House Iah of Niveus
Planet: Niveus
Region: Moon of Oculus
Seat: Shelter
Motto: Strength is Not Measured by Words
Colors: Blue and White
Liege: The Paramount House of Orelle
Vassals: Various
Head of House: Lady Una Syrenne Iah
Lady Sir Tiriel Ravel Iah
Emphasis: Irregular Infantry
Predecessor: Lady Ianthe Roste Iah Footmen: 500
Heir: TBA Cavalry: 15
Bowmen: 750


Paramount Seat: Shelter


Shelter, the Great Hall of Iah House, and one of the Barracks

The settlement of Shelter, largest of Niveus and primary seat of house Iah, Is a huge city that rises from the snow and ice of the moon like a great mountain topped with spires reminiscent in their shape the castles of ancient Earth. The settlement is built to hold vast numbers of people without feeling overcrowded. The interior architecture is open and spacious, with high ceilings and wide arches. What windows there are cover entire walls, letting in as much natural light as possible.

The walls in most public areas are white, decorated with engraved and stamped bronze panels. In some rooms the walls are stone, in others formed to appear like ice and snow. The details throughout Shelter are built to imitate the styles of Old Earth's Industrial age, with an emphasis on metalwork and stylized machinery. Most of the furniture in public areas is leather in warm shades of brown, and the decor generally in shades of blue and gold. Fur rugs in a variety of shades cover the polished stone floors of nearly every room to add warmth. Glass panels in the walls of each of the smaller rooms allow citizens to adjust temperature controls, lighting, and other settings to their liking. Many walls, for example, can be set to project images of outside views, to give the feel that nearly every room can have windows.


The entrance, one of the tunnels, and a room of one of the Northern Lights' hotels

What draws most off-moon visitors to Niveus are the underwater aquariums. Named the Northern Lights, they are accesible from the lower level of Shelter, and hold vast tunnels that wind across the ocean beds, restaurants, and two upscale hotels. Access to the aquarium is free, only the restaurants and hotels charge for their services. The center of the aquarium also holds a large ice sculpture garden, in which the sculptures are changed monthly by current Nivean artists.

Prominent Characteristics

The members of Iah house are generally a quiet-spoken family. They believe in hard work and in supporting their people. While they take their place as Vassals of Orelle seriously, to them the safety and well-being of their own citizens comes first. A tradition of the house is that one member of each generation has always worked with the scientists who manage the collection of water from the oceans.

Though many people of Niveus are quiet spoken, storytelling is a large part of their culture. When the moon was first settled, there was little do do each night huddled in the shelters to hide from the cold, and the tradition of storytelling to pass long hours kept inside was born. Now, in addition to the standard feast days, house Iah holds an annual storytelling festival. Held during the traditional winter months of Old Earth, the two week long festival brings citizens and storytellers from all over the moon(and at times even other moons and planets) to Shelter. House Iah provides feasts for all and prizes for the best storytellers, which are given after the people vote on favorite tales.

Citizens of Niveus


Typical Citizens of Niveus

The Citizens of Niveus, as a whole, strongly value family and loyalty. While it is not unheard of for someone to leave the family trade, most of the families on Niveus have been doing the same work for generations. The bonds of family are strong on Niveus, where staying together to ward of the cold was once (and can at times still be) the highest priority. Even bonds outside of family can be important, and so for most Niveans, friendships and relationship bonds are formed for life. The people of Niveus are also generally a quiet people. 'Strength is not measured in words' is the motto of house Iah, and many follow its lesson: deeds speak far louder than anything one can say.

When it comes to fashion, most Niveans tend toward subdued colors, except on holidays when bold styles and colors are to be found everywhere. It is a common thing to see fashion inspiration being taken from Old Earth's ancient Norse culture, with things like fur accents and worked metal appearing on most outfits. Fur is more typically worn outdoors or in the smaller settlements, though it is common enough in Shelter as well.

House Military

The military uniform is house Iah is blue and white, and the armor of every Nivean soldier and Knight specially made to handle the conditions of the moon. The soldiers as well are specially trained for the icy conditions, and are as a rule extremely loyal to one another.

Political Relations

Current Members

Una Lady Una Syrenne Iah : Una is the very new head of house Iah. Those who know her tend to find her quiet, curious, and generally rather subdued as compared to many other members of her family.
Tiriel Lady Sir Tiriel Ravel Iah : Tiriel was raised as a commoner, and is a bit of an unusual Head of House in more ways than one. For one thing, she tends to /always/ speak her mind.
Ronan Sir Ronan Alik Iah : Ronan is the charismatic youngest of house Iah. He is known for his cheerful disposition, his incredible fashion sense, and his attendance at nearly every party in Haven.
Elodie Elodie Brynn Iah : Elodie has recently returned to Niveus from her schooling at the Academy. She is fully trained as a combat medic/triage specialist, and is known for her kind demeanor and dedication to her work.

Vassals & Knights

Gwain Sir Gwain Norman : Sir Gwain 'The Giraffe' Norman is a Knight of Niveus. He is generally a pleasant, if awkward, man, and is well liked by the family.

Wanted Members

Family Tree

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