others are <OPEN FOR APPLICATION>

Children of the main line, cousins, aunts and uncles are open for application.

Quick House Reference

This table provides the basic stance of each House in regards to the important issues in the Haven System, as well as providing a few facts about them. It is not a replacement for the information on the House pages, but it is a good introduction.

House Feudalism Reversion Religion Cultural Niche Economic Niche Weakness
Sauveur Strongly For Strongly For For Royals Government Small Size
Arboren Neutral For Mildly For Egalitarian Natural Resources Manufacturing
Peake Mildly For For Neutral Mountain Folk Mining & Ore Manufacturing
Hollolas Mildly For Mildly For For Aquacentric Fishing Land-Based Military
Cindravale Strongly For Strongly For For Tournaments Arts Industry
Leonnida Strongly For Strongly For For Last-Man-Standing Agriculture Industry
Rovehn Mildly For Strongly For Neutral Nomads Horses Permanent Settlement
Ligonier Strongly For Strongly For Neutral Island Warriors Tourism & Training Landmass
Khournas For For Neutral Dedicated Manufacturing Agriculture
Ibrahm For For Mildly For Smiling Khourni Tourism Agriculture
Saimhann Neutral Neutral Strongly For Tribal Mentality Hunting Politics
Valta Mildly For For Mildly Against Corporatocracy Plastics Corruption
Orelle For Neutral Against Technocrats Trade High Pop Density
Dalton For Neutral Strongly For Servants of Light Energy Agriculture
Grantham Neutral Mildly For For Legion of Ash Manufacturing & Ores Low Population
Larent For Strongly For Neutral Casino Tourism Titanium Ore Habitable Space
Iah For For Neutral Family Centric Pure Water Resources
Volen Strongly For For For "Ends Justify Means" Fishing & Heavy Metals Habitable Space
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