Hostile Web II
Summary: Jor's research continues, after two dramatic events.
Date: 28/10/2013
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Dec 22, 3013 — Jor's Apartment — Landing — Imperius

Jor was not a man normally given to losing his temper. He'd had fifteen years, and more, to practice learning to control himself. Lately, though, it was becoming increasingly difficult not to snap at trivialities that should have required a clearer head. The past few days had not been very kind on his mood, as if he didn't have enough to chew on already even if nothing had come about on it. And now there were these two bits of news that had dropped into his lap as though someone had decided he was the Fourth World needing detonated again.

"Open a file on Brother Metrius Sextus." He'd been trying to keep an eye on happenings at the Chantry ever since that shocking revelation on Primus. "Run a query into every last detail you can find about the man. Cross-reference what you can find with the diary data as well. Secondly, open another file on this InfoSphere video, this… Sarah. I want a local copy of it to carry around with me. I don't give two fucks about it being removed, either. Find one, and retrieve it. Store it on the tablet I've got wired in now. Also see if you can find anything out there that can do a full analysis on her physiology, especially if you compare it to publically known Hostile data, and also the photo. And one more thing."

"What is that, Sir?"

"Get me the Watch Commander."

"The purpose of your contact, Sir?"

"Tell him…" He took a deep breath, saying a prayer that he wasn't wrong to do this alone, but better to keep the others out of it. They had more to lose. "Tell him I have evidence of conspiracy, treason, and murder by one or more members of the Chantry. I want to meet in private."

"Wouldn't this request be better given to the Chantry Council, Sir?"

"NO!" The word erupted with more vehemence than Jor would have liked, and it required a deep breath in order for him to compose himself. "It has to be the Watch. A third party that, I hope, isn't influenced by whatever is going on behind the scenes here. It needs to be an investigative body with authority, and if the Citadel's keeping secrets too, then I have to get a legal body on my side."

"Very well, Sir, shall I try to set a time and place for this, Sir?"

"No. Just send the call to me if it's accepted. Highest priority. I do want you to send this request using the same credentials I had as a Watchman, though. Make it clear I'm filing an official request as it pertains to my job, specifically classified investigations. I don't care how presumptuous that sounds, either. Do it."

While I pray I'm not getting myself killed, doing this alone, he added silently.

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