House Larent of Nubilus
Planet: Oculus
Region: Moon of Nubilus
Seat: Summit
Motto: "Above the Rest"
Colors: Dark Turquoise and Cyan
Liege: Paramount House of Orelle
Vassals: Various
Head of House: Lord Captain Percival Larent Emphasis: Scouts
Predecessor: Lady Illia Larent Footmen: 500
Heir: Young Lady Sir Veryna Larent Cavalry: 10
Bowmen: 1,000

Nestled within the rolling cloud landscape of Nubilus is the ruling seat of House Larent. Due to its natural beauty, Nubilus is a popular place for tourism, splitting its focus between mining the titanium-rich mines of the naked mountains and providing entertainment and enjoyment for visitors. The first Lord of Nubilus was the ennobled several generations after the Reversion for their wealth and influence, and were placed under the leadership of Paramount Orelle.

Nubilus is known for their powered gliders that use clean propulsion technology to navigate the skies of the cloud-filled moon. They are usually two-seaters, allowing for a pilot and scout in each craft. They are capable of high altitude flight, though they cannot support exospheric travel. While some are pleasure craft used by tourists and day-trippers, others are used to scout out titanium veins for later extraction. The cloud-gliders can can only be used in Nubilus due to its inherent low-grav environment.



Fortification: The Sky Palace

The moon of Nubilus is completely covered in a heavy swath of clouds that never dissipate. They are thick, dense, and all-encompassing, leaving just peaks of raw, naked mountains cutting through the blanket here and there. It is on these peaks that the settlements of Nubilus are constructed. Most, like Summit (pictured above), completely cover the mountain peak, giving the illusion of floating amongst the clouds. Birds are the only predominant life on Nubilus, hunting both each other and the soft tundra that covers the high peaks. Gardens have been planted in each settlement to help maintain the food chain, but they are also quite lovely.

The Sky Palace is a wonderful domed structure in the center of Summit that houses the Larent noble family. The great hall is set in the upper portion of the dome, providing an impressive 180-degree view of the Nubilus skies.

Prominent Characteristics

Nubilus is known for its vast entertainment districts and strips with multiple attractions, casinos, and luxurious experiences. It provides a substantial amount of revenue and attracts a wide range of entrepreneurs who are always looking to bring fresh experiences to Nubilus. Summit provides the greatest variety of these attractions, while also acting as the major port for the large and expansive cloud-cruisers. These grand airships expand on the already perfected glider technology which allows them to carry thousands of passengers through the graceful, cloudy landscape of the Moon.

The Noble Houses of Nubilus fully embrace the Reversion and the divide between nobles and Citizens. There is a definite sense of the "haves" and "have-nots," where the "haves" carry more social clout than the "have-nots." Senators usually seek Noble endorsement, as Citizens wish to ensure that their Senators do not upset the delicate balance of politics on the Moon. Most Larents and their vassals believe wholeheartedly that rank hath its privileges, although others recognize that it also has its responsibilities.

Like their own liege house, the Paramount of Orelle, the Larents and their people tend to have as many atheists as they do followers of the Six, though they still observe various traditions that are required for marriage and, sometimes, death.

Citizens of Nubilus

As noted above, the Citizens of Nubilus fully believe in the importance of the noble status. They believe that it is the responsibility of the noble Larents and their vassals to see to their needs and sustainability. Because of this, Senators are expected to gain endorsement from the Noble Houses in order to ensure that they will maintain the status quo.

The social hierarchy is very rigid on Nubilus. Status is very important, and Citizens are constantly striving for success and wealth which has developed a rather competitive culture. This is only enforced by the nature of the cutthroat entertainment business. If there are such things as poverty and lower-class Citizens, they are hidden behind the otherwise glitz and glamor of Nubilus and its cloud-encompassed cities.

House Military

While House Larent has archers, footmen, and even a few knights, it is for their glider-borne and skirmishing scouts that they are best known. These scouts may not kill a great many of their enemies, but they can provide the information necessary to allow others to do so.

Current Members

Percival Lord Captain Percival Larent : Larent Head of House and Captain of the ramship, Titan's Wake
Ancelina Lady Ancelina Larent : Wife to Lord Captain Percival Larent
Veryna Young Lady Sir Veryna Larent : Eldest Child to Lord Captain Percival Larent, Heir
Antaeus Lord Lieutenant Antaeus Larent : Only son to Lord Captain Percival Larent and Lieutenant aboard the Titan's Wake.
Ariana Lady Ariana Larent : Youngest Child to Lord Captain Percival Larent
Densoric Lord Densoric Larent : Nephew to Lord Captain Percival Larent

Wanted Members

Spouse to Head of House, cousins, aunts, uncles. Head of House and their spouse requires a special application. Contact STAFF for more information.

Family Tree

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