House Hollolas of the Northern Coast
Planet: Imperius
Region: The Spine
Seat: Beacon
Motto: "Inevitable as the Tides"
Colors: Navy and White
Liege: The Paramount House of Arboren
Vassals: Various <OPEN FOR CREATION>
Head of House: Lord Commodore Roger Hollolas Emphasis: Land-Based Navy
Predecessor: Lord Commodore Thane Hollolas Footmen: 1,000
Heir: Young Lady Captain Fiona Hollolas Cavalry: 75
Bowmen: 1,500

The people of House Hollolas are fishermen and mariners, descendants of some of the earliest settlers of the lands of the Spine who made their home on the edge of the sea and on the many islands that dot the great northern ocean. Since before the Reversion they have made their living off the fruits of the sea, and their way of life has remained remarkably unchanged for generations.

Captain Hiram Hollolas was an experienced seaman who led the defense of the coastal settlements during the First System War, using the sea to his advantage to outmaneuver the ill-suited Hostile vessels and hold the line even while greatly outnumbered. He went down with his ship in one of the war's last confrontations; in recognition of his valor, he was posthumously ennobled and his eldest son, Castor, took his place as the first reigning Lord Hollolas.



House Seat: Beacon
Fortification: The Hand

Sitting in the shadow of the northerly stretch of the Spinous Mountains right on the coastline, the city of Beacon merges with the ocean waves. The urban core consists primarily of buildings carved from sandstone to blend in seamlessly with the crystal sands. Many of the outlying buildings are right on the beach itself, standing on stilts that are submerged and uncovered daily by the tides. Perhaps the most defining feature of the city is the lighthouse that stands tall and proud above the landscape, its shining light illuminating the entirety of the northern coast and pointing the way back from the island settlements scattered throughout the ocean.

Connected to the mainland by a thin peninsula is the Hand, the seat of House Hollolas, so named for the way it seems to reach out into the waters. The walls of the fortress look as though they've been raised up from the very floor of the ocean, with water-smoothed stones still covered in barnacles and shells and the endless sound of the waves crashing against them.

The reach of House Hollolas extends along the eastern border of the continent with multiple port towns along the coastline to accommodate oceanic tourism and fishing with the Islands of Terran.


Prominent Characteristics

On balance, the nobles of House Hollolas view their position with the same 'first among equals' attitude as other Arborenin, but their concept of authority tends more toward extremes. A ship's captain is a figure of absolute authority while on board, and given the importance of cooperation while at sea, every Hollolas, citizen or noble, knows how to follow orders under duress. The Head of House, in his capacity as Commodore of the entire fleet, has the authority to overrule a captain, but even the Heir must obey the orders of a citizen Captain while aboard his vessel. Nobles being raised for command are almost unfailingly given deference when military rank is not a determining factor.

Conversely, when the Hollolas are on dry land, an observer can often scarcely tell the difference between Citizen and noble. Relatively casual attire is worn by both, and social groups tend to revolve around specific vessels or interests rather than heritage. In general, the nobility tend to be more circumspect in their speech than the Citizen folk (many of whom curse quite literally like sailors), but even that rule has its exceptions.

The people of Hollolas are some of the more religious folk among the Arborenin, though they filter their view of the Six through the lens of the ocean. Chief among their deities are the Wave-Mother, a representation of the Mother, and the Captain, an incarnation of the Father. The former represents the fertility of the sea itself and is most often worshiped by fishermen, while the latter represents the right of men to oversee and fairly judge on the waves. The other deities include the Nymph (Maiden), the Wave-Knight (Knight), the Sea-Crone (Crone) and the Watchman (Sage).

Citizens of the Northern Coast

Naturally, the fishing industry is the core of the economy in the Northern Coast, and its fruits are considered delicacies throughout Haven. Some of its citizens are also known for their artistic prowess, with a thriving glass-blowing community, multiple varieties of sand painting and sculpture, and majestic landscape paintings inspired by the blue-green waters.

The Awakened of Hollolas follow an offshoot of the druidic tradition that encompasses all of Arboren. Their powers focus on manipulation of the weather, and they are often enlisted to serve on long voyages and protect ship and crew from the more dangerous aspects of the sea.

House Military

House Hollolas is at home on the waves, and their ships are deceptively powerful vehicles. At a glance, many of their vessels appear entirely non-threatening, with wooden hulls and great, white sails. When battle is joined, however, the powerful engines hidden beneath the waves kick into gear, and the pressure-treated timber that forms the exterior of each ship is nearly as strong as the reinforced steel frame that sits beneath.

The Hollolas Navy follows the same general rank and command structure as that of the Royal Navy, but it is commanded by two Commodores — one being the Head of House and another who acts more like a Rear Commodore (second in command) to the Lord or Lady Hollolas. This secondary Commodore is there should a Young Lord or Lady be named that cannot, for whatever reason, act in their full capacity as Commodore — particularly if the heir should be cursed with a weak stomach for the sea.

The favored implement of destruction of many Hollolas noble warriors is the three-pronged trident, which is at once a tool, a weapon and a symbol of authority over the waves. Cutlasses and bludgeons are also used during boarding actions. Like the other Arboren houses, the Hollolas also train many, many archers, who are experts at accounting for wind and sea spray to find their targets. Across the board, these fighting men are most comfortable at sea; they will line up as light infantry when they must, but their arms and training are ill-suited to fighting on land.

Of all the Arboren vassal houses, the Hollolas have sent perhaps the most officers to the Royal Navy. These include some of the most talented navigators and helmsmen among the Navy’s ranks, though their almost intuitive approach to steering a vessel often places them at odds with more technologically-minded commanders.

Political Relations

Arboren The Paramount House of Arboren : The Hollolas have always had a positive, if slightly distant relationship with their Paramount House. Their careful stewardship of the ocean has generally been appreciated by the Arboren.
Cindravale The Paramount House of Cindravale : House Hollolas' relationship with the Valen could best be described as emphatically neutral. They have no particular use for tournaments, preferring their own aquatic games and sports, but they do respect the Cindravales' sense of loyalty and dedication.
Khournas The Paramount House of Khournas : The Khourni's focus on manufacturing wins them no favor with the Hollolas, who are as focused on sustainable living as any other Arborenin House.
Orelle The Paramount House of Orelle : Given the Hollolas propensity for occasionally serving in the Navy, they find themselves with a surprisingly great deal in common with many Orelles. Relations between the Houses are fairly neutral on the whole, but individual friendships emerge very frequently.
Sauveur The Royal House of Sauveur : Typically, when it comes to palace intrigue, the Hollolas either remain neutral or side with their Paramount. As a House they have little interest in such high and lofty matters.
Chantry The Chantry of the Six : Though their views are slightly heterodox, the Hollolas are generally looked upon with favor by the Chantry. It is not uncommon for these mariners to brave the arid wastes of Primus on pilgrimages.

Current Members

Roger Lord Commodore Roger Hollolas : Head of House.
Irvette Lady Irvette Hollolas : Second daughter to the Head of House, twin to Dylan Hollolas.
Ephraim Lord Ephraim Hollolas : Second son to the Head of House.
Cyrielle Lady Cyrielle Hollolas : Third daughter to the Head of House, youngest child of the main line.
Alix Lady Alixandria Hollolas : Niece to the Head of House, cousin to the main line.
Dominic Sir Dominic Howell : Citizen Knight, formerly of House Amran, now of Hollolas

Wanted Members

House Heir. Cousins, Aunts, and Uncles to the mainline. Heir requires a special application, please contact STAFF for more information.

Family Tree

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