House Grantham of Ignis
Planet: Oculus
Region: Moon of Ignis
Seat: The Pit
Motto: "Redemption in Fire"
Colors: Orange and Grey
Liege: The Paramount House of Orelle
Vassals: Various
Head of House: Lady Marah Grantham Emphasis: Heavy Infantry
Predecessor: Lord Sir Zakary Grantham Footmen: 765
Heir: Lady Sir Ashleigh Grantham Cavalry: 0
Bowmen: 500

Set amidst the fiery and volcanic wastes of Ignis is the ruling seat of House Grantham. Ignis serves the sole purpose of providing ingots and processed metals to the rest of Haven. Their massive foundries utilize the natural heat of the volcanoes to process the raw ore that is brought up from beneath the planet's surface. They are one of the primary suppliers of iron and steel for the entire System.

When Governor-General Sev started to scavenge the System for those who specialized in archaic fighting styles and weapon techniques, he came across Gage Coram in one of Imperius's prisons. The man had been imprisoned for the murder of a man who had killed his son, but was also a martial artist. He was pardoned and put to work, training and fighting against the Hostiles. At the end of the war, he was ennobled for his dedication, courage, and prowess, and given the Moon of Ignis as his holding — his former home. It was then he took up the name Darin Grantham, leaving his former life behind him.

Today, the Granthams continue to embody the concept of "redemption through rebirth" that their first Lord modeled. There are even those who select to adopt their bynames as their name of choice just as Gage Coram took up his own new identity.



House Seat: The Pit
Fortification: The Red House

The surface of Ignis is covered in nothing but volcanic peaks, and rivers and oceans of lava. There is no real life on the planet save for the human colonists who live in heat-resistant foundries, similar to the capital city of the Pit (pictured above). Raw ore is drawn from the mountains, and sent, mostly unrefined, to the Ring to be freighted to the other planets. It is impossible to leave the various settlements without heat-resistant suits and breathing assistants. It is the most inhospitable of the hospitable moons of Oculus.

Prominent Characteristics

Death is an important aspect of their culture. Though some of Haven view them as a touch macabre, it has been rooted in the harsh and deadly landscape of their home. On a moon that is constantly and violently exploding with ash clouds and lava flows, it is recognized that life is fragile and that Death is always lurking. Rather than treat Death as a dangerous foe, stalking and hunting those of Ignis, it has been embraced by the culture. While they may not be as carefree as others, they still live their lives to the fullest.

While they honor the Six as a whole, special attention is given to the Crone. They fiercely celebrate Hallow's Eve, and honoring past loved ones is especially important. When a loved one dies, time is given to mourn, but overt mourning tends to be frowned upon.

The House military of Grantham is known as by the people of Ignis as the Legion of Ash. They are solely infantry and bowmen who have, at the completion of their training, spoken the Chantry death rites as part of accepting their role within the military. This emphasizes that their life before service no longer has weight on their life as soldiers of Grantham.


Citizens of Ignis

The people of Ignis are often reserved and pragmatic. Their lives are shaped by the flowing lava that covers the entire spheroid. Life is hard, and there are few opportunities for those who live it. There are two primary career choices on Ignis: working in the mines and foundries, or enlisting in the House Military. The bulk of the population often choose the former, but there are nearly 1300 souls who choose to serve.

Similar to the people of Khournas, Nobles of Ignis spend the majority of their time training for war, administering to the needs of their people, maneuvering through the trade politics of the System, and working alongside their people. It is not unheard of to find a Grantham putting in time in on the foundry floors if it means meeting the day's quota. They believe in a greater homogeneity amongst nobles and Citizens, emphasizing that nobles are first-among-equals rather than the typical Lord and Masters.

House Military

Logistically, the Grantham House military looks and is organized not unlike any other house military in Haven. The volcanic atmosphere cannot support horses, so their cavalry is nonexistent, leaving the entire force to bowmen and heavy infantry. Their militaristic mentality has been shaped by the harsh and death-defying climate in which they live. Known as the Legion of Ash, their military force drives in to battle, facing their foes with the mentality that they are already dead.

After a men-at-arms or knight completes their training, their forehead is marked with the semi-circle of the Crone in oil and they speak the words of the Chantry death rites (this is in addition to the already outlined Knighting ceremony for knights). This is to emphasize that their life before no longer has bearing on their life in the military. When a soldier falls in battle, their body is merely taken to the Necropolis of the Chantry to finish the funeral process.

Like all house military, their ranks are made entirely of volunteers. Some volunteer because of duty, loyalty, and true faith, some because they must to survive, and others because they were not given a choice. While all the Houses of Haven will accept anyone who volunteers into their ranks, due to Ignis's low population, they take outside volunteers more often. The bulk of their forces are still made up of those born and raised on Ignis, but it is not unheard of to find a once-resident of Inculta, the Crescent of Khournas, or even the Spine in their ranks.

Political Relations

Arboren The Paramount House of Arboren : Of all the Paramounts, it is Arboren that Grantham has the most tense relationship with. Though they have similar egalitarian views, there always seems to be a bit of tension between the Granthams and Arborenin, perhaps because of their different views on technological advances.
Cindravale The Paramount House of Cindravale : Despite their flamboyancy, House Grantham respects the capabilities of the Cindravale cavalry and their dedication to the war against the Hostiles. Now, if only they would stop putting so much stock in their tournaments…
Khournas The Paramount House of Khournas : In some ways, House Grantham holds the most similarities with House Khournas. Both dedicated soldiers and manufactures, they are brothers- and sisters-in-arms.
Orelle The Paramount House of Orelle : The Granthams have a positive relationship with their Paramount that is reinforced by the fact that the Granthams provide some of the materials that are vital to the continuation of technological progress.
Sauveur The Royal House of Sauveur : There is no ill-will toward the Sauveurs. The Granthams have always favored King Symion, and they refuse to take sides in the affair between his son and daughter as they feud for the crown.
Chantry The Chantry of the Six : Though there are members of the Chantry that find the Granthams to be a bit heretical, they are respected for their loyalty to the faith. In turn, the Granthams are avid supporters of the Chantry and often visit Primus to honor those they have buried in the Necropolis.

Current Members

Ashleigh Young Lady Sir Ashleigh Grantham : Heir to House Grantham, Knight of the Legion of Ash
Beden Lord Sergent Beden Grantham : Youngest Child of the Grantham Line, Sergeant of the Legion of Ash
Flint Lord Sir Jacob "Flint" Grantham : Elder Brother to Lady Marah Grantham, Uncle to Lady Sir Ashleigh Grantham
Devon Lady Devon Grantham nee Volen : Widow to Young Lord Sir Zayne Grantham, former hostage of House Grantham; betrothed to Sir Victor Khournas
Eve Sir Evangeline Bracken (Retired) : Citizen Knight of the Legion of Ash. Daughter of Sir Cale Bracken.

Wanted Members

The Head of House, Young Lord/Lady, children of the main line, cousins, aunts, and uncles.

Family Tree

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