House Leonnida of the Southern Wilds
Planet: Imperius, the First World
Region: The Southern Wilds, the Vale
Seat: Castle Leonnida
Motto: "Only the Strongest"
Colors: Royal Blue and Gold
Liege: Paramount House Cindravale
Vassals: Several
Head of House: Lord Sir Peter Leonnida Emphasis: Balanced Forces
Predecessor: Lady Tayla Leonnida <D> Footmen: 2,000
Heir: Undetermined Cavalry: 1,500
Bowmen: 1,500

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House Leonnida has taken to the Reversion even more whole-heartedly than the rest of the Vale. Their seat, Castle Leonnida, is an actual concentric castle, although within the stone walls there are more modern conveniences. In keeping with their motto, "Only the Strongest," and unlike all of the other noble houses, their Heir is only chosen immediately before the death of the previous Lord or Lady Leonnida. While this process usually encourages lifelong competition between siblings for the favor of their mother or father, it has occasionally led to noble scions killing off all of their siblings to ensure that they become the next Lord or Lady Leonnida. Even those extreme methods are accepted, because "Only the Strongest" may inherit the title.

Leonnida has a balanced military, with nearly equal numbers of cavalry, men-at-arms, and archers.


The rough terrain of the Southern Wilds is rife with hills, dales, streams, and copses of trees. Hunting is better in this area than in the great grass sea of the Fields of Ares, but there is still plenty of room for falconry and horse breeding.

Castle Leonnida is set more than two kilometers away from the city of The Roar, in the midst of a small lake. The castle itself rises up in concentric rings, built in the medieval style to show off their dedication to the Reversion, and to fit into their view of what a "proper" noble seat looks like. Of course, with the addition of a Waygate just outside the castle gate and one in the center of The Roar, the distance is no hindrance to convenience.

Current Members

Godric Young Lord Sir Godric Leonnida : Eldest surviving son of Lord Sir Peter Leonnida.
Garus Lord Sir Garus Leonnida : Younger Brother to Godric.
Quinn Lady Sir Quinn Leonnida : Younger Sister to Godric
Cambric Lord Sir Cambric Leonnida : Cousin to the main line.
Nefanwy Lady Nefanwy Leonnida : Assistant Castellan; married to a cousin of the main line.

Wanted Members

Head of House, spouse to Head of House, children of the main line, cousins, aunts, uncles. Head of House and their spouse requires a special application. Contact STAFF for more information.

Family Tree

This will be developed as members of the House are created.

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