08.01.3013: Horses and Strings and Other Things
Summary: Balius and Demos run into Talynne and Sean in the bazaar, rocks are little mentioned.
Date: 1st August 2013
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The Bazaar
Stepping off the lift and into the Blue District is almost like stepping into another world. The senses are assaulted with a complexity of scents, sights, and sounds. Light that abscribes to the same hours as the rest of the Ring glows from insets in the dark metal ceilings. The Bazaar is one of the central hubs of the Blue District — also known as the Entertainment District. There are dozens of shops and emporiums that clutter around the outer edge of the bazaar with stands and kiosks making organized chaos of its center. There are some shops that have been there for generations, including the famous — if not a little infamous — Gregor's Strange Meats. This is the place to find the weird and the bizarre. It is known that the Blue District hosts the impoverish and underworldly inhabitants of the Ring, making it not only the most mystifying but also the most dangerous district on the space station. There are several corridor-like thoroughfares that branch off from the Bazaar, leading deeper into the District.

Walking in decent spirits, Bey will be eying clothing stalls but will be buying nothing. He stops at one in particular. After all the stablehand has three green tunics, what else did he need before now? Most of his conversation up to this point has been very base level, as if he was leading up to something. He'll turn to Demos, a serious tone. "So, I have a question about your research and…privacy, I believe is the word I am looking for. There's obviously some discretion that might be involved in that discovery, right?" Balius will look at his mentor's reactions, walking himself through his conversations with his family and trying to get a hold on what he should and should not tell them.

Walking and watching the other, Demos perhaps has a slightly different preference in style, but he's more interested in the opportunity to be out of the lab. As if he's addeld his social perspective being close to his research and needs the 'fresh' air, metaphorically. "I'm glad you asked. The large discovery on Niveus should be taken with an air of privacy. First and foremost is your research to consider. I hate to say plagirism exists at the Academ, but it does. It exists beyond the walls even, within the professional world. Secondary to that, this mystery requires a further delicacy. The elements we have found combined in the rock somehow equates to an infectious disease - I dread to ponder, but anyone could want access to the find simply as a weapon and, ethically, they may learn to recreate it to produce more weapons."

Balius will nod. Demos made sense. He just needed the affirmation and guidance on yet another thing to add to the list of items he will hide from his family, especially his sibling. "I figured as much, just wanted confirmation." Bey will seem to nod at the talk of plagiarism. "I could see that. People cheat at low-stakes gambling, where the payoff is a few dollars. I'm sure there's far more temptation for those folks when the payoff is so much greater." He shrugs. "Call me backwards, but I just can't sleep without an honest day's work behind me."

"Its not backwards at all Balius," says Demos in agreement, "Its a sense of accomplishment in working honestly, knowing you've completed something, reached your achievement." There is a shrug, he further adds, "Also imagine, at the Academ, young nobles are sent there, practically required to even if they don't want to. Unlike a citizen who must fight there way in, receive a sponsor in the form of a scholarship and continue to maintain a high standard, they are there to gain inheritance and titles. One not smart enough to figure it out isn't above that sort of cheating."

A good bit away from the gentlemen walking and discussing their business, Talynne was looking at a display of different, woven blankets that would be used to insulate beneath a horse's saddle. An accute eye examined the goods as she flipped through them to find precisely what she was looking for. If the shop owner had any frustrations over the fact that she was doing so, he made sure not to show them. Wearing a pair of dark brown leather pants so worn in they look almost black in most places, Taly has managed to make her trousers look quite comfortable despite the fabric used to make them. Her shirt is a simple, cotton blend that is a soft, tawny brown and woven to be able to breath well. Long sleeved, lacing up the front, it fits her very close to the body so as to not allow any loose edges. Even the ties that run down the front of her shirt are tucked into her pants to avoid them getting in the way of anything else. Her leather boots lace up to her knees and are a deep, dark brown that nearly matched her pants and were only noticeable against them because of the lacing.

Agreeing with his friend's assessment, Bey will continue strolling to other stalls. "I guess that comes with the territory, I'm sure." At the next stall, he'll look at a pair of boots. "Ya know, one of these days, you'll have to come visit at the stables, Arion Oaks isn't quite a palace, but I think you'd enjoy a good meal and such, fresh air away from the hustle and bustle." Smiling at his suggestion. The young stablehand always feels himself somewhat stronger, more grounded at his home.

"I would like that," grins Demos, looking up ahead, perhaps lost in the controlled edges a moment. Letting that filter through his mind as he ponders the pleasantries of horses and stables. "I must admit, I've yet to plant myself atop a horse. I've considered just trying it, once, to say that I have, but I've never had the opportunity." Then closer to the merchant selling saddle blankets and the source of the lines that were going through his mind. Of course, Demos doesn't even know what those blankets are used for, he side comments to Balius, "Warm, but they look scratchy." And then he gives a bow of his head, and offers a passing greeting, "Good day my lady." He doesn't know who she is, more, he is the sort that uses caution, he'd rather a citizen inform him they are no lady rather than a lord inform him they are a lord and should be addressed as such.

Looking over at the two men from where she'd been examining the threads at the end of a blanket, Talynne blinked and offered a smile, nodding to each of them. "Good Day to you as well, to you both." She glanced back at the man who ran the shop. "These will do, I'll take 20 of the pale, and 20 of the dark. Would you please have them delivered by the beginning of the week, to the training grounds so that I can begin using them." The man nodded to her, and then went about gathering 40 blankets in great armfuls as Talynne stepped back to give him room to do his work. Then her attention turned back to Balius and Demos. "Forgive me my rudeness, gentlemen, I wanted to let him know what was needed before it slipped my mind."

Balius will grin knowingly at his friend's perception of the cloths."Tis a good thing they aren't for wrapping one's self to keep warm then." Bey will seem to perk up at the large order and offer a polite nod and smile. "Balius Quellton, my lady. I take it you know a thing or two about riding?" For anyone who's paying attention among the hustle and bustle of the bazaar, Bey's green tunic will smell faintly of the stables, and random pieces of hay will be sticking out of his boots.

Demos is about to object, and then 40 such blankets are ordered. A brow lifts, ordering for a small army? Ah, then Balius comments about riding and it dawns on him. It is definitely out of his realm, and he says that out loud, "Oh, these blankets are for horses, I see." Then he shakes his head, "There was nothing rude, my lady, the pleasure is still mine." Then he side steps slightly, to allow Balius to sort of shop talk, being the one quite familiar with horses. He looks at some as if pondering how it works, not comfortable to even touch some of the wares this merchant has for sale.

"A pleasure to meet you, as well. And indeed, a pleasure to meet you, Balius Quellton. I'm Lady Sir Talynne Rovehn, though please, feel free to call me Talynne." She looked the two, somewhat unusual pair, over and grinned. "I should hope I know a thing or two about riding, or I'd be likely disavowed from my family and all of the war horses I've ever trained would be sadly lacking for their riders." Her hazel eyes glinted slightly with amusement at some errant thought. "Truth be told I have no idea what I would do in the world if I knew nothing of horses, they're part of everything I know and do, even war. I take it you, too, are a frequent visitor of a stable or two?" This was directed to Balius.

"I definitely can empathize in that regard," he'll chuckle slightly. "My family owns Arion Oaks Stables, in service to House Arboren on Imperius. Though it would definitely seem I do a lot less riding than you do, Talynne." He will be talking excitedly. "There's nothing quite like the feeling of being on horseback, Demos, you should really try it, my friend!" As the talk continues, Bey's mind is racing with memories of his favorite rides. "I imagine you have quite the number of destriers, if you've got 40 riding cloths there?"

Curiosity wins out for Demos, he lifts a hand to feel one of the blankets. As expected, his human hand is more sensitive then horse hide and he finds it not to his liking. Perhaps that speaks well of the quality of the saddle blankets, but his hand seems to itch a little. He rubs thumb to forefinger and that doesn't help. Eventually he pulls out a small red and brown rock that looks like unrecognizable origami. "Yes," he says, rubbing at the rock a moment, "I would love to try, if not to embarass myself, to say I have at least done so." As introductions have gone around, he further supplies, "My apologies again, I am Demos, Demos Osteros."

"We've been meaning to gather more, mainly because I try to train them with a good, solid pad before we send them off with whomever will be buying them. Then, I like to make sure that the owner gets one with the saddle they choose so that they don't end up with any problems in the initial settling stage. It is absolutely amazing how well horses do with the smallest familiar thing. Even the best trained horses can benefit from it." Talynne smiled to Balius, appreciating his attitude. Then she looked at Demos and her eyebrows rose slightly, expression filled with obvious surprise. "Good to know your name, Demos Osteros. Have you never been on horseback? It is something you should surely try and if you ride a well trained horse they are likely to give you no cause for embarassment."

Balius will be quite enjoying the conversation. "The saddle trick is always useful. We often try and set them on a particular type of apple too, so that we can maintain that part for the transition as well." Balius can't remember the last time he talked horses with someone who wasn't his family. "May I ask where your family's stables are, Lady Talynne?" He'll nod with some vigorous encouragement to Demos about riding.

There is no describing the excitement as Schizoid makes his appearance. The music playing from his 'funbag' is heavy metal and today he's sporting a bass guitar over his back aswell. There is a group of people walking around him, mostly dressed like he might. Though today he's in a black studded leather kilt, military style studded and plated boots, and a sleevles tight fitted tunic with fingerless gloves. He makes a dissmissive wave to the people starting to crowd him, "Yes, I'll be DJing at the next one… serious dudes, you're starting to crowd." with that, the people give a cheer and leave him be.

"It would seem cause dictates I have no better opportunity, I cannot deny that time has come to experience horseback riding," agrees Demos, pleasant and curious. He still does his best to stay back a little to allow the two to talk about horses. He does look curiously at Talynne with the ponderance of stables. Turning the rock over, his thumb nail follows some of the ridges of the small item he holds. Part of his attention diverted as the merchant begins organizing the logistics of the ordered placed by the noble.

"Apples are good, especially if you provide them an amount to take with them as they leave the stable. Very clever." Talynne smiled to the young Balius and shook her head. "House Rovehn holds no permanent settlement, thereby our stables are constantly moving with our Pods along the Plains of Ares. We're always findable, though. And, to be fair, the stables themselves take a while to move. Also, please, call me Talynne unless you really feel like using Lady Sir. There's no reason to be formal." She nodded to the fellow then gave a smile to Demos. "Would you like to come riding? I have no doubt that there are at least three or four good, solid mares you could try to see if you enjoy it. Something stable, so you do not feel as though you'll be falling." She made the offer warmly, obviously enjoying the idea of seeing someone ride for the first time. The loud music of Sean's entrance had her glancing over to see what the ruckous was about, then left her chuckling. "The Bazaar is always filled with so much stimulation."

Almost a sense of awe spreads across his face, pondering a wandering band of horses. He'd heard brief mentions in his trades of House Rovehn's herd of horses. "A wandering herd of horses, that must be an adventure!" He'll exclaim with a smile. "I can only imagine the pressures and opportunities…the sights…" Hearing the loud music and identifying Sean before he sees him, he'll look and wave. "Some people are just desperate to be noticed, Talynne." He'll tease loudly in the DJ's direction.

"Whas'appenin' Bey?" Sean drawls slightly as he hears the tease, his music gone in an instant. "Demos, good to see you again. Doin' more research on pyrite?" he asks before turning a charming smile to the woman with them, and curious look to blankets before looking back at the woman to say, "Hello there, name's Sean. Nice to meet you."

"I would be honored for the opportunity, Talynne, so long as you believe the horse won't suspect my fear and proceed to bite me" responds Demos, smiling, if not outright flattered at the offer. He defers to the man he arrived with, "Perhaps it is also an opportunity for Balius to see such a caravan, especially that of House Rovehn itself, it is said to be a marvel." Then he'll turn to look at the arrival of the DJ and the commotion, further adding, "Stimulation, anything one could wish for and more." The rock is tucked away, the pocket padded for reassurance. A nod for Sean, "Hello, yes, that research continues, amongst other work, a new sculpture commission, can't complain."

"A pleasure to meet you Sean, I'm Lady Sir Talynne Rovehn, but please, call me Talynne." She inclined her head to the man and offered him a smile. The light in her eyes was carried over from the conversation she was having with the two gentlemen, and she looked back at Balius with a nod. "They are, I suppose, one of the more interesting sights. I've never lacked for something to do, ever." She offered that same, wide smile to Demos. "I would love to have the opportunity to show you if you haven't had the opportunity to see it yet. If the two of you wanted to come for a visit I would be more than pleased to have not only a new rider come to try his hand at a fine mannered ride, but a tried hand at dealing with horses." Then she chuckled at herself and shook her head. "Forgive me my eagerness, I tend to find the first ride quite exciting." Then she looked over at Sean "Pyrite?" Her curiousity flickered in her eyes as she looked between Demos and Sean curiously.

Balius will nod at Sean, "just looking around the bazaar with Demos, taking a break from the rocks." Letting himself get a little carried away with the talk and excitement, the youngest Quellton clearly shows his age. "That would be great! Demos has already agreed, and I'd hate to miss his first try. And obviously, you'd need to come over to the stables, there's nothing quite like the dense forest on horseback." He'll catch himself and attempt to course-correct. "If…if you have time, of course."

Sean nods to Demos' possitive acknowledgement of his question, then smiles at Talynne. "Quite the mouthful of a name that is… Sir a family middle name? or is Talynne?" of course, he's joking but he gives all nobles a tease when they formally introduce themselves right away. "Call me Sean when I'm not performing, Schizoid is my stage name." he smiles offering out a hand for a shake. A glance to Balius as the 'boy' gets uppity about them horses, "Careful there, remember the last rule… pacing." he gives a wink.

A brow is lifted at the ponderance of the name, Demos perhaps not being so bold as to ponder how long the name is, or a victim of etiquette himself. "Pyrite," say Demos for the benefit of Talynne, "When I first met Sean here, Roxy was curious about the rocks I had, it was Pyrite, Sean was curious how I came about it, it was a specimen from a larger sample off of Nubilus. I think we would be honored to visit your home caravan." The latter following Balius and his curiousity of the return favor, the Quellton stables. It would be a good trip actually, the stables probably closer to a waypoint, but meeting up with the caravan, something more all together. He grins with a slight curiousity at the joke and wink between Sean and Balius.

"Not so much a family name as an honor given for service, I can assure you." Talynne took Sean's hand and firmly shook it, the fact that she worked with them both while dealing with horses and while performing her duties as a knight were somewhat obvious for the fact that they had been calloused but then rubbed smooth over and over, making them slightly rough through the palm. "Your exuberance is appreciated, Balius, don't be ashamed of the fact that you're eager to show the stables and surrounding land that you're proud of." She offered the young Balius a smile, then turned her attention to Demos after she had released the handshake with Sean. "I see, I'm afraid my studies of geology have never been particularly.. well." She blushed slightly and shook her head. "I may not be the best student. As for the visit to the stables, and the visit to the pod, I would be more than happy for both to occur. It never ceases to provide new ideas to see how others are breeding their horses, or training them for that matter."

As Talynne mentions studies, Bey's eyes will go wide. "Speaking of studies, I must rudely go for now. I've been studying ways to reduce contagious outbreaks and I just know there's got to be a better solution than the system we have in place…" Realizing that he just said thoughts aloud, he'll chuckle at himself. "Well, Talynne, it has been great meeting you. I look forward to seeing you again." He'll flash a meaningful smile before nodding at Demos and Sean. "Demos, I'll definitely be by the lab later. Good to see ya, Sean, we'll have to catch up soon."

"Right, I know all about them noble titles and such… it was a tease lady Knight." he gives a slight roll of the eyes though it's covered up with a grin. To Demos' explanation gets a smirk, "Do you always give the entire truth, nothing but, so help you the Six?" mocking with a slight lawyer tone. Before looking once more at Bey as he makes to leave, "Sure, my place some time or you can come down to the Siren like we agreed… that is, if I haven't scared you for life with that first bar visit." he give an almost wicked grin to the man. Turning back to the others. "I should go too, class will be starting soon. Can't be late for a masters class now can I?" turning to go.

"By the Light, I do always tell the truth," says Demos, "Anything less would insult my profession. As a scholar, it is what I seek and nothing less." A shrug, it is for him, he only defends that he speaks truthfully, there is nothing in his manner to indicate he thinks otherwise of those who do not, just not for him. "You could be late, depending on ths syllibus …" then he realizes he wasn't serious, for all Demos knows, he's already late or simply bowing out. Then back to Talynne, "Geology is not for everyone, I fear if you had the same interest in geology as the equine, I may have fierce competition for work."

"Enjoy your studies, Sean." Talynne offered him with a nod and a polite smile. Then she looked at Balius and shrugged softly. "If you have important work to do such as safeguarding our lives, how could you be considered rude for leaving to see to it? I look forward to see you again as well." Her smile was warm in return for his meaningful one, but not too forward. Then she turned her attention back to Demos. "Competition breeds greater efforts towards perfection, however, so wouldn't that be a good thing rather than a negative thing?" Her smile had turned to something that contained more humor at the thought.

"He's a bright young man, torn between family and a desire to pursue the Academ," responds Demos as Belius hustles off, "He has the mind for it, but has been deterred by family it would seem. I hope he continues on this new route." A shrug, he really has to consider the idea of competition, grinning a little as he takes in her smile, "I could not agree more, Talynne, perhaps I suggest your drive outshines my own. Then I would have more time to study horses, if that were the case." She being the geologist.

"Perhaps then your aparent obsession would overshadow my aparent lack of focus on anything but the equine." Talynne chuckled and turned back to the shop keeper as he handed her the order requisition to sign. She did so, flashed the man a wide smile and a nod, then turned back to Demos. "So then, are you going to be rushing off to continue your learning as well?" She glanced around them and moved over to the side of the walkway so that she didn't discourage anyone from going to ask for the shopkeeper's help now that she was done with her business there.

"Obsession," chuckles Demos, turning it over as she says it, as if finally affirming for himself that there is truth in that, even if he didn't see it in there, or that he was even looking. A bob of his head agrees that is fair enough, even in the humor of ther realization. A shake of his head, "My learning is self paced now, having attained the rank of Scholar, I found it in my best interest not to continue there in a teaching capacity, preferring field work here, around the Moons. Their diversity, a geological smorgasbord." He continues, catches himself, then grins a little, "Wait, that is your suggesting I should go, as you have other business? I am dense perhaps, but can take a hint?" Or maybe that's him taking a stab at humor himself.

"Not at all." Talynne grinned and shook her head. "Merely it seemed that the group seemed to be having an exodus for study related matters. My being the only one not continuing my education at the moment, I figured I would be the only one left behind in the rich environment of the Bazaar." Motioning down the pathway, she offered him a curious look. "Would you like to walk along with me? I'm not sure if I need anything else, but I figured that it would be a waste of a trip if I were to come to the bazaar and not take a look around."

Nodding his agreement, Demos offers, "I spend a good deal of time here." On the Ring, not merely the Bazaar, "And I still can't help but look around at it all. I find myself wandering to the main mezzanine of the Hub, the best views of the moon and Occulus itself. Then again, I think we covered the geology geek thing infinitum." He offers a hand in a random direction, a gesture he would follow wherever she decide to walk, then he'll turn to do just that, moving his feet. "The lure of knighthood proved too much excitement over pursuing studies then?" He could ellaborate but realizes he might not stop any time soone, so catches his thoughts before the escape further from him.

"It was more of a calling, less of an option, to be honest. It felt right to be on horseback, and I'd been helping with the Destriers when I was a little girl." Talynne smiled and started walking towards the colorful shops to the left, it was as good of a direction as any. "When I saw how they were trained and what they were trained to become it seemed to sing in my veins as much as being around the horses did. So my mother allowed me to become a knight as my older sister had done. It helps to train them, knowing precisely what will be expected of them in the future. It's also been good to be able to provide my own knowledge to the horses while we train together, provides less of a surprise in the long run." Looking back at him with that open smile, she canted her head to the side. "No desire to have led yourself to the defense of the world?"

Demos walks, listens, and perhaps steals small looks of admiration. More at the joy with which she speaks of more than the calling and specifics themselves. Ignoring the shops which he has either seen, or ignored, a hundred other times, the conversation is more enjoyed than anything else. "Myself, perhaps, in my own way. Not directly in combat, I don't know if I could lift a hand to anyone. I have contributed, I helped the team that discovered the meteor shower was a ruse for the early arrival of the hostiles. I have taken a commission to study the walls of Detritus to keep safe the supply of energy. Just, I do not think I am suited to confrontation and combat."

"The fact that you are a help at all is a worthy thing, Demos. I'm glad to hear it." Talynne offered him an honest smile and a nod. "There are many facets of protection, and knowledge can protect us more so than anything else. Even training physically as a knight, or training a mount, it all has to do with the preparation of foreknowledge. The understanding that while your horse steps to the left, your hips will sway in such a way, or your shoulders will feel the pull of such forces.. it all has to do with developing the knowledge first and foremost. The experience of fighting, it's not for everyone to learn, admittedly. I'm not sure that I'm the best at the fighting, but I do endeavor to be better than my enemies." A soft shrug lifted her shoulders before she pushed an errant and rather unruly lock of hair back behind her ear. "Why is Pyrite so interesting?"

"For myself, it is interested as it is closely associated, by natural occurance, with titanium. This is the primary export of Nubilus, leaving a surplus of pyrite. While below the cloud layers of the atmosphere, there is a slight risk that natural oxidization of the pyrite will produce sulfiric acid, risking the stability of the environment of the moon. Centures if misuse of course, but its my job to find this out and recommend solutions before we venture down that road," he says, telling all of the truth, "Sean is interested in it from an electronics standpoint, it is also a semi-conducter, good in solar collections and small electronic devices, refined to a cathode from its iron base." A chuckle, Demos shrugs, "Not to lecture, I think I ramble when given the opportunity, perhaps not the same light to my face as when you speak of your passions. Do you joust?" Meaning competitively, not merely by necessity of fighting the hostiles.

"No, I am not a jouster by trade, or choice." Talynne chuckled softly and shook her head. "And it sounds interesting, the uses for what seems to simple. I imagine I've missed several of the amazing things in the world by not studying some things outside of my usual focus." Unableto feel too harshly about it, it seems, she let it go with another shake of her head and then glanced around at the lovely shops that bordered them, curiosity lighting her eyes as she spotted some flashy this or that, though most of that curiosity went away once she identified what it was, just a garment that shimmered like jewels, not something more interesting. Turning her head back to Demos, she raised her brows. "So are you good friends of Balius and Sean, then?"

His eyes follow her gaze simply because the move offers a distraction, not that he would know much of the garment let alone of its purpose probably. Demos ponders the question a moment, "Sean I barely know, just in passing in the last few days. Balius, I have taken him as an intern, to both sharpen his academic skills and help where I can should he pursue a Crown Scholarship and sponsorship to attend the Academ. He's a smart man, tied to his roots and the stables that belong to his family while perhaps greater interests beyond those walls … or fenses might be more appropriate."

"There are many interests beyond the fences of our lives, though not all of them are worthwhile. Some of them are decidedly without merit." Talynne watched him thoughtfully. "Most of the things you find outside of your comfort zone are well and good, though, and will enhance your character. Too many people go through life happy with their own, original horizons and forget that there are other shores, other plains, other skies." She shook her head slightly. "It's just too bad that so many who go on to see the world outside of where they begin lose their way back, or lose themselves entirely."

Listening, Demos will chuckle just a little in intrigued delight at the words. "Perhaps you should of been a philosopher, Talynne, or a poet," he grins, "You scribe a vivid imagine of accepting the adventure of life while knowing were the roots are planted. Is that an interest, or it simply more of your passion showing thrown when you speak of these matters?" That being adventure, beyond one's comfort zone, even thrilling perhaps.

"I don't know that life as a philosopher would have been as agreeable to me as the life I've led, but it would have definitely allowed me to expand my mind." Talynne's interest in philosophy was clear, but also obviously somewhat in the background of what she'd done in life. "What do you partake in when you're not busily studying the geological phenomena of Haven?"

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