House Rovehn of the Plains
Planet: Imperius
Region: Plains of Ares, The Vale
Seat: The Caravan
Motto: "Ever Forward"
Colors: Orange and Dark Red
Liege: The Paramount House of Cindravale
Vassals: None
Head of House: Lady Sir Nicola Rovehn Emphasis: Light Cavalry
Predecessor: Lord Argus Rovehn Footmen: 0
Heir: Young Lord Sir Aleksander Rovehn Cavalry: 4,250
Bowmen: 0

Roaming the Plains of Ares in their wheeled caravans is the nomadic Noble House of Rovehn. Known by some as the Horse Lords and Ladies, those sworn to the Rovehn hold a plurality of the market on equine husbandry. They have no actual fortification or permanent settlement, but instead are seen moving around the plains surrounding the Cindravale seat of Phylon.

It goes without saying that Rovehn achieved its noble status after they mastered the successful breeding of the mighty and knightly destrier at the start of the Reversion. Already exceptional at animal husbandry, Miss Rhonna Rovehn was from a long line of zoologist and animal geneticists, and had been working with species struggling to maintain a population after the terraforming of Imperius. It was her team of geneticists that engineered the monstrous destrier at the behest of the First King. Rhonna became the first Lady Rovehn, and she would also set the example of moving with the horse herds of the Plains of Ares in wheeled caravans.

Today, House Rovehn continues to maintain a strong affinity to the natural world, their horse herds, and are respected for their achievements despite their odd lifestyles.



House Seat: The Caravan
Fortification: None (See Below)

While the Plains of Ares are often known for being the lands of Phylon, Valen acknowledge that they are truly the home of the roaming caravans of House Rovehn. With no permanent settlement, the seat of Rovehn is instead several hundred massive, wheeled caravans (pictured below). Each caravan houses up to 250 individuals, and they must go to other cities such as Phylon or The Roar for what other seats consider to be necessities (i.e. almost all heavy industry). The Nobles of Rovehn live in the largest of these caravans, and it possesses all the comforts of other noble fortifications. An individual caravan is mostly self-sufficient, maintaining a small neighborhood of housing units, public dining facilities, an armory, and small businesses. Each caravan also shepherds a herd of horses, which are protected by roofed paddocks of Hard Light when the weather gets inclement.

They usually travel in smaller pods of 50 to 75 caravans and each maintain their own horse herd. With the arrival of the Hostiles, pods are starting to group together in greater numbers.


Prominent Characteristics

Due to their natural surroundings, those of the Caravan are free-spirited and passionate individuals who are surpassed only by the Arboren for their adoration and affinity with the natural world. Personal choice is equally valued amongst the Caravan. Love matches are frequent when determining marriages between House Rovehn and others of Haven. Rovehns are also prone to making their own decisions in political matters, and are not afraid of standing apart from their Paramount.

While the Caravan is known for its horse breeds, Equus ferus is not the only species that they raise. Havenites know to find the Caravan when they are in need of dogs, falcons, and other industrious animals that serve specific purposes and are not simply for show. They bluntly say that they are not pet breeders, and that all their animals serve a purpose that has been literally bred into their bones.

While the Vale is not often praised for its push for technological advances, those of the Caravan are constantly seeking ways to improve their way of life. Technological advances are never done solely for improved aesthetics, but instead for measurable improvement. This does not mean that their inventions do not possess grace and beauty, because they are still Valen at heart.

Citizens of the Caravan

Technology is prized amongst the Citizens of the Caravan. They are highly skilled in genetic animal husbandry, drone repair, and other applied science and technology. There are moving laboratories within various caravans where genetic zoologists are constantly striving to perfect, protect, and preserve the genomes of Haven System's fauna. Citizens not only look after the prized herds of the Caravan, but pay visits to the various farms to maintain the drones and other machinery there. While it is not uncommon for Citizens and nobles alike to go to the Academ, there are often on-the-job technical training opportunities where adolescents can apprentice under masters and learn trades valued by the Caravan.

House Military

The entirety of House Rovehn's military — including its knights — are cavalry (light and heavy). Some are lancers, some are horse archers, but all serve as mounted pickets, flankers, and raiders. The Rovehn way of fighting is one of mobile warfare. They cannot face down a shield wall, but they can usually avoid it to strike at locations behind it, or pepper it from afar with arrows. These method of warfare is perfectly in keeping with their nomadic lifestyle, and makes their forces desirable to guard the flanks and ear of Valen armies, and to scout and protect against enemy scouts.

Political Relations

Sauveur The Royal House of Sauveur : The Rovehns and Sauveurs have a strong relationship through the trade of horses. The Sauveurs have always favored House Rovehn and find little err to their methods and choice of lifestyle, though some do snicker a bit at their wheeled houses.
Chantry The Chantry of the Six : Religion is respected and honored amongst the Rovehn, and some of the Caravan do become Priests. They are neutral to the affairs of the Chantry, but also bear them no ill will.

Current Members

Aleksander Young Lord Sir Aleksander Rovehn : Heir of House Rovehn. Eldest son of Lady Sir Nicola Rovehn.
Talynne Lady Sir Talynne Rovehn : Lady Knight of the House of Rovehn. Daughter of Lady Sir Nicola Rovehn.
Eiris Lady Eiristra Rovehn : Daughter of Lady Sir Nicola Rovehn.
Esmeia Lady Esmeia Rovehn : Genetic Zoology student. Youngest daughter of Lady Sir Nicola Rovehn.
Lionel Sir Lionel Keats : Citizen Knight
Isaac Sergeant Isaac Keats : Sergeant of the House Military of Rovehn
Rebecca Sergeant Rebecca Mordain : Sergeant of the House Military of Rovehn
Ioan Sergeant Ioan Mordain : Sergeant of the House Military of Rovehn
Eadric Eadric Mordain : Cybernetics Student. Brother of Ioan.
Alle Alle Everyoung : Citizen of the Caravan
Keith Sir Keith Stoddberg : Citizen Knight

Wanted Members

Children of the main line. Aunts, Uncles and Cousins of the main line. Citizens of the Caravan. Please note that Head of House and Heir require a special application. Contact STAFF for more information.

Family Tree

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