House Valta
Planet: Imperius
Region: The Crescent
Seat: Volem Dir
Motto: "Still Tides Yield No Gain"
Colors: Black and Navy Blue
Liege: House Khournas
Vassals: Several
Head of House: Lord Magnim Valta Emphasis: Infantry
Predecessor: Lady Erra Valta Footmen: 2,600
Heir: Lord Sir Kieran Valta Cavalry: 0
Bowmen: 1,000



House Valta rules over a section of the southwestern Crescent, a ragged, rocky section of coastal hills that includes several off-shore oil platforms. While petroleum is not used to fuel vehicles or engines, it is still used in the manufacture of plastics — including those used in constructing circuit boards, giving House Valta ties to many high-tech industries. The almighty dollar reigns supreme in Volem Dir, and while the word of Lord or Lady Valta is not for sale, influence into the affairs of the city certainly is.


Although House Valta is a direct vassal of House Khournas, they were ennobled only after the Second System War, due to the efforts of their family during the War and during the reconstruction afterwards. Before the Second System War, Volem Dir was merely a Waygate support town for the oil platforms off-shore, and the Valtas were merely one of many merchant families running an off-shore platform. Since then, the Lords and Ladies Valta have worked to expand their plastics business and gain tighter control over the other merchant families.

More recently, several of the merchant families have begun building submersibles capable of holding scores or even a hundred persons, designed to escape Volem Dir if the Hostiles overrun the city.

Culture & Traditions

The Reversion takes on a somewhat Nordic tinge in Volem Dir, with sea-drake motifs, drinking horns passed down through the generations, and atheists frequently having their bodies burned on pyres rather than launched into space from The Ring. Senate elections are not bought per se, but they are heavily influenced by the approval of the Valtas and the most prominent Citizen families of Volem Dir.


House Seat: Volem Dir
Fortification: Kilta Hill

The city of Volem Dir lies in a rocky bay between two gnarled coastal hills, not quite a fjord, but close to it. The city is divided in half, with the northern section being devoted to the wealthy and the southern section being home to the Citizens who work on the oil rigs and in the factories. Both sides have access to the waterfront, with docks stretching out to accommodate the boats that take people to the rigs, and those that patrol the waters around them.

Political Relations

Current Members

Kieran Young Lord Sir Kieran Valta : Heir
Firia Lady Firia Sauveur : Ward of House Valta
Torvald Lord Torvald Valta : Brother to HoH
Adelstein Lord Doctor Adelstein Valta : Torvald's Son

Wanted Members

Children of the Main Line(including one legitimized companion child of Lady Abellena), cousins, citizens, etc.

Family Tree

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