House Saimhann of the Drake Mountains
Planet: Imperius
Region: The Crescent of Khournas
Seat: Spikka
Motto: "Mind Your Step"
Colors: Black, Red, and Yellow-Green
Liege: The Paramount House of Khournas
Vassals: Various <OPEN FOR CREATION>
Head of House: Lord Erek Saimhann Emphasis: Irregular Infantry
Predecessor: Lady Sir Roza Saimhann (d) Footmen: 2,600
Heir: Young Lord Sir Jarek Saimhann Cavalry: 0
Bowmen: 1,500

Tucked away in the northern point of the Crescent of Khournas are the spiny and volcanic Drake Mountains. Though small in size, it possesses some of the oldest volcanoes on Imperius, and is also the sole habitation for the winged drakes — the last of the native Imperius species that survived the terraforming thousands of years ago. While they do export ore down to Volkan and Obsidia for various uses, they primarily maintain an internal economy that is supported by hunting expeditions and natural resources.

The House of Saimhann is quite young compared to most other first tier vassals. Until the Second System War, they were merely an extension of House Khournas, looking after the drake-infested mountains, tending to the various mining settlements, and harvesting the raw igneous rock. It was Knight Captain Sir Leslaw Saimhann that proved to be worthy of ennobling after he utilized the natural terrain — and drakes — to drive off the Hostile forces that attempted to wipe out the mountain settlements.

Though the House of Saimhann only has been in existence for a mere five hundred years, it has proven itself to be a stalwart and dedicated House to its liege and its own vassals — which there are only a handful.



Seat: Spikka
Fortification: The Drakholt

The Drake Mountains are one of the smallest mountain ranges on Imperius, but that does not diminish their fame nor popularity. They are the sole region where the native drakes of Imperius are found, utilizing the geothermic heat of the volcanoes to maintain their nests. While there are a handful of Ways up in the Mountains — all associated only with settlements — most of its wilds are isolated, forcing travelers to explore the mountains on foot. Much of the flora and fauna of the Drakes are hearty and aggressive, with only a handful of meadows tucked away in the alpine zones.

Unlike most other settlements throughout Haven, those of House Saimhann do not support staggering arcologies or high population densities, but instead are small clusters that support an average of 10,000 residents. Each usually contain hundreds of extended families that maintain tight community ties (see the Citizens section below for more information). Their architecture tends to be more simplistic and industrial, with a bend toward hexagonal shapes over squares.

The largest of these settlements is Spikka — the seat of House Saimhann. It is tucked away in a barbed canyon that is perhaps dangerously close to one of the larger drake nesting areas. Much of the settlement has been constructed in such a way that the external buildings form a wall around the inner buildings which provide additional protection against sieges.


Prominent Characteristics

Adherence to the Six and maintaining tradition are two vital characteristics of those of House Saimhann. Religious observations are considered parts of their every day lives: they pray before meals, prayers and offerings frequently given to the Six for every day events (i.e. murmuring "Sage, Let Me Be Wise" before engaging in a business deal, placing milk and honey in an offering bowl for the Father and Mother during a pregnancy, prayers to the Knight before battle, prayers to the Crone before death, etc.), frequently visiting the chantries, and other representations of their faith. Knights who are raised within House Saimhann attend a three-night vigils — compared to the one-night vigil of other Haven Knights — before their knighting ceremonies, and are often loaned out to Primus to serve within the Chantry Guard.

With this strong religious tie is also a degree of superstition; they frequently see omens from the Six in every day life, associating their world through the lens of their faith. Priests hold a particular place in the Saimhann hierarchy, with the Archpriest of Spikka frequently acting as an adviser to the Head of House. Though there is still a spectrum of religious adherence, it is rare to find atheists or agnostics in House Saimhann.

Over the generations, even before the ennobling of Knight Captain Sir Leslaw Saimhann, oral traditions and celebration of self and community have become very vital to the cultural upkeep of Saimhann. After every major battle, a feast is held where warriors are expected to stand in turn — in order of rank — and boast about their exploits. Storytelling is popular, and their tales are seeped in mythology that is supported by the religious core. In line with storytelling practices, tattooing is also a common tradition for the people of Saimhann, where important life events are symbolized through pictures and words permanently inked on their skin.

Citizens of the Drake Mountains

The Citizens of the Drake Mountains tend to be clan-oriented, focusing on the smaller sub-communities that make up the greater population under the House of Saimhann. The various extended families that bolster these communities work closely together, ensuring that everyone provides something to the greater whole. While the Citizens hold a variety of roles, they shy from studies and scholarly pursuits that cannot be applied to every day life. Those who attend the Academ invest their studies in applied subjects such as engineering, material science, architecture, electronics, psychology, business, and other skills valued by the community.

Individual communities tend toward oligarchies with family heads forming small councils that then bring issues and concerns up through the feudal chain. These clan councils allow the spread out settlements of the Mountains to come together in a unified voice which is often heard by the Senators and Nobles of the Mountains. Their loyalty to House Saimhann tends to flow through their familial bonds, and those bonds tend to be their first priority.

Due to limitations in natural resources — beyond what the volcanic peaks provide — those of the Mountains do not abide by wasted resources. When a hunter brings back a kill to their community, it is expected that every piece of the animal will be used. Similarly, food that is not eaten is expected to be recycled for other uses — pet food, garden compost, etc. — and unused materials are offered up to other community members for use.

House Military

Spread out as they are, House Saimhann does not have a standard shieldwall. Nor do they have cavalry. Instead, their forces form irregular infantry, lines of skirmishers who maneuver more quickly through harsh terrain than most others, who can pounce on outposts strung out convoys, and who can draw heavier forces out of their position with harassing tactics. These bands of skirmishers tend to be formed from single clans, tight-knit on the battlefield and off. They are often drawn from the ranks of the hunt leaders and guides who take nobles, knights, and rich Citizens up into the Drake Mountains hunting scaly prey, and so there are those within their ranks that can also serve as trackers and scouts as need be.

Political Relations

Sauveur The Royal House of Sauveur : The Saimhann have a dignified if not slightly distant relationship with the highest of their lieges. While being a mere stone's throw from Landing, the House of Saimhann tends to go through their Paramounts concerning political discussions with the Crown.
Arboren The Paramount House of Arboren : Like most relationships with the Arboren and the Khournas, the relationship with the Rangers of the Spine is always quite tense. However, there is some disgruntled acceptance that those of Saimhann do try to reduce their resource-draining practices.
Cindravale The Paramount House of Cindravale : Saimhann tends to have a casual, neutral relationship with the Vale. Knights come to slay their dragons, and the Saimhann earns quite a bit of coin from them. That's the way they like it.
Khournas The Paramount House of Khournas : There is a strong and powerful relationship between the Saimhann and their Paramount. They tend to feud with Ibrahm for which is the most favored by Volkan, but it is a casual feud at best.
Orelle The Paramount House of Orelle : The Orelles tend to view Saimhann as just another extension of House Khournas, and the Saimhann tend to view the Orelles as 'That one Paramount over there.' They exist parallel to each other at best.
Chantry The Chantry of the Six : Unsurprisingly, the Chantry and Saimhann have a strong and powerful relationship that is bound together with the ties of Faith.

Current Members

Jarek Young Lord Sir Jarek Saimhann : Heir to the Drakholt, Knight Lieutenant of House Saimhann.
Agnes Lady Sir Agnes Saimhann nee Peake : Wife of Young Lord Jarek, Knight Lieutenant of Haven.
Kazimir Lord Sir Kazimir Saimhann : Younger Brother to Lord Erek Saimhann
Brianny Lady Brianny Saimhann (née Leonnida) : Wife to Lord Sir Kazimir Saimhann, Youngest Daughter to Lord Sir Peter Leonnida

Wanted Members

Head of House, Children of the main line. Aunts, Uncles and Cousins of the main line. Citizens of the Caravan. Please note that Head of House requires a special application. Contact STAFF for more information.

Family Tree

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