Hostile Impressions
Summary: Victor makes a report on his meeting with the Hostile Sarah 113 of 158
Date: 21/August/2013
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Victor Jevon Khournas 

20 August 3013 — Victor's Apartments, Blackspyre, Volkan

To: Jevon.Khournas@Blacksypre, Godfrey.Khournas@PalaceTowers
From: Victor.Khournas@Blackspyre
Subject: The Hostile Prisoner

Boss-man, Uncle G,

You've probably seen the logs from my visit to the Hostie. If not, here's the facts as it told them and what I think's true:

  • (Fact) It's a soldier. I don't just mean the type of Hostie it is, I mean it's been raised from the start to be a soldier.
    • (Maybe True) Not being able to move is driving it crazy.
  • (F) It was combat capable at 13.
  • (F) It got cybernetic implants at 13.
    • (M) It stopped growing at 13? Or it had full-grown implants on a not-full-grown body for a while.
  • (F) It started training at 5.
    • (M) Even I didn't start training at 5. Either it's lying its ass off, or they grow up faster than we do.
  • (F) It's 25.
  • (F) It took its ship 9 months to get here, and that's the second wave. First wave was probably traveling longer.
  • (F) It doesn't like our food.
    • (M) It's taste buds are tweaked somehow? Or maybe it's just not used to flavor, because their food tastes like shit to me.
  • (F) They aren't natural-born. Must be vat-born.
  • (F) They're chosen by their parents before birth (or whatever the fuck they call it).
  • (F) They're raised in a family.
    • (M) They feel something for family members.
  • (F) Parents have limits on what kids they can choose based on caste.
    • (M) Parents can't pick kids from outside their caste.
  • (F) They've got a caste system.
    • (M) It's smart. Maybe even a nerd. I mean, what the fuck's a "haploid?"
  • (F) They call themselves Cantosans.
  • (F) It doesn't like cigar smoke.
  • (F) It thinks of itself as a human.
  • (F) It thinks the scouts are crazy.
    • (M) The scouts are gung-ho motherfuckers, and the other Hosties look at them like a Valen peacock looks at me — nuts, but useful nuts. Maybe something we can use to draw them out.
  • (F) I managed to piss it off.
  • (F) They don't fight each other on Cantos.
    • (M) It's proud of that. I think it looks down on us for fighting and arguing amongst ourselves.
  • (F) It got to pick which weapon to train with.
    • (M) That suggests individuality. Personality. This Hostie's got a dry sense of humor, even sarcasm. They're damn sure not drones, which means they think for themselves. Means we can't just cut off the head and expect them all to fuck up, but it also means we might be able to drive some wedges into them.

I don't know how far we can trust this thing, but at least it's information we can check against other sources if we get them.

Its own food's a good motivator. I'm delivering the rest that I promised it, showing that we can be trusted to follow through on our promises — and threats. I gave the last of my stash to Lord Hadrian Orelle to make more. If you've got extras sitting around, you could starve it for a while, then promise it more for more info.

Oh, and some pissant back at Peake wouldn't release the vid-files for me to study. Can either of you fix that?


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