08.16.3013: Hospital Homecoming
Summary: Rebecca and Ioan awake in the Pale Horse Caravan's hospital, and have a mini reunion with their daughter.
Date: 16 August 2013
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Hospital Room - Pale Horse Caravan
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16 August 3013

The Mordains were admitted to the Pale Horse Caravan's hospital last night, and rushed into surgery. Both made it through their operations, and the pair were put into a room together. Rebecca is currently bedridden, swathed in bandages from her shoulders to her hips, with her right hand also covered in gauze. She has an IV line in her arm, all sorts of things attached to her that make beeps and whirs on screens nearby, and oxygen tubes in her nose, while her body adjust to the new pair of replacement lungs she received. The doctors were astonished that she managed to, by all accounts, continue fighting through her injuries until Fenton Scythe was dead. She groans, just beginning to climb back to consciousnss.

Ioan is also bedridden, IV stuck in his hand. He just recently had a blood transfusion, as he had more then one drug injected in him over the months. He is currently eating some fruit salad that the nurse had just brought him. His eyes have returned to normal, but his neck still really hurts from the beating. As Rebecca begins to wake up he swallows his bite and turns his head slowly to talk to her. "Hey Becca… you ok?"

Rebecca's eyes flutter open, in a manner that suggests she has to struggle to do so. She rolls her head towards the voice, and he can see how glazed her eyes are from pain killers and the anesthetic still wearing off. She focuses slowly on his face, her eyes eventually clearing enough to recognize him. "Ioan? Am I dreaming?" she asks groggily.

Ioan's voice is back to normal, and is probably the most coherent he's been sense being captured. "I don't think so, love. Though… I'll admit I don't exactly know how I got here. Was I out for a while?" He asks, sounding genuinely confused. The events of last night were a blur. He takes anther bite of the fruit and says extending the bowl out to Rebecca, "I don't ever remember fruit tasting so good before. You want some?"

"No. No food. Everything hurts," Rebecca mumbles. "You were gone a long time. We found you, last night I think? Brought you back. Drug ring had you, drugged you." She lifts her uninjured left hand to feel at the tubes in her nose, grunting slightly at them.

Ioan brings the fruit back to his lap and he sits up some getting a better look at Rebecca. "How long was I… Sophia!" He exclaims, as if something else had clicked with him. "How old is she? What have I missed?" His voice conveys sadness and some frustration. "They drugged me? I didn't… do anything while I was drugged… did I?"

"Don't have all the details yet. But we were told someone matching your description was pushing drugs for a cartel in Acre," Rebecca explains. "I think Ghost snapped you out of it. Sophie turned a year old two weeks ago," she admits. "You were gone 11 months. Everyone thought you were dead. Found your horse and your things torn apart. But I didn't give up hope."

Ioan continues to eat more of the fruit, but it's mostly all gone by now. He frowns some and sighs. "I see… I can't believe I missed our daughter's birthday. Does she even remember me?" He asks, sadly. "I was pushing drugs off to those people? I don't remember…" he sighs again, closing his eyes. "I'm glad I have you, Becca. If it wasn't for you, I would still be doing those… horrible things."

"She was only a month old when you vanished, Ioan. I don't know if she'll remember. Ghost did, but he knew you longer. Either way, she'll relearn who you are." Rebecca smiles wearily at him. "I'd never give up on you Ioan. You know that. Somewhere in my heart I knew you were still alive. You'd have made sure we found your body if you were dying somewhere."

"Oh…" is all Ioan says, staying quiet for a few seconds. It's not easy realizing that you've missed almost an entire year of your life. "I… was Ghost there, at the rescue?" He says, scratching his head with the hand that doesn't have the IV. "I… remember very little of the rescue. I remember everyone being all… bendy. Did I shoot someone?" he asks, sounding a little surprised.

"I'm relatively sure you missed everyone you aimed at," Rebecca says with a chuckle. Then she winces, because laughing hurts like hell. "I think my reputation as the Red Wraith is intact though. I refused to fall down no matter how injured I was." She smiles at him softly, her eyes foggy with pain and meds. "You're back. That's all that matters to me, Ioan."

"I was aiming for the head…" Ioan mutters, slightly bothered. "You didn't fall? That looks like it had to have hurt." He says, looking his wife, noticing all of the bandages. He gives his wife a smile, "I'm glad you found me. I don't know what I would do without you."

"Once Ghost acknowledged you, there was nothing the Six or the Devil could do to keep me from you, Ioan. How are you feeling now? What's the last thing you remember," Rebecca asks. Her head turns on the pillow to watch him, the rest of her hurting too badly to follow.

"Then perhaps I owe Ghost a treat for remembering me, then." Ioan says, again smiling. "What I remember? Well… I think the fight was over? There was someone checking on me… I think I went to look for you? After that I don't remember. I think I fell unconscious."

The door swings open and Ioan's grandmother, Edna, comes in with Sophia in her arms. When last he saw his daughter, she had barely any of that wispy red hair on her head and she still looked something like a naked wrinkled tiny little old lady. Now she has amazing curls and a sweet smile to go with chubby cheeks and fists. "Ioan, thank the Six you're alive," his granny declares, moving to his bedside to plant a kiss on the top of his head. She's a tiny little thing, her face a roadmap of wrinkles, her eyes rheumy with age, but kind. "Your parents are on their way from Phylon since they got the news."

Sophia makes grabby hands for her mother and blurts out "horsie!!!" the only word she seems to know so far. "Hi Little Bit," Rebecca murmurs to her daughter. "Your daddy is here, Sophia, see daddy?" She turns to stare wide-eyed at Ioan. "HORSIE!"

Ioan looks over to the two newcomers, surprisingly recognizing his daughter, but doesn't seem to recognize the other woman. He seems a little disturbed by this fact, but plays along. "Oh, thank you, ma'am." He gives the older woman a smile, but it's clear he doesn't recognize her. He turns his attention to his daughter, who is already speaking! He gives her a smile and says, "Hey Sophi, do you remember me?" He asks, smiling.

Edna blinks at being called Ma'am, and looks to Rebecca. She too is frowning with concern. "Ioan, it's your grandmother, Edna. She's been helping me with Sophia since you disappeared," she notes. She watches his face for reaction, even as the baby reaches for him to take her. She tries to stick her finger up his nose and giggles.

Ioan sits himself up and carefully grabs his daughter, placing her on his lap. He looks rather content to just have his daughter sit with him. He looks back to his grandmother, looking remorseful and shocked at the same time. "I… Grandma?" He says, questioning. His mind races trying his best to put a name to the face. "I'm sorry…" Is all he says, looking back at his daughter.

"He's had some memory loss," Rebecca explains to Edna. "They're working on it." She grimaces and lays back against her pillows, just watching her husband and child together, something she was worried she might never see again. The baby seems content to play with his face, suck on her fist, and smack him now and then with a giggle. Edna makes her way to the door. "I'll leave you three to get reacquainted for a few minutes. Then the doctor says you both need to rest."

Ioan waves to his grandmother. "I'll see you later." He says as she leaves, laughing some as his daughter begins to play with him. He strokes her hair playing with the curls. "We made this?" He says to Rebecca, laughing. He says to his daughter. "So you're talking now, huh? When did that happen?"

"I know, right? I'd say she had to be the milkman's because she's way too cute to be ours, but she has your eyes and my hair, so no one would believe me." Rebecca smiles fondly at the pair. "And she only says that one word so far. Everyone and everything is horsie."

"HORSIE!" Sophia declares. Then she shoves her thumb in her mouth and lays her head against Ioan's chest to begin to doze with the hair stroking. "She should pick up a few new words soon, she's at that age," Bex murmurs.

Ioan sighs, this time with contentment as he relaxes some on the bed. "Horsie, huh? I guess that's better then no." He says, laughing. "I… I think that was what my parents said was my first word? I somehow remember my parents saying I was a terror when I was little. Is there anything else new that I missed?"

"Yes," Rebecca says with concern. "The Hostiles have showed up six months early. We pushed off the first wave, but a second has landed. It's bad, Ioan. They've advanced in the last 500 years. They're setting ambushes, using traps, and though we're holding our ground, it's only going to be so long before our numbers are too small to do anything."

Sophia naps contentedly in her father's arms. She might not recognize his face, but she knows his smell, his warmth, and his energy.

"Oh." Ioan says. "That's… not good. Is there anything we can do? Any weaknesses we can exploit?" He seems concerned. "I need to get better soon… I need to help." He gives his daughter a kiss on the forehead. "Whatever happens. we're together. We can make it though."

"There are people smarter than us working on that, Ioan," Rebecca murmurs tiredly. "I find shooting them in the neck seems to be their least armored area. Took down a few of them the other day on Detritus where they breached the sand wall briefly. We're being sent all over Haven. Everyone is coming together to save humanity." She smiles at the sight of the two of them, together. "I think I need to sleep now." Her auto drip pain killers have begun to enter her system through the IV, and they make her very tired.

Ioan smiles at his wife. "We'll be here when you wake up, my love."

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