House Dalton of Inculta
Planet: Oculus
Region: Moon of Inculta
Seat: Detritus
Motto: "Power From Light"
Colors: Orange and Yellow
Liege: The Paramount House or Orelle
Vassals: Various
Head of House: Lady Augusta II Dalton Emphasis: Light Infantry
Predecessor: Lord Marcus IV Dalton Footmen: 1,500
Heir: See Wanted Members Cavalry: 120
Bowmen: 500

The desert moon of Inculta is one of the ten hospitable moons of Oculus. This particular Lash has been looked after by the House of Dalton since before the Reversion. They were originally energy farmers, accumulating the strong and reflective rays from the sun into high-capacity cells before literally beaming the energy through the atmosphere to the Ring whenever the two satellites crossed orbits.

Doctor Tyrus Dalton was ennobled after the Second System War after defending an assault against the energy stations by the Hostiles. He lead a valiant strategy that activated the energy beams just after a squad of Hostile landing ships passed into view. This is the base for their motto: "Power From Light."

Today, the Daltons continue to govern from the potent light temples that still beam up energy when the Ring passes over. They are light infantry specialists due to training in the arid desert climate.



The whole of Inculta is covered with a vast stretch of desert, accented by canyons and rocky mountains. The settlements are well-spread across the surface, with a couple settled into the rugged face of the canyon walls. The capital city is the settlement of Detritus — an amusing jab at the original base that was just a collection of unattractive cuboid tents. It is now quite stunning despite the name with pleasing, geometric structures that resemble domes, pyramids, graceful swoops, and other shapes.

The central structures are the mesa-like energy harvesters. Large settlements like Detritus have dozens of these harvesters, while smaller settlements might have just one. Their sole job is to soak up solar energy that is then beamed up to the Ring where it both fuels the space station and is concentrated for export to other regions of Haven.

Citizens of Inculta

As with many citizens of Oculus and the Lashes, Incultans have traditionally been technocrats. However since the Second System War they have slowly divurged culturally from the norm found on many of the moons. This is mainly due to Inculta's vital role and resource: chief providers of light and power of Haven. As the centuries passed, the energy stations slowly became "light temples" and the entire culture began to shift towards the view that The Six were the servants of the Light and that the Devil and Hostiles were servants of the Dark. While some in the Chantry view this paradigm as something of heresy, the people of Inculta are very loyal to the faith of Haven and respect the priesthood highly.

Another oddity are those Incultans who serve in the treasured role as Servants of the Light. Seen by some as religious Crusaders and others as do-gooders, the Servants work within the the societal structure of Inculta. All have some training as engineers, astronomers or astrophysicists and view their Mystic tradition, whether they themselves are Awakened or not, more in line with the hermetics. However where they are different than the hermetics is their view that to be Awakened is to be chosen by the Light. That there is a higher calling and purpose in it rather than just genetics. Servants, as they are generally referred , serve House Dalton, the people of Inculta and when the Hostiles threaten fill the role of Crusaders zealously.

Prominent Characteristics

There are three defining hallmarks by which House Dalton is known throughout Haven. High technology, an Awakened pedigree and wealth. As the primary providers of energy to Haven, they have grown wealthy on trade, and see themselves as the providers of light to the Ring and Lashes. They *know* they are important and have always used that to their economic and political advantage.

Beginning with their founder, Doctor Tyrus Dalton, the rulers of Inculta have consistently trained their heirs in the practical knowledge of the collection and transport of solar energy. Throughout its history, the Lords and Ladies Dalton have been engineers and physicists and have taken a personal and direct role in maintaining and managing the array of "light temples" on the planet. While they have accepted some of the societal aspects of the Reversion, the Daltons embrace high technology out of necessity.

Tyrus' heir, Lady Nimue Dalton, was born Awakened and since that time preference has been given to Awakened Daltons to rulership of Inculta. In fact their laws of inheritance requires that if there is a Dalton who is Awakened at the death of the Lord/Lady, that they are designated Heir and so the title has been known to skip the oldest child or even shift to an Awakened cousin (as long as the person was not a member of another noble House) in the past. That the prevalence of being Awakened runs in the family is the chief reason why there has never been a succession crisis. The ruling Dalton is seen as the head of the Servants of Light, and in fact the knightly order was founded by Lady Nimue, although the position does not denote Knighthood itself upon the Lord or Lady Dalton and in fact Heirs are discouraged from joining as a knight.

Wealth. The Daltons have it. When you are the chief provider of all important and necessary energy, it is hard to avoid it. And House Dalton has been able to not only provide it efficiently and in plenty, but to do so in an economically beneficial way. Their wealth though is seen by most as honest. House Dalton is known for its honesty, unsurprising considering their devotion to their pseudo-heresy of the Light, and have never exploited their position.

Current Members

Augusta Lady Augusta II Dalton, Servant of the Servants of Light : An older woman once renowned for her beauty, Augusta is a skilled scientist, engineer and mystic who rules her people in peace.
Xanthe Lady Sir Xanthe Dalton : Lady Augusta's unAwakened second daughter, who serves as a sworn Knight to the House.
Cynan Lord Sir Cynan Dalton : Nephew to the Head of House, Cynan is a Knight trained by the Servants of Light.
Helena Dr. Helena V. Dalton : Niece to Head of House, Helena is the Director of Civilian Emergency Services on Inculta.

Wanted Members

Spouse to Head of House, children of the main line, cousins, aunts, uncles. Spouse requires a special application. Contact STAFF for more information.

Augusta has four children, one of whom (Bors) is dead. Her oldest child is already named (Nimue aged 38) while her two other children are not (they would be in the early 30s or late 20s). All three living children are open. The Heir to the House is the oldest, however the laws of succession for House Dalton favors Awakened first.

Also looking for Servants of Light, scientists, engineers and other Citizens.

Family Tree

This will be developed as members of the House are created.

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