House Ibrahm of Obsidia
Planet: Imperius
Region: The Crescent of Khournas
Seat: Obsidia
Motto: "Speed and Surety"
Colors: Red and Black
Liege: The Paramount House of Khournas
Vassals: Nordeus, several
Head of House: Lady Sir Corialle Ibrahm Emphasis: Mounted Infantry
Predecessor: Lord Uther Ibrahm Footmen: 3,000
Heir: Young Lady Sir Johana Ibrahm Cavalry: 150
Bowmen: 1,000

House Ibrahm rules over the center of the Crescent, patrolling down from their seat of Obsidia across the rolling hills of their lands with mounted infantry. These men-at-arms ride to battle, and then dismount to fight on foot. The nobles of House Ibrahm are more outgoing than many other Khournas-sworn, as the obsidian falls above their seat draw in tourism, and they must be ready to meet it with smiles. Because of this reputation as diplomats, scions of House Ibrahm often marry into House Khournas, and have even married into House Sauveur on occasion.



Seat: Obsidian
Fortification: The Shard

In the center of the Crescent lies the city of Obsidia, so named for the obsidian "falls" that tower over the city. The remnant of a massive volcanic eruption, this glassy curtain is also a tourist attraction among Havenites. Beneath the city, grassy hills roll away to the north and east. Most of this land is left wild, providing a backdrop for safaris amongst the Old Earth animals transplanted to the savanna. In keeping with the Khourni drive toward manufacturing, there are factories to the north of Obsidia, but they are hidden around the bend of the mountains, keeping the vistas pristine for the tourists.

Current Members

Johana Young Lady Sir Johana Ibrahm : Heir and Eldest child of Lady Sir Corialle Ibrahm and Lady Sir Mishka Ibrahm nee' Nordeus. Twin sister to Lord Sir Barton Ibrahm.
Erik Lord Sir Erik Ibrahm of Cindravale : Youngest child of Lord Sir Alexandros Cindravale, former Knight Commander of Haven. Husband to Young Lady Sir Johana Ibrahm.
Barton Lord Sir Barton Ibrahm : Second born child of Lady Sir Corialle Ibrahm and Lady Sir Mishka Ibrahm nee' Nordeus.. Twin brother to Young Lady Sir Johana Ibrahm.
Bianka Lady Sir Bianka Blessed Ibrahm : Third born child of Lady Sir Corialle Ibrahm and Lady Sir Mishka Ibrahm nee' Nordeus. Younger sister of the Ibrahm Twins.
Thalo Sir Knight Lieutenant Thalo Khorax : Citizen-born Knight and Lieutenant in the Ibrahm House Military.
Klaudea Squire Klaudea Blackfells : Citizen Squire to Thalo Khorax.

Wanted Members

Children of the main line (age 21 and younger), cousins, aunts, uncles.

Family Tree

This will be developed as members of the House are created.

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