Hostile Web
Summary: Jor's investigation into possible abnormalities with the Hostiles.
Date: 09/July/2013
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Jor's Apartment — Landing — Imperius

Musical Inspiration: How Did We Get Here -- Inception OST

He couldn't understand why this was so troubling. Was it an obsession? Was it just the past repeating itself, and everyone else dismissing it? Or was it something new, a development that had not occurred those past two, no doubt violent and debilitating cycles when the Fifth World had come close?

The vidscreen ahead of him swarmed with content:


Talayla Orelle

  • Current employer.
  • Greatly enjoys the company of Lord Sir Barton Ibrahm.
  • Her involvement in skirmishes.
  • Initial source.
  • Mentioned camp with medical instrumentation ideal for organ extraction.
    • Had a nightmare related to this?

Nikomachos Cindravale

  • Caught in the fervor, likely to not be aware of future incidents.
  • Signs of fatigue, but approachable on the matter. Uncertain as to his personal feelings.
  • Awaiting video recording of the event.

Erik Cindravale

  • Unlikely to garner further cooperation in the matter without concrete proof of importance.
  • Awaiting video recording of the event.

Barton Ibrahm

  • Requires further questioning.
  • Approach method uncertain. Seems congenial enough to allow simple questioning.

Anabethe Khournas

  • Requires questioning.
  • Likely to require wagering on a spar to extract information.

Other News

Sophie Sauveur

  • Prime Source?
  • Desired an expedition related to Hostile activity. Why?
  • Objections over her direct involvement given may have severed possible cooperation. Uncertain.
  • Difficult to question with hope of information gain.
  • May be receptive to nudging towards using her family connections towards restricted information related to all of this.

Lady Trella Rovehn (deceased)

  • Wife of Lord Sir Rydick Arboren (deceased).
  • Rumored to be Awakened; specificity of abilities unknown.
  • Previously presumed missing, found deceased.
  • Murder believed to be of Hostile origin, her organs missing.
    • Why remove the brain too? What could they want it for?
  • Related to the other incidents, or expected Hostile behavior? More research needed into organ harvesting patterns.

He had included the last, because of the sheer oddity of it. It was all he had for now. Perhaps the two Cindravales would have something further of substance, and perhaps he really was wasting his time on this matter, as Sir Erik had said. But all the information, the people, the events, they were important in their own way. He had not been joking one bit, when he had told Sir Erik about how possible it was this could grow from a seed to something none of them understood. If it turned out he was mistaken after all, and his notes were for naught, so be it.

The important part, though, was making certain no one knew too much about the extent of this research. He'd dug deeply already into other matters, and fifteen years was the result of that. He was sure, now, that that crime scene had concealed something deeper — what, he didn't know, but the aftermath spoke for itself. They'd put him away neatly to keep him from being involved. Whoever 'they' were, it only went to show that he couldn't take the risk of discovery again, not unless he was absolutely certain of trust.

So he sat there, frowning at the screen, reading it over again and again, but all that came to his mind was what had passed by before. He would have to start asking around more, but first… he would need to hear about more attacks. And that meant more deaths.

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