The Paramount House of Cindravale
Planet: Imperius, the Second World
Region: The Vale
Seat: Fortress of Phylon
Motto: "For Glory"
Colors: Dark Blue, Yellow, Red and White
Liege: Royal House of Sauveur
Vassals: Leonnida, Rovehn, Courcelle, and others
Head of House: High Lady Sir Kallista Cindravale Emphasis: Cavalry
Predecessor: High Lord Sir Tycho Cindravale Footmen: 13,000
Heir: Young Lord Sir Solon Cindravale Cavalry: 19,000
Bowmen: 8,000

Before the Reversion, the Paramount House of Cindravale was a rich family — rich enough that several of their sons and daughters practiced Old Earth martial arts from Europa. And then the Hostiles attacked, and their energy fields proved the modern weapons of the planetary defense forces useless. Xenon Cindravale approached his childhood friend, Governor-General Matthias Sev, with the idea to gather up other aficionados of ancient weapons to fight the Hostiles.

Xenon was the first knight of the Haven System, and he dedicated himself to training the next generation of fighters. Two brothers and a sister did fight against the Hostiles, with Theodora and Pericles falling in battle. Nikomachos, Xenon's youngest brother, returned home covered in glory, having led the new army to victory in the field. Yet it was Xenon who was raised up to High Lord by his friend, the new King Matthias Sauveur. Xenon was named Knight Commander of the realm, and placed upon the Crown Council.

Still, it was Nikomachos that all the young knights wanted to hear stories from, and Nikomachos that was praised above all others. So it was that Xenon drove himself to learn the art of the tilt, and called a great tourney to celebrate the Reversion. The results were broadcast across the Haven System, and so the entire population saw both brothers defeat all comers, until they faced one another in the final tilt, and Xenon overcame gloried Nikomachos. The younger brother laughingly swore to triumph at the next tourney, and so the Cindravale love of the tourney was founded.

Since that day, House Cindravale has been a champion of the Reversion, glorying in the pageantry of tournaments, inspiring one another to great levels of competition on the tourney grounds, and in the artistry of their armor and personal heraldry.



Paramount Seat: Fortress of Phylon
Fortification: Fortress of Phylon

The Fields of Ares

Wide, rolling plains stretch across most of the continent of the Vale, seas of waving grass providing ample room for breeding the genetically-modified destriers so beloved by tourney knights and the more graceful — and closer to Old Earth natural — walkers and thoroughbreds. The plains also give plenty of room to indulge in sculpture, paint landscapes, and to pursue other artistic endeavors.

The Southern Wilds

South and west of the Fields of Ares lies the rougher terrain of the Southern Wilds, rife with hills, dales, streams, and copses of trees. Hunting is better in this area than in the great grass sea of the Fields of Ares, but there is still plenty of room for falconry and horse breeding. Much of the Southern Wilds is ruled by House Leonnida and its vassals.

Forlorn Swamps and the White Tower

At the far north end of the the Vale lie the Forlorn Swamps, icy bogs of little artistic or material value. These marshes freeze solid in the winter, but during the summer they are home to millions — if not billions — of biting insects. Nestled within this blighted terrain is the White Tower, a nearly monastic collection of Awakened who have chosen to set themselves aside from much of the world and quietly train their abilities away from the distractions of modern living.

Vassal Houses: Leonnida and others

House Leonnida has taken to the Reversion even more whole-heartedly than the rest of the Vale. Their seat, Castle Leonnida, is an actual concentric castle, although within the stone walls there are more modern conveniences. In keeping with their motto, "Only the Strongest," and unlike all of the other noble houses, their Heir is only chosen immediately before the death of the previous Lord or Lady Leonnida. While this process usually encourages lifelong competition between siblings for the favor of their mother or father, it has occasionally led to noble scions killing off all of their siblings to ensure that they become the next Lord or Lady Leonnida. Even those extreme methods are accepted, because "Only the Strongest" may inherit the title.

Prominent Characteristics

The cities of the Vale are bright and beautiful, constructed as much for grandeur as they are for efficiency or function. Everything is a competition among the Cindravale and their sworn, whether it is to win a joust, to compose the most moving sonnet, to be the most gallant, or to design the most beautiful building.

Several of their minor vassal houses are semi-nomadic, following their herds of horses from winter pastures to summer grazing. They travel the Fields of Ares in great wheeled caravans that are brightly painted and intricately carved.

Three times a year, a grand tournament is held just outside the Fortress of Phylon, with the winner of the joust crowning the season's Queen of Love and Beauty. The tilt is accompanied by melee on foot, and competitions in archery, wrestling, speed, riding, singing, painting, sculpting, cooking, and just about anything else that can spur a competition. People come from all around to witness or participate in the events, and even during the First and Second System Wars, these competitions continued, albeit in reduced splendor.

Citizens of The Vale

The people of the Vale are usually outgoing, boisterous, and competitive. This leads to many of them making both friends and enemies quickly and easily. They have a reputation as sticklers for honor, and knights will even challenge one another to duels over real or imagined slights toward female relatives or friends. While Cindravale women have as much right to inheritance and rule as any other Havenite women, Cindravale men tend to be a little more chivalrously chauvinistic than men in other areas. They will tell you that they open doors for women or protect their honor not because the women are incapable of doing so, but rather because it shows their honor and respect for the women.

While Cindravale nobles focus on knighthood, pageantry, and honor, Citizens of Cindravale tend to focus on the artistic parts of life. Artists, musicians, sculptors, and dancers from the Vale are famed throughout the Haven System, and most anything owned by a well-to-do Citizen (or a noble) of the Vale will be ornamented in some way.

Members of House Cindravale itself tend to have names in the Old Earth Greek style.

House Military

The military forces of the Vale focus heavily on knights and other cavalry. Although they still have a strong core of men-at-arms and archers to anchor their shield wall, the true weight of Cindravale forces lies on horseback. They are famed jousters, and always ready to charge headlong into combat unless held back by a patient commander. Their non-knight cavalry is almost evenly split into light and heavy cavalry, and this unknighted heavy cavalry is almost unique to the Vale, made up as it is of professional soldiers who strive to prove themselves worthy of knighthood, but either do not have the coin to fully equip themselves, the sponsor to knight them, or the courtly graces off the battlefield to prove their knightly courtesy.

Political Relations

Arboren The Paramount House of Arboren : Although the archers of Arboren are a little backwards, they share an appreciation for artistry, and a care for what happens to Imperius — after all, if there is no Imperius, there is no opportunity to gain glory.
Khournas The Paramount House of Khournas : Mere footmen, the Khourni have somehow claimed almost as much influence over military tactics as we have. Hopefully their boringly pedestrian tactics (to say nothing of their lack of style) will not take hold.
Orelle The Paramount House of Orelle : Merchants and scientists, the Orelles don't understand the true point of living. They may reach for the stars, but the glory is down on the fields and and in the King's court.
Sauveur The Royal House of Sauveur : We have ever been loyal and close to our liege Lords and Ladies. They understand what the Reversion has brought to Haven, how it's saved our way of life and brought us power and glory.
Chantry The Chantry of the Six : Our people are fervent in their devotion to the Six. We provide the artists and sculptors they need for their chantries, and our people visit Primus regularly.

Current Members

Kallista High Lady Sir Kallista Cindravale : High Lady of the Vale.
Ariston Lord Sir Ariston Cindravale : Eldest son of High Lady Sir Kallista Cindravale.
Solon Young Lord Sir Solon Cindravale : Second son of High Lady Sir Kallista Cindravale, current Heir of House Cindravale.
Mykal Lord Mykal Cindravale : Third child of the main line, husband to Anabelle Cindravale nee Courcelle.
Anabelle Lady Anabelle Cindravale nee Courcelle : Wife to Mykal Cindravale.
Xenona Lady Xenona Cindravale : Daughter of High Lady Sir Kallista Cindravale.
Lucretia Lady Lucretia Cindravale : Younger sister to High Lady Kallista Cindravale.
Alexandros Lord Sir Alexandros Cindravale : Younger brother to High Lady Kallista Cindravale, former Knight Commander of Haven.
Nikomachos Lord Sir Nikomachos Iason Sauveur of Cindravale : First cousin to the main line, son to the former Knight Commander, an avid tourney knight, and married to Sir Ellinor Sauveur.
Kassandra Lady Sir Kassandra Cindravale : First cousin to the main line, only daughter of the Knight Commander, and known for her attitude.
Sammel Lord Sir Sammel Cindravale : First cousin to the main line, second son to the former Knight Commander.
Erik Lord Sir Erik Cindravale : First cousin to the main line, third son to the former Knight Commander, and trained from youth to fight the Hostiles.
Valentine Lord Valentine Cindravale : Second Cousin to the main line, Awakened Sorcerer.
Jason Lord Sir Jason Cindravale : Second Cousin to the main line, Wandering Knight.

Wanted Members

Children of the main line, cousins, aunts, and uncles.

Family Tree


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