The Paramount House of Khournas
Planet: Imperius, the Second World
Region: Crescent of Khornas, Mountainous
Seat: Volkan
Motto: "Ground into the Ashes"
Colors: Red, Gold, Silver
Liege: Sauveur
Vassals: Ibrahm, Saimhann, and others
Head of House: High Lord Jevon Khournas Emphasis: Infantry
Predecessor: High Lady Italya Khournas Footmen: 25,000
Heir: Young Lady Sir Anabethe Khournas Cavalry: 6,000
Bowmen: 10,000

Direct, pragmatic, and forceful, the people of Khournas see themselves as the backbone of Havenite society. A large portion of the manufacturing capabilities of Imperius are located in the Crescent of Khournas, drawing energy from geothermal plants set into the volcanoes that line the Crescent. Outsiders see the Crescent as a grim and dour land, populated by grim and dour people.

At night, Mount Dracan casts a ruddy light over Volkan, a comforting glow to natives, but an ominous one to most visitors. Outside of the Black Wastes, however, the Crescent of Khournas is actually a beautiful continent, with rugged hills, craggy mountain ranges, and in the north, starkly beautiful ash forests, where the skeletons of dead trees are presided over by drakes.

Thorne Khournas owned a series of factories in Volkan just prior to the Reversion. The factories produced weapons and vehicles for the system defense force, but Thorne had them retooled immediately when he heard that what the defenders of Haven needed was swords, not blaster rifles. For supplying the… partially successful defense of the inner system, Thorne Khournas became High Lord Thorne Khournas of House Khournas, Lord Paramount of the Crescent.

The High Lord was not a military man, but he knew the value of protection, and hired some of the best of the surviving knights to train a defense force for his new domain. Thorne's son Cael was one of those trained by the knights, and when he became High Lord, he insisted on making military training a priority in the Crescent. Unfortunately, Sir Cael Khournas was afraid of horses. They were alright for other soldiers, but Sir Cael intended to fight afoot, and the following generations walked in his footsteps.



Paramount Seat: Volkan
Fortification: Blackspyre

The Black Wastes

South of Mount Dracan, and extending to the sea, the Black Wastes are a barren stretch of ash and pumice. Nothing grows there, but valuable ores are buried deep within the aged lava flows, and several mining operations bring them to the surface where they are fed directly into the many factories scattered around Volkan.


In the center of the Crescent lies the city of Obsidia, so named for the obsidian "falls" that tower over the city. The remnant of a massive volcanic eruption, this glassy curtain is also a tourist attraction among Havenites. Obsidia is also the seat of Khournas' vassal house Ibrahm.

The Drake Mountains

Far to the north, at the tip of the Crescent, the Drake Mountains rise above blasted skeletons of trees. The mountains and the dead forest are the haunt of drakes, giant winged lizards that are nearly all that is left of the native fauna of Imperium.

Vassal Houses: Ibrahm and others

House Ibrahm rules over the center of the Crescent, patrolling down from their seat of Obsidia across the rolling hills of their lands with mounted infantry. These men-at-arms ride to battle, and then dismount to fight on foot. The nobles of House Ibrahm are more outgoing than many other Khournas-sworn, as the obsidian falls above their seat draw in tourism, and they must be ready to meet it with smiles.

Prominent Characteristics

The cities of the Crescent are efficient and functional, dominated by towering factories and spires. The Khourni fit their surroundings well, stern and unyielding. Some of them are heartily religious, while others are plainly atheistic. House Khournas takes no stance on religion, supplying what is requested of them by the Chantry, but still charging fair prices for it.

House Khournas, particularly High Lord Jevon Khournas, has always been vocal about marshaling enough strength to defeat the Hostiles once and for all. He has clashed with both Lord Admiral Ilo Orelle and High Lady Sir Kallista Cindravale in the proper method to pursue the upcoming war. Through his voice on the council, his brother Lord Magnus, High Lord Khournas has championed a massed fleet that can attack the Hostiles, rather than simply defending against their attacks, and he has put forth a plan to land a force of footmen on Fifth World itself, planning to march from one side of the world to the other and eradicate the Hostiles forever behind a single massive shield wall.

Citizens of the Crescent

The people of the Crescent are proud of their manufacturing muscle, and of the strength of their foot soldiers. Becoming a man-at-arms is an honored profession anywhere on Haven, but nowhere more so than in Khournas lands. Festival days are accompanied by military parades through the cities and tactical exercises at the Blackspyre.

Unusually for nobles, House Khournas has had its share of craftsmen among its ranks, with even the current High Lord having spent several years as an armorsmith. These are usually just hobbies for the nobles, with the majority of their time spent training for war, administering to the needs of the people, arranging trade agreements with The Lashes, and politicking.

Citizens of the Crescent are an industrious lot, putting in long hours at various factories and mines, and while they may seem dour and gloomy to outsiders, they are far more open to close friends. Citizens of Khournas lands are more likely in general to have a few very close friends rather than a wide net of acquaintances, a trait which only intensifies the loyalty of men-at-arms who must trust the soldiers to their left and right with their lives.

House Military

The military forces of the Crescent focus heavily on men-at-arms. Their knights are more likely to serve afoot, amongst the men-at-arms, than they are to charge to glory on horseback. Their manufacturing capability allows them to outfit their knights and foot soldiers in excellent armor, although it is rarely as beautiful as similar quality work from Cindravale. The typical Khournas battle plan is to form up a shield wall, place archers behind it, and simply press the enemy until they shatter, leaving the Khournas troops in control of the battlefield. The flanks of a Khournas shield wall are typically turned at right angles to the main line, allowing them to guard their own flanks without as much need for cavalry assistance.

Political Relations

Arboren The Paramount House of Arboren : They are always chiding us for our mining and manufacturing, but they will be happy enough when our arms and armor ward them off from the Hostiles and put an end to their threat forever.
Cindravale The Paramount House of Cindravale : Pretty little butterflies, flitting around the edges of real combat. Annoyingly, they've gotten some traction with our liege lords, which could be devastating in the upcoming war. Even if they succeed in influencing tactics, losses will mount, but we will persevere, as we always do.
Orelle The Paramount House of Orelle : Trading partners and allies. They may be distracted by the senile Lord Admiral's crazy plan, but they will support us when we need their ships and their resources.
Sauveur The Royal House of Sauveur : Our lieges, we must convince them of the necessity of taking the fight to the Hostiles. To do otherwise is to invite defeat — if not now, then in the future.
Chantry The Chantry of the Primus : We are always happy to trade with them, and allow them to oversee our marriages and deaths. We stay out of the religious lives of our people, and let them choose as they will.

Current Members

Jevon High Lord Jevon Khournas : High Lord of the Crescent of Khournas. STAFF NPC
Anabethe Young Lady Sir Anabethe Khournas : Daughter of the High Lord, Heir to House Khournas, elder sister to Michram, Ellion, Reena, and Nitrim.
Michram Lord Sir Michram Khournas : Son to the High Lord, younger brother to Anabethe, elder brother to Reena, Ellion, and Nitrim.
Ellion Lord Lieutenant Ellion Khournas : Third child and second son of the High Lord.
Reena Lady Reena Khournas : Deceased — Fourth child of Jevon, and youngest daughter of the main line. Killed while assisting soldiers and Knights on the front lines in the Crescent.
Nitrim Lord Nitrim Khournas : Younger brother to Anabethe and Michram and youngest son of the main line.
Victor Lord Sir Victor Khournas : Nephew to the High Lord, elder brother to Asher.
Devon Lady Devon Khournas nee Volen : Wife to Lord Sir Victor Khournas, Assistant Castellan at the Blackspyre
Asher Lord Sir Asher Khournas : Nephew to the High Lord, younger brother to Victor.
Ravat Lord Ravat Khournas : Distant cousin to the High Lord.

Wanted Members

Children of the main line, cousins, aunts, and uncles.

Family Tree


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