The Royal House of Sauveur
Planet: Imperius
Region: Continent of Landing
Seat: Landing
Motto: "Protection, Governance, Loyalty"
Colors: Purple, Gold, and Silver
Liege: None
Vassals: Paramounts Cindravale, Orelle, Khournas and Arboren
Head of House: King Regnant Emund Emphasis: Balanced Forces
Predecessor: King Regnant Symion Footmen: 10,000
Heir: Crown Princess Janelle Cavalry: 6,000
Bowmen: 5,000


The continent of Landing is significantly smaller than the other continents on Imperius, but it still boasts a full two million residents, all living within the city of Landing.


Centered around the grand plaza of the Ways, four major parkways lead in the four cardinal directions, leading residents and visitors alike to their various destinations around the city-continent.

The Towers of Matthias are the home of House of Sauveur, the seat of government, and site of the noble embassies. Each of the Paramount Houses have rooms within the Towers for themselves and their vassals, preventing House Sauveur from having to constantly offer guestright to visiting nobles.

The rest of the city is a mixture of sprawling parkways and towering arcologies, each one focused on a single occupation or group of people. The Arcology of Academ is host to scholars from all around the Haven System, the Imperial Cathedral holds the Waygate to the main place of worship for Imperius, and the Terrace Gardens are a tourist attraction renowned throughout the system.

Prominent Characteristics

House Sauveur was once the Governor-General's family, but after the Reversion, they became the hereditary leaders of the Haven System. Having raised up each of the Paramount Houses, they maintain good relations with each. House Sauveur is fully behind the changes of the Revision, embracing their role as feudal leaders.

There have been good Regnants and bad in the intervening thousand years, those that tried to dominate the Senate, those that were dominated by the Senate, those that were dominated by their Crown Council, and those that ruled wisely and well. King Regnant Symion was one of the latter, supervising the final build-up toward the Third System War and doing his best to smooth the ripples of argument between the Paramount Houses and ensure that the inner system is ready for the Hostiles. But Symion is dead, the Hostiles are here, and King Regnant Emund steps into his father's shoes.

But King Emund must recover from the death of his wife and father to lead Haven against the newly-arrived Hostiles. Will he be able to shake off his grief and become the dynamic leader that his people need? Which House will supply his second wife? Will his ambitious sister, Crown Princess Janelle, use her political ability to gather power behind Emund's back?

Political Relations

Arboren The Paramount House of Arboren : High Lady Sir Eryn was a close friend of the King Regnant, and is like an aunt to Prince Emund, but her relationship with Princess Janelle is more frosty.
Cindravale The Paramount House of Cindravale : High Lady Sir Kallista must now recover from her previous support of Princess Janelle and smooth over the effects of her many clashes with Prince Emund about military matters.
Khournas The Paramount House of Khournas : Young Lady Sir Anabethe was a close friend to Prince Emund's late wife, and remains a confidant of the Crown Prince.
Orelle The Paramount House of Orelle : High Lord Captain Esiah supported Princess Janelle, and now he and his father, Lord High Admiral Ilo, must seek the new King's assistance with naval affairs.
Chantry The Chantry of the Primus : The Council of Elders provided its unequivocal support for both Sauveur scions, not so much out of hedging their bets, but rather out of a true belief that either would serve Haven well.

Current Members

Emund King Regnant Emund Sauveur : The eldest surviving child of the late King Regnant Symion. Although not a knight, he studied with the previous Knight Commander and at the Royal Naval Academy to learn military tactics and command. He loved his wife Ysabella very much, and her recent death —as well as that of his father — has thrown him into a deep depression.
Janelle Crown Princess Janelle Sauveur : The eldest daughter of King Regnant Symion, and heir to the throne until her brother Emund has children. She is ambitious and dedicated. Some see her as a flawed Queen as she has not served in the military, being a purely political figure.
Taryn Lord Ellisaire Sauveur : First cousin to the ruling line. Recently rediscovered after having been presumed dead as an infant.
Advent Lord Sir Advent Sauveur : First cousin to the ruling line. He is known for being effective with pole arms and riding. He's a Knight whose reputation includes loyalty and being honorable. Brother to Lyrienne, Ellinor, Drucilla, Kiara, and Sophie.
Lyrienne Lady Lyrienne Orelle : First cousin to the ruling line. Wife of Lord Captain Cedric Orelle. Singer and songwriter. Sister to Advent, Ellinor, Drucilla, Kiara, and Sophie.
Ellinor Lady Sir Ellinor Sauveur : First cousin to the ruling line. She is known for being a drake hunter and dedicated to the upcoming war efforts — despite everyone telling her that Sauveurs are frequently not on the front lines. Sister to Advent, Lyrienne, Drucilla, Kiara, and Sophie.
Nikomachos Lord Sir Nikomachos Sauveur of Cindravale : Eldest child of former Knight Commander Sir Alexandros Cindravale, husband to Sir Ellinor Sauveur. Formerly a tourney knight, but reinventing himself as a capable combatant and perhaps surprisingly, a commander.
Drucilla Lady Drucilla Sauveur : First cousin to the ruling line. An up-and-coming archeologist. Sister to Advent, Lyrienne, Ellinor, Kiara, and Sophie.
Kiara Lady Kiara Sauveur : First cousin to the ruling line, sister to Advent, Lyrienne, Ellinor, Drucilla, and Sophie.
Sophie Lady Sophie Sauveur : First cousin to the ruling line. She is known for being a drake admirer and an enthusiastic artist, not to mention the most physically fragile of the Royal House. Of course, that does not seem to stop her from living life to the fullest. Sister to Advent, Lyrienne, Ellinor, Drucilla, and Kiara.
Alexis Alexis Oriane Sauveur : Second cousin to the ruling line. Having had a career 'loaned out' to vassal houses in order to gain experience for the coming war she is a veteran knight with decades of experience, known to be an excellent commander, but age and a leg mangled by a Cindravale lance have perhaps conspired to dull her edge. Retired

Deceased Members

Symion King Symion Sauveur : A beloved monarch and inspiring leader, in the end, he stuck with his son Emund as his Heir. Will that continued legacy be for good or ill?
Soleil Lady Soleil Sauveur : First cousin to the ruling line. She spent most of her life away from Landing but served as Princess Janelle's Lady in Waiting for a time before her death of an apparent overdose.

Wanted Members

Cousins, nieces and nephews. Contact STAFF for more information. We will no longer be adding additional siblings to King Regnant Symion. Additional family lines will become second cousins to the crown.

Family Tree

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