The Paramount House of Arboren
Planet: Imperius
Region: The Spine
Seat: Arborenin
Motto: "To the Fletching"
Colors: Dark Green, Cyan and White
Liege: The Royal House Sauveur
Vassals: Peake, Hollolas, and others
Head of House: High Lady Eryn Arboren Emphasis: Archers
Predecessor: High Lord Edan Arboren Footmen: 10,000
Heir: Young Lord Declan Arboren Cavalry: 4,500
Bowmen: 15,000

Somewhat isolated in the sprawling forests and mountains of the Spine, the Paramount House of Arboren is sometimes criticized as being the least noble of the Noble Houses. They govern the western continent from their tree city in the heart of the Arborenin Woods and are known for their grounded and rational nature, often being a voice of wisdom amongst the other Paramounts.

Before the Reversion, the Spine was a protected reserve that was being used to study the natural Imperius world. Ecologists and survivalists were all drawn to this nearly untouched, wild continent. Small, tight communities were established in various regions of the Spine, and within the various communities, small subcultures were established. The largest of these were centralized in what would become known as the Arborenin Woods, and became the continental capital. At the time of the First System War, Senator Hugh Arboren was the Spine's primary representative, and encouraged the various traditional hunters and survivalists to offer up their expertise to fight against the Hostiles; he even offered his own archery expertise as well. As a token of gratitude, the First King named Arboren one of the first Paramount Lords, allowing him and his family to maintain the Spine.

Today, the Arboren and their vassals have upheld their reserves and sanctuaries, building their settlements around the natural world. This has led to incredible cities built within the branches of trees and or in the interior of mountains.



The Arborenin Woods

Paramount Seat: Arborenin Woods
Fortification: The Elder Seat

The largest swath of woods on the Spine is called the Arborenin Woods. Monstrous trees with wide, spreading leaves dominate the interior region of the woods, while smaller firs and evergreens travel up the face of the Spinous Mountains to the west and thin out toward the rocky beaches to the east.

The seat of Arboren is the tree city of Arborenin. It originally was the tree-house estate of the senatorial family Arboren before they were named Paramounts. From that first edifice — now called the Elder Seat — similar structures were built around the neighboring trees and connected by stabilized bridges. This particular architectural structure has promoted integrated living between the nobles and citizens. The Elder Seat is not apart nor elevated above the rest of the tree edifices, but instead blended into the overall landscape of Arborenin.

The Ways are maintained on platforms in the upper canopies, while also strategically placed throughout the Arborenin Woods to help minimize extensive travel through the natural wilds.

The Spinous Mountains

Possessing some of the tallest mountains on all Imperius, the Spinous Mountains stretch from the northern-most coast of the Spine all the way to the far south. There are glorious alpine valleys, nutrient-rich tundra, and treacherous mountain passes. There are several cities in the mountains, including the grand city of Khar-Mordune; this cavernous city resides within the peak of Mordune itself and is the seat of House Peake.

Prominent Characteristics

The previous tight-knit communities spread throughout the Spine have developed into vassal houses beneath the guidance of their Paramount. There is greater homogeneity amongst the nobles and citizens of the Spine, creating a more balanced hierarchy. Nobles are seen as first-among-equals rather than the typical Lords and Masters. They are best described as having as close to an egalitarian society as possible within a feudal system.

The nobles of Arboren are knightly rangers, wardens of the woods, and are known for taking up roles that are often seen as beneath them by the other Noble Houses — Healers, Craftsmen, and Huntsmen are just a few examples of pastimes taken up by nobles of the Arboren House. These pursuits add further connection between nobles and citizens, while also providing trade and commerce both within the Spine and the greater Haven System.

The Arborens strive to maintain a sustainable presence on Imperius, discouraging ecological behavior that closely resembles the destructive patterns of Old Earth. They hunt, gather, and extract only what is needed to sustain their settlements and provide various exports to the rest of Haven. They have come into conflict with Orelle and Khournas, who rely on the mining and over-extraction of resources to continue to support technological advances that the Arboren don't believe are necessary. Unlike most of Haven, which lives solely to survive the coming System War, the Arboren constantly try to look beyond the next invasion by the Hostiles, focusing on a future that does not continue the vicious cycle.

They are respected for their grounded and rational nature, often being a voice of wisdom amongst the other Paramounts.

Political Relations

Cindravale The Paramount House of Cindravale : Regardless of the egalitarian practices of the Spine, they have a close and positive alliance with the knightly Houses of the Vale. Cindravale, despite their affection for opulent tournaments and brazen personalities, at least strives toward the continued growth and prosperity of Haven beyond the 500 year cycle.
Khournas The Paramount House of Khournas : Khournas and Arboren were at odds even before the Reversion. The Khourni desire to obliterate the Hostiles and continued advancement in manufacturing directly defies the grounded and sustainable characteristics of the Arboren. Their Houses are almost never connected by marriage, and there have been several skirmishes between the footmen of the Crescent and archers of the Spine.
Orelle The Paramount House of Orelle : The relationship between Arboren and Orelle is perhaps the most tense. The Arboren see no merit in the constant advance of technology, and they believe that the Orelles are so apart from the rest of Haven that they are equally apart from its people.
Sauveur The Royal House of Sauveur : The Arboren and the Sauveurs have a positive, strong relationship. Old King Symion often seeks wisdom and advice from his dear friend High Lady Sir Eryn, who some whisper could have been his wife had she not been dedicated to her own House. The Sauveurs join the Arboren for their seasonal hunts.
Chantry The Chantry of the Six : Like most of the Haven population, the Arboren follow the ways of the Six. They honor the pantheon in their natural chantries, and maintain the ceremonies and traditions of the scriptures. They are not as fiercely dedicated as the Cindravales, but still faithful.

Current Members

Eryn High Lady Sir Eryn Arboren : Head of House
Declan Young Lord Declan Arboren : Eldest Son and Heir to Arboren
Brienne Lady Sir Brienne Arboren : Eldest Daughter
Brennart Lord Sir Brennart Arboren : Second Son
Tristan Lord Sir Tristan Arboren : Third Son
Eilara Lady Eilara Arboren : Second Daughter
Keanen Lord Keanen Arboren : Youngest Child
Aelewen Lady Aelewen Arboren : Younger Sister of High Lady Eryn
Charlie Lady Charlessa Dorelle Arboren : Daughter of Lady Aelewen
Darious Lord Sir Darious Arboren : Cousin to the main line
Jeremy Sir Jeremy Keats : Citizen-born knight sworn to House Arboren
Chandra Lady Sir Chandra Arboren : Cousin to the main line, Ryan's twin
Ryan Lord Sir Ryan Arboren : Cousin to the main line, Chandra's twin

Wanted Members

Children of the main line, cousins, aunts, and uncles.

Family Tree

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