The Paramount House of Orelle
Planet: Oculus; The Ring
Region: Moons of Oculus
Seat: The Ring Space Station
Motto: "To the Stars"
Colors: Cyan, White and Black
Liege: House Sauveur
Vassals: Dalton, Grantham, Larent, Volen, Iah , Lucian and others
Head of House: High Lord Capt. Esiah Orelle Emphasis: Marines
Predecessor: Lord Admiral Ilo Orelle Footmen: 12,000
Heir: Young Lord Capt. Benedict Orelle Cavalry: 1,500
Bowmen: 6,000

The Paramount House of Orelle has benefited greatly from their planetary separation from Imperius. They govern all of Oculus' moons — known as The Lashes — from a space station known as The Ring that also orbits the gas giant. Each hospitable moon is governed by one of Orelle's vassals, and there are more vassals still beneath them. Each moon provides a vital resource to both The Ring and the rest of Haven, making House Orelle a valuable source of trade to the houses on Imperius.

Leonardo Orelle was ennobled at the start of the Reversion to reward his efforts as both the governing senator of Oculus and the lead on the research and development that resulted in the Havenites' own version of the Hostile energy field. Though Orelle enjoyed his elevated status amongst the new society and political structure, he also found the cultural Reversion to be somewhat unnecessary. It took the Orelles and their vassals generations to begin to adhere to the social and cultural changes that other Havenites were so easily adapting to. Today, they have accepted various aspects of the Reversion, though they are the least enamored with the cultural shift.



Paramount Seat: The Ring
Fortification: The Citadel

The Ring

Set in orbit around the Eye, The Ring supports the plurality of the population sworn to House Orelle. The Ring is divided into various levels that serve as labs, habitats, recreation, or the Royal Naval Academy. Six appendages extend out from the central sphere, leading out to the various Way hubs. The Ways on board The Ring are massive, allowing for freight to be transported from the ten habitable moons to The Ring for quality assurance before being sent off to other locations across the Haven System. Raw materials are often sent to the Crescent or the Foundries of Landing for manufacturing while exotic foodstuffs and pure water are sent to settlements across the system.

The Lashes

Vassal Houses: Larent, Dalton, Lucian, Grantham, and others

The Moons orbiting Oculus are collectively known as The Lashes. Only ten of the thirty satellites are hospitable to life. Each of these moons is governed by one of the primary vassals beneath the House of Orelle. The purpose of each moon is to provide a particular resource or manufactured export. Citizens from The Lashes are generally industrious and diligent with solid family lines that have been living and working on these moons for generations.

Prominent Characteristics

The Noble Houses of Oculus are technocrats, although they work within the etiquette and protocol of the Havenite monarchy. Talented scientists and researchers have been ennobled since the Reversion, and therefore nearly all of the Houses of Oculus have strong ties with the advancement of Havenite applied and theoretical sciences. Most technological improvements in the inner Haven System have come out of House Orelle and its vassals.

The Orelles, like most of the other Houses of Oculus, are not particularly enamored with the Reversion. They have accepted various characteristics of the cultural shift — particularly fashion, protocol, and their own lordship — but knights are rare in The Lashes, their representation at tournaments are low, and they generally have a greater focus on technological advances and maintaining trade between The Ring, The Lashes, and the rest of Haven. Wealthy both intellectually and monetarily, the Orelles and the citizens of The Ring live comfortably and maintain high levels of advanced technology.

Members of the House Orelle often pursue scientific research, naval command, trade ambassadorships, and business. House Orelle and each of their vassals also has their own Master of Coin, unlike houses on Imperius, who usually roll trade and finance into the responsibilities of the Head of House, Steward, or Castellan.

Over the last three hundred years or so, the Orelles have been vainly pressuring the Regnant to approve the development of another sleeper ship and preparation for a pilgrimage to a neighboring system. There are even some rumors, particularly in the last two generations, that the Orelles have begun an unsanctioned project in re-developing interstellar transportation. It is their belief that the conflict with the Hostiles may eventually escalate to the point that resettlement is the only option for survival.

This drive has been spearheaded by Lord Admiral Ilo Orelle, who sits on the Crown Council as Master of Ships despite having abdicated his role as Head of House Orelle to his son, High Lord Captain Esiah Orelle.

Citizens of The Ring

The citizens of The Ring are, for lack of a better term, functional. Their schedules are neatly organized based on their role on The Ring. Almost everyone wakes with the simulated sunrise, sees to their morning meal, and then steps out into reproduced environment of the orbiting space station. Most of the population who live on The Ring are scientists who work in The Ring's research facilities, part of the Royal Navy, or merchants who move between The Ring and the Moons of Oculus to trade and transport resources between Oculus and the rest of Haven. Menial jobs such as food and janitorial services are conducted by drones, allowing for each resident of The Ring to focus on more valued professions.

Despite the maintenance of the feudal hierarchy, technical ability and military rank are highly respected within the social structure of The Ring and The Lashes. Citizens who have gained respect in their particular field of science or attained command rank within the Navy are valued within the Orelle bureaucracy. Senators within the Orelle domain and its vassals were often scientists, technologists, merchants, or naval officers before taking up politics.

House Military

The military forces of The Ring and The Lashes are mostly Marines, trained to serve on the ramships of the Royal Navy and board the ships of the Hostiles. Those few knights who serve House Orelle and their vassals are usually naval officers, either commanding ships or leading the Marines in their boarding actions. With the wide variety of environments found on The Lashes, however, there is still a need for other branches of the military, so there are a scattering of actual men-at-arms, archers, and cavalry provided by the Orelles' various vassal houses.

Political Relations

Sauveur The Royal House of Sauveur : There are suspicions that the Orelles and the Sauveurs have been carefully maneuvering around each other recently. The Master of Ships frequently encourages the Regnant to consider the construction of a new sleeper ship so that Havenites are not bound to the system, but thus far the Regnant has refused each time.
Arboren The Paramount House of Arboren : Though most Houses outside of the Spine view the Arboren as parochial, the Orelles come into conflict with the Arboren due disagreements on the supposed overuse of resources, particularly with needless technological advancements.
Cindravale The Paramount House of Cindravale : The Cindravales fascination and adherence with the Reversion has created a staunch rivalry between the Valen and the people of The Ring. The Cindravalen's love for honor, glory, their tournaments, and their brazen egos conflict with the Orelles' pragmatism and grudging acceptance of the Reversion.
Khournas The Paramount House of Khournas : The Orelles and Khourni are business partners. The Orelles send the manufacturing plants of Khournas raw material in exchange for reduced tariffs on completed goods. This trade agreement has been maintained for centuries, solidified through marriages between the two Paramounts and their vassals.
Chantry The Chantry of the Primus : Many Orelles do not believe in the teachings of the Chantry or pay only lip service to it, creating a tense relationship between the House of The Ring and the spiritual leaders of Haven. They accept many of the Chantry's customs, particularly the required communion before marriage, but it is done out of necessity rather than true belief. It is rare for an Orelle to be buried in the necropolises of Primus, most being cremated and their ashes jettisoned into the stars.

Current Members

Ilo Lord Admiral Ilo Orelle : Former High Lord of the Ring and the Lashes. Master of Ships on the Crown Council. Father to High Lord Esiah Orelle. STAFF NPC
Esiah High Lord Captain Esiah Orelle : High Lord of the Ring and the Lashes. STAFF NPC
Benedict Young Lord Sir Benedict Orelle : Eldest child of High Lord Esiah, heir of House Orelle. Space Knight. Marine.
Cedric Lord Captain Cedric Orelle : Second-born son of the High Lord and Lady, Captain of the Shadow of Intent, Husband to Lyrienne Sauveur Orelle
Lyrienne Lady Lyrienne Orelle nee Sauveur : Wife to Cedric Orelle, niece to King Symion Sauveur
Talayla Lady Talayla Orelle : Daughter to High Lord Esiah.
Cid Lord Cid Orelle : Second cousin to High Lord Esiah.
Kaedin Lord Sir Kaedin Isreal Orelle : Nephew to High Lord Esiah.

Wanted Members

Children of the main line, cousins, aunts, and uncles.

Family Tree


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