08.04.3013: Hospitalized Again
Summary: Chiron and Jarek come to visit Agnes in the hospital after the caravan is attacked in Spikka.
Date: 04 August 2013
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Willowtree Hospital — Landing, Imperius
A hospital room in Landings.
04 August 3013

Agnes does not look good. She is pale and hooked up to a variety of tubes and wires and things that go bloop and bleep and woosh. Her left arm is in a sling, and there are bandages over her entire chest, which many of those tubes and wires vanish beneath. She is awake though, for the first time since her surgery. There is a cup of green jello on her bedtray that looks like it's barely been touched.

Agnes does not look good. She is pale and hooked up to a variety of tubes and wires and things that go bloop and bleep and woosh. Her left arm is in a sling, and there are bandages over her entire chest, which many of those tubes and wires vanish beneath. She is awake though, for the first time since her surgery. There is a cup of green jello on her bedtray that looks like it's barely been touched. <RE>

As soon as Chiron heard the news about Agnes he was worried. He knew that Anges had been though this thing before, but it's always scary to know that someone's been wounded. He has stayed at the hospital, waiting for her to wake up. After being informed that Agnes was finally awake, he slowly and softly opens the door, peaking his head in. He is wearing a brown shirt with black pants and a small gold chain hanging from his belt. He's obviously doing his best to represent Peake colors. Over all of that he has on his green hooded cloak. He walks up to the bed and says, "Hey, you feeling ok?"

The first thing Jarek learned not to do, was to walk in presenting himself first as this rediculously sized bouquet of flowers, then as himself all doting and loveydovey gush. Besides, that just isn't Jarek. He's visited Agnes in the hospital plenty of times, usually after a few days of her being there… but he'd rather sit with her the entire recovery right now. He's brought her something hand made, he crafted it rather poorly from the helmet of the hostile that cut her open like that. It's a small piece of metal shaped into a crude bear and stamped with the Saimhann house crest.

As he walks in, he spots Agnes' bandages, the tubes and things moving about her and his pace quickens to her bedside. With a nod to Chiron, Jarek looks to Agnes with a gentle smile. "Would it help if I ordered you to be better already?" he teases her lightly, though the look of care and concern is heavy in his eyes.

Agnes forces a weak smile. "Ah, not the best way for a new squire to see their Knight. But I will say I took a few of them with me," she quips. Her voice sounds hollow and raspy, a product of adjusting to the replacement lung they had to fit her with in surgery. Jarek's words have her somewhat glazed eyes softening for him. "From your lips to the Knight's ear, Jarek. Afraid I'll be a guest of this fine establishment a few days more at least. I think they're naming a new wing in my honor, due to the frequency of my visits."

Chiron smiles and laughs softly, glad to see that his knight's sense of humor hasn't gone away. It's hopeful, anyway. "No doubt they're targeting you out of fear." He says, nodding seriously. "Need me to get you anything?"

Holding up the trinket he'd made her, Jarek smiles softly, "Perhaps I should have this made larger for them to use as a plague?" another soft tease, before he moves to get chairs for both himself and Chiron, offering to Chiron the one placed closer to Agnes, the young man is her squire, only right he'd get to speak with his knight all the same.

"I wouldn't be adverse to a few decent holovids if you can find them. I hate watching the regular feeds. So much garbage on the screen these days," Agnes complains to Chiron. She holds out her unwounded arm to take the item Jarek made. "Where did you get this?" she asks curiously, setting it on the overbed table and running the fingers of her right hand over the metal.

Chiron nods, "Anything in particular you want? Or am I free to choose?" He says, giving her a roguish grin and a wink. He takes a seat offered to him by Jarek and looks around the room, sighing slightly.

Most men who see their first love in the hospital, or just hurt or sick, want to do everything for them. To the exclusion of others entirely. Jarek, however, is a natural delegator and while the impulse, almost an instinct, to take over and see to everything she could possibly want or need, Jarek is controlled enough to allow her to give Chiron her requests. "It is made from the helmet of the hostile that struck your chest, and your blade clove the head of." Jarek replies, as he takes his own seat.

"You choose. It'll help me get in touch with what a young, but not very young squire is interested in," Agnes murmurs to Chiron. She smiles at Jarek. "I do remember that somewhat. The big one? He was very intent on killing me. He kept seeming shocked when I'd stay up, or get back up."

Chiron gives Agnes a small, teasing frown. "Oh… so no Romance holovids for you then." He says, giving her a wink. He's not for /sure/ if Agnes dislikes the genre, but she doesn't seem the type to particularly enjoy it. "Next time you should take me with you. Maybe you won't get hurt so much then."

"Yeah the big one, I wouldn't allow that to happen, ever. I'd rather be the one impaled." Jarek smiles at Agnes with a suriety of his words, "Right, I took the schematics of your armor to one of the Khournas house armorsmiths, the one that made Anabethe's armor. I've commissioned a new chest plate that's thicker and stronger than the old one but matches the dimensions perfectly so it'll fit like a glove again."

"I need to get your basic training assessments done first, Chiron. Then, if I deem you are prepared enough from your military training, you can accompany me in the field," Agnes says with a small smile. Clearly she is taking his training very seriously. "While I am recovering, I might need Sir Jarek to measure your skills for me." She nods at his words about the armor. "Hopefully they'll keep aiming at my chest then."

Chiron nods, "sounds… fair." He's a little upset that he can't go right away, he /was/ Arboren military after all, but also slightly glad that the Knight taking interest in his skills. "I should look at getting some armor at some point. I was able to save for some low grade light armor as a Sergeant, but from the looks of it I'm going to need something a bit bigger…"

"I'd be happy to administer the tests to Chiron in your stead, and bring you the report. And I'd be happy working with him on his combat skills." Jarek looks to Chiron, "We'll stop at the Drakholt, see if my squiring combat armor is small enough for you. I'll loan it out to you while you work up to getting your own. Sound fair?" turning back to Agnes, "I've been meaning to ask you, but before I do I need to explain something. I've been sending letters to my father, but his responses only prove that you and I need to do this together. It's not going to be easy to convince him simply on the merit of being in love. I'd like to bring some of the day to day house running tasks and paperwork I have, here. And go over it with you, make a few minor decisions as a team and see how we mesh."

"Don't be so eager to run into this war, Chiron," Agnes says solemnly. "I do not want your death on my conscience. And I can check some of the squire armor in Khar-Mordune if Jarek's does not fit." She smiles and reaches to touch the young man's hand to reassure him that his time will come. She looks at Jarek and her smile fades a little, a flash back to Emund's letter. "That would be fine, Jarek. I am grateful your father is at least considering the match. I have no problem in proving my worth."

Chiron smiles thankfully at the two of them. "That would be really good. With the armor I had I wodondered if I would have been better off going to battle naked…" He laughs slightly before turning to Jarek. "I've never been a squire before, so I don't really know if I'm out of line here. Please let me know if I am, I don't mean to be disrespectful, neither am I unhappy that you offered. However, I thought that being a squire also meant having a connection with your knight, that you get by training and learning from them. I can't bond with my knight if I'm getting all of my squiring training from you…" He turns over to Agnes, trying to gauge her reaction.

Prior to responding to Agnes, Jarek focuses on Chiron for a moment. "You are not out of line, Chiron. A knight must know when to speak their mind and when to hold their words. This is a good point. However, you won't be getting your training from me. You'll be getting a taste of what it means to be a noble from me. Nudging in the right directions, and over sight. Not actual training. Agnes is your knight, if she would like me to administer her tests on you, then I'll do so. If she'd like for me to over see your practice with a particular something, then I'll do so. However, I'm not giving you formal instruction in anything." Jarek turns to Agnes, "My father hesitates not because you're not worthy, but that we're not ready. He's wanting to make sure that this isn't a summer fling, that we're capable of running the house effectively and efficiently. Our house doesn't waste anything. We hold specifics religious traditions that you'd need to learn and get used to… there's a lot of work ahead of us, and my father is simply pointing is out to me."

"I trust Jarek with your assessments, but your combat training will be done by me, Chiron. I just know I'll be off my feet for a bit, so I'd like to get the data on your skills, so I can spend my downtime preparing the course of your squiring." Agnes smiles and pats his hand. Jarek's words have her brow furrowing a little. "I don't think waiting 8 years to even pursue me is rushing into anything. And I have waited all these years to even consider someone to wed. But I understand his concerns. We will work together and show him we're meant to be together."

Chiron nods again at the both of them "I understand, and that makes sense." He looks a little uneasy, hoping he hadn't offended Jarek. "How long do you think you'll be off your feet?"

"I know we will, Agnes, but my father needs to see it for himself." Jarek smiles at her, "There's another reason why, and actually, this is something I asked for… there are some boundaries, our friends ahs built up over the years. You and I need to spend time together alone, discussing them, testing them, seeing if we're both ready to cross them together." If Chiron could offend Jarek, he's not being told so.

"The doctors have been a bit avoidant on that subject, Chiron. Which makes me think a week, at least. I'm hoping they'll at least let me do most of my recovery at home. I am rather tired of seeing these hospital walls," Agnes admits. She nods to Jarek. "I understand. If it's meant to be, it's meant to be, Jarek." She begins to look very tired. A nurse makes her way into the room. "Visiting hours are ending, gentlemen," she notes quietly. "Lady Agnes needs her rest, her pain killers, and a bandage change, so it's time for you to go." She shoos the men out so the injured knight can be tended to.

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